ACP and Symbol Summary (02.01) | Chip Anderson | Deep Dive

[ music ] Hey everybody! Welcome to Deep Dive into This is our other show that I do on Saturdays where we talk
about a particular feature in great detail.Take a lot of questions from the
audience. This is the time where I can really get in and help you understand a
particular topic to a really deep amount capabilities. So I’m here today with,
we’re live with my good friend Rachel. We are taking questions. We’ve got the the
chat room open to answer questions. Again the goal here is to help you understand
a key feature of StockCharts. And today’s key feature with StockCharts ACP. We’re
gonna be digging into that. This is actually kind of an update of a previous
show that I did. I did a show a couple of months ago and I told people about ACP
and where it was. It’s come a long way since then and we’re gonna be seeing all
the different new capabilities that it has. In addition, I’ve got, I also want to
show you a new feature that just launched on the site literally yesterday.
It’s our Symbol Summary feature. We’re gonna spend a little time on that and
then finally I’ve got a very surprising announcement at the end of this show.
This is the first time anybody’s going to hear this new announcement. It’s going
to be very exciting. So a couple of FAQs to go ahead. This is, just like with
all of our shows, we are recording it. You’ll be able to see it later. Again if
you need to you can ask questions any time in the Slido chat box. Please try
and keep the questions on topic, that would be great. If we get to the very end
of the show and we still have tim, I’ll take kind of any question from anybody
about anything but um during the show let’s try and stay on topic. And feel
free in the chat box right now to say hi to Rachel. She’d love to hear from you.
And then there is a downloadable version of these slides, here’s the link so you
can go there right now if you want to, grab those slides and follow along. Or
after the show’s over you can come to this link, download the slides and then
you’ll be able to read through them anytime you want.
So hopefully that works. So the the numbers at the end there it’s 2020 and
then 0 2 for February and 0 1 for the first day of February.
Alright, so with that here’s the agenda for today. We’re going to talk about the
Simple Summary feature. That’s what we’re going to do first and then we’re gonna
get into ACP and all the different things, I’ve got a couple of different
demos for you, like I said a big announcement at the end. I’m gonna give
you some tips and tricks towards the end as well. Again ask Q&A throughout the show.
The Symbol Summary, basically I don’t have any slides for that we’re just
gonna dive right in and do a demo. So this show is, this particularly show,
we’ve got a lot of demos. A lot of ad hoc kind of things hopefully everything goes
well, we’ll see. It’s always fun doing live demos on the air. We will. So so
Symbol Summary is essentially where we’re going to give you a whole lot of
new information about individual stock but specifically fundamental information
combined with technical information, in kind of a tabular view. And so it’s
available in a couple of different places and we will be making it
available in more places shortly. One place is you just click on the drop-down
at the top here where normally you would type in a stock and get a chart. You can
click on that drop down, select symbol summary and then type a ticker symbol
and you will be taken to the symbol summary page. We’ll talk about the page
here in just a second. Let me show you one other way you can get to the symbol
summary, this one might even be more convenient for you. Whenever you’re
looking at a SharpChart, okay, such as here’s the SharpChart. We can scroll
down to the bottom and now there’s a new collection of links at the very bottom
of the SharpCharts page for all the different kinds of tools that we have.
Including the symbol summary, which is the first one here. You can click on any
of these links to go to any of those tools but you can also just click on the
symbol summary link and boom you’re right there. So that’s kind of convenient.
We will be integrating symbol summary in even more throughout the site over time.
So again the symbol summary is a great page for just viewing what’s going on
with the stock right now, and especially what kind of fundamental information can
I learn about the stock. What things like p/e ratio but also now we’ve got
earnings dates, and earnings information as well as a lot of other information
here technical we have an area for our scooter ranking
so you can see the scooter ranked both its current value as well as the
historical values of the scooter ranks and there will be earnings history and
analysis ratings coming soon we’re still working on that and then a profile of
the company also we will go ahead and do searches throughout our database for any
time that you use this company or stored this company in your account if your
stock drives member so if there any alerts are predefined scans you’ve
created or any chart list that you’ve created up then that contained that
particular symbol then we’ll show those to you so all of that information is
here on one page we also will be expanding this page more if you can see
we’ve got some stuff coming soon and there will be more stuff as well the
final thing I want to mention is that we are working on integrating this new data
this is new this is all data is coming from the FactSet data database which we
now have access to and we’re working on integrating that data into our charting
features so right now what you’re seeing here on the symbol summary page is a
snapshot of all this information you’re seeing the current values down the road
this information will be available in the scan engine so you can scan for it
it’ll also historic versions of this information will be available in our
charting engine and so you’ll be able to chart some of the stuff over time as
well at this point that’s not available yet but that’s absolutely something that
we want to do we are all about the charts we’re all about storing history
of this kind of stuff and providing to you and you want to know the super great
news all of this is free there’s been no change whatsoever in the pricing for
this it’s all available to you now so I encourage you to check out the simple
summary page we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on it so far I know that some
people are asking for additional data additional things we’re going to be
trying to provide you all the information that we have available to us
but but keep that feedback coming we’d love to hear from you let us know what
you think now so that is simple summary any quick questions on that Ridge
anything important anything come in yet oh I’m sorry
we’ve had some great feedback already people really like the
seminal summary page and I do have a question from John he says um in pers
sorry perusing a few Canadian stocks there
seems to be some data missing including earnings will that eventually become
available okay so the key word there would be eventually right now we’re we
are focused on US stocks at this point the facts that data set that we have is
mostly a us focused data set we’re looking into other providers that have a
more international bent to their data and as soon as we as soon as we can work
out some arrangements there we’ll try and put that stuff online – our goal is
to have pages like this for every single stock that we track that won’t be
necessarily available immediately so working on it okay so let’s move on to
the main topic of today’s show and that is stock charts ACP and I want an ACP
stands for advanced charting platform and I want to talk everybody through
what that means what ACP currently looks like and I’m
with an emphasis on what are the new features because I know many of you are
probably familiar with ACP at least a little bit maybe you tried it out a
while ago maybe you haven’t tried it out since and so I want to maybe give you a
sense of when to when to try things and what the new things would be we still
get a lot of questions about when is it going to be released well in a sense
that’s released now it’s not officially released we still haven’t there’s still
two key features that we’re adding I’ll show you what those are in just a second
but there are a lot of features that are already in place and so I can basically
say it’s release now once all once all the features are in we’ll have a big
press release and make a big announcement whatever else but I mean
for you guys it’s basically available now so that’s
really nice every week there is tons of progress we the people working on this
stuff are working continuously they’re working really hard they’re doing a
great job and every Friday they release a new version of this thing with with
either some tweaks or maybe some major feature added as well we’re changing
things up now and so when you start ACP if it’s not happening immediately
they’ll happen next week you’ll start to see a splash screen that
shows you exactly what the new features are each time you sign in and so we’ll
make it more available and more visible as to what these new features are each
time you start up the program the latest version of course is at this URL here slash ACP or you can just click the green button or use the
drop down I’m going to demonstrate some of that here in just a second
maybe one of the coolest features that’s now available you might not be aware of
is you can now look at your Sharpe charts chart lists your own the chart
lists that you’ve saved using our regular system all those charts are now
available to you in ACP and so I want to demonstrate that as well so that’s
really going to help some other questions we get are you know how much
is it going to cost do I have to change my subscription any that stuff ACP just
like the the symbol summary page totally free we’re adding it to your existing
subscription you don’t need to pay us any additional money it’s gonna work
exactly like Sharpe charts it’s gonna have all the same kinds of capabilities
as sharp charts has and so if you’re comfortable with where you are with a
subscription and stock charts you’re going to be very ACP is just an
additional tool for you there’s no additional things for you to worry about
or sign up for and that’s true even if you’re not a member of stock charts
there will be just like there is a free version of sharp charts there’s a going
to be a free version of ACP that will always be available it will have
restrictions on it of course but it will be available so you members will of
course be able to go and do much more such as seeing multiple charts they’ll
be able to save layouts they’ll be able to save charts they’ll be able to see
more data it’s it’s again it’s exactly the same as with sharp charts if you if
you need to actually do some real work with it you probably will need a
membership in order to do that but the bottom line is there’s no additional
cost or ACP above annobón beyond our current membership now the third
question we get a lot is okay should do or is ACP going to replace sharp charts
is ACP going to kind of invalidate all this work that I’ve done to save all
these charts and chart lists into my account and the answer is absolutely not
sharp charts is not going away ACP is not replacing sharp charts ACP is
augmenting sharp charts it’s augmenting stock charts and it depends on your
approach to investing your approach to charting as to which tool will work best
for you it’s absolutely possible to switch back and forth between the tools
with very little limitations there or you may decide that you’re going to use
one tool and you’re just going to stick with it it’s totally fine we we support
both of those models and we will continue to support both of those models
going forward the difference is essentially the ACP is a very
interactive environment it’s an environment for people that want to to
touch the data touch the charts move the charts around maybe what watch the
charts like a hawk because they’re active traders or because they’re really
into getting into the trade into the trading market whereas sharp charts on
the other hand is more of a curated environment it’s a place where you’re
watching the chart that you’ve saved and annotated and put into a kind of a
collection that you want to observe over time and see how that changes over time
maybe you want to write commentary about it maybe you want to cut and paste it
into another document because of course sharp charts are very easy to do that
with so on and so forth if you’re but not everyone wants to work in that mode
all the time sometimes they want to be in an interactive mode
maybe then after the market closes they want to be in a more reflective and
curated kind of mode so that’s where the tool to tools differ ok ACP will have
all the features of sharp charts and it will actually have more than what sharp
charts has because it has a plug-in environment that I’m going to show you
in just a little bit that allows it to expand well beyond the realm of what
sharp charts can do so ACP will have more capability over time than sharp
charts but the basic capabilities will be the same sharp charts will continue
to improve over time as well but it will not be able to do everything that ACP
can do down the road it’s gonna be focused on creating high quality
you can can easily be studied categorize shared and published for later review so
again that’s kind of the the distinction between the two tools hope I hope that’s
clear hope that’s clear did we get any questions on those those topics so when
when a question that we’ve been getting a lot is when or can we transfer our
chart listen to ACP okay so I’m gonna demonstrate that in just a minutes a
great question yes absolutely in fact it’s already working
you can view existing sharp charts chart lists in ACP right now I’m going to
demonstrate that very easy totally works what you can’t do it the current time is
save ACP charts or save ACP charts into chart lists what eventually and not
eventually like very soon you’ll be able to do that it isn’t working at the
moment now when it works however there is one other restriction I want to make
sure everyone’s clear on it’s related to the question while you can save a sharp
chart into a regular chart list and then view that an ACP going the other
direction won’t will never work because ACP again it has more capabilities than
sharp charts so whence once we get give you the ability to save an ACP chart
it’ll be saved into an ACP chart lists the specific to ACP and it will not be
you will not be able to view that chart as a sharp chart so going that direction
isn’t going to work unfortunately but that’s again because the the ACP charts
will have much more capability I think I think that’s okay I think that’s okay I
think as you play with the platform you’ll figure out what makes sense there
and it should work fine so again ACP the a stands for advanced na a and the C I
guess stand for advanced charting live interactive streaming charts using the
latest browser-based technology ACP is interactive because we’re we’re sending
the program down to your computer and then their programs running on your
computer behind the scenes create his charts and allowing you to interact
with it it lets you reach into your charts and adjusts them interactively
and it uses our data and our indicator calculations in order to give you
significantly better accuracy and I’m actually going to demonstrate that here
in just a minute we we are very much about accuracy we we understand after 21
years almost we’re coming up on our 21st anniversary here we know how important
data is how important data accuracy is and we have a whole team working behind
the scenes to really focus on it focus in on that so that’s another key thing
that’s that’s important so before I go any deeper into that let me limit let’s
just demo this stuff we kind of really need to demo ACP see what I’m talking
about here so there are a couple of ways to get to ACP it’s available here in the
drop down it’s available in the lists but maybe the most interesting way you
can get there and the most common way I think many people get there is to click
on the your dashboard link and then click on the green button go to stock
charts ACP and when you do that up will pop the last chart that you looked at so
ACP will do a little bit of saving but but this is just kind of a temporary
thing well as we as we finished put the final touches on the actual chart saving
capability the last thing you look at will come right back up when you restart
ACP so that’s kind of nice all the different settings and everything will
still be there okay so this is doctors ACP and it has I’m just clicking and
dragging here it has all of the interactive capabilities that you’ve
probably seen these can be very very helpful for you in terms of scrolling
back maybe zooming in and zooming out you can also quickly return I want to
point this out you can quickly return to the most recent the right side of the
chart if you will by clicking on this button down at the bottom this little
kind of home button this is the button that will get you right back to the
right side of the chart and the most current stuff ACP has a whole slew of
information let’s see if we if I close this down a little bit we can see a
whole bunch of icons kind of existing here on the edges
of ACP and so what I want to do now is go over the different icons that are
available kind of show you when you would use each the first I kind of want
to point out the ones over here are special these have to do with with the
mode that you’re using the tool in and several of these you’ll want to change
the one that I love the most though is this one right here which will go
fullscreen and that’s a great thing about ACP is it can take over your
entire screen I know on this particular webcast I’m my screen is a little
smaller but my screen back at my desk top and hopefully your screen at your
house very very big and it’s really nice to have ACP fullscreen on a really large
monitor you can you can do a whole lot of additional stuff that you can’t
normally do in those situations and so ACP will take full advantage of all of
your screen real estate really nice there there are a couple of other things
that we’ll go over in a minute but over on the left side of the screen is the
ticker symbol box and so we can change ticker symbol very easily by just typing
in a symbol and pressing enter now I can also type in a ticker symbol and press
and step pressing enter I can press this plus button the plus button will cause
another window to appear and so now I have two charts and these charts are
independent at this point very easy to move around tweak and do whatever I need
to do with and I can add even more charts to my heart’s content as many as
I want pressing the plus button will add
additional panels as necessary so that’s kind of nice let’s see one more here I
can also hold down I believe it’s a shift enter yes and instead of pressing
plus I’ll just instead if I press ENTER it’ll change the chart that I’m
currently looking at but if I press shift enter it will add a new chart to
my to my layout and so now I’ve got four charts and they’re they’re all arranged
and streaming and everything else and I can customize them as I need to so on
and so forth the other thing I can do is I can change the style of a chart notice
as I click on each chart when I click on a chart it becomes has this blue
order that goes around the edges that means it’s the active chart that’s
currently selected and then I can come over here and I can change its type if I
want to make it maybe a line chart if I want to maybe make it a I don’t know a
weekly chart and let’s go down with a 10-minute chart there we go a line is
fun but actually like area even better there you go so on and so forth so I
have these capabilities up here are basically the the settings for the
entire chart I can change the range of the chart to a fixed range if I want to
if I don’t want to do you know control it with my mouse and I just really want
a okay 10-minute bars oops sorry let’s go over here to a daily chart and then I
can do a one-year there we go so I have that now to get rid of a chart
listen I’ve got four charts up but I want to get rid of one we’ve got the red
X that appears over here we can drop that down you have this so I’ve shown
you adding I’ve shown you deleting I’ve shown you the different dropdowns that
we have up at the top and I’ve shown you this box so that’s that’s getting there
now the next question is how would I customize the chart even more how do I
add indicators to it how do I change its colors so on and so forth so let me get
back to one chart and the way you do that is with a pull out panel that we
have over here we have pull out panels on the left and we have pull out panels
on the right you can only look at one at a time but that’s okay that’s all you
need the pull out panel at the top left is the one that allows you to change the
indicators that are on the chart you can add new indicators you can delete old
indicators you can change the indicators around before I fully show you that I do
want to show you a new feature this is something you that new people might not
rekt or old people might not even know exists we’ve made the legends on the
indicators draggable and so that means you can mouse over one of the legends
you can click and hold down and now I’m pulling this particular indicator up
higher and I can move it above or below the chart as necessary I can move it
above and below other indicators as necessary and I can do what I just did
there which is I made the indicator overlay and so now these two indicators
are inside the same page I can separate that out if I want to as
well there we go now they’re separate so this new overlay capability is actually
something we added just last week very exciting it mimics exactly what Sharpe
charts can do and gives us a lot of that capability indicators are available to
be added here so if I want to add and there are lots and lots of indicators
here if I want to add any of them these are all the same ones that we have an in
Sharpe charts it’s very easy I can just simply say give me standard deviation
and then it’s popped up and their standard deviation down here I can say
give me stochastic RSI give me Trix the ulcer index sure give me a whole bunch
now I’ve got a whole bunch of indicators on this chart I can now show you another
feature that is unique to stock charts no other tool that we found anywhere has
this feature and it’s I think it’s important it’s an example of I think our
focus on technicians and what technicians are interested in right now
I’m in a mode that is that we call unscratched mahute I don’t know what the
technical term here is it may be full full scrolling mode and I’m able to see
that I’ve added a bunch of indicators to this chart but I have to scroll up and
down to see those indicators and while that might be annoying in some
circumstances and if it is we have a different mode but look in this
particular mode I’m saying I really want to be able to see these indicators and I
want to be able to study them I don’t necessarily want to see the entire chart
on my screen all at once I’d rather be able to really you know drill down and
look at these indicators maybe annotate them
maybe I’m study them in detail and so if that’s the case then I want to be in
this mode here which week again we call unscratched mode on the other hand let’s
say that I want to be see all of these indicators all at once it doesn’t matter
how small they are I just want to make sure I am able to see them at the same
time so that’s what this is that’s what this icon up here is and if you click on
this icon then we go into scrunch mo in a scratch mode we will squeeze all
the panels down we’ll make them smaller as necessary so that all the indicators
are visible to you and it’s your choice you can choose one or the other and you
can actually switch back and forth between them really easily just again by
clicking on the icon right here but that’s the difference and if you have
lots of indicators and you’re a technician that could be important to
you I’ll just quickly while we’re up here in the upper right corner also this
is the this is the cursor allows of the crosshairs allows you to see that this
is something we call sync mode which I’m going to demonstrate a little later your
account information and some other stuff are up there all right
just real quickly let’s get back so the point is adding indicators is done here
with this panel clicking on an indicator to add it very easily deleting an
indicator can be done in a couple of ways one of the one of the easiest ways
is over here this is what what we call the skeleton of your chart is showing
the chart in this case it’s MSFT and we have two indicator panels above the
chart and we have several indicator panels below the chart we can delete
these panels very easily by just simply hovering over them and clicking the
trashcan icon hovering over it clicking the trashcan icon so on and so forth I
can also drill down into these so let’s take standard deviation for instance and
I can use the gear icon to make changes to all the different parts of the
indicator or this is one of my favourite things I can use what we call the speed
the speed settings to quickly and interactively play with the different
settings of the of the indicator so if I want to get a sense of what the
indicator looks like as I change the period or any parameter on an indicator
I can do that right here in this by opening up this particular indicator
panel and then moving the dot back and forth I can hit plus minus someone’s so
forth so that I think is really nice I’ll here we go you can see the change
happens immediately as necessary I guess no car sorry is not super
interesting let’s get tricks going hears tricks and as I change the period we can
see the effect that that has and the effect that this has so it’s the point
is that it’s very interactive and this interactivity we think is super
important because that’s kind of why you’re not using sharp charts that’s why
you’re using ACP is for this interactivity so again we’re making that
available all right so if you want to change things like colors or other stuff
you would click on the gear icon and that’s going to allow you to change the
colors you can specify type in the actual periods if you want to type them
in so and so forth and you can of course just delete the in the indicator
altogether this is for but and so that’s a quick introduction to this first panel
up here this first bullet panel which is essentially the indicators pull out
panel any questions lots of questions excellent yes and woody a shout out to
you thank you for being so patient what do you would like to know how do
you link multiple time frames periods on one page okay so that’s jumping ahead to
this sync mode capability that we have over here sync mode is right here so let
me do this let me um let me get this chart kind of into back into better
condition and I can give a better demo I’m gonna go here and I’m gonna go no
sorry here I’m gonna hit reset and by the way that’s that’s a trick if you
when you’re playing with ACP you’ll probably get into the situation I just
did where you have lots and lots of stuff on your screen you want to get
back to a known state this second panel down here this one here is our chart
style panel and at the bottom of the chart style panel it has a button called
reset reset we’ll get you back to kind of normal back to the beginning so you
can kind of start over if you want to do that okay so the question was how can i
link a couple of trucks together so there’s there’s a chart of MSFT I’m
going to create another chart of MSFT I’ve got two of them now I’m gonna be my
first chart a a let’s make that a five-minute chart
I’ll make my second chart a daily chart which it is already and let’s let’s take
MSFT one more time and now I’ve got three charts on here I’ll make this one
a sari a daily week I’ll make it a weekly chart there we go all right so
I’ve got three Microsoft charts here with different timeframes five minutes
up top daily over on the left and weekly on the right and that could be really
useful if I turn them like my crosshairs by the way notice the crosshairs on each
one stay synchronized so as I move say on the daily chart the crosshair on the
weekly chart is there but it moves at a different rate oh this is the weekly
chart over here so I’m sorry there’s the daily chart on this side alright anyway
the point is that if I want to I can each one of these charts can still work
independently but if I hit synchronize mode now the charts are working together
in the sense that if I want to change now – let’s say Boeing I want to look at
Boeing and I want to look at Boeing in this same way when sync mode I’m gonna
change Microsoft to Boeing and all of the Microsoft charts on my screen not
just the one that’s selected but all of them will change from Microsoft to
Boeing so it’s kind of like I now have a template and I can now use that template
to look in a wide variety of stocks in a wide very ways this is not unlike
gallery view if you’re familiar with that on our website that we have and I
have that ability to quickly switch between them but that’s what sync mode
is all about so that’ll that’ll help that other questions rate yes I let’s
see here will PMF ever be part of a CP probably not okay maybe well let me
qualify that by saying we’d love for that to happen yeah it is something that
I want to make happen but it PMF has to be done right and we’ve seen PMF charts
done on other interactive systems like this and they’re not it’s not direct it
so we’re gonna take some time and do it right it’ll be it’ll be
after we do everything else right so not in the near future and another one we
had a couple of people asked what are plugins
what types of plugins you have to offer cost be I better get back to my
presentation so I can cover all these things I haven’t fully finished my demo
though let me do a little more demonstration and then I’ll get into
those questions as well chart styles are available here these
are the same kinds of things that you’re familiar with from the stock charts area
we have different styles for different we have a bunch of sample chart styles
at this point I won’t necessarily say that these are the best on the planet
many of these are meant to just demonstrate capabilities of ACP over
time we will give you the ability to create and save your own chart styles
that does not exist quite yet but at this point you can use the styles that
are that are available here on this panel and I’ll play with them and see
what what capability exists next item down is annotations we have some other
items down here that don’t work currently but will work later all of
that was to try and get over here to this side there we got a whole set of
panels on this side and these are the panels that are really interesting I
think these panels you’ll find super valuable
the first one is market summary and market summary is very similar to what
you see on the dashboard you’re able to click on a whole bunch of different
ticker symbols all the different kind of indexes that we have sector spiders so
on and so forth you can quickly find and look at all of those different things
very easily I believe the next one down however and again just to remind
everyone when you click on a panel it pops up and then you can click on that
same blue thing and it will disappear the next one down is what I’m trying to
get to these are our chart lists and these include they still have some demos
that we have including my favorite which is micron I love this chart do yourself
a favor find a big monitor and at least click on this micron demo chart I think
it’s wonderful anyway below that however look this is the new thing this is chart
list and I have a whole bunch of different
chart lists here and now I can click on any of these chart lists and immediately
pull up a particular stock and it comes up with that particular style now my
style for this list is pretty boring let’s see if I get a better example
going and yeah so this particular chart had all of these additional indicators
on it and those indicators now all appear when I go on that chart so this
the chart that appears in ACP looks very similar obviously not identical to my
Sharpe chart but it looks very very similar to my saved Sharpe chart and I’m
able to quickly get and look at those easily so the ability to view your saved
charts that’s what I’m demonstrating right now these are our these are charts
that I saved as sharp charts and they’re now available to me in ACP it’s all here
under the this is the second icon down on the right side chart list there are
scan capabilities that soon you’ll be able to see your scan results here as
well notifications and alerts will be their active market movers so on and so
forth just a whole bunch of different here’s here’s our top scooters and and
bottom scooters and so on all these different kind of reports are available
on the right so this ability even-even ticker cloud is available over here on
the right so I encourage you to play with these these are again going to give
you lists of stocks that you can that you can chart easily and then in order
to manipulate the chart you’re going to be using the things on this side so
that’s kind of the difference between the left and the right side now let me
quickly go back to my presentation and then we will we will keep going I’m
gonna I know I’m going to answer some of your questions through in this
presentation as I mentioned indicator accuracy is super important to us and
the trick with indicator accuracy or one of the most important tricks with
indicator accuracy is to make sure that you use a large amount of data when
calculating your emas it turns out an SMA is very simple
you just if it’s a 50 period SMA you just need 50 data points but an EMA you
need much much much more data points in order to be accurate
and lots of things don’t do it quite correctly and as I mentioned here they
they will skimp on downloading historical data into the client and so
the client isn’t able to calculate things right we work really hard to make
sure that we’re calculating things right in ACP the same is the way we work
really hard to calculate things correctly in Sharpe charts so as an
example here we worked really hard this this is from a little while back but
this is the the EMA for the Dow at that time you can see it there on the screen
it used over 2000 days of data to calculate that other sites which were in
a nameless but you can read them on the screen did calculations as well and
those calculations weren’t even close to the same number that we got this in this
case it was off by 20 points there are other kinds of indicators that are that
are dependent on EMA so you’re going chip okay it’s just one indicator
they’re not accurate that’s not true an EMA is is the building block for many
many many technical indicators and so you want to make sure that those match
up here’s a here’s a different one for the SP why where we would just not only
have we used a lot of data to calculate things like EMA s we also adjust our
data for splits dividends and distributions and we remove those
artifacts artificial effects from the technical data technical analysis is all
about figuring out why the stock moved from market forces it has to be market
forces that move the price anything other than market forces that causes a
change in a price needs to be factored out and we do that not everybody does
and so here’s another site they don’t do it the same way we do and they came up
with a different number ACP will come up with the exact same number that Sharpe
charts does we were working really hard to make sure that happens
all right the question was about plugins so I want to move on the plugins are all
about the P in AC P so AC advanced charting platform and when you talk to a
developer geek like myself and you use the word platform that implies that it
is an extent it’s something that can be extent
you can add more capability to it after it’s been released and so that’s what
we’re talking about we’re talking about when we talk about plugins we’re talking
about the ability to add additional features to a CP beyond what the basic
capabilities are we will provide a whole bunch of technical indicators inside of
a CP all the ones that are in sharp charts will in the Box be available in
ACP will actually be providing a couple more beyond that we will also be
providing a couple of plugins right out of the gate that are free that provide
even more indicators in fact a lot of the indicators that we haven’t provided
on sharp charts will be providing through a collection of plugins each of
which have a collection of indicators and that’s because it’s a pretty large
collection and we don’t want to put them all in to ACP if not everybody wants
them so you’ll be able to choose pick and choose as to which plugins which
indicators you want to add to ACP above and beyond what comes in the box we’re
going to be providing a lot of those again for free now we’re also working
hard with third parties we’re in conversations with a large number of
people that are that provide either proprietary or semi proprietary
indicators and instruction for using those indicators plugins are going to
give us a way to provide that capability to you through the course of the third
party now some of these will require payment they there’s some payment
involved the third parties are made these indicators proprietary for a
reason they think they’re super effective and they want they require
some payment for them but again the choice is yours and so we will be
releasing when ACPs officially released we’ll be releasing it with a collection
of these kind of curated third-party plugins and then you can make a decision
as to whether or not those are useful for you to add and we continue to hope
to continue to expand those plugins over time now this was a mock-up that I did a
little while ago kind of showing you what a plug-in might or plugins might
look like again some of them will just be regular technical indicators you can
add to any chart others of them however take over the entire panel that they’re
living in and they will make that panel display something completely different
from what you might be used to seeing so for instance rrg is something that we’re
doing we do it now we have it as a as another area of our site but we will
also be incorporating rrg into into this platform and you will be able to look at
our RG charts live our RG charts inside of the ACP platform so that’s an example
of a plugin that plug-in will be free it’ll be free from stock from stock
charts similarly we’re also having a stock charts TV panel so you’ll be able
to watch me in my show inside of ACP in fact let me give you a demo so this was
a this was a mock-up that I did a couple of months ago but there’s been progress
since then so I’m gonna come over here this is a special custom build of ACP it
isn’t released yet so it will be released soon but it but they threw it
together really quickly so that I could demo it for you today and on this
particular version of ACP over here on the right I have a icon
called plugins again this won’t work into the regular version and in this
case we’ve mocked up three particular kinds of examples of plugins we have one
called the ma ribbon which is a moving average ribbon that’s that’s an example
of an indicator plugin I’ve also got a plugin for stock charts
TV and I have a simulated plugin for the rrg charting so let me just turn these
plugins on and that’s another thing is plugins can be turned on and off as
necessary so by turning them on I’ve now added that capability to the site or I’m
sorry to the page and in for instance what I can do I can add another add a
couple more panels here there we go I’ve got two more panels let me click on this
panel down here and then I’m going to click on the TV plug-in and so now I
have the ability to watch stock Church TV here in this particular window I’m
going to click on this panel and now I’m going to click on the rrg plugin so
here’s any this is a still a bit of a mock-up but this would show you our RG
running inside of a panel we’re working hard on making this actually happen
so I have my chart which I can watch my streaming chart maybe I’m watching a
particular stock and I’m watching it really closely while the markets open
but I can also keep an eye on what Dave Keller is talking about on stock charts
TV and I can play with the ROG tool so that again gives you a taste of what
we’re what we’re talking about the final thing I want to show you though was that
other indicator that I added so an indicator that I added via a plug-in is
the moving average ribbon this isn’t normally available I love this indicator
by the way and this will be part of the plug-in that we release for free with
stock charts with ACP when it comes out I now have the ribbon capability and so
a ribbon is a collection of moving averages and I have the ability to
change how many of those I have and how far apart they are and so on and so
forth so and again I can do that interactively here so I can change the
starting period of the ribbon I can change there as you can see the ribbon
may be coming in and out as I do that and I can change the step in other words
the distance between each one of the ribbon lines I can make them really
close or I can make them really far far apart so and so for the fact if I should
probably zoom out a little bit and then you can see a little more of this let’s
go let’s go there yeah and now you can see the ribbon kind of moving around as
I make my changes probably want to step a little closer there we go
I did another on ribbons and moving average ribbons on
a different deep dive but but so this is we’ve combined them all into one
indicator and that indicator was is not normally available but it is available
as a plugin and so again this is a this is to give you a sense of these
capabilities we’re gonna have a plugin store where you can browse the plugins
that we have available and decide which ones you want so on and so forth and
like I said we’re partnering with a bunch of really really exciting people
so that they can bring their capabilities inside of stock charts ACP
alright we’re are we’ve got 15 minutes all right let’s go back and see if
there’s other stuff that I can talk about yeah let me talk about the future
a little more and I want to have my big announcement here so this was what I
showed back in October when I did my previous show here on ACP I said these
are the things that are coming and I can report to you now today that we’ve done
that indicator parity is there by that we mean all the indicators and sharp
charts are now available in ACP annotations all the annotations and
sharp charts are now available in ACP overlaid charts we just recently added
that the ability to take one stock and put it on top of another that’s now
available importing sharp charts in to ACP I just demonstrated that so you can
view your saved sharp charts inside of ACP very easily those are the things
that we’ve currently done along with a ton of other stuff what we’re working on
now and we’re driving towards is this this bullet point we missed you’re
saving and loading ACP charts so saving those charts is a super big important
thing but working on similarly saving panel layouts and
saving chart Styles so that you have templates and you can quickly get back
to a particular configuration of ACP that’s also what we’re working really
hard on the rest of this stuff will come over time and of course the whole
plug-in model and all of the developers working hard on providing a rich set of
plugins for you to use right out of the box also super important now here’s my
new announcement check this out we’re also working really hard
on getting trading into ACP and not just any kind of trading but we are going to
allow and have as part of ACP and as part of stock charts moving forward
trading for equities trading for options and trading for futures people have been
asking for that for a long long time and we have been working really hard to try
and provide it we are partnering directly with a company called trade ear
you may or may not be familiar with them they are have also been super excited
about partnering with us we are working really closely together with them I
can’t emphasize how close that partnership is you’ll hear a lot more
about it in the near future it’s gonna allow you to trade directly from ACP
down the road you’ll also be able to trade from Sharpe charts as well but
initially we’re focused on making sure that you can trade directly from ACP
stocks options and futures in addition because you’ll because you’re doing that
then we will be able to help you track your portfolio visualize your portfolio
analyze your portfolio look at all the risk that’s involved in the portfolio
maybe decide if you want to make it more risky less risky so on and so forth
those will all be done through an portfolio analysis plugins so that’s
another capability of plugins is the ability to reach in see what you
currently have if you if you allow it see what you currently have and then
help you make decisions about how you can evolve your portfolio over time
different industry experts have different approaches to managing
portfolios and they’ll be able to bake those in to plugins that you add to ACP
and then those plugins can give you tailored advice for your situation
similarly the different kind of plug-in could give you the ability to do
automated trading that’s something that’s going to be down the road that’s
not going to be immediately available but that is super exciting as well
instead of just getting an alert maybe you’ll saying that your stock has
crossed a particular threshold you could actually immediately sell that stock as
part of that alert if you wanted to again this is all done via our new
partnership with trader your brokerage trade your customers will get official
real-time data for free by the way so you won’t have to pay stock charts for
real-time data official real-time data if you sign up for a trade of your
brokerage account there’s a lot of other really exciting aspects to this
partnership and where we’re going forward with it so what I’m kind of
jumping the gun by giving you guys this this announcement right now we’re gonna
have an official announcement in a couple more weeks and I’ll be able to
officially demonstrate all this stuff but I wanted to go ahead and just kind
of spill the beans if you will during this show give you a sense of where
we’re going and why I’m just super excited about the future of stock choice
ACP you combine everything I showed you with this capability and now we’re
talking some real some really amazing stuff so when soon we’re working hard
we’re working really hard there’s a lot there’s a lot we’ve done there’s a lot
more to do but getting the demo of the trading capabilities in place is
currently my number one priority so with that I’m gonna kind of wrap up the
official presentation that I made and I’m gonna kind of open it up for
questions I know we’ve got a lot remaining so Rach what are people asking
about and there are one thing I think you you did make clear earlier in the
show but for the symbol summary page people are asking well when are you
gonna get options what about earnings data things like that and you know in
the future we the earnings data is coming very soon that’s actually we have
that it’s just a matter of getting some technical pieces in place to provide
that 1 0 so options history yes the history of all that fundamental
information that’s on the symbol summary page is also something that just
requires us to get some technical pieces in place and we absolutely will do that
so that you’ll see history of earnings you’ll see history of EPS and and all
the different pieces of data that are on that symbol summary page we want to have
a historical database so that people can can search we’re not
just that you can search for it but that you can also scan for it so one of the
really interesting things that the simple summary page alludes to again
we’ve released it now because it’s ready what we’re what we really want to have
happen down the road is the ability to scan through that stuff and maybe and
then you can write scans that combine technical situations which we have now
with these kind of fundamental pieces of information and so you can see maybe you
want to you want scan for a trend of the EPS moving in a particular direction
over time you’ll be able to do that not there yet we’re working very hard on it
ok and oh you asked about the options data as well yes so the future data is
something that currently the plan is you’ll have to have a tray to your
account in order to see that and the options and futures data will be
available inside of the acp environment it will probably not be available
outside of the acp environment immediately down the road options is
something else that I think the scan engine could do some really interesting
stuff with it’s not gonna be available immediately though ok and this actually
is a good question somebody asks they have Microsoft edge
browser yes not the chromium version the pre chromium and he says it’s not
working with ACP ok so my understanding is that the pre chromium version of the
Microsoft edge browser has been discontinued by Microsoft and is no
longer supported and they are encouraging everyone to move off of it
as quickly as possible ok so I don’t believe we’ll be supporting that ok and
teri asked will Canadians be able to use the brokerage or just us the u.s. folks
that’s a great question we every time we talk to anybody about data our first
question or a second question is do you support Canada because we have a lot of
Canadian customers we love Canada we’ve trying to support them as best we can
there’s some challenges sometimes there are a lot of challenges sometimes the
the exchanges up there are not necessarily fans of having customers for
some reason but we would love to do that right now my understanding is trade here
does not have a Canadian capability but we’re
pushing them they’re interested in it we’re gonna make sure we’re gonna try
and get that as soon as we can obviously their regulations and other
things that need to happen too but at this point this is the this is the boat
that we’re on and so we’ll be we’ll be nudging that boat you know the best we
can in that area okay and a couple of people are asking with regards to trade
er will there be commissions and fees it will be free okay that’s a simple answer equities will be free options will not
be free but options will be very very competitively priced
okay okay worth well we’re looking at being a little disruptive there we’ll
see that sounds promising in ACP will break out markers be
supported for say indicator like a new 52 week high along those lines there’s
no reason they couldn’t be they might be supported in a plugin that makes they
makes them more visible makes them you know kind of stand out we kind of have
that now with the price channel indicator so whenever something’s at a
new high it’ll be meeting its price channel matching its price channel line
there’s some other ways that you can you know get a sense of if something’s at a
52-week higher or a particular high designation but to make it super visible
maybe with a automatic marker or something is something that we could do
and down the road for sure okay with regard to plugins would they be able to
use lines of code to do a custom indicator like they publish on ta SC yes
so very very interesting question initially no but it is absolutely
possible from a technical standpoint well it’s not possible at all in sharp
charts it’s very possible in ACP because again ACP is running inside of your
computer so we are very interested in having user created indicators
capability in ACP it’s again not going to be something that’s out of the out of
the gate we’re trying to get all the basic functionality in there first
it will also be true that we will not be allowing just anybody to write plugins
that go into a CP we are going to plugin people have to communicate with us we
have to work with them and get the API going and all that stuff but it that
that does not preclude somebody from creating their own indicator so maybe
they want to have an indicator where they take two moving averages and add
them together and then divide them by I don’t know the RSI or something if
you’re talking about an indicator that’s that kind of formula that’s basically
just a straightforward formula without too much craziness then yeah we can
absolutely do that anything that’s a little crazier than that would be
something that we’d have to work on a plug-in with and that would be a more
involved process okay and we have another question will Elliot waves be
supported in ACP I love that we’re getting all these questions is great
Elliot Way will be supported to the degree that annotations for Elliot waves
will be made available down the road it there are programs out there that try to
automatically identify Elliot wave patterns on charts and those would be
made available via the plug-in model assuming that we find the right partner
to partner with but just like on stock charts sharp charts you’ll be able to
quickly kind of using your own eyeball in your own and in your mouse you’ll be
able to quickly identify the five waves up and the three waves down of Elliot of
any Elliot wave pattern that you choose to see just using the annotation tool
okay and I think that’s just almost a wrap I’d like to thank everybody for
sending in your questions I really appreciate it and I apologize if we did
not get to yours I will be saving these and going through them and try to reply
to as many people as possible and thanks again I really appreciate it we only
have a couple minutes left yeah so in those couple minutes left let me give
you my five finally I’ll give you my five plus ACP tips and tricks as I
mentioned before ACP loves to lots of screen real estate
and so get a large monitor if you already have one be thinking hard about
getting one they’re not there the prices continued to come down on those things
and ACP is amazing on a large display I wish I could show that to you in in this
environment but I can’t I can’t directly I recommend always running ACP in
full-screen mode if you use ACP and you like its interactivity you will probably
never want to leave it and so that’s another reason we’re trying to build a
lot of functionality into it even non charting functionality we think people
will want to just Park in there and live there
remember those sidebars that are open they can be collapsed just click again
on the icon that represents each one of those sidebars and then you get all that
screen real estate back so once everything’s configured there’s no
reason to keep them open go ahead and click them to shut them down
wait scrunch mode is useful when you’re looking at multiple charts it’s not
useful I don’t think it’s it’s as useful when you’re looking at one big chart so
when you’re looking at one big chart consider disabling scratch mode and then
you can scroll up and down and be able to see all the detail of all the
indicators on your charts those sliders that I was showing you those interactive
parameter sliders that allow you to quick quickly change stuff are super
useful for learning what parameter you should use for a particular indicator
there’s no guarantee you can use any indicators you want or any parameters
you want and these sliders can help with that and remember that icon at the
bottom that I showed you at the very beginning gets you back to now so what
if your charts all messed up click on that to get there
finally experiment those color schemes so again thank you very much for
watching I really enjoy on Saturday spending an hour talking about something
in great detail hopefully you can see that there will be a replay of this show
on YouTube very shortly but with that thanks everybody for this deep dive I
hope to see you again next time take care you

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