A History of Royal Fashion Fancy dress meanings and motivations: webinar discussion

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to
the live webinar for step 2.7 in week 2 for A History of Royal Fashion we’re
delighted that you could join us this afternoon for those of you that weren’t
able to make it for time differences on work commitments or anything like that
a link to this video will be live as soon as we can make it available after
the broadcast is finish so don’t worry you’re not missing out on anything. So I’m Sally Tuckett and I’m here with Vicky Price who is a lecturer at
University of Glasgow and is an expert in Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre and
today the motive of this webinar is really to talk a bit more about some of
the themes and the questions that have come up from the previous steps this
week so it’s a lot about the performance the performative style of dress in
Jacobean and Caroline masks the purpose of fancy dress, why people do
it, why people like it, why people hate it. All that kind of thing. We’ve seen
some great questions and comments from you all and we’ll do our best to address
as many of them as we can but I think just to kick us off first of all Vicky, could you just remind us what a mask is and why it’s important to the Stuart
courts. Sure. Hello everyone yeah absolutely happy to start with some
general information about the mask village really elaborate performances
very different sorts of performances what happening in the commercial stage
they very carefully choreographed dance movements they elaborately music there
was written text that which was being delivered and the lines would have
easily read by professional actors and often members of the royal family and
the nobility also participated in very particular roles in laws as well and
there was a sense of bringing everyone together in these court cycles it was
very much about celebrating and for example in relationships and general
very much about celebrate Jonas’s power celebrating wealth of the
nation display wealth of the nation so these very elaborate performances often
tied into weddings and births happening usually if part of Christmas festivities
as well so there’s very much a sense I’ve it’s all about display it’s all
about extravagance my understanding is that it’s still actually quite a small
relatively small circle it’s not general public it’s another story that Royals
and their court only that’s right it’s very much imputation only both in terms
of those as I mentioned that there would be professional actors with before the
subparts and other parts making and performed by members of the court
circles in fact that a bit weird effect that we’ve been an invitation-only and
that extends to the audience as well that audience would be a very elite
courtly audience often these festivities coincided with visits from different and
he might be foreign diplomats or ambassadors who sometimes in service
would be invited to participate whether it is to watch its mass oh goodness
okay so it wasn’t just not necessary I pictured that in my head is quite sort
of people and it isn’t to an extent and if ambassador’s mother France could
you join into it so the political diplomacy I think
absolutely this is something really interesting about that ending at the
last because at the end you can ask the audience who seated up into this play
are invited to participate and it needs masks if you have if you look at some of
the texts that we have from these masks so typically they look quite short
because they’re about 10 or 11 pages but when you actually put it together
through the dancing that happens at the end of a schism where they would go only
for several hours and services cleaners and that kind of imagined separation
between audience and the formal past performance the
council was dissolved at the end of the masks since the foreign ambassadors for
example are participating in that dancing at the air the sustainless in
which the boundaries be covering alert and it become implicated in the action
the comparative that has taken player before and that way that blurring would
actually make senses and one of the questions that popped up a lot in the
comments from the men lives was what the difference between the audience and the
players and how you could tell the difference because we saw in previous
videos sometimes the costumes especially for the masks around was the Caroline
period the silhouette is similar to the fashion of the time it’s definitely more
extravagant and obviously there are something cost you that were extremely
talk a little bit more about that later but a lot of people have been asking
about how much the audience were involved which I’ve answered that this
is blurring at the end also how much will the audience have understood what
was going on except there’s all these elements there’s the costume as the
staging there’s the lighting and we’ll talk a bit more about the simulator the
constitute a bit later but if if you want an investor’s prompts and you just
arrived at the court how much would you understand what is going on in London I
think there’s a lot of visual motifs that are used in a very recognizable
there is a lot of drawing classical mythology and that whether you were from
England or get going because you presumably cut this elite culture you
bullet-head that schooling would be able to decode and I think it coming back to
the visual side of things is that there’s a lot there’s so many different
layers to that in terms of streets as well as yeah and I think colors even
come into play there is yeah there’s so many different visuals seminar tips if
you like the different science sistex on saij that the majority of people who is
absolutely if not all would be able to decode and I think that yeah there’s
something quite interesting or maybe come to this a little bit later ceman
think that maybe through the gelatin to do CrossFit oh there’s something quite
interesting about to what extent at different layers of the some of your
tips different signs work together or maybe might be penny part slightly and
suggesting slightly different readings yeah but that’s that’s maybe something –
Paula – yeah yeah I mean it’s about that layering is so evident in the examples
that we’ve seen in the previous steps I think the costume of Henrietta Maria and
you mention color yes so that costume is a lovely blue I mean it’s a gorgeous
blue and with all the stars and the Sun bursts embroidered down from the
waitress it’s very much representing a celestial
kind of appearance she’s got she’s representing the universe really in the
video is a blue is a popular color I think in mass costumes often travel
often against red or shades of red and there’s popular references lots of
references to carnation which could mean anything from whole pink up to dark red
and that has been made in some cases to religion devoting areas often detected
I’ve seen at the Blue Book as snippet of red in there as well becoming a scenario
that obviously is also quite interesting yeah bringing religion into it we don’t
take a whole nother extra but so I kind of like that kind of involved and now I always like that making pantomimes yeah
yeah yeah is that fair enough and I think it is a fair analogy
actually because those various moments throughout comfortably Scottish
pantomime in particular it’s quite an elaborate and is it may be a different
kind of piece to Paris myself wearing it in mode but um yeah regardless of what
formant perhaps might know used to I think athlete that helmet audience
participation in house jokes at row started with in pantomime I’m not sure
if it was in a stroke than the math but rather it was in house coat you know
absolutely they’re to be interpreted read received by the audience members
and usually codes in relation to the virtues that James
for example was wanting to promote his nation I’ve seen representative of so if
the audience is becoming implicated in the action at the Queen that they you
know join in with the dancing this is sense it there automatically signing off
to those virtues in and they’re going to report to you as well so there’s
something really clever going on yeah with that would use participation yes
and I think Jamie’s is very he sees a fascinating one because we’ve learned
that now for the first mask that they put on they plundered Queen Elizabeth’s
wardrobe which sound like that Stewart’s cutting it at just grabbing everything
actually there was probably something quite it might be political little
experiencing behind that meanness he’s just arrived
yeah and so he wants to show that he’s got an adjustment right to be better so
he’s using the Old Queen’s things pragmatic its reusing stuff
yeah it’s their own label but also mean that Mars would put on quite quickly
after he got there yeah so it’s a tiny issue coming on yeah these things
sounded like they would have taken an on-set to prepare and you’ve gotta make
mystical yeah I wonder if this is another element to that aside
notice that if he’s just come to this phone it’s been a little bit contested
in some parts over interpretive that his cousin Arthur Stewart some massive
society the she stronger claim to the throne as soon as a sentence of him
player if he’s reusing this particular government in some ways than recycling
it the necessary SI in firming a part of this lineage and I’m frightfully
occupying this throne this is maybe an element which isn’t
wrassling and apparently he also used the color coding system as well there
was lots of reading lots of white read for England and Wales Scotland show yeah
yeah bringing them all together and so another you lose this a second ago as
well but it came up a lot in some of the comments from the Romans was this gender
issue yes which is something that it’s fascinating on so many levels because we
have this a lot of a lot of what we’ve talked about in the course ending weeks
to come we’ll see how clothing is a way of women making political statements
using it to show their political participation and things and in the last
article it’ll references like especially a queen and Denmark and Henry here is
this is it a chance for them to make a stamp so could you elaborate a bit on
that because shrinks I’m gonna just keen to know more about what that actually
mean yes and the the mask for jewelry and honor of Denmark’s tell you is clean
so it’s really really exciting for number of different reasons one with the
master form itself really evolved so for example and prior to about 16 or eight
1609 you just had a particular narrative
within a mask and I’ll come back to that movie but if it moment will expand relax
I’ll give you examples but after 16 rate 6 movement you get them as two parts to
last you get what’s moving some animals in a mask proper and in their aunty
maths it’s all about these forces of disorder coming up to the stage and
secret with lost Queens really really exactly
this part of Queens it starts off with some witches who occupied the stage
there seems to be representing rule that is acquitted to the thinking with the
time undesirable about women so they talk about how they don’t want a return
oh that talk about you know they want to cause all this mischief throughout the
realm or they’ll make laws about it so it’s coming into very much the
stereotypes that were operative in and modern society that women must be chaste
and obedient or you’re going to be located in this other category around
improving never being chased you know what happens at the end of that sequence
where you have these witches all these different to their quick jacket every
you know good and kind movements on the stage there’s a thunderclap and they are
banished from the stage and this house of Fame comes from above descends onto
the stage and twelve goddesses including Anna of Denmark with Muslim representing
a Pullman apartment lease what it says and Aurora and they’re capturing the
lineage of Queens that have you know famous from different parts of history
in a different part of mythology and have seen two very much represents
ability Eiland and they’ve got a very different type of movement that their
that their bodies are enacting throughout the the dine sequence that
they perform so it’s a kind of banishing that which is threatening the realm and
Joanie’s kind of facilitating this kind of restoration of order in this case
through anima denmark so to bring this back on my only surface this looks like
it’s adhering to the codes that would be prescribed for women at that time if you
base it on the kind of text and the lines that are delivered and the mines
that are deliberate when once the female mask is awry to you went last
and he lines because introduce next could Perseus who introduces our arrival
and he talks about Alice character is very much almost a mere mirror of
James’s power as though it’s a sense of this she’s defined through him so that
does the message tips given based on the text right but when you look at some of
the images suits the women have one for example that fans have been home during
different hieroglyph it’s printed on it was seems to do with fertility abundance
the women that they had chosen to see with characters though we’re very much
women who had very rich history from powerful active Queens you have not been
defined through men so this is seven so Anna and her ladies and mask queen going
okay we do important the virtues of the cause but we’re not going to be defined
through the proximity of our relationship to men with occupy these in
our own right and we have our own agency that that would be women’s honor the
other would be the mask of blackness yeah as a question is a really
interesting mask now the narrative advice really important stage really
problematic from a 21st century in reading the mask in terms of the
narrative and talks about African princesses being brought to a logical
time met so Britain’s Italians like Europe James’s they recently occupied
the throne and I suppose part of him seeking to expand his nation is very
much tapping into different clearly of discourses that were operative at that
time but what’s really interesting about that mask is that at the end of the mask
the female Mouse go through commodity lost
in black make up the narrative the broken lines divide transformation where
the African princesses that can whiten again clearly your absolutely
unacceptable by today’s standards but what they’re thinking behind that mask
was at that time without it with celebrating James’s ability to transform
these women now the reality of what happens if you have to play visual semi
optics what happens in the energy of the mask is a little bit leave the stage
do we black makeup on the ask for enormous transformation has not taken
place that’s one element and that other elements is that they cooled back to the
sea by moon goddess who is this feminine entity and so it’s very much a sense of
became we are going to define ourselves as not going to be just like through
James is a sense been undermining of that celebration of James’s power and
reach in some sense the mask of blackness in equals my schedule at the
court as a result of that sort text if you go yeah fit James’s power wasn’t
perhaps as strong as he was claiming it to be is no wife was saying I on a
second yeah and that is so this is around 1660
no that was 500 miles in fact Mississippi very politics you know so
still very early in his reign and I think from a costume perspective like he
say this the problematic issue of them using black maker and that’s that’s an
issue that again that could be a whole series of discussions in itself from the
actual clothing if I remember correctly and without she sort of criticize not
it’s not just for the makeup on her ass but the fact she was exposing her arms
and closet Lenox which for mass costumes and again
this comes up with the video a little bit with the passing pleasures Aventine
they need to set that movement you mentioned the movement and the women who
are not really witches they have a more graceful graceful movement different
style of music and that would be affected by the clothing and when we
look at a lot of the love of the design – – costumes there is a fair amount of
exposure of balloons but people see during my shot by this way and appears
in this yes yeah I mean it it’s really interesting when you think about it in
context of that she gets agreements or to other parts of the body and display
and this is not the first time quite you know there have been comments about
participation masks it’s very first asked if she had
participated in last by Samuel Taylor and the vision of love goddesses she
would hold a part of Palace and her legs and ankles or under there and you know
difficulty is connected about you know I knew there’s something quite interesting
in terms of that gain right I wonder if it’s about quite deliberately presenting
a sense of you know dissidents are imposing febrile bodies on stage and
gain their sense of not allowing themselves to be defined by men you know
that code of conduct that was prescribed for them in some things at that time and
I think this is another moment as well if you think about in terms of the very
intricate john experience that they really performing how many costume
believe it but does actually enable you to see specific energy movement the
animal evidently unknown extract is that in many ways a lot of thing is going on
with female last but this is my sense that quite often
the male mask is costumes could be viewed through a lot of sizes
as well me in it quite often and male limbs were very much like just like
perfume critics give that less attention yeah and with I’m winning this more
about a particular desire to see you know bodily physique that’s being
emphasized as part of that that portly expectation right I don’t know I think
that would play really nicely with the comparison with the children’s spruces
oh Henry we’ve learned Henry loved to display his cards he was very proud of
us and I’ve read somewhere that the month the Stewart mask some of the men
would just like to do later they would packed their stockings yeah to give
their cards of all muscular look which I think it’s fascinating that feelings do
exactly like this it’s sometimes it becomes all about the
women and what the women are doing in what they’re exposing actually but men
were probably playing just as much attention
yeah nice link with the cheetah focuses on the car from the masculinity of a
strong leg yeah and then when you get to the Caroline court so with King Charles
high heels start to become more fashionable and men are wearing our high
heels in the masses yeah as well and that just like women wear anything else
today elongates the legs attention to it you’re getting slightly higher waistline
and it’s all emphasizing a line 20 yeah exactly
yes opposed to the graceful and delicate yeah and all these and the only thing is
think we’re touching moments the display of breasts in the costumes which I know
that that we have some comments about as well and I I’m thinking that is in terms
of the lighting in the room needs in terms of very much your candle lights
and you can write and how much in lots of debates that this
as to whether the out repress themselves or explain whether it was prophetic
press it which they usually get Italians like I do the particular desirable
physique ensue and so the fluency notes at the costume in some sense whether or
not what whether or not anything it seems you’re in if security mark is this
its first one and the second element is that where their efforts on wearing
flesh college you Tyrael over their pastor
so I’m not necessarily convinced that it was always the breasts themselves at
work solely reveal that there was another a couple of layers that we will
know in terms of to protect that these are quote elite women yeah and it’s the
interesting to know actually what the learners think about that the way it was
women I think one of those images on you know the prostitute mask article hurts
the breast sick so it’s why I’m engaging stories and it it is a is an interesting
debate because in some in some of his design so it’s their intuitive example
that if anybody’s interested you can just do a quick Google + and – award any
go jokes design that loads of them do have but their breasts that sometimes
you can see suggests of what could be like a lion of material so it could
represent that it’s just as flesh colored fabric or let’s say some sort of
very modern prosthetic and the arguments is quite even the argument for the fact
that these women are exposing themselves in this way could be related to the fact
that these are essentially private Catherines I mean it’s not example but
it’s a closed court so it might not matter so much in on some levels on the
other hand still a lot of people yeah and there is still I think we do forget
this month at historic societies have different ideas about what’s proper
what’s not but still it would seem unusual for multiple women to be walking
around top is that be my damn it I don’t know think about it
this is their investigation because native people or about my but the like
of course Jean could be just as much as the premise that costly but that I mean
moving on to the constituents that was absolutely nice little segue into that
and we’ve had a lot of questions about the costumes we talked a little bit
about how sometimes they might cause a bit of controversy when they got them
from but that yet so many people got that the front of the meaning Moulton
that people have been fascinated by and I don’t know if you come across much of
this in your own research but that maybe not them the example we need a little
idiots is Inigo Jones and temporary storage yang 1632 Inigo Jones obviously
a key figure in masks it was seems to hide hand in pretty much everything you
get essentially a bit of a micromanage them
yeah and then when it comes to costumes there’s this debate over the design so I
don’t know if you would know that from your perspective having researched the
women because the design for the dress that is in the video with Henrietta
Maria costume at the blue dress and then silver stars importantly there are
actually there is that she’s applying in design by Inigo Jones yeah but it’s got
a little plaque on the front of it so it’s two versions and they even lift the
bot top half up and there’s a different design underneath which gives the sense
that indigo doing this was perhaps in correspondence with the Queen yes to say
what do you want to wear Madame witness what two options for you this looks very
nice this is a very nice it was do you think that was that my relationship with
that what do you think he was actually kind of I’ve got a vision and everybody
must fear this vision yes I think he did very much type of
patient I also think that particular extent was very involved and
commissioning touching our very sense of what they
should look like and we notice and from Johnson actually who is the Commission
muscle Atma strike text and printed version he may exceed their remember
course disclaimers and way to apply it was Her Majesty’s will to have it this
way actually those inspectors she’s doing that with Johnson she’s very much
doing that we can you go Jones as well and it gave great success female agency
usual clattering and Denmark like you really need xx more of their personality
from I want it like this yeah I know what I want I want it like this yeah and
it doesn’t it doesn’t make you wonder about it or there being a lot of
questions actually and this is something that I always came to know as well wait
so how they get from that stage of that design to the final thing do you know
roughly how long does it take you to put the mask together because we obviously
when focusing on the costume that’s just one element but talking about this whole
thing how long do they take to say I would
have them ask how much prep time do you need is it like we’re all waiting today
and it takes planning because there’s even today’s most sure I don’t know much
about that element of it but what I do know is that certainly the rehearsal
period I’m very very short I have a beautiful week okay so some ways like
these teams you know work of different elements of the management we had to
communicate with one another but the point at which you performers are
brought together it’s a really tight window of time the other thing I know is
that there’s a lot of debate around chessick the making it costs to ensure
that you know a lot more than the munis that my sense is that there’s a lot of
debate about whether or not they were made up of custom elements recycled for
example yeah commercial kids it’s my my person
you know because there’s from all high levels that we do have this clue that
they are buying in particular fabrics that are a little bit different from
what’s happening on the commercial static and the wealth of things that
they’re buying in does not suggest that they’re recycling other materials so
presumably they happened to hire a whole range of people in a lead-up to this habit ashes people to work on their
items of footwear you’re a range of difference people to work on that aspect
of it yeah and see that pokey Oaks is one of the newest or a consequence out
with leeches being kind of and I think the materials that would be bullshit and
then they would have been constructed specifically for the purpose of these
yeah like you say there’s a massive team again involved in this and you will
notice from our discussion of street fashion in general one of the arguments
for last pasta cheese is that they’re made of composite elements yeah like you
rarely get a complete outfit it’s made of all one piece of material but you get
stockings you get shoes you have skirts you get domain name done looks like this
this or jacket says there’s different elements of it which require different
skills yeah for making so like you say you’ve got that you’ve got to buying the
silks and make it you may have got to get a decent tailor to make it properly
you might have somebody else doing the embellishments and putting the emporia
decoration on it you’ll have somebody else making any rocks or colors I had
pieces or the whole team of people would have been involved and it’s interesting
you say spring for three to four weeks for rehearsals
it makes you think about the lead I don’t know anything about this world
talk about the lead in time for modern theater productions and and you always
have the dress rehearsal very close to the first performance very unaware and
there is one story of two young boys and I think it was school one of the charles
perrault’s masks i think you only got their outfits the night before the mask
itself so I think there’s also references to rehearsals being done in
mock-ups of the constituents so costumes making pieces of calico or cheaper
material because you don’t want to ruin it before the night itself there’s lots
of difference you have to make the mock-up first make sure that fits then
you make the real thing hope that that fits in type of the real event lots of
different pieces but I think I agree with you I don’t think they would have
been using other people’s cost use especially looking at green yeah not
imagine you got to hang out or anything it’s this monster company the London
stage what do you think I don’t think that would work at all but with the
company you can see them reusing things very slightly things yes and we kind of
think that’s where they’d rather lose like you repurposing something and maybe
changing the embellishment or Galatea into a different shape or doing it that
way yeah but the records are very spent on
the console no information yeah it’s so it always the mind think how many people
must have been involved from Inigo sketching how it is they might it’s
actually the realisation of it to Henrietta Maria coming down one to six
yes so many different places struggling to kind of coexist and have their say in
what this looks like threads I’m wearing it it’s something you were talking about
the kind of mock-ups ISM of their garments and I believe it’s something
they would offer their acquainted make make up several different versions of
the same costume in different colors presumably if this ends to see for
example female courtier might look best in what what is miss flattering to the
individual here I think that’s quite interesting is where it’s time to sit
those awesome and very particular decisions we make so close to the yeah
the mosque taking place herself and then presumably there’s got to be a bit of
dialogue looks to what part that person place yeah anyway me which I put a
little bit about symbolism but that’s gonna come massive bearing on what
they’re actually wearing yeah if it’s the key you get likely to stay the key
characters gonna or investment in that costume at the
entity said yes yeah crowd sees yeah obviously not his questions they’re
quite interesting in that they would have been warned Pleasant by the Kings
to manage for me Shakespeare’s Easy Company and often there was slightly
less expensive materials used for the costumes at the antique mask is which
with room and presumably partly to economize yes crazy about the money that
was spent amides entertainments those their vision with latest just kind of
reinstall that sense of hierarchy bit yes these professional actors for
occupying the same stage as tears but there’s still a sense that you know what
your your social standing is about using that equated reading for it yeah yeah
just like it would have done in a nutshell the general court says he not
even the masks you would have been able to know straight away from somebody’s
yeah the cops the quality of something outfit yeah the idea was you should have
known somebody stasis was from the quality of their out that the dimension
expense there and that’s something that comes up a lot as well a lot of comments
would be about how much this was all cost in yeah because your article
mentions that it was I think roughly or estimates together the records is going
to be don’t necessarily have the same amount of information for every single
mask but conservative estimate would be they cost around two thousand pounds to
put something on like this which would make sense when you’ve got all these
processes that we take out all these people what we raised in the comment was
how much publicity in today’s money I think you know not want to remove it I
tone okay according to my calculations and which should come with us
absolutely somebody please check that is about so 2,000 pounds per mask is about
240,000 pounds in today’s money a lot of event so these are costumes that are
going to be worn once possibly be used again you’ll never see that iteration
yeah again wisely bit to that you’ll never see the whole thing and just what
I have been perspective for the time apparently similar amounts were spent on
New Year’s gifts okay so when we taught it that comes up at this camp within the
chili week the idea of gifting things in New Year’s tradition look like to give
yes and so similar amounts it seemed to mean
sent for that to that makes it I mean it’s still ridiculous about money but it
was a bit more prospective yeah at the other end of the scale if you wanted to
with that two thousand pounds by 300 horses tonight yeah anything what there
wasn’t there’s some more examples of this like I say the records were a bit
patchy for each one I went on such a rabbit hole looking at using the empty
and we know that for one of the masks with Charles the first in 1634 he’s
spent hundreds over hundred twenty four pounds in the crimes a successful joint
have a guess at what that hundred twenty-one pounds for an answer
I wouldn’t even oh I don’t know what was it a twenty currently 14,000 and was it
all really like this history own currency convert something you can get
I’ll put a link up for the legislature away so you can play around with
yourself capacity to think so it doesn’t matter year-on-year
they’re going to put that into a little bit of context that same amount hundred
twenty compounds was apparently in roughly the annual wage for one of Henry
Henrietta Maria musicians that’s somebody’s entire salary for a
relatively educated presumably educated my love person yeah and at the other end
of scale a main angle wage is roughly one pound of it though you can see why
maybe some people thought I love to know what the expenses are
and that fits and there’s an interesting thing about that in a sense it if the
dress for example it’s not amazing but we might feel a little bit disappointed
so in the one hand we can critique but it’s also because it quite often these
marks we’re tied into first and why think this is really important in the
repetitive nature I think this is amazing it’s interesting you’ve got this
this double-edged sword because these masks are actually moralizing they’re
smoking you know that like you say they’re talking about how good chases or
have brilliant chances and then what there’s all your moral to them and get
that spending all this money you can see why you’d like the church and it was a
bit like oh yes this is maybe not going the right way
so that’s related to the cost another question that popped up a lot
was he was paying for all of this yeah and which the masks in general
– some to him until two days because that would be the rebels office because
the rebels objects in the rebels of this and basically headed up all the arts
entertainment for the court and I was it was it mister charge of claims licensee
played scripts and licensing with many houses as well and but there’s a shift
in control of the rebels office around 1580 and in 1580s
I believe that the budget center from which the costs affiliated with the
palaces transition so there is no governor coming out both the rebels of
his budget I was coming out from one of the other budgets and within the crown
and so wasn’t around right but yes that makes a bit slightly separate to budget
that the crown is given to the rebels office so it’s utterly crown pain you
know that the budget code I think there’s there’s a lot of it I
think there’s a bit of a ship but you say my today like the rebels of this
thing and I do know that in some of the early ones in the Debian ones there it’s
there doesn’t seem to be a sense that some of the participants in the last
might have to pay for the costumes themselves yeah not necessary for the
whole performance but I’m you know you’re guilty to wear that outfit you
wear you pay for it basically and there’s an interesting argument that
again if this is something you’re interested in you can just google the
last portraits them a lot of them will pop up and because there are a lot of
Maneki an era of people which are presumably in mask outfits they’ve got
the slightly shorter hemline they’ve got some elements it’s autism in there
there’s always some kind of big fancy headdress and the argument goes that
because they paid all this money for an outfit was only going to be worn once
they then wanted that preserved for posterity acts they pay the money and so
that’s I think that’s that it is again it just seems a bit unfair like who
you’re inviting to this party but you pay for you’re out yeah but then
leadership later and the court the crown does not necessarily always on time
yeah probably there’s a significant delay often in the bills being paid but
yeah nothing changes much really very
mistakes so I think that’s okay I hope that’s coming a lot of your questions
but it comes to mask itself and if you do have more than they put them on the
comments will try and they’re back in have a look at these ideal somewhat to
talk today a little bit about Banksy dress in general and I probably should
add a caveat here that fancy dress in Britain means dressing up in a costume
often with a theme and from the comments I’ve become aware that America I mean
possibly also fancy dress means more dressing up smartly for a particular
event or occasion I’m interested in both so I don’t don’t worry if you feel like
you comment on the wrong side but in terms of
British fancy accent like a wreck something cost you kind of like the past
your way dr. Besson area and perhaps playing a character I’m the key or
something like that costume parties of that kind of nature and we ask the
learners to talk about why people like to do it and why they might not like to
do it and even I have reached out about this before but what what are your
thoughts only most awesome are you dressing up today or if you were in the
Stewart Court would you feel happy and I imagine that if I was in district court
over to loved it because I imagine the days were quite long and quite look
immersive a sense of excitement that elements will send me a bit experimental
yeah I believe there’s lots of consumption of alcohol in intensive for
me personally I’m your father fantasy dragon would only four that is a lot of
fun of me during that ski trip s I love looking other people and what they were
wearing and it really quite impressed particular own costume yes that must be
such an achiever substituent’s you created this must be really enjoyable to
discern that by myself I’ve learned what it’s like they’re fairly idea masquerade
where perhaps your disguise a little bit more because sometimes only a costume
people still know a little bit more pretty if you’ve got that additional
kind of player that helps to describe him a little bit more and then anything
just take it back back to the Stewart’s and the musk yeah
how easy was it you can correct and I speak to you at least stories 78 them he
would try to decide himself that people’s we still continued no and when
you think about the level of higher up so directly cuff and clothing in general
do you think there is a sense that the king was in some cases if there was a
masquerade element rather than just a costume respect it
was a keen translated his unpeaceful you know and I do miss Thomas effects of
doing my suspected theories focus I different sorts and he counts if him
dressing up and yeah it’s awful surprising his new bride yeah and things
like that certainly implants Xmas GPS element and
Woodson ccleaner but we’ve played jokes at different winces I would have
mentioned how free must that be if you could you couldn’t recognize you
yeah I would that I kind of agree with you on the same like the whole fancy
dress process I find really I like a finished product
yeah so I’m not critical person they’re coming with an idea is reversible but
and I love seeing other people yeah one of the things that came up with
alone is a lot with this if you are in fancy dress or in a costume you can take
on a different persona and if you can be somebody else
it’s escapism actually it could be really like it’s a freeing experience if
you’re not self-conscious person yes feel like you’re standing out like a
sore thumb yeah I know I guess it’s that sense if
that you know it’s for a particular period of time it’s young it’s somehow
okay so then he gave some of the behavior that we know the coaches did
and you read a lot of comments and learners thinking about you gosh
was this really okay for the moves behaviorism again I guess there is a
sense that you know I’m wondering if masks and fancy dress always a basic
like safety self review you know that it’s been particularly kind of good
countenance it’s okay to go in your experience its sense of license because
you know that once that period of time is passed everything returns to normal
yeah and there’s lots of examples I think that were coming in also that so
the Common Core yeah and then embarrass the masquerade
like it’s the inversion of the social hierarchy and in Halloween you are to
another turtle treating yes so our lives are beauty or not if your disguise to
somebody you can get where you belong yeah yeah yeah I think it’s this a
fascinating thing and I think some of the letters count some really good
examples of what the equivalent of a mask might be today by og think of the
universe was what illuminator on the promise we’ve got this all-encompassing
music performance us to audience participation I’m not gonna come to live
again but music concert in xx a community it would be coming together
experiencing this together that was really lovely example the other wedding
at when John talks with me with the Olympics okay yeah I thought I thought
that was a really good yeah analogy today and in a museum in it in my head
the Olympic ceremonies always just a little bit pompous yes man I think the
last might have had a maybe not to 17th century sensibilities but looking back
from a modern perspective yeah yeah it’s just it’s expensive extravagant it’s not
you although all the cost she’s going to community vote that was a really good
examining difference being the Olympics are open to everybody everybody yes it’s
either two months and with the other example I had seen that’s when I met
suggested garden parties and included and slightly different where you cost
you dressing up there’s yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s brilliant and okay I think
that’s about all the time we have for this afternoon really hope you guys
enjoyed it thank you so much for sending in so many questions and comments and
thoughts and generally just engaging with this discussion like I say I’m
sorry if we couldn’t cover your specific questions or comments we will try and go
back and address some more if you’ve got any more just in the comment section
this link will go away as soon as we can make it available so if you are watching
that I even want to watch back it should be there very soon but keep the comments
and questions tell me we really and really enjoy
seeing how much you’re engaging that the course is absolutely fantastic and she
just that quick thank you you can’t say because it’s slightly off screen but
Thomas when the mentor a lot of mentors on the course is here today so thank you
for your help this afternoon keep questions and comments coming in
and we hope for seeing what you’re going to make of the georgians in week 3 so
thanks very much thank you – Vicki

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