Adult Children Take A Lie Detector Test With Parents

– But you have spoken to a porn star. – Yeah, who hasn’t? – True. (upbeat music) – Today I’m gonna be asking
my daughter questions under a lie detector. – I’ve been pretty honest with my son and I hope he’s been honest with me. – That’s cause I don’t
really ask you any questions. – Given that he is my stepson,
I am a little concerned with what the truth might be. (ominous music) – Adam, have you ever skipped school? – Yeah. – He’s telling the truth. – Did you do this in high school? – Yeah. – He’s telling the truth. – First question, I’m
gonna keep it simple. Have you been drinking enough water? – Yes? – He’s telling the truth. – Have you ever hung out with
someone that I didn’t like? – Yes. – True. – Who was the guy? – Well there was some rebels and then you tell me not
to hang out with bad people and they happened to be smoking. – The marijuana? – The marijuana, and they offered me some and I said, no thank you. – When I asked you to do something for me, and you told me you needed
the money to pay a bill, did you spend that money on a bill? – Yes. – Not true. (groaning) – Have you taken any illegal substances within the last two weeks? – No. – He’s lying. – No way, he’s lying. (laughs) – When I asked you to reorganize the garage, there happened to be Halloween costumes that you really, really, really liked, did you take them? – No. (groaning) It’s a lie detector test. – They were so cute though. – Did you quit your job
or did you get fired? – I quit. – He’s doing bad. – Do you have sex with friend of yours? – No. – True. – Why not, Stephanie? – I really been wanting
to ask you this one a long time, too. – I’m a bit nervous. – When I baked cookies for
your sister’s birthday party, literally half of ’em came up missing that your cousin Mike
came over and ate ’em, but I never saw Mike come in, ever. Did you eat those cookies? – Yes, I did. – That’s true. I wish she’d bake my cookies. – Have you had any sexual relations? – Yes. – True. – Was any of this
unprotected by any chance? – Yeah. – He’s telling the truth. – Oh, great, mom’s gonna love this. – Oh no she’s not. – Oh yes she is. – Me being your stepmom, you know I don’t feel the
family vibe when I’m around. You try to cover it up a lot, so does your biological mom
like your stepmom, yes or no? – Yes. – True. – Okay. – See I told you. – When then I gotta
cook some more cookies. – Have you ever had any
relations with a porn star? – No.
– True. – Have you ever spoken to a porn star? – Yeah. – True. – So let’s hear about this. – So we have a date
dash for the fraternity. (recording fast forwarding) – Agent. (recording fast forwarding) A porn star.
– Yeah. – It’s sayin’ he’s lying. – That was totally made up. – Are you dating now? – No. – Havin’ a tough time. – What? ♫ Didn’t even cross my mind Oh, we’re just talking. And sometimes I go to
sleep or in the morning just talking to him. He has a girlfriend, that’s bad. – So today we just finished
the lie detector test with my step son, Roland. – Found out some very
interesting things about my son. He actually has had some
kind of conversation with a porn star that I didn’t know about. This should be very
interesting to hear more about as we drive home. – It was a great experience. Because we know each other. But with this test. (mumbles) – Yeah I respect him and hope he respects me too. – I respect you dad. Come here. – Stop lying. (tranquil music)

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