American History – Primary Source

Hello, my name is Bob Matthews, I am a librarian
at Hudson Valley Community college. In this short video I am going to demonstrate
how to find a primary source using the internet. There are four sources on our web pages that
I am going to show you right off the top. The first one is memory, it is with the library
of Congress. I will give you a second to take a picture
of this web address. When you come here you can look at the subjects
to see if the subject is working for you, or you can go to the search button and paste
your name or your topic. Mine will be Alexander Hamilton. Click on search and we will go through and
see if you can find a primary document with Alexander Hamilton in the title. The second place is Avalon, it is at Yale
university. Find the time period that your topic works
with, and this would be the 18th century. Scroll down and see if you can find something
with your topic or Alexander Hamilton in it. If its there you are lucky, if not you have
to find another source. The third source is Oklahoma University. The same situation scroll down to the 18th
century and see if you can find anything with your topic. In this case, I am looking for Alexander Hamilton. I cant find anything with Alexander Hamilton,
so I am going to have to go to the fourth. Put in your favorite internet search engine,
mine is I am going to put in Alexander Hamilton, and
I am going to put in, and primary source, and see if I can find a primary source on
Alexander Hamilton. If I find it I will print it and bring it
to Dr Malavasic’s. If primary source doesn’t work, I’ll put in
and letter, or diary, or speech and see if I can find one that way. I hope this short video will assist you in
finding your material and your assignment for Dr Malavasic. If you need further assistance please stop
by the reference desk and we will be happy to give you a hand.

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