American Pickers: Driving a 1930s Convertible Back Home (Season 14) | History

MIKE WOLFE: Dani and I are
heading out on an epic journey. DANIELLE COLBY: We’ve got
a really important mission. MIKE WOLFE: A year
ago, we bought a 1935 Auburn Phaeton
convertible from Jan and Sandy in South Dakota. Oh, my gosh. Wow. An Auburn wasn’t a car
for the common man. It was a car for movie stars
and the rich and famous. I tell you what. I’d do $26,000 on the car. $26,050. That’s– I like you. $26,050. Oh, my god. Woo! MIKE WOLFE: We did the deal. We pulled it out. And I made a promise to Jan
that I’ve never forgotten. I just drove it
up the driveway. That’s it? You never drove it
any farther than that? No. I tell you what, if we
get this thing running, I’m going to bring it back here,
and you’re going to drive it. Oh, that will be wonderful. MIKE WOLFE: I want
to keep my word. So 13-plus hours later, we
finally make it to Doug Pray’s in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Frankie and I picked Doug
Pray a couple of years ago. And his father bought out the
Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg factory when it closed down. This guy is an expert when
it comes to Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg restoration. So he’s the go-to guy
for repairing these cars. Oh, my gosh. [gasps] This is the one? This is the car. It looks amazing. Doug! DANIELLE COLBY: Hey. MIKE WOLFE: What’s up, man? So what we’re doing
is we’re driving this car back to South Dakota. I made a commitment to
the guy I bought it from. And unfortunately, he’s
passed away since then. Oh, wow.
OK. Yeah. The first thing that I
thought of when I heard that Jan passed away was Sandy. And the second
thing I thought of was I’m not going to be able to
keep my word to this man now. Both of those things
weighed heavy on my mind. So you know, we’re going
to go see his wife. And you know, I just feel
like I need this trip. We need this trip. Yeah. You know, we need this trip. There’s no better
way to honor him and this car than to
drive it to South Dakota. I’m going to fire this thing up. Get in, Frank. My beard ain’t that thick yet. [engine starts] That’s it. MIKE WOLFE: This car
is running sweet, man. This is probably how
Jan remembered it when he was younger. Thanks, buddy. Man, you did a good job. Mike, that looks good. MIKE WOLFE: Bringing
this car back to life and honoring it for what it is
is just as awesome as finding it in the first place. There they go, all
the way to South Dakota. I think he’ll make it. DOUG PRAY: I think he’s
headed in the wrong direction, but maybe he’ll find his way. MIKE WOLFE: The whole
thing seems like a dream– finding the car in
a barn, sending it to a guy that’s
the Auburn expert, and then picking it up
and taking it home, man. Even though Jan isn’t
with us, he is still the reason we took this trip. That’d be awesome. DANIELLE COLBY: This is
going to be pretty cool. I think this is going to be
a little emotional, honestly. It’s going to be
pretty incredible. Oh, my god. MIKE WOLFE: Hey, honey. Hi! Oh, how wonderful. – This is Danielle.
– How are you doing? Nice to finally meet you. This is Danielle. She works with us. Oh. Want to see the car? Remember, I told you we
were going to come back? Yeah. I didn’t really expect
the car to come back. But when they came back
today, I was so excited. This is the original
leather interior. DANIELLE COLBY: And he
put the top down for you. Yeah, the top actually works. But I figured
you’d want it down. Yeah. You know? Mechanically, the car’s
been gone through. But we really just
paid attention to keeping the history
of the car, you know? It’s beautiful. – Isn’t it beautiful?
– Yeah. Look at all the
different colors of blue. It is. It just took my breath away. It was so nice to see
it again and working. MIKE WOLFE: Do you
think Jan would approve? Oh, he would love it. He would. Do I get a ride? Yes. Yes, you get a ride. I want to get something. We didn’t come all the way
here without giving you a ride. The feels that came
from that moment were just a little
intense for me. I didn’t really anticipate
that kind of a– [sighs] it was a
cry fest in my head. Here’s Jan, and he’s
going to ride with us. MIKE WOLFE: No! Yeah. Oh, I love that. All right, here. Let me get the
door for you guys. Where do you want to go? Down the road. Woo-hoo! Down the road we go. Here we go, Jan! I knew he was looking
down and saying, hooray. Yeah! Oh, my gosh. MIKE WOLFE: I figured
you’d want the top down. I wanted it down. I love it down. I felt like I was 20 years old. Take me to the casino, sir. [laughter] All right. We’re doing it. First thing she wanted to
do was hit the casino so she could show all of her friends. And it was the
cutest thing ever. We wanted this to be a
celebration of Jan’s life Hey, look at the car for Jan! Let’s go get an old-fashioned. Let’s do it. And some French toast. Woo! Woo! Let me grab that for you.

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