American Pickers: Rocket Car With a Real Jet Engine (Season 12) | History

Sit here Hello Mekong Hey, this is Mike and Frank you guys talked to Danielle on the phone barons sister answers. She says I’ll be right on out. Hello Oh, yeah, there’s the Baron Who was almost like the scene from Apocalypse Now where Marlon Brando is rubbing his bald head, you know dropping water over it No way. I Know it’s weird. But that’s the kind of vibe. This place has. Hey, I’m Mike you talked to Dani on the phone How you doing? Nice to meet you Frank good. Why is he cool? My name is Baron Margo. I’m a Los Angeles Underground artist I just find objects in metal scrap iron yards and I incorporated a lot of the parts into my work Yeah, come on I can’t get over this thing you rode this yeah So you rode that around town here in LA people had to be losing their mind a lot of my work evolved from my models I finally decided why don’t I build some cars like the model ones I do but once I can drive like life-sized ones, yeah So this is the first one I did in the year 2000. That’s a super space. See the seats in this one Frank. Yeah Let’s got the jetpack no way look at the windshield Wow, oh it all lights up man. This whole piece right here is an actual piece up and jet airplane Okay, this was the inspiration to build this whole thing. These cars are the obvious Culmination of his life’s work his imagination ran wild and he nailed it. So what do you want for something like this? Something like this. I’d have to get at least 50 50k. Yeah, I would say, you know as a car value it’s not worth it, but you’re buying an art piece You’re buying a piece of art that you can drive I haven’t done yet as an airplane that I could actually fly and I’m afraid that be too dangerous But if you want we can take it for right around the lake. Are you serious? Yeah, the stray love driving is just so much fun. You’ll drive it around the lake and see what I’m saying It’s amazing to me that these things are street-legal. But if the Barons saying he drives them on the road that I’ve all in It looks like it gets at a land speed record at Bonneville cut this hit and Out Burger I’ve had Corvettes I’ve had cars I’ve had motorcycle I’ve had all kinds of stuff. You have not seen people freak out like this Oh You know, the shifting is a little bit sketchy and the brakes suck if I didn’t get this thing lit up We were gonna go back down and flame That’s not good. No Damn Oh Oh my gosh This is a piece of art that you can actually drive around but at $50,000, what would your insurance be on a rocketship? Mike and Frank, we’re right around the lake just lapping all the way. That’s what I try and do If I can bring in a motion out of somebody then I’ve succeeded and you know being an artist, especially in the motor vehicles Oh, this is one of the rocket motorcycles three-wheeler Oh A lot of us have visions in our heads and that’s where they stay but Baron Margo Lives by the motto if I can dream it, I can build it. Wow, this is cool. Have you driven this? Oh, this is one I burn up in Huh, it caught on fire and I was trapped inside. I mean we were just driving one of these things no way Oh, yeah, look at that. Yeah. All right there. Yeah II see sighs magic it hurts. Oh, man I was in the hospital for ten days. I have skin grafts get the hell out of here. Are you serious? A friend of mine was was pulling me and I pop started it. It backfires. The thing just ignited like a torch It’s been a year and now I’m just getting back working on it again And it’s a special thing to me to get it running again and drive it everybody. Thanks, man We took it for a test drive I mean would you do no money down zero interest for ten years Let me think about it and get back to you all right Okay, I think they appreciated a lot of my work I really do and it’s nice because they just you know used to collecting antiques all their lives were my stuff’s mainly just one-of-a-kind creation All right cut you next time You

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