Abraham Lincoln: “Everybody Loves Abraham Lincoln” | SUNG HISTORY

Everybody loves Abraham Lincoln! He won the Civil War for our nation. A force of reasoned bravery, he signed the end of slavery! Everybody loves Abraham Lincoln! But do you know all the things that went wrong? Things to make a lesser guy say “so long”. Potholes, pitfalls, traps and trials! Hurdles for 100 miles! No wonder he never smiles… He lost his first job. He lost his first race for State Senate. Opened a brand new store, but it closed after a minute! He got elected, it was badly timed. His girlfriend Ann suddenly died. Had a full breakdown, lost it, and cried. All before he turned 25… Everybody loves Abraham Lincoln! In State Senate he runs for Speaker. Doesn’t win… but is still the Whig floor leader! Then the Whig party meets it’s end so he joins up with the Republicans. Loses twice more, then he gets the nomination. 4 way race to the highest station. President of our whole nation!! Everybody loves Abraham Lincoln! Except half the country thought he was stinkin’! They did not care for what he’s doin’. The south seceded from the Union. Would have lead to civil ruin… 7 score and 13 years ago. He spoke at Gettysburg, addressed the fear and woe. He won the war! And history is penned by the winning force! His legacy rewritten. Each failure just a stepping stone. A climb to that elected throne. The White House all your own… Everybody loves Abraham Lincoln! They use his name and claim all his good thinkin’! Illinois’ most famous son, the penny, he’s our #1! Everybody loves… Abraham Lincoln!!

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