When it comes to the origin of the joker I back up a little, right, back up like a lot, cause one of the
coolest things the joker has is the mystery around his origin, no wonder the Heath Ledger joker was so epic, but that rule was broken for the second time in theaters with Joaquim Phoenix’s new movie. The first one was by no one other than Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s movie, these two movies reveal the origins of the joker each in its own way, and the two
had a common inspiration, the killing joke you probably weren’t even
born when this comic was released, back in 1986 but it is a mark for batman, for the joker, and even for all comics generally, before the killing joke the relationship between any hero and villain was kind of like
hero and villain, it’s not always like that anymore the black panther and the killmonger of the
movie theaters for example they are not just two enemies they represent much more than
than that, and it was the killing joke that brought this thing like hero and villain representing something else that we have nowadays, without further do I’ll tell you everything that happens on the killing joke and how that hq influenced the joker and the batman
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first thing you need to know about the killing joke is that this comic was not written to be canonical, it was supposed to be one of those stories that kind are not part of continuity like the dark knight himself or the old Logan, was supposed to be an alternate story that’s why Alan Moore screwed it up so bad, and messed with the story of batman and the joker like no one had had courage until then to get you started the story begins
with batman entering Arkham asylum like that his sinister way going to the cell of the
joker, to talk to the joker, you heard right batman went to have a discussion with the joker, the thing is that batman doesn’t kill, and he wants to talk just about that, obviously the batman and the joker will kill each other sooner or later, this already shows that this comic will be dark on this psychological side from
batman, the guy is tormented because he has his code of honor but it’s obvious that he and the joker will end up killing each other and he wants to make sure that he
did everything to avoid that, but the action begins when batman loses his temper,
takes the joker by the hand and asks if he is listening then he notices that the joker’s makeup came out, and the comic’s joker doesn’t use makeup, his skin right, and the hair, and the mouth, and everything is just the way it is It’s not makeup, Batman freaks out, takes the fake joker by the neck, Commissioner Gordon comes in to separate the
two the scene closes with batman asking “where is he?” the next scene already answers this question for us the joker is in an abandoned amusement park and is talking with the owner about how is that suffering from neglect, right, that the toys are dirty and can even kill a person and that
he is interested in buying the park, while the Joker talks to the abandoned park owner he seems to remember some history from the past who shows himself as a failed stand-up comedian failed comedian? if you watched at least the new joker trailer You already know what we are saying here, but there’s one thing about the killing joke and does not have in the movie, it’s the pregnant wife, the couple is broke, the son will be born in 3 months and the husband is desperate and stressed because he needs to find a way to make money, when the scene goes back to the present the joker closes deal with the park owner, shake his hand reveals two things: One the park already belongs to the joker because his henchmen have already convinced his owner’s partner to sign the paperwork an hour before
he arrives. Two the joker had a poisoned needle at the time for the shaking
hands, and leave the old owner poisoned, with his face paralyzed in a smile and super crazy. Meanwhile the batman is doing his homework and is checking all records about the Joker in the bat cave, the problem is that there is no information about the Joker, no one know his real name, his age right, where does he come from, nobody knows nothing and batman stays there researching and questioning that he knows nothing about the Joker just as the joker does not
know nothing about him and as two people who don’t
know can hate each other so much, on the other side of the town the commissioner gordon is super mas with the situation while his daughter Barbara Gordon, the bat girl tries to relax her father with hot chocolate, maybe it would work, I particularly love hot chocolate, but someone knocks on the door and when she
open is the joker already pointing a gun at her and shooting, that’s where thing starts getting bad, the joker’s henchman come in and beat the Commissioner Gordon and the Joker begins the clothes off Barbara Gordon and taking picture of her naked, heavy. The next scene is one more flashback, this time is
with our favorite failed comedian in a bar with two guys not quite
unfriendly, the thing is that he worked as a laboratory assistant
in a chemical industry before resigning to be comedian, and the two guys
want to break into a deck factory that is next to the chemical industry, the plan is for the ex employee guide them through the factory to avoid security, as it was not really the best, and earning a lot of money robbing the deck factory, by the way part of the cover includes him putting
a red hood on his face, obviously he’s reluctant but how will be a father in three months he accept, back to the present batman visits Barbara Gordon who
is in the hospital, knows what happened and that she will no longer be able to walk. And when she wakes up, she says the Joker kidnapped her father, that’s where
enters another striking point of this story as I said at the beginning the killing joke
has redefined the relationship between batman and joker, they are no longer just
hero and villain and now have this relationship of one needed the other always, that one
everlasting mad cycle between them. The other point is Commissioner Gordon wakes up naked in that circus and is dragged to the Joker by three weird dwarves there, besides that dwarf the joker hired people from horrors show, like goons, and he forces Commissioner Gordon into a ghost train but his speech is about how memories can drive a person crazy and that’s what he’s going to do with the commissioner, his plan is to drive crazy the biggest Gotham law enforcement officer, by the joker’s words “What separates me from you is just one day
bad. “And if you watched the movie Batman the dark knight you must remember what happened to harvey dent in the movie the joker’s plan to attack the white knight of gotham was totally inspired by the killing joke as much as Heath Ledger’s speech that everyone it’s bad, it just takes a little push to reveal it, going back to the killing joke we have one more flashback, this time it’s our comedian making the finishing touches for the invasion in the chemical industry that night when two cops arrive, they’ll talk to the poor guy, and reveal that his wife died, simple as that, there was a short circuit, an explosion and she died then the boy gets devastated, but even
so the two bandits warn that if he gives up of crime they will have to do what criminals do and beat him up that is, in a single day he lost his pregnant wife, and was still forced to commit a crime he
never wanted to commit, had accepted only by despair it can’t get worse right? it can, oh it can get worse, you will see how it get worse soon, talking about getting worse, the Commissioner Gordon’s life gets at the worst time imaginable, he gets stuck in the ghost train with the three dwarfs forcing him to see everything, but instead of everything but instead of little ghosts and little vampires, the joker filled the tracks with the pictures of Barbara Gordon naked and shot, suffering in pain, and the three dwarfs are in the cart too forcing him to see everything while the joker laughs, dances, and speaks a lot of crazyness, including some more hardcore fans interpret that Commissioner Gordon saw more than his naked daughter, some interpret that the Joker [email protected]&d shot and exhibited it to her father, but that was not explicit for DC not to get in trouble say in the comments what
did you find this interpretation, in the meantime batman investigates around the
whole town, finds nothing until they turn on the bat sign and the cops show the amusement park invitation next to the joker card, batman leaves immediately while Commissioner Gordon finishes his ride, the unfortunate can’t even say a word and the joker is still there mocking and as if that were not enough yet throws the commissioner in a cage and that’s where the last flashback finishes explaining the origin of Joker, that poor comedian right, he will guide the bad guys through the industry and put such red hood on it to keep the cover, it’s not the famous red hood from nowadays, actually had other people with codenames red hood so much that when they are breaking into the industry the police catch them in the act, shoot them, kill the two bad guys and then Batman arrives saying, we meet again red hood, the comedian is terrified because there’s a shooting going on, he doesn’t see straight with the damn red hood and you must imagine what happens, he trips and falls right in the toxic trash from the industry. When he
starts swimming out, he takes off his hood and looks into a puddle he’s all skinned
white, swollen mouth and green hair that’s how the joker was born, and the great outcome of that hq had to be the battle between batman and the joker of course, while the joker does all that anarchist speech right, his militant, batman arrives in the bat mobile facing the joker, even I wonder why he did not run over the joker, like, it is batman and it’s the batman in the batmobile, he would know to stop the car at the right time to attack the joker and not kill him don’t you think? finally, the two face each other and the description balloon repeats Batman’s lines from the batman of the beginning of the story, the
that makes everything tense, that talk that I came to talk, and we will
end up killing each other sooner or later they exchange some punches, the Joker runs away as usual and Batman take the chance to save Commissioner Gordon, and the thing is that the Commissioner didn’t go crazy The moral of this story is that no, not everyone goes crazy, not everyone turns bad not even on the worst day of life, this is an interesting detail of this hq, it is well darker and more violent than most stories, but it still has that footprint of old-fashioned heroism, the good guys are still pretty heroic after all, batman goes after the joker right while commissioner Gordon pretends that they have to prove that the Joker is wrong, and I won’t even talk much about next pages because it was going to be annoying, you have to read it for yourself I assure you, it’s cool to read this comic, batman chasing the joker, both fighting while each one give a speech with it’s own way of thinking and facing life, is very epic. At the end batman wins and like a good hero he says again that he and the Joker can’t be like that, that one of them will end up dying but that the joker can be helped, and what does the joker do? he tries to say it’s already too late for him, and starts laughing because he remembered a joke and this is the most tense moment of all, ou of every moment of the history, that’s right, the most tense was not him shooting Barbara Gordom, not to torture Commissioner Gordon, none of that the most tense is the end, the Joker tells the joke, he said there was two crazy guys on the roof of a madhouse trying to escape, and the plan was one to light up the lantern in the direction from the other building, so he could cross over the bridge of light But then the other crazy guy complains about “who assures me that you won’t turn of the light halfway?” and the joker laughs, and batman laughs, and batman puts his hand on the joker’s shoulder while the two laugh, but the tense is not the laughing Batman, is that the last pictures of the comic show the floor with a puddle of rain and a crack of light in the water, and in the last frame the light turns off, only the drops of rain, the light was turned off, that is, one of the freaks turned off the light of the lantern and killed the other as I said the ending and tense, and it is precisely because it is a totally ambiguous ending what it implies is that the batman killed the joker, he saw there was no way it was going to be that forever, so he did what had to be done he already had his hand on the joker’s shoulder and broke his neck of course there are fans who prefer the
darker batman and agree with this theory right and there are fans who prefer batman
more heroic and hate this theory so leave in the comments which version you prefer, one way or another this story later entered the canonical of DC, which made Alan Moore real mad even. Officially the batman did not killed the joker, Barbara Gordon became paraplegic and became the oracle, including helping justice league as a hacker and detective and if we have this relationship of batman and joker as two forces forever trapped in that
cycle, much of it is thanks to this hq the killing joke. As you can see guys, this comic influenced a lot of stories, from batman and other heroes. The film of Tim Burtom, Christopher Nolan, now the new Joker movie too, they all got inspired a lot on this hq, the batman arkham origins game too, and every story that put the hero and villain like these opposing forces but they need each other one way of another had influence in this hq. Would not exist rock’n’roll without Beattles, as there wouldn’t be a bunch of comics stories without the killing joke, whether you’re a DC lover or not, you have recognize guys that this is a very important hq for comic book history in general. One more point for DC in the history of comics, which did so much for comics throughout the publisher’s existence Nerd thank you so much for this video, do not forget the thumbs up and put down here also others, other sagas other bows you stories you want us to bring here in full story form or moments, whether it’s anime, or comic moments that you want us to bring also as “see how it was”it is very important this feedback from you and most importantly, it’s very important, don’t let this work stopped on you without you be subscribed here, subscribe here now, that’s all you need do for you to be always tunned, how many comic channels of superheroes, and anime you
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