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Hi there. I’m Jen. This is Remembered
Reads. And this is going to be a library haul. Usually when I do a library haul
there’s some kind of theme going on, but there is no theme here. This is just
going to be random and eclectic. So the first thing that I picked up is a fairly
new release. This is called “there has to be a knife” by Adnan Khan. This I believe
is set in Scarborough which is the whole reason I picked it up Can lit that is
set in Scarborough always gets bonus points from me. So I believe that this is
about a guy whose girlfriend commits suicide,
he turns to crime, and then the police blackmail him into infiltrating what may
or may not be a terrorist cell. And so I imagine there will be some social
commentary in here. And for a book that was this new, this hold came in really
quickly. So I don’t know why other people aren’t picking this up but we shall see.
Another piece of can lit that I picked up is “I hope we choose love: a trans
girls notes from the end of the world” by Kai Cheng Thom, whose poetry collection “a
place called no homeland” I read a couple of years ago and really loved. I’ve read
the advice column that she writes online and I haven’t been the biggest fan of
that, but I did like the poetry so much that I did decide I was gonna pick this
up. I picked up her fictionalized memoir a couple of months ago and the copy that
I got from the library came in kind of sticky so I returned that without
reading it. Because I don’t mind a little I don’t mind if library books are a
little beat up. I don’t mind if they look a slightly dirty. But sticky is the
bridge too far for me. I’m not going for a sticky. Another new book that I picked
up or new ish book is Pajtim Stavoci’s Crossing this was translated by David
Hackstrom. I read the same authors My Cat Yugoslavia almost exactly a year ago
and I loved that. I haven’t heard nearly as much buzz about this one. I think this
is a two generational story with characters in Albania and then Italy. That’s
my understanding. I have tried not to read too much about it just because based
on the previous book that I read by this author I just wanted to go in not
knowing too much. Because yeah, I am intrigued. Next up I picked up the first
three volumes of Metropolis which is a Serge Lehmann comic. So this is a comic
series that’s set in an alternate version of 1935 in which France and
Germany are a single country. And the art in this is by… I just realized I’m
missing one volume I have one two and four so hopefully my hold of the third
one will come in. The artist by stefan de Cevara. And and that is the style of
the art. I don’t believe that this has been translated into English yet but I
assume it’s going to be just because masked which is also by Serge Lehamn, has been translated and is out with Titan books.
Yeah I’m looking forward to these because I like that kind of alternative
history. Next up is a book that I saw a Mel from Mel’s Bookland adventure talked
about. This is “the big messy necessity: the unmentionable world of human waste
and why it matters” which is a book about toilets and sewer systems I believe. What
happens with bodily waste and disease how – are the pages textured or is this
damaged? All right, disgustingly given the topic it looks
like this book has gotten wet. Which I hope means that no one has read it in
the toilet. I kind of want to put this down now. Next up I have Scholastique Mukasonga’s The Barefoot Woman. This is a memoir dedicated to her mother about
her life her mother’s life growing up in Rwanda. This was translated by Jordan
Stump who I believe has translated most of her books into
English. It’s described as a “loving funny devastating tribute to her mother a
keeper of Rwandan tradition even in the cruelest and bleakest of exiles”
This is quite short. Everything I’ve seen from Scholastque Mukasonga has been quite
short. So I almost said entertaining but I feel like it’s going to be too
depressing to be entertaining. Next up I have another one of Svetlana Alexievich’s oral histories this is “La Fin de l’homme Rouge” which I think the
English version of this is called second-hand time, which I believe is
about the fall of the Soviet Union. This book is also
dirty. I’m somewhat unhappy with the number of books I’ve gotten in this this
time that are kind of dirty. Why is it stained? Anyway I’ve been reading through
several of her oral histories of the Soviet and post-soviet world. So yeah I’m
curious to get to that I didn’t look up when the timeframe of when that was
written because when I read Zinky Boys I felt like that was a little less
compelling than some of her other work that was looking at and even more not
really distant but something that was more distant than the Afghanistan war
was when she had written that. But anyway, we’ll see how that goes. Next up I picked
up a YA novel that I normally wouldn’t have picked up except that is
one of those books where it’s being sold on demographic grounds. But I was so
surprised by the demographic that I had to pick it up this is Nadine Jolie
Courtney’s All-American Muslim Girl. And apparently the family and this is
Circassian. And I never see any books with a North American setting with
Circassian characters. I think the family here is Syrian whereas in my actual life
all of the Circassians I know are either Turkish or Russian.
So I mean culturally I think this will be different. But I am curious I think
also the family is secular but not atheist which is how I describe myself.
And I’m curious to see that because I feel like religion in young adult
fiction tends to be very all-or-nothing so I’m curious to see how that’s
approached although my standards were that kind of thing are kind of low but
hey and finally I picked up a fantasy novel this is The Blue Eye by Ausma
Zehanat Khan whose mysteries I often talk about. This is in the Khorasan archives
I think it’s called. This has a fairly generic fantasy
structure in which if this were about a pair of male characters and were set in
a pseudo england or a psuedo Japan I would think it was kind of boring,
but it’s set in a pseudo Central Asia and the characters are both female. So
that’s different enough that I’ve been kind of entertained by the series
although I do think the religious elements are a little ridiculous. But
anyway, I need to get caught up with the series
because I don’t think I actually finished them. Yeah, I have the second one
back here and I’m not sure that I actually finished it. I feel like I got
three-quarters of the way through and went to read library books because I
owned that. But anyway the third one has come out, so I hope to get caught up on
that now. Alright, so those are the books that I grabbed out of the library today.
This was definitely a day where all of my holds came in at once will I get
through any of these by the end of the year I don’t know well you threw things
before they’re due back, I also don’t know. We shall see. Anyway, if you’ve read
any of these I’d love to hear what you thought. That’s it for now. Ciao!

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  • I can't do sticky either!! I will check out Barefoot Woman πŸ™‚ I am interested to see what you think of The Blue Eye book, I will check out that series too.

  • I disagree. I don't think there ALWAYS has to be a knife.

  • not having the best luck with your books today huh? πŸ˜› why doesn't the library just take those out of circulation?!

  • Such a fantastic and varied selection of books you got there!

  • I actually am interested in that book The Big Necessity. . . . I mean it's icky but important. Interesting haul!

  • I read 'the big necessity' thanks to Mel, too. it was great. George said she added updated stats in 2014.
    I worked as a library clerk. picture books were the absolute worst. I was surprised how many adults used books to kill bugs and then left the smeared bug pieces for us to clean.

  • Oh, the dilemma of all one's library holds arriving in the same week! Today I picked up 9 books mentioned by my favorite booktubers. Included is Persepolis because I loved the scene you shared in your Book To Film video. It will be my first graphic novel.

  • I also was intrigued by The Big Necessity after seeing it on Mel’s channel. However, I am disturbed busy the fact that your borrowed copy appears to have gotten wet! Ewwwww.

  • Statovci's most recent novel just won the most prestigious literary award over here. I had thought it was his second book, since I had not heard of Crossing before. Turns out he's a bit more prolific than I gave him credit for. πŸ˜€

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