Alright! Baby Password Dena ft. Anushka Sharma & Keshav Sadhna

Guys please SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT! Baby guess what? Shalini and her boyfriend have done it I think now it’s time we should also do it Have done it? They have done BDSM Gautam there is no limitation to your dirty mind They have shared their FB password Let’s do it now Babes See It’s not like that you are Al-Qaeda and I am Baghdadi So, we should not do terror attach on each other’s privacy Do you know what kind of couples do such things? Those who don’t trust each other We trust each other Gautam I knew you were doing this to me **** Cheater You are betraying me What? That’s why you are not sharing your password But we trust each other Exactly! Gautam when we trust each other then why can’t you share your password? Aww.. Baby but who said this.. that not sharing passwords is equals to cheating Buzzfeed 5 signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you and point number 2 that he doesn’t agees to share his password People smoke **** You trust their words but not mine? Do you know what was the last post I read by them? The best thing in relationship is to give privacy I follow this page Ok, just leave all this Now you try and understand what I am saying please understand Try and understand something No, Mr. Gautam This situation is very serious Either you show me your FB password or you can find someone else for yourself The day I will leave you.. you will regret it (singing bollywood song) Your hair are looking really soft You have used that shampoo which I brought for you from Nepal mountains That shampoo is available on the local shop that too for 50 rupees I have used WOW shampoo WOW This is good of course it is It is better then you At least it is not toxic like you and wait Why are you even talking to me, talk to your EX Why is this EX coming in between? She is coming in between Gautam.. You are talking to her that’s why you are scared to share your password You are betraying me You know it clearly It is written in bold that in relation with Preety Singh Also my Ex has come out to be a lesbian and you love lesbians that’s why your browsing history had.. lesbian **** I am cinematographer ok? That film had good angles so, I was just I was gaining some knowledge Yes, the thing that people see to gain orgasm you were gaining knowledge Sure!! Gautam at least think before you speak Preety do you even know that you are making a small thing this big? No, no, no I am making only a big thing big Today you are not sharing your FB password, Tomorrow if we will have a joint account, you will not share the net banking pin and you will steal all my money and I used to thing that you only steal heart I am not understanding in which tangent our talks are heading to Should I tell you Why I am not giving you my FB password All hostel boys are having a group on FB Chapri 555 They talk shit over there, cheap thrills I love cheap thrills and these days girls also do this Shitty talks So, Mr. Gautam Khandelwal When we took seven circumambulation(phere) Third phera among them says that we will not hide anything from each other When we took saat phere, when did we got married? We are living in a live-in relationship this is your truth!! See you even have problem with my marriage references You don’t want to get married to me You are here with me.. just for sex My mother was right about you are a pervert I was the only one getting mad over here bloody nympho Sex within last 6 months we had sex like for 3 times.. and two time it was on phone Don’t try and turn this conversation I am ready to share mine what is your problem? Please be quite now What is this password password? I have no problem in sharing my password it just my self esteem gets hurt It is my privacy and no one friends, family, lover no one Can claim a right over it Fine Fine It’s over then Where are you going? Preety please now Preety I don’t even know how to cook omelet Gautam I siad move Babes I don’t know how to boil eggs Gautam just move I don’t know how to cook omelet. I’ll die out of hunger Gautam I am saying you will get hurt Baby you are not going anywhere Gautam I am saying move What happened? Bad dream? Who you are talking to? I am talking to Shalini, at this time who else it could be Ok then Go talk to her Do Talk to Shalini Babes? Yes Give me your password Hey guys hope this video manage to WOW you just like WOW hair products They are really amazing, chemical free and they complement all your hair needs and guys go on the WOW website and buy their products Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel and.. Be ALRIGHT!

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