Alone: *Finale Spoilers* – The Last One Standing (Season 5, Episode 10) | History

[music playing] Med checks are
today at some point. But I honestly don’t
see them medically pulling me due to my weight. I think I went in
here heavy enough that that’s probably not going
to happen, but you never know. I feel really kind of
uncomfortable in the fact that I’ll have to take off my
warm sweater and get weighed, and I just am not
very happy about it. – All right.
– You’re good. I know I’ve got a
long ways to go. No, I’m not just
slaying it out here. I’m very vulnerable,
and all I’ve got left is this
really hard dark push through the pain
kind of time, and I just want to get through it. Honestly, you know, I’m ready
to– ready to go at this point any time. It’s– if this is just
a wilderness excursion, just me, you know, I
left a little bit ago. But I’m willing to push myself
to provide for my family. [crying] I miss those kids a lot. Like, I can– I feel like I’ve got
a little bit in me even without a lot of
food and all that, but– [music playing] Hi, babe. Oh. SYDNEY: Hi. [weeping] You did it. You did it! MAN: Oh my gosh. Oh. How are you feeling? Oh, I’m so happy to see you. Oh my gosh. I had no idea it
would happen today. Oh, yes.
All right. Who has food? Who has stinking food? Which one of you guys
brought food with you? Do you have food?
– Hi. No. Oh, you’re so pretty. Hi. [crying] We get to buy a house
and a car that doesn’t break down all the time. Has the car been
running OK for you guys? – Yes.
– OK. Oh, my gosh. Oh! [crying] Oh, I am so
thankful to see you. Good. – I love you so much.
– I love you. MAN: How are the kids doing? SYDNEY: They’re doing good. I just thought about
you guys the whole time, and I just thought
about, like, man– I was like, Sydney’s back
home, and she’s with the kids, and she doesn’t have a
tap out button, you know? She can’t just– she
can’t just give up, so I’m not just going
to give up, you know? SYDNEY: You didn’t. I can’t believe it.

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