American Pickers: Mike Loses His Cool Over Vintage Ford (Season 3) | History

MIKE WOLFE: See anything good? FRANK FRITZ: I don’t know. Looks like too many
satellite dishes right now. We are rolling large, man. Frankie and I are freestyling
and we’re looking for a place to rock up on. FRANK FRITZ: I think we
just keep on this road here. Oh, that looks like a good sign. “Pavement ends.” Ready? Yeah. Yeah. Gravel. What we live for, gravel roads. MIKE WOLFE: Those
roadside relics. Off the beaten path. MIKE WOLFE: Look at this. Dirt bike. FRANK FRITZ: Yeah, yeah, yeah. MIKE WOLFE: Oh, yeah. FRANK FRITZ: I think it
said for sale sign on it. MIKE WOLFE: If there’s
something for sale on the side of the road
and the place looks good, me and Frankie are
going to roll up on it. Hey, how’s it going? Hey, good. MIKE WOLFE: See
your “4 Sale” sign. NORM: Yeah? I just put it out. You did? You did? What is this? I think it’s a ’67. When we’re out
freestyling, you just never know what
kind of situation you’re going to come
in contact with. But from the moment we
stepped on Norm’s property, he made us feel right at home. We buy anything old, you know? We’re looking for
advertising pieces. We buy motorcycles. We really like American stuff. I don’t know if you’ve
got parts around. I’ve got my old
Ford tractor in there. We don’t do much
with tractors. I got an old car here. OK. Whoa. FRANK FRITZ: Oh,
yeah, here we go. MIKE WOLFE: Man. FRANK FRITZ: Norm,
forget the motorcycle. Forget the motorcycle. MIKE WOLFE: Dang. Norm, you’re holding out. FRANK FRITZ: You
were holding out. This is a real beauty. I’m talking muscle car here. Ford Fairlane, 1967,
390 GT, smoking hot. FRANK FRITZ: Wow,
and we’re pumped. Any time you can buy
anything from a mechanic, you know this guy’s treated
it like his little baby. ’67? NORM: ’67. I bought this back in ’73. It’s a 390 high-performance
GT, 4-speed car. Is this original paint? This is original paint. FRANK FRITZ: Original mags. NORM: Look at this. FRANK FRITZ: What do we got? MIKE WOLFE: Oh,
the 8-track player. Oh yeah, man. FRANK FRITZ: Yeah. MIKE WOLFE: Oh, yeah. Is the motor
completely original? NORM: The motor is complete
original, except the heads– OK. –are 428s. I put them on there brand new. FRANK FRITZ: With
the enlarged heads, it’s got a little bit more
oomph than the 335, huh? It’s probably got
another 25 horse. FRANK FRITZ: Ooh, that’s a lot. 25’s a lot. When he said the motor
was original in that car, I got really excited. But then, he said he
added horsepower to it. I was like, whoa, Frankie,
I got Fairlane fever. Get me an ice pack. What are you thinking
on this thing? I’m thinking about $8,000. Would you do
seven grand on it? Seven grand for the
car and the bike? No. No way on that? I’d go 75 for the
car and the bike. In situations like this, I’ve
got to remain level-headed. I’m having an emotional affair
with this car right now, but I cannot let that get
in the way of me making a good business decision. No, I don’t want to 75
for the car the bike. All right, let’s
forget about the bike, because the bike I think
we’re just too far apart on. I would do $7,000
just on the car. I’m practically
drooling at this point, but I’ve got to hold myself
back and stand my ground. You know, if you want to sell
it for that, I would do that. Yeah, let’s do it. MIKE WOLFE: Wanna do it?
All right, my man. FRANK FRITZ: All right.
– All right. Hand me those keys. There you go. Hand me those keys. Hand me those keys, Norm. All right. We were in the heat of the
moment there for a little bit. Norm had his poker face on, but
I think at the end of the day, we both got a good deal. You better check my temperature. I really do have
Fairlane fever now. FRANK FRITZ: Wow, you are on it.
– All right, buddy. FRANK FRITZ: Congratulations. You’ll make my savings
account happy, too. FRANK FRITZ: There you go. That oughta give
you a little boost. All right, man. FRANK FRITZ: Oh, we better
start making some phone calls now, get this thing outta here. All right, I’m gonna
shut this baby down. From what I paid
for that Fairlane, I’ve made a good
amount of money. I’m very pleased. Good to see you, Norm. Bye, Norm. All right, man. [LAUGHING] Man. We stopped for a motorcycle. Today is a good day. FRANK FRITZ: And you bought–
and you bought a Ford Fairlane. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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