A Tour of American Hate Groups | The History of Hate

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on down at the history factory. Hey folks, Things are getting scary in the USA. Hate crimes are on the rise, and everyone
is really scared for what next year means for many Americans’ basic civil rights. As my submission for the project for awesome,
I talked about the Southern Poverty Law Center; a group that actively teaches tolerance and
cracks down on hate groups across the United States. I decided that to go along with it, I want
to talk about these hate groups the SPLC fights every day. This is the history of American hate groups. Anti-Immigrant
Let’s start with anti-immigrant groups. Today, anti-immigrant sentiment is on the
rise, and in some areas, like the southern borderlands, armed ‘minutemen’ travel
to look for anyone who dares sneak into their country. This whole sentiment though, is pretty old,
and comes up over and over in US history. The term commonly used for these types of
sentiments is nativism. It comes from groups in the 1840s and 1850s
who wanted to keep America for those descended from the original 13 colonies. But the feeling goes back way further. We even have writings from Ben Franklin about
how uncomfortable he was with German immigrants moving into Pennsylvania. In 1798, the Federalist government passed
the Alien and Sedition acts, specifically to take citizenship rights away from immigrants
coming in at the time from France and Ireland. Anti-immigrant sentiment picked up even more
steam in the 19th century, when large inflows of Irish catholics agitated anti-catholic
sentiment. Nativists worried that these new foreigners
would be more loyal to the pope in Rome, than the United States. Anti-catholicism lasted a long time! People were saying this about JFK! In the 1850s the American or Know Nothing
Party was founded on the principles of being against immigration. There was also the Immigration Restriction
League of the 1890s that wanted to do basically the same thing. In the west, the Chinese Exclusion Act of
1882, and the Gentleman’s Agreement of 1907 were put in place to stop immigration from
China and Japan. Today, we are in the middle of a growing anxiety
about Mexican immigration, despite Mexican immigration being at a net negative for a
couple years now. Because of growing hate of Muslims, immigrants
from Muslim majority countries have also resulted in some calling for an immediate and complete
shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. You know, until we know what’s going on. President Barack Obama’s administration
was constantly accused of being a secret immigrant, and, well, whatever President Trump has said
this week. Ku Klux Klan:
The next group we’re going to talk about is the ever so charming Ku Klux Klan. Here’s a link to a playlist of videos where
we’ve talked about them before. The Klan is a reactionary terrorist group,
always calling for a ‘purification’ of American Society. The Ku Klux Klan got it’s start in the late
1860s in the southern United States. For a period of about 10 years, they attempted
to overthrow Republican state governments, and reinstate white supremacist rule during
reconstruction after the Civil War. They had many chapters around the country,
and committed many acts of violence against black political leaders. They wore colourful costumes, robes, masks,
and conical hats in order to be terrifying and hide their identity. This klan was suppressed in 1871 by federal
law enforcement. They would return in 1915, in what historians
call the second klan. They flourished in the mid 1920s in urban
areas around the west and the midwest. They were extremely opposed to the influx
of catholics and Jews into their communities. This klan was the one that introduced the
standardized white robes, the code words, the cross burnings, and the massive parades. They began to decline by the late 20s due
to work by groups like the Anti-Defamation league and the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People. The 1925 murder trial of Grand Wizard D.C.
Stephenson didn’t help them either. The Klan went back into decline until its
current manifestation began to show its face in the 1950s. The third klan grew as a patchwork of small,
unconnected groups in opposition to the civil rights movement. These guys really ramped up the violence and
murder. Even today, they have between 3 and 6 thousand
active members across the United States. Neo-Confederates:
There are a few groups here that use historical denialism, usually in efforts to ignore their
own dark history, and sometimes to reinforce racist beliefs. Neo-confederates really do fit this bill. Their story begins with the beginning of the
lost cause myth in the 1890s. For about forty years, there was an effort
to reframe the Civil War in which seceding was not a form of rebellion. The big groups that pushed for this are the
Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the United Daughters of the confederacy. In the 1910s, they called for essays about
the ‘glory’ of the KKK and tributes to loyal slaves.They try to downplay the role
of slavery in the war, and espouse the virtues of Confederate generals. They try to frame the Confederacy in the language
of chivalry, and condemn the actions of reconstructions. Most historians point out this is a rationalization
at best, and an intentional coverup at worst. Modern day Neo-confederates try to honour
the confederacy and its veterans, but also seem to have a lot of other aspects to their
ideology. A Fundamentalist belief in free market economics
for example. They hold their own history that is critical
of Abraham Lincoln, emphasizes the atrocities against southern civilians, and conspicuously
remove discussions of slavery. Many were against the civil rights movement,
advocate for a ‘christian’ culture, reinforce traditional gender roles, oppose homosexuality,
and sometimes just flat out prefer segregation and secession. Holocaust Denial:
Holocaust denial. I imagine this needs little introduction. Groups like the Institute for Historical review
have tried to deny the Genocide of Jews and other groups in the Holocaust. They claim that the final solution was about
deportation, that there were no extermination camps, or that the 5-6 million dead count
is just exaggerated. They are called Holocaust deniers, because
revisionist history is something different. Revisionists try to upturn established histories
using credible methodology. A Holocaust denier, much like a climate change
or evolution denier, has a predetermined conclusion, and ignores overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Most denialists claim some sort of vast Jewish
conspiracy designed to advance Jews at the expense of everyone else. I think I speak for many by saying that this
entire movement is based on antisemitic conspiracy theories. Neo-Nazi:
The next group on our depressing parade are Neo-Nazis. Kinda self explanatory, but Neo-Nazi is a
term for anyone attempting to revive the far right tenets of nazism after World War Two. It’s an ideology of ultra-nationalism, racism,
ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, antiziganism (aka hatred of Romani people), Antisemitism,
and Holocaust denial. Often they enjoy using nazi symbolism, and
have an admiration for Adolf Hitler. According to the SPLC, there are about 400
Neo-Nazis in America. They began to show up in about 1958 in the
National States Rights Party. They were strongly against racial integration. In 1959, the American Nazi party was founded. Since then, Neo-Nazis have been found harassing
and tormenting Jews, Black Americans, Slavic Americans, Latinx people, Native Americans,
Asian Americans, Arab Americans, Romani Americans, Homosexuals, and whatever their definition
of a ‘race traitor’ is. They typically stay underground, preferring
to recruit and raise funds in secret. And speaking of raising funds… Racist Music:
Oh yeah, there’s an entire industry of racist record labels. They began in the United Kingdom in the early
80s, but in the early 90s it exploded into a multimillion dollar worldwide industry. It began as hard rock, nicknamed hatecore,
but has since branched out to many musical forms. These bands are a conduit for recruits and
money into these sorts of racist hate groups. Skinheads:
You’ve likely heard the term Skinhead before. They are a strange group, and extremely internally
divided. They began in the 1950s as a group of disaffected
working class youth in the UK. Not necessarily political in any way. In the early 70s though, the UK saw a rise
in racist skinhead violence. The association quickly built between them
and the far right. By the late 70s, the two identities were inseparable,
and it hopped the Atlantic. I should point out though that there are also
skinheads opposed to the racism and who try to fight it whenever they can. They go by the label Skinheads against Racial
Prejudice, or SHARP. They actually try to emphasize the biracial
origins on the subculture, and dress in this fashion to get rid of hierarchy and imbalances
of power. Christian Identity:
So this group of reprobates have developed a white supremacist form of christianity. They believe that Anglo-Saxon, German, and
Nordic people are kindred, and descendants of the ancient Israelites. Usually they claim them as the direct descendants
of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They think of Europeans as the chosen people,
and Jews as the cursed offspring of Cain and Abel. They think that in order to build the heavenly
kingdom, all non whites need to be exterminated or enslaved, and that they could never get
salvation. Real charmers. Radical Traditional Catholicism:
These radical Catholics may be the single largest group of serious anti-semites in the
US. They reject the edicts of the second Vatican
council that explicitly states that Jews are not to be collectively blamed for the death
of Christ. MEL GIBSON. The leaders of this group are often rejected
by the Vatican and by mainstream Catholics. They are also not to be mistaken for traditionalist
Catholics that really just like the Latin mass. Anti-LGBT:
Hating on homosexuals has for a while now been a central theme of the christian right. And I am not just referring to the social
justice training wheels the Westboro Baptist Church. These groups, which are far from marginalised,
believe that there is some sort of decline in American society and culture, and that
homosexuals are the reason why. These types of believers are all over the
country, some are even Vice Presidents of the United States! The main tactic that anti-LGBT activists employ
is defamation. It is a common practice to call LGBT people
perverts, or claim they have filthy habits. They spread falsities that gay people are
going around trying to ‘convert’ hapless people into gay sex. A lot of the language is actually quite similar
to the scientific racism days, when white intellectuals wrote about ‘bestial’ black
men. Black Separatists:
Black separatists are a subset of black nationalists. They oppose racial integration, and reject
intermarriage. They call for separate institutions or a separate
state for Black people in America. Often, a healthy dose of anti-semitism is
thrown in for good measure. Some religious versions of the groups go with
the chosen people of god route as well, also of course at the expense of Jews. One example of these sorts of groups is the
Nation of Islam. The leader, Louis Farrakhan calls Judaism
and Catholicism ‘gutter religions’, and is against interracial relationships. If the colours had been swapped, few would
have issues with calling a group like the Nation racist and anti-semitic. These groups are by a titanic margin a microscopic
minority of black people, even black nationalists in America. This has no association with Black Lives Matter,
and we have to be more than a little aware that this hatred comes from the endurance
of centuries of racism, and a rather understandable concept that white people are out to keep
them oppressed. White Nationalism:
White nationalists are a group that conflates national identity with race. They desire a separate white state that only
extends citizenship to white people. It comes from events such as the Naturalization
Act of 1790, which was the first act to define American citizenship. Lo and behold, citizens were only free white
people. Other historical figures such as slavery defender
John C Calhoun have also defined citizenship on racial grounds. Islamophobic Groups:
Since 2001, Muslims in America have been under attack. Politicians, and media figures have spread
a false assertion that Muslims are conspiring to take over the US, or that they all secretly
want to impose Shariah law on everyone. There has been a huge uptick in hate crimes
since 9/11, and even more since the beginning of a certain presidential candidate’s campaign. Some bigots have even called for a total and
complete shutdown, of Muslims entering the United States. Anti-Muslim groups have been popping up around
the country, espousing these beliefs, and often protesting Mosques, usually while armed. The Alt-Right:
Our last stop on this tour that was honestly soul crushing to research is the Alt-Right. It’s a blanket term that covers many far
right ideologies that reject mainstream conservatism. White NAtionalism is fundamental, but they
also typically oppose immigration, multiculturalism, and political correctness. Typically, they are associated with white
supremacism, Islamophobia, Anti Feminism, Homophobia, Antisemitism, Ethno Nationalism,
Right Wing Populism, Nativism, Traditionalism, and ‘neoreactionaries’. They grew in online communities. Places like 4chan, and 8chan incubated many
members, and they often communicate with internet memes. Their news source of choice is Breitbart,
and they are all over the Twitters. Most notably, they have thrown their undying
support behind president-elect Donald F—ing Trump. So far, he’s even picked members of his
cabinet, such as Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon, that would seem to show that the Alt-Right
has an ally in the white house. Closing:
I think the main takeaway from our tour of these groups, is that the United States is
a place where racism, bigotry, and prejudice is still around. It is not a post-racial society, and thinking
so is to put denial on real threats to democracy. If you want to combat these groups, consider
donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their work is going to be sorely needed in
the years to come. I really only did the briefest of descriptions
of these groups. If you want me to delve deeper into any one
of them, let me know down in the comments. If you’d like to help the channel, consider
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  • That's the demos

  • Interesting how people try to oversimplify things with terms like "alt right". even moderate conservatives and libertarians often get lumped in with them despite having nothing to do with these groups.

  • Dude, Seriously? Why not define "hate group" before you start labeling all western identitarian groups as "hate". And you use several false analogies. For instance: historic immigration groups are the same as current immigration groups. You assume all immigration is the same and all immigrants equally able to blend with western society. These are false assumptions and you simplify the reasons that an American would speak out about current immigration. This video is just bullshit. It's the same, "oh, if you even want to have a conversation about immigration you "hate" and "Jews" and "hate". It's just bullshit. Bad form

  • "What is the Alt Right?" Just go to the youtube comments section lol.

  • In my home state of indiana, the klan in the 1950s used to be a huge political force in indiana politics. It died out when D.C. Stephenson was convicted of rape and murder.

  • if you havent already, can you do a video explaining sharia law simply? so i can show some of my crazy republican friends?

  • actually Skinhead culture start in Jamaican, and listen to ska music. the original skinhead were a anti racist group before america changed the name

  • I guess right wingers are crying when they see some facts that are unbiased and supported by historical documents. If they researched a little after they listened to their favourite fascist commentator/fake news site (like Alex Jones or Breitbart); they wouldn't be so butthurt when they see reality.

  • The Christian Identity Movement might be…interesting.

  • Gonna be unpopularly honest, not all white nationalists are hateful. Their ideas are wrong but i've met white nationalists who wished me no ill. They're an archaic group of people stuck in the past, who probably became the way they were from various moments in life.

  • Do a video on "Anarcho"-Capitalists and a video on Right "Libertarians", how they came to be, and expose their disgusting beliefs? =]

  • Neoconfederates aren't for free market economics. They favor protectionism, economic nationalism, mercantilism, and in some cases corporatism. The South was rampantly anticapitalist during the Civil War.

  • Everything was good up until the black nationalist thing if you wanted to do that or say anything about that it's not a good idea to put that in an alt right video no disrespect to you I just thought that was kind of weird. Plus don't put them unequal plains of all rights or any of these other Groups black people don't have the same power as whites do as far as suppression and white supremacy goes so if you want to do something on black separatist group a video on that that would make more sense than just to put them in The same video as an old right subject matter. I'm not hating on you I did your content but as a black man that is against racism and white supremacy and understands why there is groups like the nation of Islam I find that kind of disingenuous to be honest

  • You know it's gotta be goopd when he disables the ratings.

  • I say someone should lock these groups up.

  • The Klan's first slogans were 'America First' and 'Make America Great Again', I shit you not.

    And the reason for such an uptick in Klan activity in 1915 was because the horrifically racist and offensive movie, Birth of a Nation, was released – even after much warning and protest by W.E.B. Dubois and the NAACP.
    This movie portrayed blacks as terrifying animals, rapists, and criminals, while praising the KKK as galiant protectors of white women and as angels neutralizing the threat blacks posed to the American Way of Life™.

    The Daughters of the Confederacy, a group of well-to-do racists socialites, are also to blame for the revisionist history (like history books insisting that slaves were happy and healthy and perpetuating the myth of Northern Aggression and other Lost Cause battle cries) seen in textbooks (even to this day!) in almost all states below the Mason-Dixon Line.
    This group of women were also responsible for campaigning for funds that allowed the erection of hundreds of statues lionizing and deifying traitorous Confederate soldiers, many statues that still remain throughout the South to this day.
    As for the present huge amount of immigrants and refugees at our Southern border, we can directly blame the last century of US trade deals, political/economic iterventions and imperialism in South and Central America.


  • Nerdfighters where y’all at!!!!

  • Nazi's are not far right you have that completely wrong

  • 11:08 when we were screaming "Pence needs to go!!" we meant from Indy, not to DC…


  • Those Christian (and Catholic) groups mentioned in this video don't sound very Christian at all. What happened to Jesus' teaching of love and compassion for the marginalized? Like, how did they twist the message so far? That, and I'm pretty sure (most of) the people in the Bible weren't white, lmao.

  • as a sharp thanks for the nod

  • I'm just glad you got the skinheads right. So many people equate skinheads with neo Nazism. Which I guess is understandable under the circumstances. But they started out as fans of ska music. I mean of course old ska , not The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Which is Jamaican music. Early film footage of skinheads is full of black and white people together, enjoying the music they love. It's multicultural by definition.

    Not that I'm a skinhead. It's just such a common misunderstanding.

  • Latinx; a person of Latin American origin or descent (used as a gender-neutral or nonbinary alternative to Latino or Latina). As in
    "the books share stories of the civil rights struggle for African Americans, Latinxs, and LGBTQ people.” Relating to people of Latin American origin or descent (used as a gender-neutral or nonbinary alternative to Latino or Latina). As in "a unique Latinx perspective that other shows don't really capture"

  • Bravo for being one of the very few individuals/channels that make a point to clarify the roots and origins of the Skinhead subculture. Often tiresome to see “historians” or “documentarians” failing to address these things and just stating “Skinheads=Nazis” with ZERO clarification, or seeing the trajectory and rhetoric used by the NF in the 70s.

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