Amazing Revelation of President Trump in the Bible! | Jonathan Cahn

Is there a
supernatural dimension, a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain
messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient
secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this
edition of It’s Supernatural! [Applause] Michael Brown: Hello. I’m Michael Brown
filling in for Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it
is naturally supernatural. Baal worship in America,
channeling spirits in the White House, celebrating
immorality in the government, you think it’s too
late for our nation, too dark in our nation, but I’m
telling you we could be on the verge of the greatest
outpouring in America’s history. Are you ready? [Applause] I’m here with my
friend Jonathan Cahn. Jonathan, your
book “The Harbinger”, instant national bestseller,
really impacted the nation, a warning of coming judgment. You have a new
book, “The Paradigm”, which is even more explosive. Tell us about this. Jonathan Cahn: “The Paradigm”
really is the master blueprint. If you can imagine, what if
there was a blueprint about what’s happening right now that
goes back almost 3000 years, but lies behind
everything that’s happening. This is a biblical paradigm
and it’s not like the other dimension of the
“The Harbinger”. “The Harbinger” is showing the
signs of warning of judgment. Well this is everything else. We are replaying an ancient
mystery where we are right now. And it’s amazing
and it is something, it’s true, it’s
real and it’s there. Michael Brown: Where
is this paradigm found? Jonathan Cahn: Well when you
look in the Bible and you look at what happened
to ancient Israel, Israel knew God, but
they turned away from God. They drove God
out of their lives. They called evil good, they
promoted immorality and they started lifting up their
children as sacrifices to Baal, and they started descending. Well we are replaying that. America has known God. We’ve been replaying. We’ve been calling good evil,
we’ve been promoting immorality, we’ve been lifting
up our children. Michael Brown: So as Israel
did… Jonathan Cahn: We
are doing, exactly. But here’s the thing. It’s not just a general thing. There is a specific
period in Israel’s history, in the Bible, a specific period
that the apostasy accelerates, it deepens where the leaders
actually are promoting it now. It’s almost like
a war of culture. Well that period,
that special period, that’s where we are now. It’s accelerated and that is
where the paradigm actually gets so specific it gives
details, it gives names, it gives dates, all that. That’s the setting
of “The Paradigm”. Michael Brown: Let’s start,
let’s focus on an individual, the king in this paradigm. Jonathan Cahn: Yes. The culture begins where in the
Bible there is a king who rises up and he is the
first one who pioneers, he’s like pushing Baal
worship, and the name is Ahab, or Achab in Hebrew, Ahab. And he rises up. Now he is a divided man. He was actually raised, his
culture is supposed to be about God, but he’s divided. He’s compromised. He’s actually weak
willed in many ways, but he launches this war. He’s the first one to actually
champion from the throne Baal worship, which is the
offering up of children. Now could there be a parallel? Well there is. There’s a man who is,
who rises as president. He is Bill Clinton. He’s going to follow
the template of Ahab. He’s a man who’s
divided, he’s compromised. He actually came
from the Bible Belt. He has, he’s weak
willed in many ways, but he champions, he’s the first
president to champion abortion from the White House. He’s the first president to
champion various forms of immorality, and
also, by the way, Ahab also is going to be
known for scandal as well. But yes, he has
someone with him. It’s the first time in Israel’s
history that the Bible speaks about a team, a king and queen,
both engaging in this culture war. And so who’s the other one? The other one is
of course Jezebel. Again, we got to
pray for everyone. But Jezebel, Jezebel, she’s the
daughter of a pagan priestess, she actually, who
worships Ashtoreth. This is, that was her
father who worshiped that. So she’s stepped
in female power. She’s goes, she’s from
a cosmopolitan culture, but she moves to a conservative
culture to be with her husband. Okay, that’s where he’s from. But she maintains her identity. She will champion, she will seek
biblical traditional values as deep-seated religious
beliefs as a hindrance. She will war against them. She will also champion, she’s
the champion of Baal worship. And so her main cause is the
offering up of children in the end. So what is the parallel? Well it’s very clear and that
is not that Bill Clinton was not alone. It was a team for the first
time in American history. You had a president and a co,
kind of co-presidency and you have, she is, Hillary Clinton
is an advocate of female power, advocate of abortion. She literally said deep seated
religious beliefs have to be changed. Michael Brown: All right. So hang on. You’re saying that the same
way that it happened in Israel, same timeframes in some
prophetic sense from God is being lived out again,
even to the same dates? Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Let me give you an example. Bill Clinton, when did he
come on the national stage? Well he was elected as
Governor of Arkansas. He goes right from there,
later on he becomes President. So ’79, so when did he end? It was 2001, his
office is ended. He leaves the presidency. So you have 1979 to 2001. How many years? It’s 22 years. Open up the Bible
to what it says. How long was Ahab? Ahab, the days of
Ahab were 22 years, the same exact. Michael Brown: All right, so
you have Ahab with this Jezebel. Again, we’re not calling
Hillary Clinton Jezebel. We’re praying for her. Jonathan Cahn:
Yes, it’s a template. You got to pray. It’s a template. Michael Brown: You got to pray. It’s a template. But she brings in
stuff with her, doesn’t she? Jonathan Cahn: Well what does
the Bible say about Jezebel? It’s not saying that she
knew what she was doing, that Hillary Clinton
knew what she was dong. But Jezebel, it says literally,
“Brought in priests of the gods and goddesses into the
palace to the highest throne.” You see that in the Bible. Well could that happen? It may be crazy. How would it happen
with the White House? Well it actually happened. In the Clinton years, what
happens is the Clintons actually bring spiritual
advisors, they’re not biblical, they’re new age advisors, to
Camp David and to the White House, and literally,
they have sessions, this is Hillary Clinton, has a
woman there who’s called a high priestess who actually
speaks of the goddesses. She had a goddess
around her neck, an image of a
goddess around her neck. She actually, the worship of
these goddesses in the time of Jezebel involved channeling,
involved speaking to the dead. Michael Brown: Séances. Jonathan Cahn:
Something like that, and actually they had
channeling in the White House. Hillary Clinton was actually
speaking as someone who was not, who was dead, and the actual,
this woman actually spoke, she wrote a book about speaking
to the gods and goddesses, and she actually mentions the
goddess of Jezebel in her book. And they actually had these
sessions in the White House, so even this took place. Crazy, but it actually
happened in the book, “The Paradigm.” Michael Brown:
All right, friend, we are just getting started. You won’t believe
what’s coming next. [Applause] We’ll be right back
to It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! [Applause] Michael Brown:
Welcome back, friends. I am here with my
guest Jonathan Cahn. All right, this is kind
of mind blowing stuff, and obviously you’re reading the
Word and it started to jump off the pages. Wow, we’ve seen this before. Could it be happening again? So let’s keep going. Where are things
after Bill Clinton? Jonathan Cahn:
Well a few things. First of all, in the book, in
“The Paradigm” there’s something called the nemesis. Now here’s something that
happens in “The Paradigm”, in the ancient one and
what’s happening now. In the time of that
king, Ahab, comes a nemesis, an arch enemy of Israel. He rises up and he
threatens Israel. He threatens to invade it. He actually will invade it. He becomes, and so he,
in the time of Ahab, Ahab actually has a chance
to eliminate this man and he doesn’t do it, and God
actually judges him. What happens, and this man,
this enemy is going to bring destruction to the land. Okay. Could this happen actually now? Well here’s the paradigm. In the days of that
king, that’s Clinton, will rise a nemesis,
an enemy of the nation. Well he rises from the
Middle East and according to the paradigm, and his
name is Osama Bin Laden. He rises in this time. He threatens America. Clinton actually has a
chance to take him out, I’m not judging him,
just like Ahab did, but he passes on it. It will end up bringing
destruction to America. That happens there. In the paradigm, the man’s name,
his name is kind of a hyphenated name, it’s Ben-Hadad. Well that first
name in Arabic, B-N, in Hebrew it’s
just B-N, Ben or Bin. It even gives the
parameter of his name, Bin Laden has the
same first part. The thing is
calamity comes on the land, but then remember how long
it took to get Bin Laden? It took many years. They thought they would get him. You know, but what happened,
according to the paradigm, here’s what happens. It actually says he
will be assassinated, according to the paradigm. It says, according
to the paradigm, he will be
assassinated in his bedroom. While he’s sleeping they
will come in and he will be assassinated in his bedroom. So Bin Laden was, so
this ancient nemesis was. And actually,
according to the paradigm, it says he will be assassinated
ten years after the calamity. Go ten years, it
brings you to 2011, the assassination of Bin Laden. [Applause] Michael Brown: The life of Ahab. Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Michael Brown: The scandal
with a man named Naboth, in Hebrew, Nabot, what happened? Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Well just to give a
brief thing, you know, it involves Ahab and Jezebel. They take the
vineyard of this man. They kill him. They have a false witness. He breaks about like maybe half
of the Ten Commandments almost to do this, coveting
and false witness. Well it’s a scandal. So it’s not just
that there’s apostasy, there’s scandal. Well the Clinton
years were also known, obviously, for scandal
and there was a major, the major scandal happened,
involved also coveting, also false witness
and many things. And so when did it happen? According to the paradigm, in
happens in the 19th year of Ahab. Okay, that’s when it happens. So let’s take
what we had before. Clinton comes on
the stage in 1979, add 19 years, it brings
you to the year 1998. That is the year of
the Lewinsky scandal, the great scandal
of his presidency. In fact, he came on the
stage January of 1998. Add the 19 years,
it comes to January. January 1998 pinpoints the
month that the scandal breaks. Michael Brown: What is
the Mystery of Days? Jonathan Cahn: Okay. All right. Here is the thing. There’s a lot of
things that we only, of course, we won’t have
chance to touch on things. Michael Brown: Just touch on it. Jonathan Cahn: But just to
give you an example here. When then scandal is
uncovered of Ahab, and he’s rebuked
by Elijah, okay, he actually repents. The Bible says he
repented and so God says, okay, I’m not going to
bring judgment right now. I’m going to give a
certain space of time. How long was that time? It was three years. Okay, so first thing, could
an American president actually repent publically? Well it’s only happened really
once where someone told him, it was actually Bill Clinton
and finally he repented of that affair. Now he did, when
did that happen? It happened in the White House. It happened at the White
House Prayer Breakfast where he finally says, “Listen,
I didn’t repent before, this is my repentance. I have sinned.” It happens in there. So let’s take the paradigm. The paradigm, three,
if you go to the Bible, three years after the king’s
repentance there will be a calamity that comes on the land. Okay. You can see it in the Bible. So three years after. So if you take the
moment of his repentance, add three years to it, it
brings you to an exact date, it brings you to
September 11, 2001, the exact day of the calamity. In fact, he
repented in the morning. You take three years to
the day in the morning, it happens in the morning. That event started at 8:30. That pinpoints the hour of 9/11. It happened at 8:46. The repentance of the king
happens between 9 and 10. That’s the peak of 9/11. The event ended at 10:30. 9/11 ended when the last
tower came down at 10:29, within one minute
of three years. That’s how exact this is, Mike. This is the master blueprint. Michael Brown: All right,
what happens to the queen? We know Jezebel has an heir. Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Michael Brown:
The parallel here, the queen and the heir. Jonathan Cahn: Yes. People think that
Ahab got killed, then Jezebel gets judged. No. Jezebel, this is what happens. The king’s reign ends, but
Jezebel goes on in the halls of power. She remains in
the halls of power, she dwells in the capitol
city, she keeps going for some, for a good period of time, even
that time period is going to be exact, too. So she goes on and then, and
at one point we know Hillary Clinton, what happens
with her, she goes on, she stays in power, she
stays in the halls of power, and then she
attempts to be president. Well according to the paradigm,
at least during this time she doesn’t become president. What happens is this,
another, someone else becomes, a man who is a lot
younger than her, in the paradigm,
becomes president, Joram. Joram opens up the next
template and that is Obama. Michael Brown: So he’s the heir. Jonathan Cahn: He’s
the heir because, he’s not related
by flesh and blood, but he follows in the footsteps,
he takes the agenda of Bill Clinton and he
continues it into this, he’s the political heir of that. Now Joram dwells in the
palace with the former queen. So exactly, even that, he
invites Hillary Clinton, they dwell
together in that time. What you see, he’s a
cooler personality. He’s all over the place, but
what you see is a hostility to God, a continuous hostility to
God in that and that’s what you see as well in the Obama years. But also, interesting, when I
mention that the nemesis is killed later on. Well he’s killed in
the reign of Joram. It means during Obama, the
paradigm is saying during Obama, during that time, Osama
Bin Laden will be killed. And actually Jezebel and
Joram are in the White House. So Obama and Hillary Clinton
are in the White House when he’s killed. Michael Brown: All right. Could it be that this paradigm
actually predicts President Trump and what’s happening? Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Michael Brown: That’s
where we’re going next. [Applause] We’ll be right back
to It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! [Applause] Michael Brown: What we know in
Scripture that we can see as things happen in Israel, they’re
happening in America or there’s a template when
God brings judgment. Jonathan Cahn: Yes. Michael Brown: You were
saying that studying Scripture, studying the ancient historical
books of Israel you discovered that part of these parallels are
striking and could it even lay things out in advance
if we’re looking at it, and this is what’s coming next. So we know our history. We know the problems we’ve
had with our administrations. And now we see someone
emerging, someone unexpected, and in the paradigm you
talk about the warrior. Who’s the warrior? Jonathan Cahn: So you
have the House of Ahab. If he stays in power it’s
going to seal the apostasy. So God, something happens. It’s going to be a showdown. Someone rises up in the
book, in “The Paradigm”, it’s called, he’s
called the warrior. Michael Brown: But he’s not
just like a kind of quiet. Jonathan Cahn: No,
no, not quiet at all. No, not quiet at all by any
stretch of the imagination. Michael Brown: Peacemaker. Jonathan Cahn: No, no. He’s a warrior. He’s not even a politician. Michael Brown: In the paradigm. Jonathan Cahn: In the paradigm. He’s a warrior. He’s a fighter. He fights with everybody,
okay, in the paradigm. He’s name is Jehu. Michael Brown:
Zealous, very zealous. Jonathan Cahn: He’s zealous. Michael Brown: He’s
got some rough edges. Jonathan Cahn: He is
not gentle at all. He is coarse. He’s a fighter. He’s fighting everybody and he
begins this race to the throne. Read the, he actually
begins a race to the throne, and the Bible
describes the race as, the word is “crazy”. They said he was crazy. He drives crazy. The man drives furiously. It’s crazy. But he gets to the throne. Even though it’s a crazy
race, he gets to the throne. Michael Brown: And he has a
certain zeal for the things. Jonathan Cahn: Yes. The zeal is a crazy
zeal, but he’s used by God, and he’s the most
unlikely person. The commoners can’t even
agree if he’s saved or not, but he’s being used of God. And so what happens, I’ll
just, we can only touch on some things, but he ends
up in a show to show, a showdown against
the former queen. So you have the former queen,
and you have Hillary Clinton, you have the warrior,
you have Donald Trump. Okay. And so now here’s
the thing, Michael. I said if you knew the
paradigm before these things, I knew the paradigm. I didn’t even know. If we knew it you could have
actually foretold all this. All the polls were
saying Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton,
Hillary Clinton. The paradigm was saying no. Michael Brown: And there are
prophetic words about Donald Trump being like a
Divine wrecking ball, as you call him,
God’s chaos candidate. But that’s like Jehu. Jonathan Cahn: That’s Jehu. That’s exactly Jehu. Everything, Michael. So the things the
paradigm was saying, no, when the warrior
meets the former queen, the warrior will defeat the
former queen and it will be a downfall, and that’s
exactly what happens. There is so much,
there are details to this, too. So he wins. He now heads to
the capitol city. Jehu heads to the capitol city. Now why does he head
to the capitol city? To drain the swamp. Absolutely. Absolutely. This is not political here. The thing is that Jehu
specifically is ending Baal worship, which is what,
the offering up of children. So even Trump puts as his agenda
we want to dismantle this, which leads to the next thing. And that is that when he goes
there he actually destroys the temple of Baal in
the capitol city. Now the temple of
Baal was built by Ahab. And so what, he starts
dismantling the system of killing children. Well that has been, one of the
first things Trump did was sign the executive orders to
start, to try to dismantle it. But interesting,
now beyond this, could there be another sign. Well the thing is
that when Jehu rises, when he goes to the capitol,
the temple of Baal falls. So here’s the paradigm. When the warrior rises
the temple of Baal falls. Could there actually be a
temple of Baal in the world? Well there is. There was a temple of Baal
that stood for 2000 years in the Middle East. It survived everything. But when Trump rose, the temple
of Baal in the Middle East fell, was destroyed. It was destroyed. And it happened in 2015. You can check it out. Happened in the summer. Just after Trump
announces his rise, it falls. Even that. And here’s
another thing, Michael. I said all the
parameters are there. Well let’s take the
days, in the book, there’s something called
the Days of the Queen. So how long does Jezebel,
how long is Hillary Clinton? She was the First Lady of
Arkansas to the First Lady of America. Her rise with her
husband was 22 years. Then how long does she go on? She goes on for 12 years. She’s Senator and
she’s Secretary of State. Then she retires from
public life for two years, if you read, then she comes back
for two years to campaign for the presidency. Well that comes out to 14 years. So you have 22
years, you have 14 years. Look up at Jezebel
and put it together. Jezebel was with her
husband reigning for 22 years. She went on for
how long, 14 years, the exact same thing. The exact same. Michael Brown: All right. So what is coming next and as
you understand this paradigm, do we have hope for the future? Jonathan Cahn: Okay. First of all, yes, in the
paradigm there’s something called about the days to come. Actually, the paradigm actually
converges with the harbinger because it’s the same setting. The first thing, what’s happened
is now this is a window. According to the paradigm,
this is a window like a reprieve where we have a
chance for revival. We have a chance. You know, it just
depends what we do with it. But there’s a whole thing
about the future in there. We have one minute to go so
I’m just going to say this. So yes, we are at a
dangerous period. There is a warning
in the paradigm, actually what Jehu
does or doesn’t do, but there is also a chance. There is something in the
paradigm called the Elijah paradigm and that is, it
actually contains the keys for believers right now. What are we to do? How are we to live? How are we to overcome? How can there be revival? That’s in the Elijah paradigm
because Elijah is in this, too, and that’s the final part. So there is hope. As long as there’s
God, there’s hope, but it’s, the thing is that
we’ve got to be like Elijah. The days of easy
Christianity are over. We have to be radical. We have to be bold. We have to be on fire. We have to stand up for the
truth and God will use it. God will anoint the
Elijahs of the day. Michael Brown:
All right Jonathan, I need you to pray right now for
the rising of that Elijah spirit among the people of God. Jonathan Cahn: Okay. Lord, we just ask your
hand on this nation, Father. We thank you that
you’re never finished. We thank you, Lord that you have
promised revival if we will come before you. Father, we ask for the spirit of
Elijah to come upon this nation, come upon the church,
come upon the one listening. Lord, take away the
spirit of timidity and, Lord, give a spirit of
boldness, of confidence, of Elijah, Lord. Help us to be, Lord,
these are the days of Elijah. Help us to be the
Elijahs of the day. Help us to rise up and, Lord, we
pray let there be revival in the land. Let there be
revival in Washington, revival in the coast
land, revival in the cities. Let there be revival, Lord. Come soon and have your way. We praise you in the name
of the Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah,
the Lord of all. Amen. Michael Brown: Amen. Amen. [Applause] Amen. Amen. Friends, here’s the bottom line. These are urgent
times, but there is hope. God, start the revival
with you and with me. It’s time. [Applause] Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My guest was brain
dead for 11 hours, went to Heaven, sent back
with a message from Heaven.

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  • I've watched this before, but it is enlightening to listen to it again —- thank you Lord!

  • Ecclesiastes 1:9 kjv

    The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

  • These are just infomercials to sell their books. I don't necessarily disagree with the content, but use discernment, people!

  • YouTube messed this video up, so we had to repost it. You can watch here:

  • God is a jealous god and doesn’t like people worshiping trump. Trump is the opposite of god

  • I've been a Missionary for 10 years. I've been a Pastor of a local Church for 3 years. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm not saying this because I vote for democrats. I'm saying that because it's complete nonsense. It rips the bible apart to set a made up agenda. This is garbage Christianity at it's finest. Ignore this false teaching.

  • now everything make so much sense. I couldnt understand why men were desiring to be woman, Dr Michael Brown has shone a torch on what is happening. Bless the Lord for this revelation.

  • Trump is the AntiChrist. He's corrupt, stupid and he's about to start world war 3.

  • What has happened to this nation i blessed in the begining now they sacrifice children in front of me and worship the beast. What judgement should i bring upon them? Let them be conquered and enslaved!

  • What about Bush jr. in this timeline?

  • fihate de viga de tu hojo

  • We are in the days of Elijah folks……Elijah was raptured!!!!

  • This man is not of GOD, wake up, he is interested in selling to the "dumbed out" so called Christians. Pray to the real God that will reveal you that Trump is a head in the illuminati, that is why he won. The Illuminati rules all. The Illuminati is SATAN

  • you know i hate it when you ask a person on your show and talks more than the quest. why bother then if you cannot bear it to move out of the limelight for a second.

  • “I did try and f*** her. She was married. I moved on her like a b****. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony ti*s and everything. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the p***y. You can do anything.”
    – President Trump (aka the DIVINE Wrecking Ball as y’all referred to him)

    What’s so disheartening to me is that I can LOVE Obama but still acknowledge the things I disagreed with him on in his presidency (mainly endorsing gay marriage and abortion). I usually vote democratic but will vote republican when I think they are the better candidate (such as President Bush II TWICE). But you all seem to not hold some of these demonic republicans to the same HONEST standard. Some of yall vilify all Democrats but intentionally ignore the unGodly behavior of those in your political party. To this day this man has NEVER apologized for his statements about the degradation of women. Do yall also stand by his statements? Do yall think women should be grabbed by the p word?

    I LOVE Sid Roth but I’m honestly HURT by the constant endorsement of this man. Idc about his political party! I care about his words and behavior.

  • Jezebel fell from the palace and was eaten by dogs. Just saying.

  • Check out my book called:Your Moment my time ". U-tube channel "prophet Bradley ".the Best videos!

  • Spirituality is one thing but it's amazing anyone believes this stupid BS.

  • "'My people have cried out for an answer, and this is what I have to say,' says the Spirit of life," Clement says in a prophecy dated 2014.

    "'A veil has been placed upon this nation, and I did it. I did it so that for a season My people would wonder and faith would increase, for in darkness faith grows. In despair, faith grows. I did it. But now My fury has ended,'" Clement prophesied.

    Clement then spoke of a man who very well could be Donald Trump as well as about Russia, Ukraine and more. Take a look.

  • Name of video How Kim Clement Prophesied This Particular Moment of the Trump Presidency

  • A man will step forward from among you. A man of gold and of fire. A man who bravely speaks truth and who despises corruption. A man who has a gentle heart towards his people but walks as bold as like a lion. A man who lives not in a castle or a mansion but in a high tower. A man that has been long prepared for this time. Through him the evil hearts of the world will be confounded, confronted, convicted, and the whole world will know when God almighty says, “Sound the TRUMP”..

  • Yes, America, this is the time of Restoration, Revival, Healing and Deliverance for America and Israel.

    America humble yourself and pray that God will heal and bless the Land. Stand United and don't let the enemies have the upper hand. Shalom and Godspeed.

  • Next leader after Clinton is Bush, not Obama. This paradigm is erroneous

  • The world is ending ….quick give me your money .

  • Wow !!!!!

  • There is only one way to the Father and that is through the Son.

  • Man this is amazing. GOD IS GREAT

  • I would love to hear the rest of the story

  • I know this is a horrible question, Is Sid Roth still alive?

  • John 14 (KJV) 1Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
    2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
    3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.
    4 And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.
    5 Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?
    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  • Everyone, Just be Prayed Up and Paid Up–Our Redemption Drawth Near, Time has Run Out for this Evil World–If God doesn't come Soon, He might have to Apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. The world that we are Living In Right Now is Upside Down and Bass-Ackwards–what use to be Right is Wrong and if you are a White Man, you are Automatically Labeled a Racist….

  • Mass shootings = sacrifices ???

  • Research Trumps opinion on repentance

  • The Dominionists embracing the Dan 7:8 Little Horn" TRUMP"… Your right he is in the Bible…Dan 7:8, Dan 8:9, Dan 8:24-25, Dan 10, Dan 11:21-22, Dan 11, II Thessalonians 2, Rev 13 and many many more…The AC is upon all…God is going to judge every person … Especially those leading others into captivity…

  • I believe that a. miracle happened to put Trump in charge because America were loosing factories bad economy ,drugs ,child sex slaves ,and Harvey Weinstein harassing woman and now Epstein ,and Barry Obama calling for hope and the only hope was dope

  • Hillary Killery hated babies and invented abortions and ate them

  • Hillary Killery hated babies and invented abortions and ate them

  • All of you folks that are worshipping trumpet, please know that he is a puppet, just like Obama ! God has NOTHING to do with this demonic country called America ….HE is coming to DESTROY all world governments, also, the Bible says to tell the good news of JESUS returning and try to save souls, no where does it say to fight over who is running for office in Rome !!! Wake up America, these so called pastors are not for GOD, they want trumpet in office so they can keep doing their wicked deeds!

  • Bin Laden died in December 2001 in Pakistan of a lung infection

  • THIS guy is a rabbi. He doesn't acknowledge Jesus or his teachings, which makes EVERYTHING he says null. He's dangerous. He's obviously a republican, because he completely leaves Bush out of it. This is the very thing which is destroying Christianity, and tainting their beliefs – they listen to him, and he feeds them Trump, the hero. PLEASE.

  • Trump is not the new King Cyrus , There is no prophecy of a Third Temple !
    Jesus is the image of God in the flesh . When did Jesus say build me a Temple , why would he say build me a Temple because you rejected me so you can return to animal sacrifice untill someone else comes who you will accept !
    Don't fall for this deception , the prophecies of a third Temple are not in the Bible or the Torah !
    They are in the so-called Jewish Talmud , a blasphemous book against the Diety of Jesus !

  • This guy really wants to sell some books. Gotta spin that yarn to move those units.


  • This is all deception sold in the name of Christianity

  • only FATHER GOD can change a person,but sometimes we see but can't understand, some nations say stand with Israel because they think there going to be protected by FATHER GOD wrong,there were the chosen one nobody else so don't imagine or believe on something that not apply to other nations,now CHRIST came and die for humans from any nations

  • This is stupid. This is extra biblical prophecy, not biblical. This is rubbish.

  • they're nuts! Call a psychiatrist!

  • Those are real and they are prevalent in our ministry yes I've seen people be healed and I miss your face oh Jesus Christ through the people and he is real

  • In case you're quick to hop on the "God raised Trump up to lead our country," remember He also raised up Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzer. The former, for His people to cry out and deliver from Egypt. The latter, to discipline His people in exile. Both were still judged accordingly. Being raised up by God is not alone proof of godliness.

  • Nothing new under the sun 🤗🤗

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