American Pickers: Aerosmith Gets Back in the Saddle (Season 20) | History

what do you got, girl? Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? Listen, I finally got in touch
with Aerosmith management. The band wants to
buy the van and use it in their Vegas residency. MIKE WOLFE: Are you kidding me? FRANK FRITZ: Wow! What? MIKE WOLFE: This has been
a long road with this van, and now we’re down to
the last 350 miles. And the closer we
get, the more I’m starting to worry
and wonder what am I going to say to Aerosmith? What do you even say
to a band that’s been such a big part of your life? Here we come to Vegas, baby. FRANK FRITZ: You got it. MIKE WOLFE: Aerosmith! FRANK FRITZ: I
can’t believe this. OK, so– FRANK FRITZ: That’s
good, that’s good. –I know it’s been a
while, but I’m so excited. I can’t wait to show it to you. I am over the moon. Come on, back. All right. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yeah, it’s close enough. Smells like gasoline. Joe, you ready for this? Ta-da! Yeah I am. Holy [BLEEP]! [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] Hey, how you doing? Honored, honored. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh my god. [INTERPOSING VOICES] [BLEEP]
– How are you? How you doing?
[INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m very well, thank you. Nice going. [INTERPOSING VOICES] FRANK FRITZ: I’ve been listening
to this band since I was a kid. I mean, I’m standing
here next to Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford,
Joey Kramer, and Tom Hamilton. This is a mind-blower. What do you think, Joe? [INTERPOSING VOICES] FRANK FRITZ: That’s
the money shot. I think it’s [BLEEP] amazing.
that I was spending trying to figure out what
to say to them, I realized I didn’t
need to say anything. Nobody did. We were all just taking it in. Let me tell you a
little bit about this guy. MIKE WOLFE: OK. This guy’s name
was Mark Lehman. He drove the van. He serviced the van. He set up our gear. And he ran the sound system. Mark was buddies with me and
Tom before we moved to Boston. You guys did such
a great job making it look like it did then. Because it does have–
this is the kind of wear that was on it. Except it’s missing the tree
that grew through the window. [LAUGHTER] MIKE WOLFE: The doors
were rotted on the bottom. Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait. – We got it pretty much all set.
– I gotta do that. – You gotta do it.
– Did you just hear that? You know, there’s two sounds. There’s two sounds
that I remember. One is the tape rewinding
in the studio and that. And that door. [LAUGHTER] Amazing.
[INTERPOSING VOICES] OK, let me see. Get in there, you
got to christen it. I can’t believe
it drives, man. Wow! MIKE WOLFE: Yeah! [HORN BLASTS] [LAUGHTER] FRANK FRITZ: Here we come! [HORN BLASTS] MIKE WOLFE: Yeah, we
had two guys in our shop in Tennessee that worked hour
after hour on making sure that everything on
this van was up to what you guys would want it to be. When you guys said you
wanted to preserve it, our guys got on it. It boggles my mind
that the only thing that made it through 35 years
in the woods is the artwork. FRANK FRITZ: Yeah. MIKE WOLFE: I know! It was almost like the dirt
and grime had preserved it. We drove it all the
way down the Strip, and people were
like, going, yeah! FRANK FRITZ: Oh yeah,
people were freaking out. [LAUGHTER] MIKE WOLFE: I can tell
they love that they made the decision to preserve
and not restore the van. From here all the way
back to this piece right here is original paint. This was gone. [INTERPOSING VOICES] All of this was gone. And that’s why when Danielle
started talking to you guys about getting a donor van– Look at Mark. –to find panels or to
make panels like this would have been almost impossible. And we matched the rust
that was on the other door. We had an incredible painter
who had a really good process. So the frame underneath here,
the engine, and the rear end is from the donor van. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Wow! This whole front end
is from the donor van, other than the grill. Did the donor van have
a window on this side? MIKE WOLFE: No. Mark had cut that window in it. FRANK FRITZ: Yeah. MIKE WOLFE: Everything
that we could use from the original
van, we did, meticulously. Come on all aboard. Come on, get in here. Get in there, Brad! Remember the old days. That’s good. [LAUGHTER] [INTERPOSING VOICES] No stash. I mean, you know, we spent
a lot of time and hours and traveling in this box. And it looks and feels the same. [INTERPOSING VOICES]
DANIELLE COLBY: Yay, good! MIKE WOLFE: So that’s good! [INTERPOSING VOICES] MIKE WOLFE: They were there
talking about this van in a way that they’ve never
talked about before. Because when they
were in the van, they didn’t know at the time
how important this was to them. They were riding
from show to show trying to figure it all out. And it was just a
utility vehicle to them. Now with all the
fame, all the fortune, they’re just five
guys from Boston reminiscing about a van that
literally changed their lives. I can’t remember a time
when we were left stuck. It always ran. Mark took such good care of it. He kept this
thing really well. And looking back, of
course, I think Mark Lehman was so much our savior. We all lived together. We were all like, you
know, doing our thing. You guys kind of
all raised each other. That was the dream, to move
to Boston, all live together– All at once. –and to write
some songs, you know? To finally meet Joe and
Tom– they rocked out like none of my bands ever had. Well, you’re still doing it
to this day, still as a family. We’ve been living the dream. We’re lucky. Us too.
FRANK FRITZ: Yeah, we are. Thanks for letting us
be a small part of it. Yep. MIKE WOLFE: When this
van came into our lives, we knew it was
something special. We’ve been having a moment
with it for a long time through the whole process. Now seeing them have their
moment makes it all worthwhile. FRANK FRITZ: So what’s
the next step for the van? Well, we think
we’re going to bring Mark Lehman into the picture. Because we haven’t
seen him for 40 years. We’ll give him a
try, give it a try. And we’ll let him drive down
the aisle of our residency here in Vegas with us in it.
– Yes! That’ll bring
back some memories. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MIKE WOLFE: That
would be incredible. Dude!
[INTERPOSING VOICES] Somehow, it’s going
to end up at, hopefully, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yeah, that would be–
would be great. To find the damn thing
and bring it to us– what a handoff! There are no coincidences. We’re honored to be a part
of this story, we truly are. A lot of bands have had
their vans, their Econolines. But this was ours.
MIKE WOLFE: It was really bad. Another couple
of years, and it would have been part
of the forest again. You saved it. You guys are the only guys
that could have done it, man. There’s nobody else out there
doing that kind of stuff. MIKE WOLFE: When this
van came into our lives, it was rotting into the ground. And you know,
after we bought it, I always hoped we could
make it to where we are now. And after all of this time
and all of this hard work, we put the van back where it
belongs, in Aerosmith’s hands. [HARMONICA PLAYING]

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