American Pickers: Tough Negotiation at Scrap Metal Yard (Season 20) | Exclusive | History

FRANK: Me and Robbie are
out here in North Dakota. Today we’re going to see
a guy named Mike. He’s got a gigantic scrapyard, plus he’s been restoring
cars his whole life. FRANK: Wow,
this guy’s got everything. ROBBIE: There’s
somebody right here. FRANK: Hello! Who’s Mike? CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Right here!
FRANK: Alright. ROBBIE: Hey, Mike,
how’re you doing? CONTRIBUTOR MIKE:
The good-looking one. FRANK: How you doing?
My name’s Frank. CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Frank.
ROBBIE: Rob Wolfe. Nice to see ya.
CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Rob. ROBBIE: Yeah, you were talking
to Danielle on the phone? FRANK: Said you guys
have been here since the beginning of time. CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Well, we’ve
been in business since 1935. CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: My father
started the scrapyard and bought old cars
and tore them down. We worked hard, from sun-up
to sun-down, just about. We sold used parts. ROBBIE: Hey, Mike,
I see you got some cabinets. If I can get in
here somehow… CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: I bought it
out of a Ford garage in Linton and I– they had it
torn down already. And the man–
gentleman told me that it was from the
early ’40s or late ’40s. ROBBIE: This one’s
a Bear cabinet. FRANK: Funny, this one
says “John Bean” on it. CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Bean, there
was a lot of alignment tools put out by Bean. ROBBIE: The one
cabinet’s a Bear cabinet. That was an alignment company. The other one’s John Bean,
it says on it. ROBBIE: Are you interested
in selling these? CONTRIBUTOR MIKE:
I would sell them. ROBBIE: Guys want these
for their collections. They make them into bars, they
put display pieces in there. They’ll actually put
their TV in there. ROBBIE: Here’s the deal.
The Bear cabinet is not in the greatest shape. I mean, this thing looks
like it was ridden hard; that’s all I’m gonna say.
Got issues to it. I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna
throw an offer at you. This goes to the top of this. It’s missing the glass, it’s missing the light
that was up in there… CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Easy now. ROBBIE: 750 each. 1,500 for the pair. CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: 2 grand,
you can have them. ROBBIE: 1,750. Done deal. You gonna leave me hanging? CONTRIBUTOR MIKE:
You’re a tough cookie. ROBBIE: Thanks, buddy.
Thanks, I appreciate it. FRANK: There you go. How much room you’re gonna have,
you could get another diesel. CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Robbie
and Frank are great guys. I got along real good. FRANK: Alright, thanks, Mike.
ROBBIE: Let me say this to ya, thank you for saving
all this stuff. CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: I hope
that someday that all the cars that are out there, that are
restorable, find a home, and bring them back out
on the highway, on the roads. They need to go out there. [Frank honks horn] ROBBIE: Sweet picking, guys! FRANK: Take care!
CONTRIBUTOR MIKE: Take care. Okay, boys, let’s go to work!

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