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Hello everyone welcome to another
Tuesday training at 12 o’clock if you’re joining me be sure to drop a name or
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we’d love to know who you are but thanks again we’re gonna be doing a quick
history of search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO you might be new
to SEO or maybe you’re a veteran and I’m only going to verify the things you
already know but maybe it could help some people out in the message board
with any details people might want to know about the history of search engine
optimization now this is just a quick history but I think if you see the
development of search engine optimization you’ll understand the
methods that modern-day web designers are using today and hopefully you can
apply these principles to your website so get to get out some notes
I’m sure you’ll learn something here let’s get started so again once again we’re doing the
quick history of search engine optimization now let’s go ahead and define exactly
what SEO is this is the process and that’s important to know
it is a process of affecting the online visibility of a website and a web search
engines unpaid results often were often referred to as organic and so it’s
important to understand that when we’re talking about search engine optimization
these are unpaid search results so let’s just get it out there right now let’s
put it down on the table here you can pay Google you can pay Microsoft you can
pay any other search provider money and they will put you at the top of these
search results okay money talks so you want the best
SEO Koff up some money and that’s really
we’re done you guys can go now bye-bye but for the rest of you who want
to build search engine optimization using free or unpaid traffic or organic
as we say that’s what this presentation is all about so to get up at the top or
what we’re talking about is when someone types in a search query you want your
website to go all the way up to the top as high as you can go now these are the
things that people who are concerned about SEO need to be concerned with okay
first you need to know how search engines work now their algorithms are a
mystery to most people and that’s their copyrighted and that is for a reason as
we’ll get to later on but the more you know about how search engines work then
you’ll understand the appropriate strategy you should use you’re also
going to be concerned about the algorithms those search engines are
using also you need to know about the people
I mean what sort of things are people searching for what words are they using
for example if you have a hair salon you want to know our people typing in the
words hair salon or is beauty parlor a more popular term or what’s more popular
in your area maybe people just type in haircut so by putting the word haircut
somewhere on your website that’s gonna help you with that unpaid organic
traffic so what are people searching for what key terms are people using and you
want to know which search engine our target audience is using so maybe your
target audience are older people older people with money maybe people who are
retiring hey some of them might still be using AOL and if you’re using our AOL
that’s fine but you want to know who is your target audience using what if
you’re targeting teenagers are they using AOL a lot of them probably never
even heard of AOL they’re probably using Google in fact Google is just another
word in their vocabulary so it’s important to know which search engine
your target audience is using so what can we do about improving our search
engine optimization right now I’m just checking the chat room just seeing who’s
out there Nicole modi’s here hello sir thank you
for joining us let’s see if we have anyone else all right okay excellent thank you for the
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for you guys so the more I hear from you the better this is going to be so let’s
get back to SEO what actions can you do to improve your search results well
there’s a few things and I have them listed here you can edit the content
that’s on your site right that is within your power to do you can add more
content and that’s why it’s good to have a blog on your website because that’s a
place where you get you where you can continually add content without having
to add web pages you want to increase the relevancy using those keywords so
knowing what words people are using to search for your product or service and
then making sure you are including those words also you want to remove any
barriers there are two indexing for example right now in fact as of 2017
Google is ranking sites higher if their website is optimized for mobile devices
if you have not optimized your website for mobile devices then be sure to check
me out at WWF master Academy online I’ll show you how to optimize your site for
mobile but if you’re not doing that you are putting a barrier between you and
those search engines so you want to remove any barriers another thing you
want to do is you can do site promotions with links and backlinks so be a guest
speaker on another blog or a website that has a much bigger presence than
yours see if you can be a part of that big that bigger website either
contributing an article or hey just maybe contributing some money and have
them mention you and you’re gonna see later on how that plays in also the
backlinks are important so one of the things Google and other search engines
look for are the conversations being held about your website and what’s
interesting about that is it doesn’t since it’s a machine it doesn’t know
whether those conversations are good or bad you know as one famous person said
all publicity is good right doesn’t matter if it’s good or but bad right
it’s getting your site out there so are people having discussions about your
website that are not being held on your site for example are they on Facebook
are they on Twitter are they on things like disgust or
reddit and they’re having lots of conversations about the things and ideas
products services you are presenting that’s called a back link and of course
is your site optimized for mobile search and I talked about that already let’s do
a quick little history lesson here let’s go back to Windows 95 let’s go back to
1995 all right I would say raise your hand but let me know in the comments or
just give me a like if you had a computer in 1995 okay if you remember
that is going way back and I’m just checking the chatroom here right in fact Nakul Modi brings up a
great question he says why work on SEO if we can run an ad to be on top in
Google exactly you’re exactly right if and I said that in the beginning if you
pay Google or anyone else you’ll already be on top right game over
but why work on SEO because this is the search results for unpaid traffic this
is how to win at unpaid search results and a lot of times your strategy needs
to have both you should have paid and you can leverage the power and knowledge
of SEO to also be top ranking without paying okay so let’s go back to Windows
95 now you remember the internet was just a little baby back then and this is
how things worked okay so you would have a webmaster they create a website they
would take the domain name or URL of your site and they would submit it to a
search engine and there were lots of them back then and you submit that the
URL the search engine would then go to your website and with spider crawlers
they would crawl all over your website and of course is digital spiders virtual
they would crawl all over your site and they would find things like links names
titles of articles names of your products and services and they would
carry them back to the search engine and then that’s how your website gets
indexed so that’s how business was done in the mid to late 90s as a result of
that people were doing something called keyword stuffing and they would just
take sin sane to understood the process they would just copy words so that way
when the web crawlers crawled over the site they said wow there are like 50 or
a hundred times this website is talking about
in this case software development and consulting services Wow
wow that site must be really important to anyone looking for software
development and consulting services so this is how they were gaming the system
now you can imagine from a web design perspective this is terrible now I want
to actually read this because it’ll really hit home when we sit down and
actually read it our company provides software development and consulting
services all right so far so good we are the best software development and
consulting services company our professional staff provides development
and consulting services we offer the best software development called
consulting services our software and development and consulting services is
the right solution for your business satisfaction with our software
development and consulting services is guaranteed we build your business
solution with our software development and consulting services contact us and
you will receive quality software and consulting services all right so that is
called keyword stuffing and they even now at least this company tried to kind
of blend it all in together right they try to blend all of this here and that’s
at least they did that other websites they would just have a whole block of
text and they didn’t even bother trying to put them into sentences okay so
that’s another version of keyword stuffing and so your site would be about
who knows what and you really want to get that ranking in Google so you might
put Britney Spears comma Britney or about just the word Spears rock roll
music ringtones ringtones call our cell cellular sounds bells mp3
download vials Janet Jackson Mariah Carey pop Elvis Norah Jones Valentine’s
Day Valentine holiday Christmas event special dance sing singer so just how
many different words could we try to kind of gather together
and get those web crawlers to find our site right so whether you do it through
sort of this building natural sentences or you just put a block of text it’s
still the same thing and they call that keyword stuffing so things started to change in 1998 now
before I tell you what happened do people still do keyword stuffing
today absolutely I just want to make sure I mention that but back in 1998 two
guys came up with this search engine idea and they tried to put a stop to it
and so guys by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has anybody ever heard of these
guys okay hopefully you have and in 1998 they came up with a search engine called
our algorithm they called it back rub and what it was trying to do was use a
new way of developing this algorithm for search engines and and eventually
backrub became what we now call page rank and PageRank the way it works it’s
a very complicated math algorithm but it tried to look at factors like how many
websites are actually linking to your site now this diagram is very important
and I want to explain one important part of it so look at the yellow happy face
up there okay that’s the big website all right so if it was a new site that’s
like CNN you know one of the biggest new sites in the world and maybe you’re just
a little local news site trying to get the world to notice you well CNN’s the
big one right so obviously a lot of people will be linking over to CNN some
people will just take an article from CNN and put it on their site but that’s
really considered a backlink so if you look at these green guys down there
they’re all pointing to CNN so if I went to CNN I saw an article on surfing in
California I put that on my little green site that’s called a backlink okay those
are those green hands going up to the yellow guy right here
okay now here’s another website another news website and he’s kind of the
middleman and he’s pointing to lots of articles from other news sites okay so
he might get a little bit better SEO he’s a little bit bigger but the thing
that makes the blue one bigger than the green one is one simple thing and I want
you to notice this is super important this hand right here see the yellow hand
underneath this happy face the big yellow happy face is pointing to the
middle blue one that’s it right there see because CNN is actually referring to
this website then the PageRank goes up up by a lot so it’s sort of this
hierarchy truly with PageRank and the reason why is PageRank was developed
with the idea that if somebody was just randomly on the internet what is the
likelihood that they’ll land and end up on these bigger sites that’s the idea
so just surfing the internet we’ve all done it we’ve all been really curious
we’ve all gone on the internet and just went clicked on links and links and
links well what’s the likelihood you’ll end up back at this huge one that’s what
PageRank does so the little green guy’s as much as they’re trying they don’t
have the advocacy of the bigger one so the chances of somebody landing on the
green one are very small because they’re kind of this isolated planet in outer
space okay so I hope that makes some sense to you and therefore the takeaway from this
diagram it’s really important that you get some sort of endorsement from a site
that’s bigger than yours that’ll help your page rank significantly all right
let’s continue going through history so in 1998 Google was founded Wow don’t you
wish you can go into a time machine and invest some money into this little
company called Google when it was in beta Wow
no one had any idea back then how big it would be well let’s look at the two
things I’ve made their search engine different and continues to be different
there are two factors on-page and off-page the on-page was pretty similar
to other search engines the keyword frequency the meta tags headings links
the overall site structure those are things that were within the webmasters
control however they also factored in off page which is your page rank as we
discuss and it’s that hyperlink analysis that something webmasters don’t have
direct control of although they they certainly tried this created this
industry called link farms and what a what a link farm is it’s a website that
all it is is other links and there were literally hundreds of thousands if not
millions of websites created with this idea that we’re just gonna link we’re
just gonna have a site of Link’s that way your page rank goes up because more
people are talking about you and so SEO specialists would just develop one site
after another and they would just try and try to get as many links to your
site as possible and you would pay these people big money to do that so those are
the early days of SEO so uh that it’s kind of this war that
really started the war between search engines and fiendish and scheming
webmasters that are trying to game the system so in 2004 search algorithms were
created and they were secret I’m just gonna check the comments real quick yeah definitely I’m gonna say with
Nicole and add well always gonna help you why because you’re paying money okay
so absolutely but as a good web designer you want to always have the paid part of
your campaign alongside with a very strong organic reach because organic
reach is how you’ll get out there and to be honest with you
you could pay Google you know a hundred thousand dollars it doesn’t necessarily
mean your website will be popular you still need to build that organic reach
and as I go through the history you’re gonna understand why so going back to
2004 the algorithms became so crazy they were copyrighted and kept behind closed
doors and this is for all the search engine providers and the reason why is
he we’re trying to not allow these webmasters to game the system and they
Google advertised that they had 200 things that they would check on any
website trying to rank up in 2005 there was an actual worldwide convention held
it was called err web which stands for the adversarial which means kind of this
combative side adversarial information retrieval on the web and they got
together all these big search guys and they try to decide what can we do to
fight all of this spamming and fake keywords and keyword stuffing what can
we do and they came up with some solutions so one of those is to allow
tools for the webmaster you know what because not everybody’s bad not
everyone’s evil out there there are legitimate websites so what can we do
for the legitimate websites to help them get on the map with Google so Google has
webmaster tools Bing has webmaster tools and they allow you to some
your sitemap directly over to Google or directly over to Bing and your sitemap
is usually an XML file and you’re able to submit that now it’s not only a file
you submit directly you’ll usually give them a URL to the file so the file needs
to be hosted somewhere on your site now I work a lot with Wix comm and just as a
side note as a Wix comm user when you design your site if you go through the
Wix SEO wizard and you go through all the steps Wix actually submits your
sitemap directly to Google so just thought I’d let you know if you want to
know more about the Wix SEO wizard check out my other videos or check me out at
the webmaster academy all right so by giving legitimate
webmaster webmasters tools then there’s a conversation being held between
webmaster the webmasters and the search engines so that was a good step for
that’s positive for those who are legitimate and then in 2005 web search
results started to become personalized now this was huge and a lot of times
Google wants you to sign in and Google was smart I mean they first started off
with that lead magnet saying we’ll give you a free email account with a tons of
storage like 10 gigs of storage bigger than any mail provider at the time and
that’s now they now you have a sign in to Google so if you’re signed in to your
email and you do a search you’re already signed into Google so Google’s gonna
personalize those results but what that does is it takes out all those spammy
websites out because they get a history of the sort of sites you see and view
and they’re going to give you results relevant to you for example if you live
in Riverside California for Nia and you’re looking up bookstores
you’re most likely gonna get bookstores in this area even if someone paid and
this really helps answer some of your questions like Nichole Modi I know you
were asking a lot about paid versus free this is where that organic strategy
comes into play because even if you paid Google you’re not going to end up on my
radar unless you live in Riverside so having that organic reach is also
important even if you’re paying so two thousand five really changed the game
with that and then I’m gonna fast-forward here because there was a
lot of development I’m gonna give you the major milestones in 2010 Google
caffeine came out and what this was it was a way to retrieve new content very
quickly do you realize it used to take months even years for webmasters to
optimize their search engine optimization to get found well in 2010
with Google caffeine they made it so fast you can hit that when you put out a
new blog post Google can find that in a relatively short amount of time so that
encouraged webmasters to put new and relevant content and felt safe that the
search engines would be aware of that content I mean what kind of world would
this be if you had to submit to Google every single time you did something new
on your website I mean it’s just not practical at all you know Google they
process 3.4 billion you know points of data every day so you
can’t you know just keep submitting and things to Google all the time so this
search engine allowed them to crawl the the incredible huge landscape of the
internet very quickly which is why it’s called caffeine now you’re gonna love
this in 2011 there came Google Panda and now
this is another reason and those are those of you who are
wandering around wondering about paid versus free and is another reason why
you need to be aware of your organic reach because if you’re not doing the
right thing with SEO Google’s got a karate chop you with this kung fu panda
they’re gonna kick you down they’re gonna punch you and kick you down those
search results if you’re practicing bad SEO and one of the the main things they
were targeting in 2011 was duplicate content so what they like is original
content not just copying and pasting the same thing over and over on your website
or get this copying other websites content and pasting it onto your site
well they know where that information came from where it originated from so if
you’re just copying and pasting stuff onto your site google panda knows about
it and you’re gonna get hit alright karate chop for duplicate content whoo
and then in 2012 Google hummingbird came out and hummingbird was now they’re
gonna take that search and take it to the next level they’re going to talk
about contextual search conversational search semantic searches so again those
discussions that are being had conversations even semantics so what
that means is I could I could say I’m a web design school or I teach web design
or how about web design is that one word or two words web design or web design is
this a design school is it a web design Academy which one is it do I have to
have every single word well Google hummingbird kind of took all
of those different semantics and it can start to relate that you know what your
site that teaches web design got it okay so anybody searching for something
similar should be able to find my website so this is really an amazing
evolution because it does away with the whole keyword stuffing concept because
now hummingbird is looking for natural discussions natural conversations all
right does that make sense to everybody so what is the takeaway lesson with this
brief history of SEO be a human if I were to give you any tip for SEO right
now right now in 2018 it’s be a human the more human you are the better you’re
gonna do on search results human means you talk to other humans you have
discussions you have comments you do backlinks with commentary you do live
live presentations like I’m doing right now Facebook YouTube they’re rewarding
people for being humans you know one thing about a live presentation or live
webinar as I’m doing right now is it’s really hard to get a robot to do it all
right why don’t you agree I mean you have to be a human being alive in front
of a camera so this really really in an instant live video got rid of a lot of
robots so the more human you are the better you’re gonna do with organic
search results and if you’re out there talking to other humans in other web
sites and in other forums that’s going to build your PageRank so I hope that’s
helpful I just want to end with these two panels and just kind of this
takeaway if you wrote down any notes or you want to take a screenshot this is a
good time to do it and I got this from Neil Patel he came up with this graphic
there are two ways we talk about SEO there’s black hat and there’s white hat
and some people might do a little bit of both but it’s understanding it’s good to
understand one is which blackhat duplicate your
content how about invisible text so you take all those stuffed keywords put a
white background on your website and then make your text white then no one
will see it great web design and all the keywords any search engine can handle
all right that’s black hat and as you know Google Panda is gonna find that and
hit karate chop you for that cloaking or redirecting the user to another site or
page that’s another black hat like if somebody types in types in the wrong
word instead of Walmart they misspelled it and it goes to some other website
where they get spam okay that’s a blackhat strategy or links from sites
with non relevant content so if I’m talking about web design and I’m gonna
try to get you to go to some medical clinic that’s sponsoring me you know
that’s not relevant has nothing to do with my site so those are blackhat
strategies and that last bullet point really speaks to those link forms those
web sites that are nothing but links it’s all non relevant content and with
Google hummingbird none of that looks like natural conversational human speech
you’re gonna get dinged what you should do let’s leave on a positive note what
you should do are white hat strategies keep writing relevant content put a blog
on your post if you don’t know how to put a blog on a Wix site I have four
videos that show you how to do it at the webmaster academy well-labeled
images okay so any photos or images should have some text on it
because that’s going to help your SEO there are some websites that get found
just because of the images but you’ve got to put text on those images having
relevant links and references remember we talked about PageRank using complete
sentences with good spelling and grammar especially with hummingbird
who’s looking for natural conversations have standards-compliant HTML if you are
a webmaster and you subscribe to Google Webmaster Tools they will let you know
if there’s a problem indexing one of your web pages so once
in a while you can get that notice from Google and you just correct it and then
and by the way if you are using Wix com they do use html5 standards compliant
coding I’ve never had an issue in that regard but some of you are doing coding
by yourself using CSS or HTML make sure that your code is compliant and that you
have unique and relevant page titles because your sitemap the the name of
each of your pages contributes to good SEO alright so I’m going to leave that
up there I hope you guys enjoyed this if you did please share this with someone
else you know who could benefit from having better SEO SEO search engine
optimization if you just share this with with anybody is that’ll benefit remember
to Like and subscribe you guys and let me just check to see if there’s any
questions looks like it’s all good if you’re watching the replay make sure you
submit your questions and be be part of the conversation I love conversations
all right so we’ll see you guys next Tuesday that’s for our 12 o’clock
training if you want to learn more about web design check out the webmaster
academy dot online I will show you from concept to automation how to build a
stunning a professional website I’m Michael Wood that captivate a
multimedia and web design I’ll see you guys next time you

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