Aaravos’ TRUE Plan & The History of Xadia – The Dragon Prince Theory

Hey everyone, it’s been a hot minute since
I have done a theory video, but this is Hailey! I have no self control so my first theory
video for the Dragon Prince Season 3 is going to be about Aaravos! Viren and his little bug pal did some very,
very evil things, and I am excited to see where things take him next. I mean especially with Aaravos as it seems
there are some big changes for him on the horizon. This is going to be a huge theory video, and
I have a ton to explain. But first if you are not already subscribed
to the channel and want to be here for whenever I release more Dragon Prince content, please
consider doing so! Long story short, guess who was totally wrong
about the poem I mentioned in my last Aaravos video? Me! To be fair, how were we supposed to guess
Elarion was actually a city and not just some human Aaravos met in the past! So yeah, a lot has changed since my last video. Not just because of Season 3, which told us
surprisingly little about Aaravos, but because of interviews and panels. And I wanted to finally formally share all
this information this with you in this video. I had to dig up a ton of info, a lot of which
came from my own accounts such as the San Diego Comic Con 2019 panel, as well as interviews
I have done in the past year. And because of the nature of all this, it
is very much possible I will forget to include some details for this video. I will do my best to cite each of my sources,
however. First, I think it would be really helpful
to go over the entire timeline we were given at the SDCC Panel. Thankfully I did a pretty good job of recording
this information down, so this should be correct. After that I will often mention specific events
referenced in this timeline, so make sure to pay attention! Unfortunately, I am not able to get high resolution
photos of this timeline, so my pictures from the convention will have to suffice. To begin, let’s travel back 5000 years ago
to The Era of the First elves. These were the earliest days of Xadia, and
it was before distinct primal elves existed and the elves and dragons were not allied. In this time humans suffered and struggled. The Rise of Elarion is the era 2000 years
prior to the current era. This era marks the turning point in history
for humanity. They find their way to magic. A point was made that this was not the same
thing as it being discovered by humans. So humans begin building great civilizations,
developing the arts, thriving and growing. The Era of Sol Regem is the era 1200 years
prior to the current era. Sol Regem, the Archdragon of the Sun, is king
of the dragons during this era. At this time, dark magic has become an issue
and creates conflict between the elves and dragons, and humans. Human dark mages poach and kill powerful magical
creatures for their parts. The era 1000 years prior to the current era
goes by two names depending on location: In the east, it is the Era of Luna Tenebris (Ten-uh-briss). Luna Tenebris, the Archdragon of the Moon,
is Queen of the Dragons during this time. She began ruling after Sol Regem, which as
we see in Season 3 episode 1, was probably soon after he became blinded due to Ziard. She makes the decision to spare humans but
banish them to the west for all their misdeeds on a day that would become known as Judgement
Under the Half-Moon. This is depicted in episode 1, where at this
same time we see Aaravos, as well as a few other types of elves. In the west, it is an era known as The Mage
Wars, where humans begin settling the western side of the continent. Powerful mages begin rising as warlords, battling
for resources and land. This goes on for centuries until eventually
the 5 Human Kingdoms begin taking shape over the decades and centuries. The era 300 years prior to the current era
is the Era of Avizandum, which is when a few key events take place. Avizandum is Thunder’s real name. He is Archdragon of the Sky and King of the
Dragons during this era. This era is depicted with the humans and elves
at war, with Thunder guarding the border. We can also see Queen Aditi, who I will talk
about more later. The first key event in this era is The Fallen
Star and we are left to speculate on that. The other key event is The Orphan Queen, referring
to the first royal ancestor of Harrow and Ezran. It is the story of a young human girl who
starts from nothing, and has grown up without parents, but takes a dangerous journey to
Xadia and ends up saving the world. The era the show’s timeline currently take
place in will one day to history be known as The Return of Aaravos. We also learn more about a man by the name
of Sir Phineas Cursed, who lived during the Era of Sol Regem. He traveled the world with a young elven professor
named Delilah Geel. Delilah Geel published the Lost Secrets of
Xadia. Phineas was known to be one of the unluckiest
humans ever, but always stayed positive and resilient. So that was everything from SDCC, and that
was a lot of new info to take in at once. So feel free to jump back to this part of
the video if I say something that doesn’t make sense later on. But oh man, where to begin! Perhaps it would be best to tackle all this
chronologically, and talk about what Aaravos has planned for the future last. To me it makes the most sense that Aaravos
didn’t start really impacting human lives until 1,200 years ago, since that is about
when the first dark mage came to be. While humans seemed to have some sort of magic
that wasn’t dark magic before this that allowed them to thrive and build great cities
(which honestly could’ve also been discovered because of Aaravos), apparently it wasn’t
enough. As depicted in the poem, the Midnight Star,
Elarion was on the brink of death until Aaravos helped them. He gave them dark magic and turned its pure
whiteness into what is described as black eyes, which is something dark mages obtain
momentarily after casting a powerful spell. But it helped bring Elarion out of a tight
spot, and humans became such a threat within 200 years that the dragons and elves had to
force them out of the east. Since we can see Aaravos in this first picture,
it appears the rest of the elves did not know the part he played in giving humans this new
source of power. It is unclear how he felt about humans being
pushed out, but for the time being we don’t know of anything else he did in the 700 years
between the rules of Luna Tenebris and Sol Regem. But then it is 300 years ago from the current
time that he once again has a huge part to play. While it was denoted as two separate events
that took place in this era, I think they could be intertwined in some way. First, we have the Orphan Queen, who we know
journeys into Xadia for some reason or another. Maybe she was looking for something that would
help her people. Then again, she was an orphan, so I am unsure
if she really had ‘people’. But either way it is becoming pretty likely
that she will meet the Sunfire Queen, whose name was Queen Aditi, and was mentioned in
Season 3. This is backed up by the sunfire symbol we
see in the Orphan Queen logo. Perhaps the sunfire Queen taught the Orphan
how to become a great leader. Both of them also likely come into contact
with Aaravos, who it seems killed Aditi. In season 3, he says something to Queen Khessa,
her granddaughter, right before he kills her. Obviously, we don’t know what he said yet. Something very similar may have happened with
Aditi as it did with Khessa, since Aaravos calls Khessa’s situation ironic. Or her arrogance is what caused her to slip
up as well. But I’m excited to learn about what he said. So anyways, one thing leads to another, and
the Orphan becomes the Queen of Katolis, and is the reason why only orphans can ascend
to the throne. But her saving the world and the likely death
of Queen Aditi probably did not please the elves, and this time they knew Aaravos was
to blame. This leads to the Fallen Star, and Aaravos
being put into the mirror by Thunder. Oh and I should note that it was recently
confirmed in a recent AMA with the creators that Sunfire elves can live a very long time,
explaining how Janai and Khessa are only the granddaughters of Queen Aditi, despite this
event taking place over 300 years ago. Perhaps the ones with healing powers help
all the elves of their type age much slower. But we can actually make a claim for Aaravos
befriending the Orphan. On Aaravos’s birthday, we got some new information
about him! On the website it said:
Aaravos does not count the passage of time in minutes, nor hours, not even days — he
counts candles, one after the other, burning themselves down to the wick and a puddle of
hot wax. He would run out of candles if it weren’t
so easy to reform them with a wave of his hand, as though the burn had never happened. He thinks sometimes about the way humans count
their years: one day every year marks a precious point in their short life spans. They celebrate. They feast. He thinks that if he cared for the idea, he’d
like to remember the taste of a smooth red fruit a human had plucked from a tree for
him, once. It had been so crisp, and so sweet. Besides more confirmation that Aaravos is
ancient, we learn that he did in fact have a human friend, and they gave him an apple. This human could have been the Orphan Queen,
and another piece of fruit from that tree may have been used to create the tree we see
in episode 1 of the series, which we learn to be 300 years old. This matches up exactly to when the Orphan
Queen event took place. And finally, the Orphan Queen is likely the
ancestor that first obtained the Key of Aaravos when he gave it to her. The creators told me it was passed down through
the generations, which is how Harrow had it, so this lines up. I still have no idea what
it does though. When the Orphan queen gave Aaravos an apple,
it could have been seen as a symbol of accepting him, just as Ziard did hundreds of years before. Although with the track record Ezran and his
ancestors have on being just and very intelligent, the Orphan Queen might have seen through Aaravos’s
games and ultimately could have been the one, with the help of Avizandum and some other
elves, to imprison him. Surely her getting Aaravos locked up would
qualify as saving the world. But all of that is in the past, and now it
is time to speculate on what Aaravos has in store for the future. Which honestly has a lot of references to
the past so there are really some things you can’t escape. From what we can gleam off of what he said
in Season 3, Aaravos wants to conquer Xadia. And when I say wants to, I mean REALLY wants
to. Like he didn’t really give Viren an option
of what the plan was. But what will this get him? Well, the creators told me that he wants to
be worshipped by humanity. So that may be his end goal, and he thinks
the only way to do that is through getting rid of the elf problem. And for a long time the elves and the dragons
have been allied, and together they make an almost unstoppable force. Which is why I am going to present the radical
idea that Aaravos may have actually wanted the humans to get banished to the west. There may have been less magical creatures
over there, but it would give them time to become more powerful as they would have a
lot less competition with elves. Although I don’t know how successful that
was as this resulted in the mage wars which seemingly got rid of most dark mages. We know from that same AMA that there are
a few left still besides Viren and Claudia, but they are very rare. Then the second time around with the Orphan
Queen it resulted in him getting imprisoned in a mirror, which he got really lucky that
somehow Viren, a dark mage, was able to drag that out of the dragon’s lair. However, there is also the idea that everything
we have ever seen in the show and almost everything in the timeline was planned out by Aaravos. From the Judgement Under the Half Moon, to
the Mage Wars, to the famine that drove Duren to ask for help and eventually what killed
Sarai and made Harrow and Viren seek revenge, to finally Viren finding the mirror that is
holding him. Star magic has to do with divination, which
means seeing into the future. Combine that with the fact that he can almost
live forever, and we have the potential for Aaravos to be a master planner of unmatched
skill. I would like to believe that Aaravos isn’t
quite that perfect enough for all of this to be planned out so well, but the show is
painting him out to be some sort of god-like figure, so I can see this being the case. And even then, I would like to think that
humans wouldn’t immediately go on to worshiping him again if he tries to make it seem like
he is helping them out by getting rid of the elf problem. Sure, Viren is playing right into his hands,
but I would like to think most of the other main characters are smarter than that. Of course, none of our main characters know
about Aaravos yet, so maybe he could get them on his side if he plays his cards right and
ultimately, they will end up freeing him from his prison. But I mean, he might come out of that cocoon
as some freaky looking moth or butterfly, so it’s hard to say. Or maybe this cocoon is his way of escaping
the prison. Aaravos in the mirror was a fun time, but
despite being a beautifully decorated place, it is still a prison. Either way, the human kingdoms are severely
weakened after that big battle at the end of the third season. If Aaravos manages to take control of Xadia,
who says he won’t try and conquer the humans next? Perhaps the only reason he sided with the
humans is because he wanted to get as much power as possible, and humans are much easier
to exploit, and have so much potential waiting to be unlocked. But we do also know there is a kind side to
Aaravos, so it is hard for me to be totally certain he would go that far and not just
be satisfied with humanity obtaining the power he thinks it deserves. I do think that there is a possibility that
Aaravos will no longer need Viren after emerging from the cocoon, or he will be able to do
a lot more on his own now. With that in mind, I can see Viren snapping
out of the trance Aaravos had him in, and Viren can try and make things right. Do I think Viren will get a redemption? Not necessarily, as I don’t see the things
he did in season 3, from the way he treated Soren, to turning men into monsters and killing
many others, to be redeemable. Now as for Claudia getting redemption, that
is a whole other video topic I hope to get into eventually. As for Aaravos though, I am definitely fearing
whatever comes next with him. I’m sure it’s going to be a fun time,
but he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. He never lies, but can he be trusted? Only time will tell. But I am curious, what you think about Aaravos
after season 3? What do you think his ultimate goal is, and
how will he achieve it? What the heck is going to emerge from that
cocoon? Would you be seduced by him? The answer to that last one is most likely
yes, but let me know your thoughts in the comments! Many thanks to Leonandia, Kuno, and Zach,
who helped me form ideas for this theory video. Links to their social media will be in the
description! If you loved this video and would like to
help support the channel, consider becoming a patron on Cartoon Universe’s Patreon! There you can get access to scripts to videos,
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going. I am so excited to talk about Dragon Prince
some more as we begin this long hiatus. Thank you for watching and have an animated

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    However, I would just be that person to ask him endless questions about who and what he is, his knowledge of magic, the history of the world, history of those who’ve lived, and his part played in that history. Curiosity is intoxicating.

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  • I know it's pretty soon to ask, but is there a release date for season 4 yet?

  • I think Aaravos had a human lover who was killed by the elves and dragons as punishment for helping the humans and imprisoned

  • I think The Key of Aaravos helps you connect to an arcanum

  • I literally speak Arabic (the language of the poem) but noting make sense it is like they threw some words together like who is iron and the fight they are talking about I really want to understand this and please could you show as the full poem without the words blocking it

  • "Would you be seduced by him?" hmm, I dont know, A hansome, practically shirtless elf offering me power? maybe I would be capable of resisting for a couple minutes? then again that's just wishful thinking.

  • do you know if king harrow was killed by lord viren or by the moon shadow assassins ??????????????????????

  • I'm no expert but lip reading Aravos when he killed the Queen it looks like he was saying "I know your spells"

  • Guys the key of Aravos unlocks the mirror to let Aravos out! It's a key to his prison

  • You're doing a great job! keep it up! Looking forward to more contents on the Dragon Prince 🙂

  • His true plan is that all this is a distraction so that he can come into the real world ( through the mirror realm ) and can use his fans to take over Sprite company. Afterall, 'Obey your thirst!'

  • I have 2 theories.
    1 that virens wife was a dark mage too but she wanted to do good stuff and stood up against him. And viren stole her powers and memories.
    2 that nexus are portals to different dimensions that can oly unlocked by the true master of its arcanum or the true master of all arcanums

  • I didn’t even consider the possibility that Aaravos might be making a physical body with the cocoon, I assumed it would be a creature able to counter the dragons, like maybe some evil dragon subspecies or even a dark magic kind of dragon. I like your theory better

  • I think Aaravos started out as a genuinely good person at first. He was saddened by the hardship and oppression the humans had to go through at the hands of the dragons and elves and sought to free them from this oppression. So he gave them dark magic in order to free them. However, he went insane and started believing that he is entitled to be worshipped by all of humanity for freeing them from the hardships of their past rulers. Tragically, he has become just as corrupt and evil as the dictators he freed the humans from.

  • Do you have any idea about the season 3 of Magi ?

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