A Short History of India-Pakistan Relations

In 1947, following Britain’s withdrawal from its Indian Empire, India and Pakistan became independent
states carved out of the former British Raj. The partition created
Hindu majority India and overwhelmingly Muslim Pakistan.
Dislocation and violence soon erupted in communities split by the new borders. By the millions, Hindus and Sikhs in
Pakistan fled their homes for India, while Indian Muslims migrated to Pakistan. War broke out over the territory of Kashmir. This violence left up to a million dead and
millions more homeless. In 1965, the two countries fought a second war of Kashmir. In 1971, a rebellion broke out in East Pakistan, leading to a third war on the sub continent and resulting in the formation of Bangladesh. Today, after a fourth crisis in 1999, the two nuclear-armed nations remain
in intense standoff. Will Afghanistan be the next Pakistan-India flashpoint? Read more at brookings.edu/deadlytriangle

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  • kashmir is not shown as part of the Indian map. do it now

  • Pakistani ppl are more intelligent

  • More than half of the maps that you have used are completely incorrect (And I am not talking about how to display Kashmir where differing opinions are possible). One would expect better from the brookings institute. Extremely shoddy presentation, a 3rd grader could have made a better video. If not from anyone else, you could learn from the economist which covered the issue in a much better manner (the article). Shocking that American govt opinion is to be shaped with such trash

  • Just like north and south Korea, india independence day is same as south Korea just one year gap

  • Dear Sir, Piyush is not expecting an accurate representation of maps, but how on earth can a reputed institution of yours can wipe out the entire north-eastern 7 states of India from the map!! Indian's expect some responsible statements from your end!!

  • dude relax yrself, you can suck up to the economist cause its pro indian, but brookings institute is the bomb

  • if that is the case, you should have clearly mentioned that at the bottom of the screen stating the map is inaccurate and represents the time which is soon after the independence of the two nations and before the Indo-pak conflict in 1947. You could have also shown the present day map of India – pakistan borders at the end of the video. This would have avoided all the confusion.

  • What happened to north eastern India?

  • good video. But you missed the seven sisters..lol

  • You have it all wrong. Pakistan is a colony of Western dominance in the area. It's not really a country but apart of the Western empire. Pakistan was created for this reason as so was Israel. It amazes me how people are so mislead about world affairs and history when we live in an information age where information is abundant.

  • What about the other princely states pre-1947 conflict? India kept aquring princely and other european colonies well into the late 50s, a fact that young Indians would love to explore. Don't put fake maps for sanity sake.

  • the reply to Piyush is absurd. It doesn't hurt to apologise and fix your errors. On the other hand, India doesn't get hurt if someone makes a bad video, so we can just stop watching your videos if we feel offended, or they are giving us misinformation. Which one should you prefer Brookings Institution?

  • Dayum , What a blunder…where is India's north eastern states…oh shit, and KAshmir.India's muslims also dint migrate to Pakistan, only Punjabis and Urdu speakers did(Muslim dominated areas), they are Muslims in the South also.Altogether, completely wrong.

  • you have eaten whole North-Eastern part of India in this
    you didn't show Kashmir because of the dispute
    what about North-Eastern states ?

  • Why are some state in the east completely missing from the map of India? Would be hard to believe Brookings didn't do a good research, but here, they didn't for sure.

  • I like most of your videos, but this sure qualifies for a dislike.

  • Get the correct Indian map first buddy, then preach what you want to

  • It is appalling to see the short sightedness of fellow Indians here on the video. India claims Kashmir to be its territory and Pakistan claims it to be its piece of land. Hence the conflict. If you look at international maps of India and pakistan, you will realize that many nations consider J&K dispute to be unresolved, hence the land is placed in neither nation. Fucking idiots.

  • with all due respect get a fucking map .

  • Kashmir chose India. Pakistan didn't like that. 

  • I actually don't mind J&K not being there because it is a disputed territory and people have mixed thoughts about Indian control. But what the hell happened to a bunch of North Eastern states, even if you exclude Arunachal Pradesh (which you shouldn't, because India has complete authority and I know for a fact the people living there consider themselves Indians), what happened to other states like Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, etc.

  • People please, this Brookings institute is a right wing American NEO-CON institute, that spreads misinformation, when will you Indian and Pakistani brothers and sisters realize that creating conflict between yourselves is in their absolute best interests.  just think if india pakistan bangladesh and afganistan were to consolidate themselves as a whole, this might would rival the power of many nations of the world, they have been doing the same in latin america and africa too.. brookings institute is a CHUMCHA (stiring spoon)

  • Kindly delete this video.  Where are our North-Eastern states? I find this video very offensive and very poorly researched. 

  • Some one Teach him Geography of India!!!  Deadly Researched 😀 

  • That is good that India and Pakistan was divided Thayer also get freedom and we also I don't think that They or we live peacefully together and after Mumbai attacks never

  • it is correct map, it is china terrority and sum of kashmir pakistan

  • kashmir pakisthan ka har pakisthan ka tha aur pakisthan ka rahega indian dhotisssss

  • fucked Bookings institutions complete India map first

  • wth the map at thumbnail?

  • map is totally incorrect

  • whoever made this is an American for sure.

  • Paper presented at the New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS) at Cornell University:
    "Pakistan and India: The Case for Unification" by Nasim Yousaf

    Also read:
    1) "India’s Partition in the Face of Opposition: An Unveiled Perspective" (Harvard Asia Quaterly)
    2) "Justification of Partition of India Breeds Hatred and Terrorism"
    3) "Lessons From India's Partition"
    4) "Khaksar Massacre on March 19, 1940: Call for U.K. Apology"

  • I will close this channel. bastards first correct the maps and video. or I will complain to Google.

  • pigs, you don't know anything about India.

  • wrong maps! shitty motherfuckers completely removed 6 Indian states. from the east and also removed Kashmir

  • Oh! Looking at some of the comments about missing states in the map of India, and googling about it, raises serious question on the credibility of work by Brookings Institution.

  • All thing is wrong

  • Why is north east india and Kashmir omitted from india

  • You didn't showed the full map of India…??

  • India needs to nuke that disgusting smelly shithole and do the world a favor.

  • Brookings Institute is a junk institute!

  • India must be the one who should initiate talks with Pakistan. Ex Indian Naval Chief – Admiral Ramdas. https://youtu.be/hgP_0v841AI

  • 1million dead..?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA

  • Kashmir chose to join India because Pakistan invaded Kashmir

  • Wtf is wrong with the map ,I think India too should issue map where Alaska and Texas is a separate country

  • Why GILGIT not shown in PAK MAP many times????????

  • U don't even know the geography of the country and made this misleading video

  • Excellent Video !!! Very Informative.. there is no doubt that Mughal rule in India faced stiff resistance at different periods from the great RAJPUT warriors, fierce AHOMS warriors from Assam & from Punjab the brave SIKHS warriors…
    Rightly did the great Hindi Poet Bhushana, who forsook the royal favours of the Mughal court to come over to Shivaji to record his glories, he sang :-“काशी की कला जाती, मथुरा की मसजीद बनती, अगर शिवाजी ना होते तो सबकी सुन्नत होती.”
    meaning : (Had not there been Shivaji, Kashi would have lost its culture,Mathura would have been turned into a mosque and all would have been circumcised.)
    If not for Shivaji and the Marathas, there would have existed a continuous Islamic belt from Morocco to Indonesia. What addition of 1 billion more adherents to Islam would have done to the world power balance or what would have happened to Indian legacy like yoga, ayurveda, music, art and philosophy, is not difficult to guess….
    It is worthwhile examining the 'what if' of Indias history, Aurengzeb, Akbars great great grandson, had embarked on the 'Islamisation' of India. The Marathas, inspired by Shivaji, fought Aurengzeb and saved India from following the fate of Persia. The proof of Maratha victory lies in the fact that Aurengzeb lies buried, not in Lahore /Delhi or Agra , but near Aurangabad in good old Maharashtra…
    Indian history before Shivaji's advent reads like a chronicle of military disasters. Shivaji changed all that. He used Guerilla Tactics very effectively. Shivaji, as a great warrior & visionary laid a strong and solid foundation that after his death in 1680, there was a series of battles fought between Marathas and Mughals from 1681 to 1707 known as 'War of 27 years' and ended with the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. The Marathas eventually emerged victorious and consolidated their lost territories. This was further expanded by the Peshwas. The Maratha empire reached its peak in summer of 1758 with the conquest of Attock, which is banks of Indus river in Pakistan today. Its eastern frontier was today’s Orissa, being ruled by Raghuji Bhosale of Nagpur. Maratha armies had also reached upto Murshidabad, but then retreated and settled for tribute from Bengal and control of Orissa. To the south, in 1758, territories upto the fort of Gurramkonda in Kadappah district were held. Also, Tanjore (Thanjavur) was under Marathas, but that was a different line. (By the way, just for your G.K, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is also considered as the 'Father of the Indian Navy'.)

  • India, Pakistan partition and conflict created by you.

  • Nothing but lies

  • Fuckers this Indian map is wrong.

  • Your map is wrong, how come pok is part of Kashmir but j&k not India’s?

  • The stars of India are missing
    A dislike and a report to your page .

    Correct it first .

  • Religion is a curse to the humanity

  • have u seen india map in your life get the correct india man after that give your lecture got it i dont thing u are understanding any think where is northeast india .get your proper knowledge

  • badly prepared video with semi knoledge

  • Fucker u ate Jammu Kashmir Indian statewest Bengal and 7 states of India Called as seven sister Check the map first you cuntfuck

  • There to be fraternity in both countries.

  • You have shown wrong map of India . Do correct it…

  • You got the wrong map of india my friend

  • india's map shown in the video is wrong

  • Mohammed the bravest general in history https://youtu.be/GV1CIBuZjbk

  • U bastard correct the map 1st

  • Please check the map of india.. 🙂
    Madharjaat 🙂 🙂

  • india bhai and pakistani bhai foget the map and make no fight other wise no body will alive to look after the map and to judge the winner or looser of this war make friends with each otherr

  • Who is sadly here in 2019?

  • Yo MF where is kashmir in indian map

  • Are you China funded?

  • Misleading information

  • Sir your facts and the map is wrong
    Sorry but I put it as misleading 🙂

  • You have not shown the real truth, and your map is wrong. Kashmir is india territory. Pakistan is a 70 year old nation. India is older than 1,00,000 year.

  • Nice and true map I know Indian is disliker with nagitive thoughts 🤗

  • Pakistan 🇵🇰 🆚 India 🇮🇳

  • Incorrect map, yes I'm Pakistani. But you forgot the Northeastern states of India, including Kashmir (Indian Claimed Territory)

  • 346 like 397 dislike show you provide wrong info motherfiucke

    Is video ko report kro sb

  • i am proud indian and i can't find my state in your indain map🙄

  • Foockings Institution,

    who the hell do you think you are to show an incorrect map of our country?

  • Correct map real good video

  • All Indians dislike this video , Indian Map is incorrect .

  • Using the wrong Map of both countries
    without Kashmir and many other areas
    Pakistan zindabad, Jay Hind

  • why north east not included
    which country your from ?
    we need to report this nation itself !!!

  • Excellent Short Clip appreciated

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