Amazing! PROOF the Bible is REAL HISTORY (R$E)

Let my prayer come before you Incline your ear to my call for help For my soul is surfeited with troubles Any my life draws near to the netherworld I am numbered with those who go down into the pit I am a man without strength My couch is among the Dead Like the slain, who lie in the Grave Who you remember no longer Who are cut off from your care You have plunged me into the bottom of the pit Into the dark abyss Upon me, your wrath lies heavy And with all your billows, you overwhelm me You have taken my friends away from me You have made me an abomination to them I am imprisoned.. and I cannot escape My eyes have grown dim through affliction Daily I call upon You, Oh Lord To You, I stretch out my hands Will You work wonders for the Dead? Will the shades arise to give You thanks? Do they declare Your kindness in the Grave? Your faithfulness among those who have perished? Are Your Wonders made known in the Darkness? Or Your Justice in the Land of Oblivion? But I, Oh Lord, I cry out to you With my morning prayer, I wait upon You Why, O Lord, do you reject me? Why hide me from Your Face? I’m afflicted and in agony from my youth I’m dazed with a burden of Your dread Your furies have swept over me Your terrors have cut me off They encompass me, like water All the day On all sides they close in upon me Companion and neighbor, You’ve taken from me My only friend is darkness.

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  • I feel so close to Jesus on this video. Wow. Those are the same steps? After 2000 years? Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  • I would like to share something with you all. For anybody that doubts God exists. I was laying in my bed like 2 years ago. I was saying my prayers and I started thinking about the rapture and began feeling anxious and nervous and scared. I then realized that God could read my mind and if he could he would see I was worried and may not take me with him. I really had a hard time falling asleep but finally did. I don't know how soon after that, or what time it was but the most miraculous thing happened to me. I yelled out of my own mouth the word Proverbs. I was in complete shock. I asked what verse and instantly heard 15 11. I looked it up the next day. It read, "even when man doesn't know it I know his every thought". This was not a dream. This was completely real. Praise God. I feel so blessed by him to even be worthy of him to speak to me like that. I believe he wants me to share what happened to me.

  • It seems unthinkable, that the God of this creation would allow his son to be murdered by us, so that he could have our company for eternity.. PRAISE CHRIST… I can only hope you find me worthy..

  • I appreciate the video and the message. Isn't it the pastor shown at the end, who bought ridiculously expensive car for his wife? I don't trust anything these pastors say.

  • Where is the place where Jesus prayed to God? Is there a marking for that as well?

  • Mexicano but I love jesus

  • I hate when they never make Him a Jew!! He doesn't look like that why keep portraying him that all the time?!? It just proves how far the church has left the true gospel. The shroud of turin is not Him neither are any of the pictures of Him they are all wrong!! He never had long hair!!

  • इनसान जो, है वो परमेशवर के मुल माइनो को समझने मे बुल कर चुका है गलती कर चुका है|
    इनसान ने,आज परमेशवर के सतुति आराधना के माइने जो है वो बदल दीये है आज इनसान ने परमेशवर के सनातन नियम को तोडकर रख दिया है ,बाइबल मे लिखा है परमेशवर की आराधना(आतमा और सच्चाई से करे)

  • Praise the lord amen
    Wonderfull holy place

  • Ys Bible have history long history but people bring changers in Bible from. Time. To time. That's why we Muslim reject Bible recent addiction and follow. Quran bcoz from.last 1400. Years no one bring change and can change Quran words

  • We love you Jesus strengthen my faith in you

  • God is showing us proof and the truth that His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour is real and His words that was written and given to us is real. There is no reason why no one should doubt the bible. I just pray that everyone will open their eyes to the words of the Father and the Son, who is One. Thank you Lord for taking me out of the blindness. Thank You Jesus

  • heaven is real, bible is real,… if I could die I want to die in the arms of Jesus Christ, I am faithfully praise of Jesus Christ,… heaven is so very beautiful,…

  • People still forget the fiction is based on real events and real places. But thats does not mean it becomes facts. Bible is fictional and so is the Qur'an and the Bhagwat Geeta. Religion is a the OG Scam

  • Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior!

  • Amen So bless to watch this… 🙏

  • Amen..Amen.

  • Thanks for this wonderful video , let everyone know about the truth & only truth . Jesus is the only God anywhere , in this world , whole universe or heaven as well.

  • Thanks Jesus

  • I am muslim Jesus to me is ❤️❤️❤️

  • he is king of King lord of Lord the beginning an ending I love you Jesus you are the true and living god

  • While the bible narrative is correct all the places shown in this video are nothing but hearsay as to them being the places they are presumed to be.

  • Praise in the name of the LOrD

  • Ooh jesus ..i love u so much..Big amen..

  • So many contradictions in the bible .bible schorlars says there is about 50 thousands errers .

  • This is very great stuff to teach new believers. 2 things I would try and correct a little though would be right at the beginning and right at the end. The passion was changed a little different from what the bible prophesies and the preservation point the guy said at the end. The bible doesn't need to be preserved. It will always be available

  • I'd you'll read and obey his word you won't need these silly videos to confirm God's word! It will confirm its self in your life!
    (Romans 12:1-2)
    All glory be to Jesus, the son of the one true God!

  • You give your own life for me my sweet JESUS and me I can not give you anything only my faults and my tears and my poor promess.
    You are a great friend for me.thank you so much.
    I love you 💕JESUS 💕

  • This did happen the bible dont lie everything here did happen but so sad people dont believe it thank you for such a beautiful vídeos about the son of God

  • Thank you Father Lord Jesus Christ for taking such a great pain suffering piercing crushing so horribly beaten shedded thy blood bcoz of my sins wrong doings I that made. Thank you Lord for setting me free through thy wounds let thy grace and mercy loving kindness hope trust and faith shine upon me. What I can give unto you master only the broken heart. Repair my heart recharge it by thy holy spirit anoint me with thy living faith. Do thy will in my life burying all my will. Let thy blessings shower on me father. I believe decree and declare that my Lord Jesus liveth from all generations to generations. Never leaves me alone. I pray in Jesus mighty name Amen
    India 🇮🇳

  • Why do you need prove the bible is real? The question what parts of the Bible have man tainted?

  • Praise the name of Lord Jesus

  • In Christ, I trust

  • “Surely this Man was the Son of God!” Amen. Thank you for sharing it.

  • I love jesus, when i see, im waiting for you. Thank u father

  • To God be the glory good things he has done.

  • Thank you what an amazing video. Not as amazing as Jesus Christ. Praise Jesus Christ. There is not enough praise in all the universe that will be enough.

  • God is good all the the time whether you believe or not no one else.. TB Joshua be blessed. Amen

  • Amen

  • What puzzles me is what do these people who work against god,jesus want or exspect to achive when jesus sacrificed himself wasnt that “checkmate”?

  • dont need evidence if you believe and have strong faith…AMEN

  • It's 2019, grow up

  • I agree there was a man named Jesus but her was just a door salesman in a robe. Not the son of God.

  • I just love your videos. Thank you for taking the time to show us the places our Saviour walked.

  • I love Jesus Christ, I believe in him! but I dont want to believe everything that the bible says, there are some pretty harsh things written, like hell..I want to believe my lord is not a vengative.

  • I love u jesess

  • thank you so much guys !!! it's every thing is good !!!

  • Blind faith

  • Can someone tell what’s the name of this movie? Thank You🙏🏻

  • Yeah yeah video Hindi mein dub Kiya Ja sakta hai Kyunki Main English nahi samajhta Mai essay hindi mein dekhna chahta Hoon

  • I love you Jesus Christ

  • Dios te bendiga ISRAEL….solo ay 1 dios y su nombre es jesus

  • 😮😮😃

  • How did he endure I can’t imagine a sacrifice so great he deserves all of us nothing we could give could compare our suffering could never amount.. My Lord Jesus Christ you are so amazing! Holy, mighty, loving, merciful ❤️ we just love him so much 🙏 thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for me and everyone!

  • Is real for your own soul to read to release your own soul. GOD put all his word for your soul to release it.

  • My lord ! Hallelujah!

  • Thank you my dear Lord Jesus

  • Made me cry while watching this..I love you Jesus my savior❤️

  • Amen Amen Amen💕💕💕

  • And people still said the Bible is not true, but every time arqueológico used to find something it works, because is true is real. Jesus is Lord God had come to save his creation, Amen.

  • I am fram India praise the Lord

  • I thought Jesus Christ is described as the color of Jasper , bronze burned in a furnace . Did they not think that Moses was an Ethiopian when he married his wife the Ethiopian women. I never see the real depicted look of the real Son of God or real Hebrews or the Fact that the Bible says they say they are jews and are not but a synagogue of Satan some of the sin of gogs tal Mudd so called jews hate Jesus . I just saying the truth and the truth matters

  • He Lives! My Lord JESUS! To be w/you for eternity is my ♥️’s desire…& to worship you forever is my calling!
    Blessed be your name JESUS!!!

  • Amen Lord Jesus Christ

  • All glory to GOD and the grace of Jesus Christ is all that we need. Amen.

  • May the Lord bless to those who believes in Jesus and also those who don't. 😘😘

  • I Love my Lord Jesus.

  • This is awesome wow……the things he went threw for us! ….praise Jesus! ❤️…I’m totally going to Jerusalem 😊…

  • The most spoken word in the world is the name of Jesus

  • All movies of Jesus’ story is blasphemy. The bible tells us man should not look like women …. so would Jesus likely have had long hair?

  • Even the romans shown have short hair…all these are graven images and blasphemous imagery of Jesus’ life

  • love you Jesus's Israel

  • still there are some real os spirit preacher who preaches the word of the Lord without any reservation……thanks for video clip like this… encourages people like me….

  • Praise jesus.

  • Great videos my friend.

  • God History… Thats why all kind of Kings and popular people had their own History… Why not Jesus Real story..

  • Bonjour David, hope you well. I'm planning to go to Jerusalem in May. I'm looking forward to be there, setting in the Mount of Olives…. walking on the path…. looking at the landscape where Jesus was…. I want to be baptised where John the Baptist, baptised Jesus. When I looked at that video, I want to be there already. HE is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our True Love ❤️. You know when I read the Bible, the Word of God talked so deeply in my heart. Thanks you Jesus for your Love for us and your protection against the evil one.

  • Powerful presentation of the Truth surrounding our Lord Jesus Christ passion. Alleluia for His Love for us…

  • Thank you Brother.

  • Everything is still there.

  • I love Jesus.

  • I am not worthy.

  • Hiw did this get 375 dislikes ugh i hate atheist

  • Joe knocked up Mary.

  • Praised the Lord Jesus really god Jesus onely one God world god jeses

  • OK. So the 4 canonized Gospels were written from widely varying and often contradictory accounts of unsubstantiated events passed down through 3rd and 4th generation oral testimony, transcribed in the early 2nd century by anonymous authors, trying to pass themselves off as first hand eyewitness disciples of Jesus, of which none of the original manuscripts are even in extistence, but only numerous fraudulent and felicitous copies of copies of copies which were copied once again, until the 16th century when hired scribes for King James were commanded to take poetic and literary license with these scrambled and unauthenticated replications of disjointed anecdotes of mythical porportion, translated from four languages into one extinct dialect, transfered through dozens of kingdoms, secure through tribulation, barbarism and warfare, and confounded by dozens of councils of a corrupt and authoritarian Church.

    So why all the skeptism?

  • I hope everyone reading this finds God

  • My God and my King Jesus….

  • By the way Jesus wasn't black or white he was having olive skin with curly hair. He look like those kinna Muslim with curly hair.But anyway the Lord love his children regarding what they look.

  • Praise the Lord of Jesus

  • Yeah I'm still not convinced….

  • Love Jesus Christ and Live like Jesus Christ, broken and suffering that is a pure christian

  • Praise to the king and his glory for ever and ever Amen!

  • Great video, thank you

  • It's not religion. It's the truth that's been hidden from us. Our life is his living word.

  • I love Jesus so much

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