Airsoft vs Nerf

Okay kids, we are going. Be nice. *whiny* Can we go with you? No, You are too young. Play with Nerf. (Chuckles) Yes, play with Nerf. Bye! Point captured…we’ll wait…over. *nature sounds* I forgot the transmitter. *guitar music* *toy gun sounds* Hey guys! Ok guys, we will hold this position. You take the right side. I like the milsim. Aaah hit!!! aaaah… *action music* *dramatic music* Seize them! You are the prisoners! I hate the milsim. …calling HQ…they captured the point… …we are the prisoners… …bunker… HUH? It’s your dad! No one will hold my daddy as a prisoner. *epic music* Let’s go! Where are we? Are we lost? This way! No, this way! No, this way! No, this way! No, THIS WAY! Shut up guys! This way! *continue arguing* CONTAAAAAAAAACT! *rock music and nerf gun sounds* *empty gun sounds* I saw it. You saw what? I saw it. Have you seen an enemy? Sure. Ok, let’s collect the ammo. *dramatic drum sound* What is this? It’s a respawn. Be quiet. *dramatic drum sound* Hey, kid! What are you doing here? I’m lost. You can’t be here! You must go! C’mon! This way? No, this way! That way? Just follow the way. Ok, thank you. Sir! What? You are hit! Aaah! *dramatic drumming* *twigs snap* *nerf gun fired* He didn’t call the hit. Disguisting cheater! I need to poo. *dramatic drumming* Hit! Hit! Hit! I’m here. I found the bunker. *action music* *dramatic music* Hey! Hit… What are you doing here? And what about your safety glasses? There was no time for the details. Good job. *gun being loaded* *rock music* Let’s kick some ass! *rock music* *music fades out*

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