American Pickers: Bonus – G.I. Thrill (Season 19) | History

MIKE: Danielle is sending us
to Zipp’s massive collection of militaria in South Carolina. MIKE: Oh, my gosh…
FRANK: This is it. MIKE: He’s a collector,
he’s a historian, and he’s a wild man. [dog barking] MIKE: Hey, puppy.
FRANK: Hey, bud. MIKE: Look at that sign.
FRANK: I know. Looks pretty mellow. [dog whining]
[knock on door] [dog barking]
MIKE: Are you Zipp? ZIPP: How’re you doing?
That’s me. MIKE: Hey, I’m Mike.
Nice to meet you. Can we look around
a little bit? ZIPP: Yeah. MIKE: So do you
specialize in vehicles? I saw, when we
came down the road, you got a bunch of Jeeps
and trucks and everything. ZIPP: Yeah, rent them out
to production companies and all like that– this,
that was in Forrest Gump… MIKE: That was in Forrest Gump?
ZIPP: Yes, it was. I had a 151 Army Jeep that was in Dennis Hopper’s
film Chasers. MIKE: So this was
in a Hopper movie, this was in Forrest Gump.
ZIPP: Yeah. MIKE: Zipp was smart
to do the prop rental. One, it was showcasing
his collection; and two, he was making
money from the collection. MIKE: So, are you
gonna sell this? ZIPP: Oh yeah, I’m–
yeah, I’ll let it go… MIKE: So your plans
are to sell all the vehicles? ZIPP: I want to get rid
of all this junk, man. MIKE: No kiddin’. ZIPP: I’m just
trying to downsize my collection and everything. ZIPP: I’ll give you a little
grand tour of some of my stuff. ZIPP: Let somebody else
pick up the torch, man. ZIPP: This right here
is a Vietnam-era M151 Army Jeep. MIKE: Wow. MIKE: It seems like
around every corner, we’re coming across
historic military vehicles. And I’m not talking just Jeeps;
I’m talking massive equipment. MIKE: It’s amazing how much of
this stuff you’ve come across. ZIPP: You know what–
you know what they call these in the military?
MIKE: What? FRANK: Uh, donkey… ZIPP: Donkey [beep].
MIKE: Yeah. ZIPP: I mean, I don’t
want to say it, but I’m just saying that’s
what they call them. MIKE & FRANK: You just said it.
ZIPP: Yeah, okay, yeah. [group laughing] MIKE: Think of all
the time and energy that it took to bring all of
this stuff to this property. ZIPP: I want all this stuff
gone, man, out of here. MIKE: So why
the change of heart? ZIPP: I don’t have time
to work with it, you know? My kids are in the military. MIKE: Danielle said you
served in the military. ZIPP: Yeah.
MIKE: Hey, God bless you. ZIPP: I’m retired.
Thank you. FRANK: His kids
are still serving. I mean, his whole
family has served. His dad did; he did. This has been a family that
served our country from day one. MIKE: Can we look inside here? ZIPP: You can look
wherever you want, man. MIKE: Alright. ZIPP: Here’s something neat.
FRANK: What’d you got? ZIPP: I’ve had these since
I was– way back there. FRANK: Century of leadership. ZIPP: The military’s
WWII straps. MIKE: You think these are real,
the Wallace things? ZIPP: I can guarantee you, man. I’ve had those since
I was like a teenager. MIKE: Oh, no kiddin’.
ZIPP: Yeah, really, man. FRANK: They’ve got some age. FRANK: George Wallace,
he ran for president four times and didn’t make it. FRANK: Zipp, what are
you thinking on this? ZIPP: What do you got?
FRANK: Uh… ZIPP: ‘Cause I mean, these
are collector’s items. FRANK: Well, they need
to be cleaned up a little bit and stuff,
but I mean, how about… How about $65? ZIPP: Hm… Man that’s– I mean…
FRANK: Go ahead, hit me. ZIPP: Probably about
$1,000 of stuff. I can go a bill on the whole
box, the whole thing, man, if you want it. FRANK: There’s probably more
in there than I think, you know. ZIPP: There is a hell
of a lot more than you think. FRANK: Alright,
Zipp, let’s do 100. ZIPP: Good.
Thanks, bud. FRANK: Alright?
No, thank you. FRANK: I think 100’s fair, there’s quite
a few pins in here. I mean, once it all adds up, I think I can at least
double my money. ZIPP: Oh, man.
MIKE: You got it? FRANK: Yeah.
MIKE: Alright! ZIPP: I think Mike and Frank
really appreciate the history of the stuff
and everything. ZIPP: You’re taking
all my play toys. MIKE: [laughs] MIKE: We’ve been on a lot of
properties over the years. But this one is really
one of the most unique, and definitely one
of the most historic. FRANK: See ya later, Zipp!
[honks horn]

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