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  • Tammy Daybell was never an ex wife. She was very married to Chad when she died in her sleep…supposedly.

  • Email??? I have something to share.

  • Tammy Daybell was never Chad's ex wife she's his dead wife… they never got a divorce

  • THIS is some new info. Check it out.

  • I knew I had heard Alex married one of them LDS women. Wonder if he had a life insurance policy or if she was just doing Lori's dirty deed?

  • I probley missed it but doesnt chad have kids? what do they think of the missing kids and everything else going on.

  • JayJay drowning the plushies ? Was that prior to yellowstone or after? Perhps reenacting drowning..

  • Tammy was not Chad Daybells ex~ wife. Also as a note Joseph Ryan adopted Loris son Colby.

  • That whole family are shit crazy and the cult is too, they need to investigate any deaths connected to the family and cult members.

  • Would like to know what Alex’s widow has to do with all this? What has she testified? Was she part of the “chosen” ones? She has to know something about the kids…

  • I tried to contact you via the email: [email protected] and receive 3 failures to deliver my information.

  • The coronavirus LOL I bet you Laurie thinks that this is the sign of the end of the times and that she was right but people are overcoming it it’s just an ammonia so some people are dying but usually older people anybody that usually gets pneumonia in their 80s or 90s don’t make it that being said Laurie is a whack job and she’s not a woman of God I can tell you that right now

  • What a conniving witch , she is crazy.i feel sorry for the children and all her husband’s except Chad,he needs to be locked up with the witch. And what’s up with her brother, I wonder how’s the rest of the family.Sick people.

  • My thoughts: Lori thinks she’s a god because she has the power over peoples lives and deaths. She orders some one dead and poof they are dead. She’s probably narcissist too which would feed into that belief. She’s stalling for July 2020 so Jesus can bail her out before being held accountable by this earths justice system. I think all the marriages may be to protect themselves in court. I heard spouses can’t testify against the other. Idk, just my thoughts.

  • Cult mom Lori Vallow 'bought wedding ring weeks before the death of fifth husband's wife' and wants her bail reduced , more details :


  • I love this channel. ♥♥♥

  • I would add that part of Lori's, uh, (sarcasm in 3… 2…) "brave acceptance" of Charles Vallow's death, I am persuaded, was her belief that she was the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. She was not. Because Lori threatened to kill Charles if he stood in her way, hindered her in realizing her future plans in her status as a god, Charles removed her as beneficiary on his policy, replacing her with his sister, I believe. That was delicious. You mentioned that Tammie Daybell was Chad's ex-wife. Weren't they married when she died? His public statement spoke about how much of their business/ministry was handled by Tammie. It was the life insurance pay out from Tammie's policy that funded the new Mr. and Mrs. Chad Daybell's trip to Hawaii, married 5 weeks after Tammie died. I think he was a widower, with no ex-wife. I guess it would be a "former wife"? I know that Chad and Tammie's children were not happy with the quick remarriage of their father. I felt so bad for the young man who found Charles and called 911. Good video!

  • This whole situation is just fifty shades of fucked up! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Lori took advantage of her brothers mental health or anger issues to do her dirty work for years. I wonder how much money she would give her brother. And how much money she offered Alex from the 1 million she thought she was going to get after Charles Vallow's death. And Lori's neice thought she would get 1 million as well if Alex was able to pull off the murder of her ex. That didnt work out either, wonder if Alex was mad. And of course, Lori cant have any loose ends. She calls others evil, money is the root of all evil, and she just can't get enough.

  • we knew all this…it seems the same info rehashed by everyone. when are they going to hang lori?

  • Lori is a very sick individual. She’s smirking away thinking in a few months, she’ll be in her religion’s version of paradise. I want to see her face on August 1st when the realization that she may have to spend her entire life in prison hits. I just want to know what happened to JJ and Tylee.

  • Changing the benefactors of your life insurance is normal. The look on Lori Vallow’s face when she went through the trouble of having her husband killed then found out there was no life insurance for her. Priceless.

  • Tammy Daybell was not Chad Daybell’s ‘ex’ wife. They were not divorced because she died.

  • I want to know where the kids are?? I'm saying they're dead.

  • You know damn well that he killed his sister and Joseph Ryan. I bet his sister wouldnt give him money so he killed her and used her credit cards. He is a serial killer and I think there may be unsolved murders surrounding him. LE should look into cases where Alex and Lori have lived and and look into unsolved murders. She wanted Joe murdered for the money, same with Charles, but he outsmarted her on that.

    Oh, so her god took care of Joe, the same way he took care of Charles and Tammy, and, more than likely, the children.

  • Linda love your shows. All Great. No fluff, no nonsense, straight to it… Good Job Girl.

  • I wish you would have mentioned his sister's death. I believe that may have been his first murder. He was caught, after her death, using her credit cards. I think he and Lori were just bums, that didn't want to work.

    I think you did a really good job with this analysis. I don't want you to think that I was complaining because you didn't add his sister's death. You did an amazing job. Thank you.

  • With the FBI, and the police department investigating, it feels like there is a lot of work happening behind the scenes and one day soon this case will break wide open. I pray that someone will finds the bodies of Tylee and JJ, just as Gannon Stauch's body was found. God bless all 3 of their souls.

  • I can't believe how disinterested cops were when talking to Alex about Charles.Alex had a record of using violence(stun gun) before.Shocking how Alex got out of that Scot free.If he was stopped at that time,maybe kids would still be alive(?).

  • Lori seems to be a narcissistic sociopath. Worst people on the planet! Totally incapable of any emotion and extremely manipulative.

  • I believe that Alex had to kill the kids because his evil sister made him. Having to do that took him over the edge because he really did love his niece and nephew and he killed himself or Chad or Lori killed him so they could say Alex killed them. Judgement day is coming for them just not the was they think it will🤬

  • No, he didn't do CPR, on Charles, that was the first thing I thought, too, when I listened to the call.

  • People may still be alive if LE would have done their job, in the first place. As far as I am concerned, the blood of Tammy and the children are on their, LE's, hands, too.

  • I heard that audio a few weeks ago and thought the same thing! He was not giving cpr. Absolutely.

  • Haha Karma got his bitch ass!!!! How about that Alex cockkkkkk

  • The cops really dropped the ball on all of this! Charles Vallow is killed in dodgy circumstances but it is accepted as self defence and Alex is bailed. Chad's wife in her mid 40s ups and dies suddenly and Chad refuses an autopsy. Must be bad luck Mrs Vallow. Never mind let's allow her husband to cremate her. How easy it is to get away with murder in America if you play the religion card.

  • The part about the niece, Melanie, is fascinating . Would like to hear more on that.

  • East Idaho News. Com put out a vital piece of information today (here on YouTube) about Lorie's wedding ring and when it was purchased and whose name was on the account. I encourage everyone to check them out. They post great information.

  • He’s white.

  • Why would we arrest a White man?

  • Maybe if he was black or Mexican, then YES! Inquire arrest him.

  • This dude was the hit men.

  • I still feel that there is a faceless hidden hand behind the scenes. Someone decided who was "part of the plan", who was a zombie, who would live and who would die. Lori was an evil, greedy c**t, but she doesn't seem smart enough to have masterminded this tragedy.

  • This is so crazy, like a B movie from the 80's. Like wild west shit.

  • Tammy Daybell wasn't the ex-wife…they were still married.

  • As a former cop, I find it strange that the Chandler Police did not talk to
    J J after the shooting of Charles. At the very least, we would of made contact with the boy to confirm his welfare. After all, this was a domestic violence death, involving the estranged parents of the boy.

  • I've heard all of this & seem to have the facts straight better than you. Do you get paid to put these videos up?

  • Didn't Alex shoot at Lori's niece's ex-husband and potentially shot at Tammi and then killed her. Who is Alex's wife?

  • Alex should have been arrested and held for questioning. Way to many linear connections here. Great investigative journalism. Perfectly organized and perfect delivery. Thank you.

  • I don't believe for one minute that this is anything but a money grab. Lori is evil and she used her brother to do her bidding. They they "Jack Rubyed" him. The kids probably knew too much; especially the teen.

  • so they are just killing people for life insurance money? Lori and Alex must have convinced Melani to get into that scam as well. so what is the motive for killing the kids? mental problems? brainwashing? so who killed Alex? with Alex being killed covered up that loose end. which begs the question is someone in the church setting this up? taking a cut of the money as well? could someone go after and kill Chad, Lori or Melani? to cover up other loose ends? Were the kids killed or taken by someone else? I feel like that is a stretch but there is a lot of wild things about this story. the question for me is who is getting the money and where is it going?

  • I recently heard speculation that Alex may have shot some poison chemical substance thru a paint gun at Tammy D that took a few days to kill her in her sleep. I know . . . sounds far fetched . . . but . . what doesn't in this whole mess?

  • Damn that bitch gotta be wore out by now 🤔..SMH
    Nasty nasty

  • Thank you, Linda. This was helpful

  • Ok…so Charles goes to the house where Alex is, to take JJ to school. Alex kills Charles…where is JJ during this episode? And what became of him that day?

  • What kind of neighbors watch and knock down and drag out fight in the middle of the street, thinking that they might kill each other and not report it???? Shame on the Police and their so called "interrogation". I mean SERIOUSLY, they didn't see any red flags here??? The brother and ex wife are reporting this like a bike got stolen?? I do know, as an exmormon, that Mormons NEVER report anything criminal about Mormons. I know, I went through it and that's one of the MANY reasons I left that crazy cult. They cover up pedophilia and abuse. It's how the church was founded and it's still going on today. I think that the neighbors and police are affiliated with the Mormon church.

  • sure Tammy died by poison…question is whether it was murder or suicide. are the gender dynamics of their religion so fucked up that a wife whose husband announced his plan to leave her would result in the wife 'giving up' on everything? just a thought.

  • How long can they hold the prisoner if she can't get bail?

  • In her crazy head it was 'the best day ever'…she thought she'll get the 1 mio. life insurance (the day Alex killed her ex)

  • I consider myself a pretty high IQ guy, but this is so god damn confusing you need a doctorate to follow the story.
    Can’t you just make a diagram timeline with all of the characters involved?

  • Were these people raised by wolves? Laurie Vallow may be described as a good mother but I don’t believe it. She’s money hungry and greedy. Follow the money.

  • That CPR story sounds like what happened when Alex died. Hmmmm.

  • Laurie thought she hit the jackpot ie life insurance but she didn’t know Charles changed it.

  • ???? Where are the links – am I just too old, lol and not seeing them?

  • i find it disturbing that everyone who witnessed charles vallows murder is either missing or dead. either lori killed charles herself or she had alex do it for her. either way, i think alex took the bat to the head from lori, and may have expected a pay out from the insurance claim they never got.

  • You give fantastic, detailed, and well presented information on this case. Well done.

  • Is it just me or does Alex Cox look like Sid from Ice Age? 🤔💭

  • One thing confusing to me about the entire story is I repeatedly hear damning statements made by Ian Pawlowski. Explosive statements. But he’s still with her. Walked to court with her holding hands. Why would she be with him still?

  • Thank you so much for continuing to update us a put out content on this case…as well as others 😊 it’s making all the time I have to kill in doors away from society seem les empty…better spent following a story so important. Hope you and your family and safe and healthy! 💐❤️😊

  • There is new interesting information out about this case with regards to Lori Vallow's malachite wedding ring and its link to this case. It would interesting to hear your take on this new twist.

  • I've never let a recent death ruin a pool-party, I don't see the problem… 😆

  • I just subscribed to your channel, yu give us all the Tea ☕🎗✨… Thank you…… ❤

  • Uh oh…

  • Thank You Linda, for all that you do,

  • He didn't do CPR because he didn't have blood on him, shown on the police cam.

  • I don’t leave many comments on this sort of thing but I would like to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work in bringing us all the details of these cases. I am sure it takes you a lot of time to do so. Thanks again and your channel is like a magnet for me! I look forward to seeing all your content!

  • Screw them! Where are the Children???

  • This needs to be brought up to the mainstream media. excellent video thanks

  • It all boils down to THREE head criminals…

  • Lori & Chad, in my opinion, thought of people as nothing more than stepping stones to use in order to get somewhere. When those stepping stones were no longer needed, they would discard them. Every time they killed or had someone killed, they used their religious beliefs to justify it in their minds. They knew right from wrong or they wouldn't be lying to authorities about everything. I do wonder if they really wanted to end up together at the end of this crazy killing spree or if each of them had plans for one last really big life insurance payout & to live out the rest of their life financially stable & free to do anything that they choose.
    Also, I do think that it's possible that Alex got married & take her last name as a way of being able to leave the country if he wanted to without alerting authorities. Obviously, someone got to him first. Maybe he asked them for money……

  • The prescription Risperidone was used for jj’s autism. In a liquid form it would be easy to give too much. In which case, upper respiratory problems increase in some cases until death. If it worked with jj would they have used it on Tammy? It is a clear liquid, without scent or taste.

  • Thank you for reporting such a convoluted story in a sensible manner!

  • I would be extremely interested in hearing details about Lori and Alex’s childhoods.

  • well I think Lori is a black widow….this case is messed up on so many levels, I cant keep it straight.

  • When are we gonna hear about Tammy Daybell's autopsy? That's what I've been waiting on. Maybe it will come out soon. I know you will be right on it when it does.

  • How does everyone in this damn family have a $1 mil life insurance policy?!

  • My my,didn't someone say Lori said she was God?

  • Who was married at the Chappel of Love in Las Vegas??? Do you mean Alex was married?

  • And law enforcement is just now investigating these "coincidences"

  • 🌺💞💕hi this was very Interesting thank you for your excellent storytelling and well made video`s👏👏karma I call it remember when Alex didn't want do CPR on his brother in law..when alex was dying his step son did not want to perform CPR on him karma 😏❤🌈🙏

  • How the shit do you even get married one time these days? Let alone 5 times! Shes just a serial everythinger…

  • Charles was shot in the chest and alex had no blood at all on him, he never tried cpr. How on earth do you have someone die in your family then have a party?

  • I think Vallow and Daybell are both just con artists, dumb ones with twisted beliefs. I hope they both get taken down big time.

  • This femme fatale will age and insecure and desperate men won’t be at her beck and call forever

  • Hi Linda thanks again for the effort.This is the most bizarre case I have followed in the USA.Hope you do a live soon.Regards Mr holland.

  • Rest in piss he was a total piece of shit the world is better without him now his stupid sister must die

  • As a former Mormon I have a special hate for people like Lori Vallow and chad day bell

  • It doesnt go unnoticed how much u give of urself to these videos in addition to ur family life and I just wanted to thank u… under the circumstances I dont feel I should do patreon and really dont understand all of that anyway, but I dont support u any less…

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