Adronis – Downloads from Sirius – A Historical Perspective of Mars

Captions provided by : Maxime Valentin Hello everyone!
In this next “Adronis – Downloads from Sirius” video, Adronis is going to come through and
he’s going to be sharing his particular perspective relating to the history of Mars and looking into
the mysterious “Red Planet”. Finding out, from his perspective, what the Martian
civilization was all about, how it reached its downfall and what was kind of
happening in between those particular times. So again Adronis is going to come through
and we’ll get started in finding out more about
a perspective of Mars. Here we go. We are here at this time and
we bid you greetings and thank you very much for the opportunity
of this interaction today. I am Adronis from Sirius, sending love,
appreciation and gratitude to all who are tuning in to this particular broadcast being brought
forward through your internet collective consciousness. We have been shared
by the conduit to give our particular perspective
relating to the planet within your star system that you
would know as Mars. Please understand that everything
that we will share in regards to this perspective is simply
that of our point of view. For once again all knowledge, all
information, all creation itself resides within your
very heart, being and soul. And this is just one particular
perspective from us. Mars itself will be what you would
consider to be a twin planet, very much similar to what
you knew as your earth. It started off in very similar capacity relating to, shall we say, other particular experiments that were
conducted by beings very similar to those who in that sense, helps to seed humanity
upon earth. These particular forms of first degrees of life that took place
upon Mars started off in regards to what
you would know as a primate form. That many of the early
indigenous cultures that took place up on the planet mars where that of, shall we say,
heavy primate energy. Very similar to what you would
understand as in association to your “Sasquatch”, to your
“Big Foot”. These were the beings that in a sense worked
together in regards too many different, shall we say, communities,
colonies, continents as it were. And basically working towards creating a
beautiful equilibrium with the planet. That they surrounded themselves with
other particulars second density life forms in regards to that point of establishment. You had other particular marine life that existed on Mars,
very similar to what exists on earth now : from your dolphins, from
your sharks, from your wales, fish, jellyfish, other particular forms of, shall we say,
coral based life. From the oceans of Mars,
that were very rich, in regards to the abundance of
life that took place there, Mars herself was meant to function again as this continuing experiment as, shall we say, growth and expression and
love being brought forward from the original
creators where to be placed upon this world. That through the earlier times in regards to
Mars’s forms of endeavors, forms of sharing a particular cultivation was being taking place in regards to, shall we say, earlier indigenous primate life that
took place upon that planet. These particular life
forms themselves were, shall we say, taken
by other particular beings, again, similar to that of what you would know
as the original creators of your planet Earth. And they themselves became a hybridization experiments
of other life that came upon Mars. And that their particular physique and that their
particular likeness was somewhat like yours. Although, shall we say, somewhat
different in appearance in regards to smoother faces, shall we say, somewhat elongated bodies but again still somewhat humanoid.
Skin very similar to what you would know as your indigenous Aboriginal and Asian energies. And that these particular beings
once hybridized, once created allowed certain colonies contained within their own appropriation
based upon what they were acclimatized too to functioning within specific climatic
zones upon your planet were flourishing. And you had approximately shall we say, three different sub-races upon that time
in regards to what you would know as humanoid. There were again also other similar second density creatures in mammal form, in reptilian form,
in amphibious form, in bird form, in insectoid form. All parts of in that sense,
particular, similar gradual concepts pertaining to what Mars required in regards to her natural equilibrium of, shall we say, planetary life. Very similar to planet Earth, in fact approximately seventy to eighty percent of the life that you currently have on earth
was once on Mars. This also includes the life existing that of what you would commonly understand as
your dinosaurs. These particular beings themselves once
walked upon Mars. And you can actually find
many different fossils pertaining to such beings, altered slightly different
in regards to shall we say, atmospheric conditioning Very similar to that degree
buried deep within the sands of Mars As time progressed, more of these
civilizations began to you function and flourish, very similar to your own
ages of what you had upon your planet. From what you would know as Neolithic orders,
from what you would know as, shall we say, Bronze orders, Iron orders… All these other particular orders and ages
that you would be somewhat familiar with. As well as your own Renaissance, as well as
what you would know as your industrial ages – These all took place. They also started to move into a great state
of advancement, in regards to the golden eras. That their Golden era were highly
technological, and that overtime, approximately three of
these particular sub-races were beginning to flourish very strongly
in cooperation and in unification to actually help each
other in bringing forward technology that would actually
help them to explore the stars. The whole idea of the quarantine policy of
what you would understand of what’s taking place on your Earth now was nowhere, shall we say, as strict as what you’re going through upon
earth as it was on Mars at that time.
It was very lenient. And so it was very much possible for many of these particular unified sub-races
of humanoid beings to explore the stars, to explore their own
star system. And that through the exploration of their
very own star system encountered other particular beings
that gained some form of interest in regards to their thriving society. For their ability in their own golden age was
very similar to the higher technological ability that you humans have in regards to your own
era relating to that of Atlantis. That Atlantis itself was, shall we say,
space-faring in regards to its technology. Its golden age simply allowed,
shall we say, highly degrees of technology to not
only explore other areas of your planet but to also, shall we say, become interstellar. This was also so in regards to Mars. Other particular beings that were discovering
some of the races, or shall we say, groups of the sub-races. Notice that Mars itself was thriving and
that it was indeed a beautiful world and had a great deal of
resources upon its surface. These particular beings they emerged from
Orion that were once a part of, shall we say, the, shall we say, particular interventions of Maldek then found their way
upon Mars. And began to a indoctrinate
themselves into the martian society. These beings are what you would refer to as the Aryan
or the Caucasian races. And that, they themselves
decided to come upon Mars and share in the wealth of the world
of a unified based society. This eventually, just like your own Atlantis, began to turn itself over into turmoil. And that there was now the point of greed that was seen as Mars was again a very
resourceful planet, was very thriving in nature, thriving in
agriculture had in that sense, just as much rich ores
upon its surface as your Earth does now. And so they potentially saw the planet
as something that could be harvested, they potentially saw, shall we say,
a naive based unified culture that really did not understand the ways of
trickery, the ways of dominance. And so this particular civilization in regards the three sub-races whom
we have spoken of became heavily dominated by these
particular beings. A deception took place and that the
technology itself from what was originally created by the unified beings
upon the world became taking over or destroyed. And that the technology that existed from the new
owners of Mars was now within their on possession. This is what created again, another
particular takeover. Very similar to what occurred upon Maldek, that is now, shall we say, the asteroid
belt contained within your star system, that was originally the 5th planet. Through beings such as this, came upon
the world and in that sense, shall we say, claimed it as their own
state of territory and basically engulfed the planet in war. The exact same thing happened to Mars. They were able to claim the planet as their own,
and an internal war took place. That many of the beings who were highly unified were now
starting to rebel and particular, shall we say, civilizations, colonies or territories as it were, were very much opposed to many of
the new owners that came upon the world of Mars. And a very large worldwide conflict took place. It was not uncommon for many of these particular beings
that now occupied Mars to have, shall we say, adversaries in other places. And because of this very thriving war,
others who were aware of these particular beings that now, shall we say, claim themselves to have ownership
of Mars found that Mars itself was now
becoming a battleground. The experiment of Mars became so out of control that
the planet itself was basically obliterated, based upon the attempt of the preventing,
Mars itself from, shall we say, conquering all other planets within the star system. In order to prevent this, a celestial object
that was brought forward from the original asteroid belt that was once Maldek,
was in that sense slung from the asteroid belt and projected itself towards Mars. This literally created a cataclysm that particularly in its devastation annihilated 90 to 95 percent of all life upon the planet. There are those who foresaw, shall we say,
such danger occurring upon Mars and decided to migrate. Some of them were able to
migrate to Venus, others were able to migrate to Earth. Many of the, shall we say, beings that were responsible
for many of these takeovers decided to migrate to Earth. And this became the beginning of, shall we say,
the martian conflict that then eventually took itself over upon your planet. As the “Confederation of Planets” who were primarily responsible for the safeguarding and
caretaking of this star system at the time, did not want to lose an immense amount
of life. A handful that represented the backed up of many
of these races were placed upon Earth Firstly, particular beings that were directly seeded
from the star of what you would know as Arcturus that were contained upon Mars were firstly brought to commingled
with much of what was happening upon the Earth at that time in regards to colonies,
territories and establishments. Later on, these particular beings that
represented the, shall we say, alliances of domination. These particular councils did not see them destroy either
in regards for a preservation of life and were therefore taking off the planet of Mars, utilized through what you would know as a
Merkaba vessel, very similar to a teleporter or a materializer,
and basically placed upon Earth. In the hopes that this particular would be able
to commingled to go to work together in association and
with peace that they themselves have promised : “If you save us we will work together with Earth, we will bring things together, please
we will turn ourselves around.” In their own naievety the “Confederation of Planets” believed them
and this is exactly why, shall we say, the backup, the handful of life that was
contained upon Mars was placed upon Earth. And that three particular sub-races were originally from Mars that were placed
upon, shall we say, Earth. The first sub-races what you would know as the “proto-Neanderthalic” or the primate of what you would know
as “Big Foot” or Sasquatch that was placed from Mars onto Earth. The second particular race are
shall we say, the direct seeded energies that were brought forward from Mars onto Earth that you would consider very
similar to be your Mediterranean folk as well as, shall we say,
mixtures of those particular beings that reside within your jewish nation. Thirdly were the idea in regards to the beings that
you would referred to as the caucasian, that then later on came upon Earth
before the destruction of Mars. Mars’s destruction related into a
cataclysmic pole shift that was triggered in regards to such a immense,
intense explosion that just as a minimal understanding in calculation represented the extension
nearly a thousand your atomic bombs detonating at the
same time. Mars itself was completely destroyed. In regards to you a majority of life that once existed upon its service. it is now in a state of immense quarantine that the only sufficient state of life that is occurring upon Mars right now is what exists within the sub-terrains of the planet. it is highly unlikely in regards to its
current state that a thriving populous of approximately
one million or more can actually exist upon Mars’s surface. it simply does not have the natural ability of sustaining life at this time without an immense amount of intervention
taking place on a highly technological level to reproduce and recreate much of the original
flora and fauna that once took place upon its land. In order for any particular former
of colony to survive on the surface would require a great
amount of migration from other agricultural aspects from other worlds, such as your Earth,
in order to create particular sustainable colonies This is basically where Mars is. However, there is a particular outreach
program taking place that is stationned deep within the underground caverns
of Mars, and that eventually there will be human beings coming up on
Mars that may have the opportunity to encounter these
beings that are working together in, shall we say, creating a unification between humanity
and between themselves that will then create a relief effort, shall we say, to bring Mars back
into full sustainment of its natural state. This however is a great deal of time
down the road. There must be the understanding first
that there is, shall we say, a level of maturity in understanding from those
particular colonists that are scheduled to go to Mars to actually realize that the planet itself is being shared
by other contacts, other beings existing within the
sub-terrains of the planet. We have the idea that Mars itself
will within the next 100 to 200 years begin these phases of reintegration of re-implementing the necessary flora and fauna in regards
to extraterrestrial intervention alongside your people in unification. This holds a momentum for many of the
population that exist upon your world now to
eventually at some point colonize Mars without such an immense
effort of, shall we say, endangerment. So, this is a possibility that will exist
down the road again depending upon the understanding of maturity in regards to
its cycles, in regards to its momentum and in regards to
its motivation to bring forward this particular planet
to once again establish the necessary flora and fauna so that you are able to see just how beautiful originally
a planet like Mars was. Mars itself right now exists as that of what you would as a third
to fourth density planet as well. It is literally going through a very similar shift from
what your planet is going through. And it is of no consequence that other
planets within your star system are moving up the
ladder of different densities, in regards to their own nature, in regards to their own way,
in regards to their own equilibrium of energies. Mars itself is moving into that third to
fourth density bridge as you are now upon planet Earth. And that there is the possibility,
the momentum of energies within this time ahead for you to, shall we say, share the twin worlds of Earth and Mars or even as we will put it, the “Triplet Worlds”, from what you would
know as Mars, Earth and Venus to actually work together and see how the 3,
the unity of Venus, of Earth and Mars are very much similar Earth again representing the energies most compliant to the experiment that is
happening in regards to humanity’s growth as well as your own intention to move
back into a unified consciousness. That does have the ability to extend
onto Mars in the, shall we say, most recent
point of your timelines ahead that will eventually start to move to Venus as well. But again, Venus is a whole different tale within itself. So we thank you very much
for the opportunity of this interaction realize that we’ve only just scratched
the surface of Mars but we want to give something to ponder
upon in regards to everything that we have shared. For there is much more to talk about with Mars,
for there is much more for you to sell discover in regards to the foundations that we have laid out
only from are perspective. There is no doubt other perspectives will come but this is simply one perspective from a
Sirius point of view. I am Adronis from Sirius,
thank you very much, farewell for this timing and we now return to the conduit, goodbye for now. Alright. Thank you very much, take care and feel free
to check out for more videos, private sessions,
products, training and a lot more. Thank you very much, I’m Brad Johnson
and I’ll talk to you again very soon Namasté and may be well with you.

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