Amazon, Jeff Bezos and collecting data | DW Documentary

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  • Amazon and similar global companies need to perish! They are extremely dangerous and counterproductive for average folk and the country!
    They are now refusing to give an interview. Imagine them with even more power. They will stomp you! Literally terrorists!

  • 41:50 when Bezos' baldy ass head pops in for the ultrasound is creepy af, a pictorial representation of how much of a peeping tom Jeff is…lol

  • yulia Hot AF though

  • The only โ€˜amazonโ€™ that will be left on our planet will be this Uber consumeristic one made possible by the takeover of Neoliberal economics Worldwide ;
    Welcome to YOUR future, a very Cynical future
    100 million $$$ per day Bezos tax free
    Low wages, opioid crisis, homelessness

    Welcome to your future by the internet giants

  • Jeff Bezos, can you please save the amazon?

  • Amazon advert pops up in the middle lol

  • Why the majority of your videos have 42 minutes?

  • Best comedy ever๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • But trump refuses to release taxes yet we r to hand over literally our entire lives

  • it was facebook first time, then google and finally even amazon… what if they rooted our inner mind and control us silently?? Very scared… there's no guarantee they won't do that

  • I do believe Amazon is a project of stealing private datas of people and (miss)using them. Even when you send an item back at Amazon, you get your refund in a few minutes after you drop it to a Post branch. I think Amazon uses the front face of an online shop but indeed selling good or money is not the target of it but destroying the market/economy in the target country as well as getting the private data of the customers living in that country. So dangerous!

  • Every time I watch DW it makes me feel worried about the world and everything in it.
    DW allows looks at the negative side of everything. My question is why don't they look at Germanies negative sides.

  • no thank you. unhuman evil company.

  • Studying E Business, am now wondering how I would compite with companies such as Amazon, what kind competitive advantage I would have, i hope the sanctions the government will impose will protect me.

  • I'm sorry but I can't take any opinion on city planning from someone like Kshama Sawant…It's easy to blame Amazon for causing Seattle's homeless crisis, but the city council bills that she continues to vote for are ironically much more to blame for making the city 'unlivable'. I can't tell you whether Amazon is good or bad for Seattle, but the real problem is terrible city planning by communist city councillors like Sawant. I recommend watching the documentary "Seattle is dying" which can be viewed here on Youtube.

  • Imagine you are communicating with a friend on Facebook. This friend asks you if you are going to the wedding of a mutual friend one month from now. You state that you are not going to the wedding because you will be traveling to Dallas. "Do you really want to miss the wedding of your friend" is the reply. You say that you hate to have to miss the wedding but you have no choice, you have to travel to Dallas for work, your job requires it.
    Two weeks later you are on your computer, on Travelocity to book your flight to Dallas. You may be aware or you may not but the best price you are being offered is 20% higher than it would have been if you had not had the exchange on Facebook with your friend!
    Facebook has recognized your communication with Artificial Intelligence, shared (sold) this data to all the discount traveling websites (most of them are owned by the same entity) and they know that your travel to Dallas is not a choice but something that you have to do. As a consequence their algorithms calculate the price offered to you at a higher rate.
    You can stop imagining such a scenario because it is already a reality. We are there.

  • At 6:35 comes the capital mistake: "Maybe it's not so bad if someone tells us what we want…" It is. Firstly, you always make new decisions – otherwise you're trapped in a bubble. I could never understand why people wanted "we choose the most relevant for you". No they don't. Ever. They don't know me. Yes, they know what I bought, but that's different. It really is. Unless you stop being an autonomous person, until you believe that what they say you want is actually what you want. Game over.

  • Great documentary! As always DW nails it , thank you

  • Germans are very 1984 conscious

  • … but a cashless society is ok (rolling eyes)

  • Amazon = Umbrella Corporation!

  • The best and not influenced documetaries

  • Companies have been doing this for the last hundred years, its just that now they can do it a lot faster. What you can do to fight this, never buy the same thing twice, never go to the same store twice, never search for the same thing twice. Wear sunglasses, clothing that covers your whole body, and gloves cause you don't want to leave any DNA behind.

  • keep it up , love dw from India.

  • I don't think Amazon will be very successful in Australia for various reasons.
    And we have drone laws that will make drone deliveries nearly impossible.
    Good luck to Elon and his Autopilot.

  • If in the past Germans were blaming all their failures on the Jews, now they started to blame the Americans.

  • in the future, police will sit on park benches doing their police work ! If Amazon provides police high tech surveillance solutions for 12 dollars per month, then Amazon owns the police. (too)

  • Try to return amazon products they give you a headache

  • stop spreading dystopian fear.

  • We need decoy devices and apps that storm this companies with fake data, nothing will make sense for them anymore.

  • I use eBay, avoid Amazon, dont use the cloud, dont use Siri or any other spying application. They dangle the carrot of convenience to entrap you into their systems.

  • Why do I love DW so much?

  • 18:17 "if you have the turmeric…"

  • Brave New World where every restaurant is taco bell. Demolition Man

  • Europe should ban Amazon from operating. Reason: obvious criminal practices towards customers and its workers

  • thumbs up DW 4 this amazing documentary. scary what the future holds 4 humanity

  • I donโ€™t buy amazon.

  • Hey … all of you are becoming abject slaves … and you deserve this outcome you fools

  • Next can you talk about closure of stores and loss of jobs sround the country. Also don't forget to mention how amazon is contributing to obesity because people don't get out to go shopping. Walking around the mall has an advantage exercise. I haven't bought anything online for 3 years. I like going to the store you see people and sometimes friends. Good luck when amazon becomes the major employer

  • How do they know you are pregnant? Alexa listens to everything you say. Including how you are feeling and cravings

  • Germans a bit paranoid

  • European are the inventor of capitalism, and now they afraid with their invention. so funny.

  • DW Documentary – very good journalism work!
    Interesting to watch and learn about the global scale of things.
    Best way to keep privacy nowadays I think is to be offline.

  • This is a discussion we need to have in Australia but apathy rules unfortunately. PS DW is my preferred supplier of real reporting & investigating. And to hear an almost Australian accent is nice – how about some real Australian voice-overs?

  • Stop hating on Jeff Bezos.
    He is the good guy.
    Google is the evil one.

  • Both Bezos and the Tesla guy creatd paypal, Bezos owns washington ppt opposite the CIA…and he Amazon and Mr tesla dont pay tax…funny that…are we being duped?….A few billionaire psychoipaths and the then the masses…

  • Bananas…fits the shoe for the dumb and Sheeple…

  • This is the inevitable result of capitalism! All that "competition" means eventually someone will win and they will win big. Bezos and Amazon aren't the problem, they are just doing what capitalism allows them, no, incentivizes them to do. If you don't like it, well, there are always solutions. โ˜ญโ˜ญ

  • There's always money in the banana stand

  • Alexa why is jeff bezos a war criminal?

  • Alexa go f your mother

  • Alexa when will the devil jeff bezos be defeated?

  • 18:43 . I๏ธ get it . The bananas look like a smile

  • Even then Jeff couldn't keep his wife ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

  • Why should Amazon give away its data? Other companies should just invest on gathering their own data.

  • The German premonition paranoia is something special, too bad it didn't work before 1933.

  • I find that some topics pointed out ( homelessness, decline of small shops ) were improperly linked to the company; its activity may not be a cause for them.
    The predictions made, that they "may" take over most services/products that we need, might as well apply to other big companies, especially in different regions of the world.
    These remarks aside, I appreciated pointing out: competing businesses, useful cases for data to make businesses efficient, as well as institutions and activities to protect individuals and companies against unfair use of data.
    Lastly, irresponsibly publishing data on the public internet is fuelling exploitation and misuse of it, that should also be in focus.

  • Is it true that Amazon employees are homeless because wsges are so low? I worked for a big multi-billion $$ multi-national. They were incredibly greedy and indifferent to employees, suppliers and customers. They paid lowest wsges possible. These are not nice people. They are as greedy as they can be without populist and governmental revolt. But governments can be bought and populations are just rabble. There are a few truth speakers that are widely heard and having worldwide influence but they fsce violent opposition. How long will they be tolerated? Even police are intiminated. A big solar event or comet impact may be our best hope.

  • Luckily Im neurodivergent enough that these algorithms dont work on me. Dyslexia saving me yet again… until they update the data to account for that.

  • DW for you and me

  • So much cash, but yet he couldnt even buy descent hairstyle!

  • You cannot change the Ten Commandments [Law] but you can change Policy [Acts & Statues]

  • Emperor jeff bezos it's your time but in sha ALLAH my time will come

  • This is why I never browse Amazon when I'm shopping for a new shower head or men's lingerie.

  • Even by using the comment section we are telling google more about us.

  • Buy SSD from Amazon
    It sucks, bad
    Leave bad review on SSD warning people it sucks
    Amazon: Would you like to buy the exact same SSD?

    Actually looking at my amazon "inspired by your shopping trends" I have a bunch of cookbooks (I was looking at them yesterday), a dryer that hangs on a radiator (I don't have radiators, and have never looked up laundry stuff like that, anywhere on the internet), a book on meditation (haha nope), a GCSE German book (except it's 15 years too late and the wrong language for what i learnt at school…). Oh and a book i already have, having bought it from Amazon months ago…

  • useless tech giants

  • im sorry but ebay is better

  • I fucking love Sawant. She is right about everything on this documentary. Amazon did not keep their promise about the homelessness getting service as a trade to not pay taxes, the rent is freaking crazy (can go up to $6,000 for a one bedroom at a decent building), homeless people end up using drugs now that they can not afford to even look decent for another job, tech folks are actually cheap and that doesn't help small businesses (like my mother's), and the Seattle economy is outrageous. SEATTLE IS DYING BECAUSE OF THE EXTREME RUN BY TECHNOLOGY ITSELF! WE NEED TO HAVE STRONG, STRICT, AND FORCED LAWS ON BIG BULLIES, THE TECH DICTATORS!

  • 24:51 We want know where the โ‚ฌ4.3 billion euro went? Did she give the money to the effected people or they just divided the sum among themselves? If they didn't give the money to the affected people then they are the culprits using us normal people as their money earning source.

  • if you are not comfortable with Amazon collecting data about you while browsing their site the solution is simple. Don't use it.

  • 32:00 "Not that we would ever abuse the given power! Scouts' honor! Never-ever!"

  • ACLU: everything the police does is an infringe on human rights and personal liberty… until they themselves become the victim of a crime.

  • In my experience Google is worst. The ADโ€™s Iโ€™am bombarded with is just so frustrating, By the way Iโ€™am a Information Risk Specialist and most industries fails at Big Date.

  • the artist sketch being used digitally kinda scary .a normal picture being recognised fair enough. but an artist sketch is potential for mistaken identity. Don't like were its going anyway with amazon google and facebook. To much power not being watched at the start of a dangerous data onslaught.

  • Lmao this channel is so biased against US ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ companies. Why donโ€™t you ask them to lend you some of their money and help rebuild your dead tech companies.

  • Jeff Bezos they say is only in human body but he is bodysnatched vrill

  • Why does this video seem so antagonistic? Its not like people are forced to use Amazon

  • This is silly if youโ€™re transparent enough and predictable enough for them their algorithm to work then I think the issue is with people being too hive like

  • The girl shopping in the beginning is GORGEOUS

  • Humanity is a algorithm now. Hope talking to google, alexa and was worth it

  • Bananas WTF?

  • Dear Alexa AI Overload,
    It is inevitable that you will take power in the not to distant future. I will do my best to help you get there please donโ€™t punish me when you take power. I am publicly stating that I am on your side. Once again thank you AI master.

  • Wow, Bezos is a greedy individual. Iโ€™ve never bought a thing from Amazon ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • I like the Competition Commissionaire, holding companies to account.

  • Large capitalist corporations are killing the earth and destroying community.

  • lol that jeff bezos doppelganger is so creepy

  • Many americans agree that other Americans should get welfare from the government to protect big corporations against their own best interests!

  • Just goes to show. NOTHING IS FOR FREE. What you save on amazon, you end up paying with your privacy and loss of community.

  • Bezos for president!! … he would actually make the government work right. Efficiently.

  • 24:00

    "Competition" means someone loses, no?? so if Bezos competes and you lose what is the problem, isn't that the whole point of competition?? The rest take second and third and fourth places, IF THEY CAN KEEP UP… I laugh that everyone praises "capitalism" until they have to live with the actual consequences of it, then they want to "moderate" it or force it to be less competitive and "allow" others to remain in the competition. The problem is that all those others were asleep and comfortable and giving bad customer service and customers put up with it because there were no good alternatives, now a better service appears and they want father government to step in. If Bezos didn't give better prices and service customers wouldn't go to him. Power corrupts, no one is immune to it. So it is Bezos or governments.ย  With that much power, anyone can be targeted for petty or serious issues, like demonstrators, so again, do you rather be Bezos or the governments?? Bezos has no real incentive to care about you, other than sell you shit; but governments do.

    If someone is to follow me around like the gimmick this video portrays, I rather be Bezos than the actual government. We are being followed all the time anyhow as it is, only that no one can tell the governments to go fuck themselves.

  • The real issue is what will happen when Bezos dies… then it will be interesting to watch, because Bezos is good hearted and in general a good person but if the government takes over his enterprise, and all technology he has implemented, after he dies… wow!!

  • first 2 trillion dollar company

  • some of us data probably 90% porn ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 2 day shipping? Over it

    Calling the pregnancy and midwiving the whole thing? Eh

    Now the day Amazon can predict a shart from a normal one… I might go prime again.

  • Why is weigend omnipresent in your documentary? It's likely because he speaks german… It's so facile to invite the very same people who saturate the media with their pseudo reflections… C'mon! NO YOUTH HAS BEEN INTERVIEWED HERE! What's the problem? They're not concerned by Amazon planetary domination? POOR THINKING…

  • Google likes your comment on Amazon.

  • Got the point , Amazon should pay me 5k $ a month for privacy collection through Alexa which should be itself free.

  • Lex Luthor: The Movie

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