Aggressive Prostate Cancer Treatment History and New Methods

What about men who have more advanced prostate
cancer? What do you think the best treatments out there are for men right now? Well, you know prostate cancer is in a renaissance.
For many years, we did not have very good treatments. The mainstay has always been hormone
treatments. It turns out that if you block a man’s testosterone, the male hormone in
the blood that will cause the cancer to regress and a lot of the treatments are build around
that type of therapy as you can imagine that’s not a very happy type of thing, a man’s sex
drive disappears, usually causes erectile dysfunction and a long list of things which
we will go into, but there have been about four or five new treatments approved for advanced
prostate cancer just in the last 24 months. And I have been doing this 20 years and over
my career, there have only been two other new treatments approved for advanced prostate
cancer. Now, we have four new ones within the last 24 months with more on the way. This
is a very exciting time in the industry which seen the computer industry changed over the
last 10 to 15 years. We are starting to see that type of rapid revolution in the medical industry as well.

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