American Pickers: Flooded Petroliana Collectibles (Season 20) | Exclusive | History

FRANK: This is swampy, man. MIKE: This is
gator country, boy! FRANK: Mm,
I don’t like gators. I’m not too familiar with them.
MIKE: [laughs] MIKE: This is it right here.
FRANK: This looks like it. MIKE: This is it.
FRANK: Alright. MIKE: There he is right there.
There he is. [honks horn]
FRANK: Here we are. MIKE: Hey, you Woody? WOODY: Hey! MIKE: How you doing, man?
Nice to meet you. What do you got, an electrician
in here doing some work? WOODY: Yeah… FRANK: Trying to light it up?
MIKE: Sprucing the place up? FRANK: My name’s Frank.
WOODY: Hello, Frank. FRANK: Nice to meet you. MIKE: Hand him the flyer,
Frankie. FRANK: You talked to Danielle?
WOODY: Yeah. MIKE: So what are you, trying
to renovate the old barn, huh? I see you got the
front walls replaced here. WOODY: I had a big flood in…
FRANK: Oh, you had a big flood. MIKE: How high did
the water get up in here? WOODY: It was about two feet. MIKE: Oh, right here.
That was it. FRANK: There’s
the water line, yeah. MIKE: So, when you
had water in here, were all these pumps
and stuff in here? WOODY: Yeah, and all
that stuff over yonder. I had to get it all out. WOODY: I really didn’t
lose too much important. Most of the gas and oil
stuff is porcelain. Nothing ruins it. WOODY: This place used
to look like a museum. I had a bandstand,
hay bales; turn everything off
but the pumps. WOODY: Just your pumps on
and all the other lights out. WOODY: Have a party
every Christmas. MIKE: Yeah, yeah! WOODY: All your
friends come over and play music, barn dance.
[laughs] WOODY: Had a big wood heater
over here, you know? MIKE: Hell yeah. FRANK: He used to pack
this place with his family, his friends,
his musician buddies. He had two lines of pumps
all lit up beautiful. And he’s got pumps,
he’s got signs, he’s got some real nice stuff
in here and you could tell this probably was a great spot. FRANK: That’s an early
barber pole there too. Porcelain top,
porcelain bottom. WOODY: That was
before the war. That was before
the blue come into it. FRANK: It’s not red,
white, and blue. You can date it by the colours
only being red and white. FRANK: World War I,
they added the blue to it. WOODY: Yeah. WOODY: Back in World War I,
everybody was flying a red, white,
and blue flag. So the barber people,
I guess, came up with the idea of making
the poles red, white, and blue. FRANK: Woody,
does that light up? Have you ever had it lit up
or anything like that, or…? WOODY: [laughs]
Not really sure. MIKE: What are you
talking about? How would that light up?
It’s solid porcelain. FRANK: Oh, I thought
it lit up on the… Well, I see
the cord from the back! I’m looking from here.
I see a cord there, okay? MIKE: That’s a cord
off of that Gulf sign. FRANK: This is a great piece.
It’s got the original bracket. It’s got a little damage to it,
but it’s porcelain. FRANK: $500. WOODY: I’ll take… 7. FRANK: How about if–
WOODY: That’s rare, now. FRANK: How about if
we split it at 6? WOODY: That’s… rare.
I’ll take 6 and a half for it. FRANK: 650, I’ll do it. WOODY: Appreciate it.
FRANK: And I appreciate it. WOODY: I always
wanted an old barn. You know, my goal is
getting it looking like it was. It’s just a place to
keep your stuff, really. FRANK: This is
heavier than that. MIKE: Yeah, right. FRANK: I hope today we were
able to help Woody a little bit get back to honky-tonking
with his friends and family, and having fun like
he did before the flood. MIKE: Come to Nashville.
We’ll buy you a steak dinner. FRANK: You got it. WOODY: Hey, I might do that now.
MIKE: [laughs] FRANK: See ya, Woody! WOODY: Alright, buddy.
[honks horn]

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