A Day In The Life… Of A 10-Year-Old In Norman Times – Hands on History – BBC

Whoops! Sorry Everyone sleeps starkers in Norman times The shirt gets washed every Monday The tunic every Easter. Does it pong a bit? A little bit! I’m a Paige This isn’t my home. I was sent here three years ago, when I was seven, to learn to be a knight. Breakfast is bread. And beer! Yes ! Beer ! Children are only allowed one pot. [burp]
So that’s alright ! You wouldn’t want to drink the water… 🎵 In the moat, 🎵
🎵 it will float ! 🎵 We don’t learn to read and write … We learn the three “H’s” : Hawking, heraldry, and horsemanship Soon, I’ll be a Squire! Then a Knight! I’ll go out and conquer lands! I’ll just have to learn weapons first But I’ll be brilliant at that. Ow! Yes! Got him! Paiges also have to serve at meals! I’m having a great… time ! But I do miss Mum’s cooking… The Welsh are raiding! All the men have to go and defend our lands ! But women, oldsters, and paiges stay behind. One day, I’ll be a knight Yeah! Oops! Sorry! Do you love battles, castles and knights in shining armour ? Find out more about what it takes to be a Norman. at bbc.co.uk/history

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