American Pickers: TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLE AMPS MIKE UP (Season 3) | History

– Where can we start at, man? You got me jacked up.
[MUSIC PLAYING] PAUL: We’ve got this big barn. Hell, yeah, man, anything. I think there’s
the mother lode. We’re there. All right, let’s go. Let’s try that first. MIKE: Look at all the
stuff in here, Frank. It’s so piled up
it’s in the windows. Awesome. Oh, you think piled up is
what you’re looking at, huh? Uh-oh. Come on. [MUSIC PLAYING] FRANK: Oh, wow. MIKE: Oh my god. This is great. Your dad got all this
stuff out of the garbage? PAUL: This is actually stuff
that came out of the trash. His dad was sifting
through that stuff and finding the jewels and then
putting them away in the barn. My father did have an
eye for the old stuff. [BANJO MUSIC PLAYING] MIKE: So are you into bikes? You got a lot of bikes? PAUL: I think that’s
aisle six to the right. [CHUCKLING] Aisle six, all right. Aisle six. In the corner, there’s
a Triumph motorcycle. Oh my god, Frank, look at this. FRANK: Wow. This bike is a
1967 650 Bonneville. You don’t find those
laying in barns every day. This thing’s rad, man. FRANK: Looks good. It’s nice and clean. Yeah, the tank’s dry. MIKE: Yeah, there shouldn’t
be no rust in there. I kind of make sure
there’s no water. This is a ’67? ’67 I believe. MIKE: They’re very iconic
British motorcycles. These things were made
from 1959 to 1974, and they’re named after
the Bonneville Salt Flats. Is this something you’d sell? PAUL: If I was going to sell
it, yeah, probably like 4,000. MIKE: Paul said he wanted
$4,000 for this Triumph. Now, this is getting a little
bit out of my comfort zone. There might be a reason
the bike’s been sitting there all of these years. Are you pretty solid
at 4 Gs on that? Yeah. MIKE: Are ya? PAUL: I probably
paid like 6 for it. MIKE: It’ll run. I can kick it, and
boom, I’m down the road. Yeah, you might have to tune
it up just a little bit but. How about 3,250? No, I can’t. 35? Yeah, 35 would be a deal. Skin me. All right, I’m breaking the ice. All right. MIKE: I broke the ice. That’s what we try to do, is
let him know that we’re serious, and if they put something
good in front of us, we’re going to buy it. So at $3,500, this was a
major breaking of the ice. How far is the other
building from here? PAUL: Not far. I’ll have cut the lock I think.
FRANK: Cut the lock? MIKE: We’ve been known
to cut a few locks. FRANK: Nobody’s been in there? Nobody’s been in here
since my father passed away, if not longer. So. It’s been 15 years
that he’s gone. God only knows where the key is. MIKE: He busts the padlock
off, and we get into this thing for the first time. Man, oh, man, oh man. [WHISTLE] FRANK: This is the kind of
stuff that we live for– old barns, stuff that’s
been out of sight and hasn’t been
seen for 15 years. Oh, I like this
horse racing game. What’s the story on that? PAUL: It’s an old
gambling machine. MIKE: Very unusual piece,
I’ve never seen one before. Right then I was
thinking to myself, oh my god, I hope this isn’t
one of those pieces that I find and he doesn’t want to sell. How much is this horse
game that’s fallen apart? PAUL: Honestly, I
always liked it. I always wanted to restore it. 300. Make me feel like I’m
getting a good deal. How about 250? I really don’t– 250. PAUL: No, I can’t. Some things I budged
on like no problem. That I just always
found was unique. All right, so you’re at 300. PAUL: Yeah, yeah. I had a feeling
about this piece. It seemed really old and unique. I needed to have it. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, I’ll take it. [TRUMPET PLAYING] [HORSES HOOVES BEATING] FRANK: He wanted it, Paul. This can be the
piece that makes the whole trip worthwhile. Just kick it? Give it a kick, hurry up. [MOTORCYCLE ENGINE] How’s that? Remember where the brake is. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s heaver than I thought. You got it? You got it? This arcade gambling device
that’s got the horses on it is so cool. I’m not sure of the
exact value on it. I want to get it appraised. This place turned out
to be a real honey hole. It was amazing to go
through this stuff, climbing over,
getting under things. It was a great pick. Phew. Hey, man, thanks. What can we say, man? – It was a good time.
– Had a good time. Seriously. I hope I see them again. I hope they come by, and even
if we’re not buying and selling, we’ll just go for a beer. [MUSIC PLAYING] MIKE: I’m junk drunk right now. That was an awesome pick. We needed that so bad. So bad. MIKE: Whoo! All right, Frankie.

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