AMERICA US – WEB SERIES | 2 Minute Short | Black Movies, Black History (2019)

You’ve been to France?
Yeah, it’s a different place over there, not like America. They treat you like a
real man. I would love go to France and other big cities too, like New York, you know?
Yeah, hmm. Well, you know. you ever want to come with me to New York, I can show you the
big city. Leon, now you know Jack is not thinking about places like that. He’s a
small town guy. Jack I can’t do this. What? I want to go to a big city like New
York . How do you even know it’s for you? I’m going with or without you.
You can’t just leave me like this. (Car Horn) Look Jack I’m sorry. Take care. What’s wrong with you girl? Ain’t nothing wrong, I just just don’t feel right.I know
you ain’t having second thoughts about leaving this place. I don’t know. Ruthie, I thought you told me
you want to see things you’ve never seen before. And I do. Leon? Get out. Leon? Get out. Ruth! I’m sorry. You don’t have to say a word. I’m just glad you’re back.

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