Hello. These glasses hide my face. So you don’t know who I am. I will now remove them and you will discover who’s hiding behind them Brad Pitt. Friends, I was reminded of a website that made me feel deeply — I restrained myself from using it — but it made me nostalgic just by seeing the name: It’s ‘Web Archive’ !, www.web.archive.org, do you know it? Yes, no, maybe… Let’s just say we prefer beauty tutorials. You calm down! Basically, you can save a page. For example, I can actually save uh my YouTube channel’s link Like this. Hop! I’m saving it! And in… five years, six years, when I will go back on Web Archive, I’ll be able to see what was my YouTube channel like when I saved the link. In… 2021, 2022, if we are still on YouTube, dude, we can watch this archive! It’s beautiful! So we’ll start with my YouTube channel, look, my oldest archive, and I thank the person who saved the link because it isn’t automatic, I think huh. It dates… April 2016! Look, it reminds memories We were at 5,856,289 subscribers and we had this… this… this background here. And I just posted the CLAVIER CHALLENGE Wait, it was not so long ago, this… 19 April 2016. It was over a year ago!! Time is flying! What’s happening to us… September 2011… No… Who could have saved something from September 2011, but it’s crazy! Nobody does that! *Astonished* October 10th, 2011. This is how it looked like! So the youngest among you will be shocked by YouTube appearance But it really looked like this! This was the picture of my channel Dude, it seems so far away, it’s excellent I had 8,857 subscribers, yes it was displayed like this, i remember! It does something to see all this again! ‘The craziest YouTuber of Youtube offers you his Crazy commentaries :D’ Well, ‘I also like to be sent ideas and even negative critiques in order to improve” Because I can’t make videos without people’s help. April 2012. This was… oh shit, woah, It was a real… uh… a real revolution, I think, of YouTube, you see?! Here I had changed my background and I was able to put a little banner And you could put clickable link, yes my friend! And I had 9,500,000 views and 85,000 subscribers I have a good memory of this period. It really was The Epoch I just started to make horror games, I remember, SCP-087-B was the first horror game I made. There were a few podcasts, but yea. The old, old YouTube! In 2013. What was there? Alright! Yea so here we are… Oh pfff! I put… There was a bug with my YouTube picture! This is totally disgraceful! Okay, so after in June 2014, uh, it’s the design we know for a long, long time. Well! Dude, I wonder– Because I wasn’t here… at the very beginning of Twitter What was Twitter like, dude?! Hhhh! In 2001. 2001, it’s very good. Oh but it’s not so… It looks a little bit old, but it’s not sooo… terrible, I think. It’s nice. Today we can still find sites like this and you won’t panic So 2006, let’s go! We won’t go too far, we will go to 2006. What was it like in 2006? Oooohhhh, ohh, ohh! Dude… But it’s empty! No, it’s missing a background! It’s impossible… *Read description* At the beginning, it was just this. It was just a statut saying what you were doing. I didn’t know! I joined Twitter, uh… very late! In 2012.. 13… I don’t remember… I joined super late! So it’s funny to see, at the beginning, why the social network was… Was born. I wonder what Natoo’s YouTube channel looked like, for example, at this time. In 2011. Dude, there’s a guy, at 9:21 in the morning of September 30th 2011 who archived Natoo’s YouTube channel! It’s incredible! Chronicles of a playful girl! Oh! It already was like this! Cheap Cosmetic Surgery Tutorial She was already in the foolishness The pubis. My girl friend has just been dumped. Hhhh! It’s awesome! And ‘Norman fait des vidéos’ at the same period, I think It was already powerful. *surprised* Dude… Dude!! It’s awesome, look at this!! Hhh! Look at the old like button! The old like and the old dislike! And you were able to put commentaries on the channel, it’s true, there was eight. He had subscribed to jeanpierreherlant Oh yes what was jeanpierreherlant ? Was it the guy who was saying ‘triticizing’ instead of ‘criticizing’ oh yes, it’s weird to see him again Amazing! ‘Stop triticizing me’, I remember very well we haven’t seen ‘Monsieur Dream’, we haven’t seen ‘Monsieur Dream’, so Cyprien there’s an archive from 2009 dude It must be him who added it§ We are on something old. Wait, is it really Cyprien’s channel ? But why did he put this profile picture ? 120 suscribers!! Damn it! ‘Your videos are stupid’ There were already haters at the time. ‘Really nice your video blog’ He had on favorites ‘We will Rock You’ but over all ‘Plouf’ by Wiggles, dude! Who knows that? It’s my brother, Florent Hauchard, the Hipster, who made me discover this song, dude It was in the line of Trio and people who smoke weed. …’with his father’! Yesss, I remember! June 2011, this is when it really started to shoot up, YouTube, I have the impression Cyprien, he had 200,000-300,000 views I had the impression that in 2011; it was already mostly Cyprien, Norman, Natoo, etc. In fact not at all, it really took off from there. It’s funny! Oh shit yes, they gave you badges at the time! “5th most subscribed (all time) – Comedians in France” They gave you sort of medals like that. I remember, I had some too. He had 4,500,000 views in total 19,000 subscribers In fact, back then, this was truly the time when YouTube started the focus on subscribers. It used to not be like that Basically, for the subscription, there was the big ‘Subscribe’ button. But, for a start, it was scary. For a start, when you clicked, you did not know what could happen to your family and then, you didn’t care, you let yourself be guided by the platform, the suggestions, what they thought you would like That is why it was essentially cat videos which worked. There wasn’t that loyalty back then, like there is now I think that started just after.. I think it started in 2012. Right before the end of the world Because they put the design in after. There, that one. And after that, they started to affect people to subscribe. So here we’re 1 year later, February 2012. And there you had nearly 90,000,00 views and 330,000 subscribers There you see truly a stage between the 20,000 and the 330,000, the design… the views as well YouTube really shot up in 2011-2012. And I, I had been there on March 2011, but I exploded… my bank account. To buy something on which doing videos, but clearly not the buzz If I just right ‘Youtube’, because right now I’m going on YouTube channels. I think that if we just write YouTube, we’ll have very old archives There. April 2005 Dude! This is completely awful. It is completely ignoble. It’s awesome! And, there was already the thing with the pseudonym to identify. Oh, yes, it’s true. You had to say if you were a man or a woman looking for a man or a woman and between what age This was totally a dating site, in fact ‘Favorites’, ‘Messages’, ‘Videos’, ‘My profile’ Wait! Yes! When created, YouTube was supposed to be a dating site The idea was simple and ingenious, people who were looking for love could post a video to introduce themselves, and to say who they were looking for Damn it! That’s awesome! The Youtube history. There, we’re in April, 2005, if I go to April 2006, logically the interface would have changed a lot by then Omg, half the stuff doesn’t load Damn, that design there, I didn’t know it, you see Oooooh 2008! Ok, this is how I knew YouTube, with this design here! In 2008, I was 12 years old, and I probably typed the word ‘Dofus’ in this bar right here There was already a highlighting of some videos Yes! You noted by putting stars, it is fucking true! This is mine! This is THIS YouTube I knew. The first, it was this one. Here, all of this to say I want to see how Dofus website looked like. September 22th, 2007. Yeeeeeees, I recognize! Maaan, it was crazy! I was 11, I was the biggest pete of the Earth! I dropped an arm master’s in Dofus, dagger master’s I think, I was exhausted! I was a real pete! What could we see else? Well, Google, what a cunt I am! Oh! 2001! Here we are on colossal years of service! In 2001, I was 5, don’t go too far! Well dude, it hasn’t grown old too much. But at the time, they loved to puttin many buttons, like this. ‘Well, tick useless things. Click on this, we don’t know why it’s used for. And here you have buttons too, and here…’ They loved doing this. And now look, it’s really the opposite. You only have ‘Google’, a bar, and 2 buttons. Well, dude, Google hasn’t grown old too much. No… Youtube, I find they really had several phases of… We saw they were trying to find themselves. They were looking for the way they wanted the platform to take. Whereas Google… Google in fact, it’s… at the time it was… the idea was already great! They didn’t change too much things! However, now, there is a lot of tools: there is Google Docs, there is Google Sheets uh… Google uh… GOOGLE! Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps… They brought a lot of tools out, but the base almost stayed the same, it’s funny. Is what I say bad? Yes it is. What was there? Oh man, Absoluflash! Absoluflash, how did it look like? Dude, that was crazy ! I remember that penguin, do you remember that penguin? That is what I was thinking whan I was talking you about Absoluflash! That’s incredible! It’s the fucking real Absoluflash! It’s terrible how website of flash games are dead! Now the equivalents of flash games are mobile games, in fact! It’s terrible! It’s crazy! I’m surprised by nothing today! Today, I’m surprised by nothing! It’s incredible! If I’m going on the street now, I’ll see a man buying a baguette, I’ll be… I’ll say ‘Wow, that’s incredible!’ Well friends, I think we visited enough websites of 2000s. We had enough nostalgia for today. Don’t hesitate to like this video if you enjoyed. And damn it, it’s… I find awesome being able to see uh… how… a tool you’re using absolutely every day at this time… How it was at the time, you see. At the beginning, moreover, because, Internet wasn’t created a long time ago. our parents grew up, they didn’t have Internet I can’t wait to be 10 later, and to look this video and to laugh, saying to myself: “Haha, it sucked!” See Absoluflash made me happy. And the little Dofus too, damn! This screen which made me lost 4 years of social life, yes, I remember It’s the end of nostalgia, thanks for watching and see you next soon for a next video to have fu-u-u-un! I stop this disgusting mimicking! *Music*

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