AMAZING SINGER BLOWS judges AWAY! | BRITAINS GOT TALENT 2018 | Aleksandar Mileusnic

hello What’s your name Alexandra below snitch and where are you from? I’m just from Stevenage And how old that’s 1 C 3 is what you’re gonna do do you do is a day job What do you have a different job? Ok, I work for Xavier council How long we do music for? Since I was around 17, we tried to get like a deal or something when I was 17 18. I did a few things I gave it a try and you know, it’s hard isn’t it the industry? I’m extremely nervous because it has been a while since I’ve done anything on this level I know I appear to be pretty laid-back but inside I’m like but flights or life, you know Not even butterflies elephants are like stampeding everywhere I wanna give you I’m baby Good luck finding out. I’m gonna be a dad was obviously a massive blessing, baby Yeah, it’s my son, you know That’s my baby I Hope you’re right because I think it will help a lot towards our family, you know I obviously want to give my you know, family the best life I can give them So what if a million pounds would be life-changing? That’s why I’m here it’s battalion four million and my son and I want to make them proud The stage is yours, thank you. Cheers I’m gonna fight them out Seven nations army could knock me back. They’re gonna reveal Taking their time right behind my back Because I can’t forget Mmm Beckham father my hand sugar Seven nations army couldn’t know me you buy They’re gonna rip it up taking Their time ready and mybay And I’m talking to myself a message coming from Well, you certainly should use today it was fantastic You sang the first three notes and I just weren’t right, he’s great and it helps that you’re cute The sweetest tone and the whole performance was charming It was seductive is alluring It was lovely well done This was so clever what you did that you turned a song into a swing song It was authentic. It was cool. I actually feel like I’m witnessing a star being born Anyway, let’s go save it. Yes or no. Let me pick this off with a yeah. Oh Thank you, it’s yes for me, you know, what’s coming, I’ll accept it. Oh, yes sir. Congratulations That was fantastic come on over. Okay go will you’ve been without question the best audience we’ve had?

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