A House Page Remembers Unity on the House Floor on September 12, 2001: Zack Stanton

It was a very communal atmosphere. That day, I had been assigned flag duty, which meant that I had to deliver flags that had flown over the Capitol to Members’ offices in the office buildings. And so, I, I had gone around and done that as quickly as I could in the morning, because I wanted to get back there before the House got into session. And, and I came back–I arrived during the first speech, midway through Dick Armey’s speech. And so, I was there for, for Congressman Gephardt’s speech, which–you know, the speeches that day– it’s actually one of the few times I remember being there where a Member of either party would say something and get a robust applause from, from both sides. It was, it was just a very sort of communal atmosphere. It was, it was–I would liken it to sort of being at a funeral, in that everyone’s mourning, but there’s also a sense of calm and purpose, and there’s unity in that.

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