American History – JSTOR

Hello, my name is Bob Matthews, I am a librarian
at Hudson Valley Community College. In this short video I am going to demonstrate
how to find a journal article in the research database for American history. From the Hudson Valley Community College web
page point your browser to lrc. From the top tool bar in gray, select research
databases and articles, and below that research databases A-Z. Scroll down to the research database JSTOR
and select it. Once you get into JSTOR select advanced search. On the lower left hand side select Articles,
and scroll down and select History, that way all of your journals will be history journals. At the very top change Full text to Item Title. We are going to work on the topic Alexander
Hamilton, so type Alexander Hamilton in your top tool bar, or your topic, and click on
search. Remember for this assignment you need to find
articles that are greater than those published in 1954, so scroll down and pay attention
to the date the article was published.This one Alexander Hamilton’s Florida policy published
in 1971 would work. To get the article, select Download PDF and
except their conditions. What will first arrive is the bibliographic
information that you will need for your Chicago assignment especially the stable URL. When you scroll down further you will have
the entire text of the article. In the top right hand corner there is a print
icon, select the print icon. For pages select 1-5, that way you will get
the cover page and 4 pages of the text to show professor Malavasic, and click on print. Before you leave, go back to the site and
click on cite this item. Scroll down to Chicago, highlight the citation,
right click, copy and take the citation it will save you some time. Correct any mistakes there might be in the
citation before you submit it to professor Malavasic. I hope this short video will help you with
your assignment. If you need any further assistance, please
stop by the reference desk. We will be very happy to give you a hand with
your assignment.

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