Aglio e olio: le reazioni degli chef italiani ai video più visti al mondo!

Hi, we’re in Naples, in “Zì Teresa”
restaurant. I’m the chef Carmela Abbate. I’m Marianna Vitale, chef of the “Sud”
restaurant in Quarto, province of Naples. I’m Salvatore Bianco, chef of “Il Comandante”
restaurant in the hotel Romeo in Naples. C: We’re here to watch the most
clicked videos in the world on Aglio e Olio. There we go! C: In my opinion, the garlic
is too much. What would you say? S: It depends on what he’s doing.
C: Aglio e Olio. It’s a lot, in my opinion. Let’s see. Let’s go on. M: He’s smart on this one, as he put aside some cooking water.
C: Yes, some water from the pasta. M: From there, you can actually see…
C: Yes, there’s a nice perspective. S: Here he got completely lost. C: Again? This is wickedness.
M: That’s parmesan and pecorino, to me. C: Unacceptable.
S: To make it stick well. C: It’s unacceptable. C: Let’s say he made a revisitation of the spaghetto aglio e oilo. It’s good, huh?
He can’t swallow it, a nice glass of water.
S: Did he add the cooking water? C: No, absolutely.
S: He got lost. M: Well, he said a lot of
true things, starting from the fact that aglio e olio is
for sure the simplest recipe to make, let’s say the simplest Italian recipe.
What comes up is that, actually, being it the simplest, it’s the most difficult: the least the ingredients, the more
the difficulty. C: Adding that cheese at the end was truly terrible.
S: I really got lost. C: It really made my heart leap. S: He made some correct
passages in the execution, but the cheese… C: Also, the fact he saved the water, but
I don’t know where he put it in the end! C: Let’s see the second recipe! M: It’s starting bad already…
Unfortunately, also in Italy there are variations of garlic and oil with cheese.
C: Yes, it’s true. C: He added cold water. He shouldn’t have.
I didn’t see him taking cooking water. As you see, it doesn’t fry right away.
He lowered the temperature, so the garlic, at some point, becomes
inedible, cooked in this way. S: Oh, my god. C: Pasta…
S: What’s he doing? M: Oh, salt as well.
C: Oh, mamma mia! S: I didn’t get this salt thing. C: Putting salt when you throw the pasta is,
in my opinion… salt should just be added in the water, maybe some more as aglio e olio requires some more salt.
Let’s go on and see what happens next. In my opinion, they are all the same… this cheese, where do they put it?
S: There’s a mistake between cacio and pepper and aglio e olio.
C: Yes, yes, yes. C: With this pasta, I’d make a nice frittata…
What do you think? C: I’d take out the garlic and make a nice frittata, it’d come out better. Let’s take a look at the others! S: The lemon isn’t a nice start. M: It’s a bad start, the lemon.
C: Well, it doesn’t even look like spaghetti, guys. C: The salt in the water is fine. C: The garlic. S: What’s that, whisky?
C: It might be wine, will he add wine? S: No, he’s drinking it.
C: Nice! S: This is going to make the difference, to me. M: Well, he’s cool: the watch,
the ring, the whisky… C: Did you see? The skillet is a little higher
than the one from before. S: Red pepper.
C: Red pepper can work. M: Overcooked pasta can work…
C: Wine can’t work. And he calls this spaghetto aglio e olio. S: It’s too quick, I can’t understand. C: He’s putting the lemon,
then he added the salt, here it is M: It’s an impepata. A mussels impepata. S: Salt?
C: You’re angry Salvatore, what happened? S: He put salt, what happened?
C: Nothing, all of them add salt in the end, now we just have to… S: I want to understand.
C: We just have to somatize this, let go and let’s proceed. C: Here he is, with the hand… Voilà!
Dear sir, this is not aglio e olio. S: It’s not a justification, can I say one thing?
C: Yes, you can, Salvatore. S: Salt on top can’t be ok, even if it was
a film, salt is not ok on top. M: This was truly strange: there’s pepper,
lemon… only the mussels are missing. S: And we made an impepata! Salt won’t even
dissolve, if you put it in this way you won’t have the chance of dissolving and mix it.
C: No way. S: You’ll just eat a salted pasta
that tastes like lemon, the acidity. Then, using lemon with heat, it’s not the best. C: Let’s just go ahead guys, don’t get angry. S: Pine nuts…
C: Ah, pine nuts… M: Anyway, she already said: let’s put abundant
salt in the pasta as it’s the only… S: It’s correct. C: Maybe they already…
M: With the pine nuts, it’s a dish worth million dollars. C: Oh, mamma mia!
S: She’s adding them all! C: There you go! C: Can you imagine that burnt garlic
in your mouth? What a pleasant sensation? M: And the fried pine nuts,
as well… S: The pine nuts… C: Compared to the others, this one
didn’t add the salt, didn’t add parmesan or cheese, but she added…
S: One piece after another… C: She added a lot of pine nuts that aren’t good, no good at all.
M: Actually, about aglio e olio we know the essential ingredients. We also
know the variants, but we don’t have an official recipe. S: Written down.
M: My grandma probably cooked it differently from your grandma and from
Salvatore’s grandma… C: Yes, but they didn’t add other ingredients. M: This is the base.
S: Let’s just go on… C: He is a little more technical
in opening the garlic. M: Why did he crush it if
he’s now cutting it in slices? S: Maybe it was just to remove the peel…
M: Yes! C: How can he add the salt in the oil? It was salt, wasn’t it, guys?
I saw it well, mamma mia… S: I really want to see how does this pasta come out… C: Wrapped up. Wrapped up.
How can you do that, come on… That how you do it! There you go! C: He could have cooked
the garlic some more, couldn’t he? The garlic is raw, guys. And raw garlic
is just as bad as burnt garlic. S: This music is creepy.
C: It’s disquieting, truly. So, the garlic wasn’t cooked to the right point. Putting these spaghetti
in a bowl… S: Twenty minutes earlier. C: Aglio e olio must be nice, firm to the bite.
S: He’s the only one who used the ingredients… C: The right ones.
M: And what are the ingredients for aglio e olio? C: Garlic, oil and that’s it. And spaghetti.
Salt, water… M: If you like it, red pepper.
C: And red pepper, yes, as it gives that hint of colour that can fit. What do you say?
S: Vivacity. Yes, it’s ok. C: I’m going to make a nice spaghetti aglio e olio as your mums
prepared it, made right with the blessings of the authentic Neapolitan tradition, ok?
S: Thank you. C: Are you eating it? You should eat more, Marianna!
S: You’re so thin!

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  • Carmela Abbate, Salvatore Bianco e Marianna Vitale show their Aglio e Olio recipes here:

  • Me encantó el video. Me suscribo!

  • Babish doesn't fit in here. He's copying movie and TV shows recipes

  • phamashan cheese are not allowed
    yes this is a oringinal recipe
    who put some phamashan cheese in the ailo olio??

  • Chill out guys with babish

  • scusatemi, ma se a me piace col formaggio, per quale oscura ragione non dovrei usarlo? Saro' ben libero di condire come piace a me. E aggiungo un esempio storico: il ragu' bolognese non prevede l'uso del pomodoro, visto che non esisteva in Italia. Eppure si da per scontato usarlo. Cosi pure sulla pizza! Stando alla tradizione non ce' pomodoro! MA ma ma???
    Le tradizioni sono sempre state in mutamento. Cosi cari signori rassegnatevi: il futuro della pasta olio aglio e peperoncino e' con il parmigiano sopra! Poi voi a Napoli mangiateli come vi pare.

  • I’ve had “real” aglio e olio and it sucked.

  • These videos are a little obnoxious, yet I can't stop watching for the tips..

  • Nur 3 Worte verstanden, aber geil! Forza Italia !! :o)

  • Dude, you screwed this one up big time. You didn't use any of the pasta water, and you over saturated the dish with cheese. This dish is a simple pasta dishes that only includes, water, pasta, garlic and chilli flakes. Ugh!

  • Galera a vita per questi ignoranti americani.

  • The third one is from a film, he recreated the recipe in the movie, he just said it at the begining, do they listen to the videos they are watching? I mean blame the movie for this, not the one who recreates the recipe, at any moment he says that its the original or traditional version.

    And regarding the first one, what's with the garlic? Quantities are usually very personal and specially with garlic, some people likes it a lot and others don't like it a lot.

    Btw, they are right with the burnt garlic, the secret to a good aglio e olio is getting the garlic right, if its burnt, it tastes really bad

  • About time they put these so called ''chefs'' into their place.
    Sick of seeing carbonara with cream…and most of all im sick of you american assholes raping OUR SPANISH recipe of alioli,alioli is a garlic based mayonaise that has the following ingredients:
    Olive oil,garlic,egg,lemon and salt THAT IS IT,if you add something that isnt on that list then it isnt alioli.
    No cilantro/Lime,no curry NOTHING ELSE;you add anything else and it isnt alioli.
    fucking americans,you dont learn how to come up with your own dishes (burguers and mc'n'cheese dont count),you STEAL recipes from other countries then fuck them recipes in the ass by adding bs to them.
    TLDR=ALIOLI IS ALIOLI,garlic based mayo…anything else is bullshit,godamn motherfucking obese americans can lick on my left spanish nut.

  • Those recipes were awful. I've been making this for 30 yrs. My Sicilian grandmother taught me.

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  • The pine nuts are a nice addition

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  • Whenever I'm having a bad day, I go back to this channel and watch these Italian chefs completely destroy these popular videos.

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  • I love this show but the critics are picky to the point they will criticise the recipe unless it's exactly the same way they would make it. Adding the salt after is a deal breaker, really??

  • +Italia Squisita – Laura Vitale… lei è napoletana, ragazzi! I bet she knows what she’s doing. If she likes a lil bit of extra pinoli… Beh, che c'è di male? Maybe this is how she grew up eating at her place in Napule.

  • Ugh I hate Italian people

  • Plz can you stfu you are not foot god

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  • I want to see how they make it so we can critique them also

  • Look up this channel and this dish and every single version also has red pepper flakes. So what's the truth?

  • Thumbs down. They all heavily criticized everybody, saying that what they were doing was wrong and it was not typical. But then, when you watch their OWN videos, apart from Carmela (the older lady), the other two have very strange and complicated ways of making this simple dish. Salvatore makes some sort of parsley sauce, and the water is infused with garlic, bla bla, so much complication for a dish that is supposed to be simple. Marianna cooks then fries the spaghetti. Typical???

  • Vitale has no idea of what good simple Italian food consists of

  • Só vim por causa do trouxão do Ana Maria Brogui na thumb kkkk

  • I found this video much more informative than the others 🙂

  • I'm not italian but I don't understand either why they always gotta add salt in the end, just salt the water… but visiting US last year made me realise they use too much salt for my liking anyway haha

  • the Neapolitan Chefs are spot on. I don't know where these odd improvisations to simple dishes come from? cringe worthy.

  • I love it when they dissed babish, that bald cunt always think too high of himself

  • Wtf is Laura Vitale doing, pine nuts in a pasta aglio e olio, okay, optional something the nonna did in their family. The garlic that is browned that will be bitter, the whole recipe is crap

  • They were criticising Babish, but they don’t realise he is just recreating food from films

  • Now I wish they would review Honey Boo Boo's mom make Sketti.

  • The fatty in the middle was so mouthy . I will say when I was in Italy I did slightly salt my order ,I thought the waiters were going to deport me ! Food was OK France was better .

  • Sarebbe bello che, di questi video dei chef italiani che guardano le ricette, di dare la loro alla fine del vidéo.

  • i can guarantee there is gonna be a hefty amount of bwb fans that will dislike this video…
    eidt-not by much nvm

  • They're mad these cooks dont cook exactly like them? Alrighty then.

  • Who's here after watching "binging with babish" redeem himself

  • You should taste it with cheese, you will like it. As a chef you should be open to new tastes and ideas.

  • All I get from this series is that Italians are cavil and uptight. It's hard to believe as I always think of Italians as fun-loving people.

  • Not sure about the usa, but I noticed in canada, that everything was oversalted to me (german), so i guess the north american palate is just used to having everything more salty. I guess they added the salt at the end to adjust the taste to north american taste palates, as it otherwise would probably taste to bland too them.

  • Donal Sheehan is such a geebag jesus christ

  • These videos just make out Italian chefs to be nit picking cunts. 1 minute in and Donal Skehan adds the garlic to a dish were the main ingredient is garlic. “Too much garlic!” Shut the fuck up.

  • Oof is Babish going to redo his Aglio e Olio after this savaging too?

  • Oh god Italy is full of retards.

  • 3:32 You guys should really have translators at hand, because there's a lot of miscommunication between the videos and the chefs. Chef John did say that he used the pasta water there, although he did say that he did it to stop the garlic from cooking further. The chefs would've been able to explain a bit more about why they think that's wrong if they could follow what the videos are saying.
    6:08 Again with the translation. Babish also said that that was pasta water, but the chefs couldn't understand and assumed he put the "wine" (it was whiskey) in the beginning. As far as I can tell, aside from the salt, the only thing that would've been wrong with Babish's recipe is the lemon, which in fairness was in direct reference to the movie. It's sort of the premise of his whole show to recreate foods from movies and TV shows.
    Same thing happened in the Carbonara video where the chefs couldn't follow if Erwan Heussaff used whole eggs, or one whole and one yolk, and so I couldn't tell then if yolks or whole eggs were more correct.

  • I eat at authentic Italian restaurants and it's always tasteless to me. Ok so I smoke and drink way too much but I think many are the same. We need the extra punch of salt and red pepper and cheeeeeeeeese to get some satisfaction out of it. Maybe no Naples style but who cares so long as it tastes of something other than nothing?

  • Fuck Italians and their stupid hate for garlic

  • Babish was making a receipe from a film, Is not is on view of aglio e olio

    Babish stava ricreando la ricetta presa da un film, non è il suo punto di vista

    Why we (italians) have to be always that picky

  • I'm quickly becoming concerned by the fact this is recommended…

    Can we all agree it does not matter if a dish is old school or new school, as long as people simply learn to appreciate the fact its crafted by hand? No? Then go away.

  • muito om video , mas podia ter legenda em portugues

  • I guess Italian in America like to give it their own twist.
    Let's call it the Italian-American version, what's wrong with that?
    The best thing about being a nihilist is you know that it's all made up, do what make you happy.

  • Pretentious

  • I think you'll understand the emotions of Italian chefs if your food have history and if you have passion towards your food…. I feel the same when I see people adding sugar to sambar in northern India and Call it authentic South Indian food!

  • Tutti che mettono una quantità industriale di aglio. Orribile.

  • Is that batista?

  • All'aggiunta di pinoli sono svenuta.
    Perchè, giustamente, nella pasta aglio, olio e peperoncino (nel nome c'è già la ricetta 🤗) ci vanno i pinoli.
    Ma vafangù

  • can the thin-haired-egg-on-legs fatass shut up?

  • i come from Asia and we use alot of spice and salt and stuff like that , i gotta ask whats the deal with italian food not having salt ?.

  • Please American or English people, please don't film yourself butchering Italian cousine! You are committing a cultural crime

  • La seconda ricetta è mortale

  • Marianna e molto bellissimma ❤️

  • The old woman is insufferable.

  • When im hungry and i see chips in the pantry 8:53

  • Makes a recipe slightly different.
    Italians: No no no, you can't do that. That's not true (dish goes here), my mother would slap you if she found out about that. This is not (dish goes here), stupid Americans trying to fool people with their "cooking skill", only we know what's best.

  • Scherzi apparte, la gente che sta giudicando sti piatti ha messo rispettivamente gli spaghetti a cuocere per 45 min e maionese ed uova nella pasta aglio ed olio; solo la signora al centro ha diritto di parlare

  • How can people spoil a so simple dish? I'm not even Italian or a great cooker… It's my dish when I'm lazy…

  • Italians sooks.

  • I appreciate Chef Abbate's classical perspective, but have a difficult time accepting the criticism from the other 2 chefs who add vinegar, egg, and grilled pasta in their versions.

  • Laura lady is back

  • Io credo che gli chef non hanno capito che in Brasile si usa sciacquare la pasta appena scollata in acqua fredda!!! Ahahahahha
    Brutto da dire ma lo facevo anch'io!

  • People should feel free to make addistions/variations to traditional recipes, they are after all, the one cooking and probably for themselves. However, they should also feel free to CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE or at least when teaching others, passing on the recipes, or making a video, point out the deviations from the original recipe.

  • Mettono il sale dopo perché quello che usano è totalmente insapore, soprattutto nell'acqua. Io devo metterne duecento grammi alla volta se non lo devo aggiungere dopo. Se sono fortunato riesco a rimediare il sale grosso, ma quello che vendono in UK tende più all'amaro.

  • First off Laura Vitale is a Neapolitan ..born there and she said her grandmother ( who lives in Napoli) puts pine nuts in her aglio olio …why are they criticizing her

  • Gli spaghetti aglio olio e il peperoncino ( la verace romana) è diventato straniero, come gli chef intruglioni.La cucina italiana deve essere fatta solo dai nostri cuochi o degli appassionati veri.Amen

  • Again, Babish just copying what he saw from a film so not his fault lol can't wait for him to make another redo video though

  • Damn Italians are culinary fascists

  • Laura being Italian and from Napoli can’t even get this recipe right? What a joke

  • funny to see how babish keeps on getting all the recipes wrong,dumbass couldnt cook his way out of a parking ticket.

  • My favorite reaction ever:

  • I am pretty annoyed by the execution of this series.
    It seems like every single time the three featured Italian chefs do not understand English and only judge by what they see in the videos, which leads to many misunderstandings. I'm only half way through the video and they already confused pasta water with cold water in chef John's recipe and pasta water with wine in babish's recipe. Where do these assumptions come from? Isn't the most obvious guess when a clear liquid is added to the sauce that it would be the pasta water (at least in this recipe)? It almost seems like they want to find fault in the recipes made by "foreigners".

    I don't expect the chefs to learn or know English for the purpose of this series, but the producers could hire a translator or even just print out translated summaries of the videos being critiqued to hand out to the judging chefs after they viewed the videos. I know hiring a live translator could be too expensive, but I refuse to believe that not a single person working for this channel knows any English for the latter option.

  • These videos are silly. They never give any constructive criticism. The assumption is that we've seen one or more of the original cooking videos and these Italian chefs can teach us how to improve. Not just scoff at silly non Italians who have no reason to know that what might otherwise be perfectly acceptable cooking techniques are apparently a big no no.

  • These videos are silly. They never give any constructive criticism. The assumption is that we've seen one or more of the original cooking videos and these Italian chefs can teach us how to improve. Not just scoff at silly non Italians who have no reason to know that what might otherwise be perfectly acceptable cooking techniques are apparently a big no no.

  • How dare this people assume this is Italian? Pathetic

  • :Babish get roasted by italians:

    That's what happens when you are a pretentious twat

  • Just came back from Naples, and I have aglio e olio for 3 days straight, one of the best dish on Earth. The simplicity is unsurpassable.

  • No vampires eating this dish. The comments are great! Video cooks are a breed of their own; part snake oil salesmen, part cook.

  • What's so offensive about pignoli in the aglio olio? She said her grandmother always added pine nuts and real Italians are very much agreeable to simple variations in classic dishes, especially when they bring with them memories of nonna…

  • Laura Vitale has no clue what she is doing

  • Italians can be as snooty as they want about the stolen recipes and ingredients that they claim are their own, but the version Jon Favreau cooks up in "Chef" tastes a helluva a lot better than the classic version. (And no, he doesn't add salt at the end, only a splash of lemon when it's stopped cooking.)

  • why is adding a bit of salt at the end a crime, mabye people like salty food…?

  • 8:35 Salvatore casi se levanta y se va, jajajaj

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