A Definitive History of Streaming Media from Netflix to Disney+

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  • The Streaming Wars, Begin!

  • burn disney burn….already lied like hell about older southpark episodes!

  • You release this vidéo 2 hours after i gave my essay on the same theme to my teacher

  • Fourth.
    I think.

  • do a video on flat tax.
    i know that some countries have it so try compare how countries were doing before and after the flat tax

  • I rather do something That I should not because I don't support these streaming services.


  • This is the best part of FEE. I love the cartoons but man, every time OOF comes on…. Instant click.

  • is a free market economy different from a Laissez-Faire economy ?

  • Disney+ is Awesome great video 😀

  • Gargoyles was amazing

  • Thumbs down for the 5 minute ad before your content – I don't get that ratio of ad to content with even the worst of other offenders. Now go do some good and apply the same logic to a video tearing down so called Net Neutrality. Namely that less regulation will almost certainly end up being better for the average user.

  • Pretty sure Disney+ has DRM though so it has no value to me. I know I'm in the minority on that and I'm fine with that.

  • another great out of frame.

  • Sure, Netflix's monopoly ended naturally. But it's not because of innovation, it's because companies decide to pull out their content from Netflix. Nothing has improved, the same content is just divided up now between multiple streaming services that just copied Netflix and some of them are even worse than Netflix.

    So we pay more from the same thing. The sitiation is worse than before the end of Netflix's monopoly.

  • When I'm an old man I'm going to tell my grandkids stories about this very thing. (in a wheezy old mans voice) "Back when I was your age we didn't have youtube or streaming. If we wanted to rent a movie we had to go to a place called a 'video store.' And if you wanted to watch something funny caught on camera, you had to watch a show called 'America's funniest home video's.' and ever then you would be lucky to get something funny."

  • This is probably my favorite series on youtube.

  • streaming apps are for normie suckers

  • You know what's even better than a paid subscription streaming service? Having your own network attached storage (NAS).

    I have no extra monthly payments beyond Internet access. I know that everything on there is something I want to see. I know that none of it will ever be removed.

  • A shame the FTC caught up to Youtube now.

  • Keep making out of frame content it's a great channel on why free markets are great.

  • OK, Boomer!

  • Begun the streaming wars has.

  • Streaming is better than cable TV.

    I have spoken.

  • Do you think you’ll ever do an episode on the last airbender (ba sing se or the school in the fire nation to be more specific)?

  • Wouldn't be shocked to see practically every films that was once owned by independent companies like Warner Bros, Universal Studios, and every film productions in Hollywood be owned by Disney in less than twenty years, thirties top. Only to not have director's cut as they get heavily watered down/censored for everyone (mostly those under 18) to "enjoy". As the hardly watch films will be excluded & lost to time. And I hope the same fate won't happen with pretty much every other mainstream franchises like cartoons, video games, and merchandise international wise. I don't see most positive implications of Disney being the only giant company be optionally, or mandatory purchase from. Given how corporate ladder elites favors quantity over quality, and the product's equivalency to the price tag is no exception.

  • Talk about late fees? There was one time when I rented a couple videos from Blockbuster and then returned them on time like a good girl. Well, some time later I get late fees – FOR THE TAPES I HAD RETURNED! And I paid them, but to this day I remember how someone's ineptitude cost me. Instead of being understanding about the situation, they still charged me because whoever was working at the counter failed to properly record the return. I didn't rent from Blockbuster for a few years after that, and well, the other rental place didn't really have any good choices.

    Anyway, if Blockbuster had maybe taken responsibility for things like the occasional goof-up, maybe they would still be around today.

  • TV rots your brain

  • Wow! Thank you for your hard work. Will be sharing this.

  • Absolutely love your Out of Frame videos. It really helped me to see and reinforce that I am not a 'victim' of society. I just didn't know the rules by which society plays. Thank you so much for this quality content. 🙂

  • No mention of Crunchyroll, HiDive or FUNimationNOW despite being smaller, more niche and yet more innovative then the mainstream streaming services,?

  • "Penetration Pricing"

  • ~This is gonna sound like a paid ad, and I promise you its not~
    You spent an entire MINUTE gushing fanboi ad talk into the mic,
    with ~zero mention~ of any view other than shill shill shill.
    HERS A TIP: Dont expect viewers to wade thru a full minute of crap before you GET TO A POINT besides shilling
    I gave you another 30 sec past that…
    and STILL it looked like just a Paid Infomercial for Disney
    So I stopped watching
    Was this vid something Socially Relevant, Ponderable, or maybe of Concern or Commendation?
    I dont know: Your crappy opening minute & half DROVE ME AWAY before I found out

    If this was an accident- Git Gud Scrub, you lost my viewership
    If this was intentional- Shame on you

  • Daily reminder that Disney definitely keeps metrics on what gets watched and what doesn't get watched, and if enough of you start binging Gargoyles there's always an off chance of them taking notice and reviving it.

  • Great video

  • I do not know about anyone else, but I prefer to have a service with ads.
    Then I let it play to just before the end, and rewind.
    I can sometimes watch without ads.

  • Question: does the loss of net neutrality in the USA make the internet marketplace more or less of a free market?
    I see the current rise of the plethora of streaming services as similar to the rise of the plethora of oil companies in the late 1850’s and 1860’s, with the loss of net neutrality opening the door for select behemoths like Disney, YouTube, and Netflix to cut deals with ISPs for preferential treatment of data packets just like the way a single large player (Standard Oil) used its large volume of refined oil products (eg kerosene) to obtain preferential shipping contracts which allowed it to undercut and ultimately overwhelm all competitors. What’s stopping Disney from making a deal with Verizon and AT&T to ensure that Disney Plus gets streamed and other services don’t? Would that outcome represent a triumph of free markets (ie, making a few select holders of capital very wealthy) or a failure (consumers are given less choice)?
    I’m reminded of the breakup of AT&T back in 1984. As the anti-trust case was being heard in the courts my dad argued with me, saying that to breakup AT&T would end inexpensive quality voice telephony service, and I argued that ending the monopoly would be the beginning of an era of new telephony services and consumer choice. We were both right… it’s essentially impossible to make a high-quality POTS call anymore, but nobody cares because now we can all stream two way high-def video, something that was literally inconceivable in 1984.

  • So Disney is not going to slowly take over the market buy making it that you have to go to disney plus instead of the theature and then eliminating purchasable content at the store?

  • Find a woman that talks about you the way FEE talks about free market economies.

  • How long til someone sells a service including multiple streaming services and reinvents cable

  • Pirating is good

  • Are you actually a Boomer? Doesn't sound like it. Sounds like you are GenX…

  • Thank you so much. It was nice hearing the history of all this from Blockbuster late fees all the way to Disney Plus. I'm happy the free market has allowed innovation to take place.

  • I see you failed to mention the most talked about problem when disney+ was announced which is "exclusive content" Piracy fell when netflix appeared and the cable cutting culture started

    but with each tv network and movie studio having their own streaming service and with exclusive content i think piracy will rise again because the key word here is convenience netflix was the one place for watching good tv and movies but know you have to subscribe to multiple services same as cable tv
    and the argument that having multiple services enhance quality because of competition doesn't work with exclusive since companies will compete to have the better (or more) exclusives and will ignore service quality and other stuff, same thing happened before with anime streaming websites (crunchyroll , amazon anime, netflix anime)
    crunchyroll lowered the video bitrate (lower quality, lower cost) but no one can leave crunchyroll because they have exclusive rights to the most famous animes (hero academy naruto etc…)
    so instead of competing with more quality or lower subscription price they compete with exclusive which is good for them but bad for consumer and will he only two option (lower quality and multiple subscriptions or piracy which has better video quality and more convenient than having multiple subscriptions

  • What do you think about intellectual property? It's a monopoly enforced by the government that's allowing all these streaming services to have sole access to programming.

  • @Foundation for Economic Education

    Can you do your next video on a movie called Eagle Eye? It’s a really good movie which actually provides a very good insight into what can happen if the government oversteps its boundaries with power.

  • Sean, I always look forward to the videos in this series. Keep up the great work, FEE!

  • Out of Frame videos are my favorite FEE videos, the smooth narrator voice and great content, ideas, and arguments are always fun to watch!

  • The greatest downfall of dedicated libertarians is worshipping big corporations.

  • Thing is, streaming was supposed to be a replacement to cable. We give up cable, and now it’s a massively over saturated market thanks to corporations overstepping their bounds, the same way governments do. If you ask me, corporations are just another form of government that holds the people’s interests less at heart than the government does. I would love a free market, but until both corporations and governments learn to stop getting involved, we will never accomplish such a feat.

    Edit: Ok so I’ve been thinking about this way too much, because I think that there will be lots of movies and shows and each platform will all sell different shows, but at the same time, it all comes down to what the creators of these shows and movies want, and how badly they want to sell to each service. It’s all based on individuals nature, which we can’t predict, at least not accurately enough to make any proper generalizations. I think that in any case, the free market will reveal which service people enjoy most. We can’t predict this one, which I think is why so many people want it to go back to the way it was before, it was simpler, we knew for a fact that it wouldn’t get worse. In any case, this train is already rolling. We’ll just have to hope it works out, because we can’t stop this train.

    Also, it’s not like it matters to me, I stopped watching off of streaming services a while ago. Only reason I care is because the free market is guided by businesses just as much as is it is by consumers, and when consumers make bad choices, it affects themselves, when a business makes a bad choice, or one for purely their gain, the economy suffers which hurts everyone. The more we can exchange currency for goods and services, the better off we all are, but when businesses throw off that balance, it stagnates, and sometimes even declines.

  • Dear FEE,
    What I leaned through experience is that monopoly is not a representation of Capitalism because markets are like bubbles of what the company thinks is profitable and fulfills customer demands.
    For example one bubble could represent the demand for cheap practical products but another product could be more specialist and expensive.
    Markets and demands can expand and take different shapes for the greatest fulfillment of demand and expand the their reach to the consumers.
    In reality markets are a very fluid and innovative social creation unlike the rigid central planning.
    Sincerely, Fan

  • Don't jinx it with that idiot trump!

  • If Disney wants to be “woke” by placing warning labels on its classics that contain things that wouldn’t fly today, how about release Song of the South? Then, they can also explain why some people find offense to it. Personally, it is actually a lot less racist than many movies of its era. Dumbo and Peter Pan contain more racist elements than Song of the South.

  • It's a race to the bottom… but in the price they charge. If they want to compete, they also have to race to the top in regards to the quality of the service and content they offer!

  • I want a race to the bottom of violent pornography.

  • Or, and here me out on this. I could just get it all for free.

  • FEE what.

    You talk like its competition driving improvement in this industry but you yourself literally admit to buying all the streaming services. If most consumers are buying two different kinds of milk at once, are they competing? Or is it more likely that they are fulfilling separate demands? The market signal a business gets when you buy both is the same as when you buy a car and a t-shirt, you're ignored (from that angle at least) because their bottom line isn't effected by the other. So in streaming this encourages stagnation because they are not losing money to a competitor. There is no incentive to compete in any way other than to lock down exclusive licenses which can't possibly be defined as competing because exclusive licenses don't improve your product, they just hurt your "competitors"

    You're definition of a natural monopoly is also really dodgy too, typically libertarians don't consider a "natural monopoly" as a real thing because the only useful definition of a monopoly is to describe why consumers are being abused. This doesn't happen even when they're is only one company because the THREAT of a new company capitalising on their abuse is enough to keep them away from it.
    You talk like Hulu/disney/amazon was good for Netflix but any consumer will tell you that the golden years of streaming was when Netflix was the ONLY streaming service. Infact Sandvine's internet Phenomena Report is finally beginning to reflect that as piracy is now on the rise again for the first time since like 2012.

    You go on to address higher price and the splitting of content over tons of different apps but then strawman it by conflating it with a race to the bottom/the quality of individual shows going down. But more egregiously you compare our current system to CABLE rather than Netflix dominating the market just a couple of years ago.
    Like no shamwow, we're not as bad as cable (YET) but that doesn't prove anything. What DOES prove something is that there is a wide spread notion that streaming got worse. Tell me, in what true competitive market does an industry make consumers less happy than before?

    And finally at 15:00 you say there's a restructured Blockbuster but say it was too late to get big. and I know it was 2011 so it wasn't even really true that is was too late, that was more 2017-now but the very fact you think it can be "too late" for a business to challenge another that's far bigger than them is completely opposed to the idea of a free market economy.

    And all of this while completely dodging the issue that copyright IS government regulation. Copyright and other government interventionism IS the only way to get a monopoly in a free market economy and I really expected a libertarian channel to question copyright or at least its implementation instead of dodging it entirely and pretending this is somehow a golden child of a market economy. I'm disappointed that there wasn't just a LITTLE bit more thought put into this.
    If you want anymore perspective, look at the video "the Netflix Problem". This topic has kinda been my thing for 3 years now.

  • Next episode in not so distant future will be about how "Google, YouTube, Twitter and Patreon," finally got their true competition and became largely irrelevant due to their meddling in free speech.

  • My main concern is when these corporations start buying up one another, Disney already owns most of Hulu how long till they own even more they will start a monopoly in the streaming service just as they started a Monopoly in the film industry. The biggest blockbuster movies always come them that is not by mistake they have pushed the market too that point. They're not just an industry leader they are the only one that people care about which does not bode well for other companies.
    Hell if they decide to make a service similar to YouTube they would easily beat YouTube.

  • ya know… I actually feel grim about streaming services being so numerous and all over the place rather than more centralized…
    but here's the thing. As far as I can tell, none of them have contracts, and when your premium ends, your account doesn't…
    With a simple click and credit management, you can easily make December Disney+ time, and carry one major service. Then next month, cancel and switch to another. None of them have 12 month contracts…
    I honestly believe the next innovator will probably be a service that banks on helping people automatically do this without having to do the clicks themselves. As much as that seems silly, I think someone is gonna try it.

  • This content is great quality! Keep it coming, more documentary stuff like this would be great, especially from a fee perspective

  • Don’t forget Red Box! They still do dvd rentals now. And if you fail to return on time, and never return, Red Box charges you for the cost of the movie, so YOU on the movie.

    Red Box is almost on every street corner and store.

    Plus Red Box is moving into streaming as well.

    There are Red Box copycats as well.

  • Come back to me when they have the show's in the original aspect ratio

  • Nah not ok boomer that is too young you had to miss Netflix to not be pissed by Disney plus

  • I would be curious to see where platforms like FUNimation and Crunchyroll came in with anime.

  • 17:54 You know what I appreciates about chah FEE?

  • Personally I would add Crunchyroll and Elation's bundle service (the company who owns Crunchyroll) to the list as ever since SAO launched they have started to gain a ton of traction and it is building fast.

  • Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, you assume the consumer is smart. There are a lot of fools out there to part their money from, and they are getting dumber all the time

  • You know itscheap now but as soon as they kill thier competition disney will jack up their prices.. disney is a crony capitalist company.. run by a democrat.

  • 13:13 Standard Oil became a monopoly due to lack of regulation and no companies were able to compete with it.

  • Throughout the video, I keep on thinking about the stories that Disney is going to place all the Fox IPs that they got in the merger in the Disney Vault and never going to let people see these movies again because they were Fox films. What's your take on that and am I supposed to worry about lesser choice because of these mergers?

  • Actually, streaming services only exist because of strict copyright law, enforced by the government. And a lot of people actually think these government-enforced monopolies are actually too strict, which has led to an overabundance of streaming platforms.

  • I enjoyed your video thank you

  • Natural Monopolies can occur if the barrier to entry is too huge. For a streaming service that just utilised servers and programmers, how high is the barrier to entry? Free market is great for merit goods such as u mentioned, but it can't solve the problems that the market DOESN'T realise it faces. Feels like this channel is becoming more and more becoming towards 'Free Market Capitalism Solves All Human Problems' channel.

    Stop wrecking governments like that. If all a government does is hinder innovation, then why does it exists?

  • Awesome vid! This is my favorite so far. Great points & fantastic editing. Looking forward to more! And oh…Baby Yoda FTW.

  • ….and then there's me….new multi-directional digital antenna on the roof…..the airwaves will always be free!!!

  • And now we see the rise of piracy again, because the companies have gotten greedy and nobody is going to subscribe to all those services for their exclusives.

  • all those subs and no xbox 360 app

  • Now do healthcare.

  • Gargoyles was awesome

  • It actually is quite beautiful, with reason to cut through the cynicism.

  • A fellow Gargoyles lover? I knew I liked you for a reason… It was legit the first show I watched when I got D+.

  • Will you ever do an Out of Frame on Jack Ryan season 2? I haven't heard too many people talking about how they took the actual situation of Venezuela and then flipped it making the socialsts the good guys.

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