A Day in the Internet

Hi. Have you ever thought about what happens
in a day on the Internet? Let’s have a look! (intonation not interrogative,
should be inviting: as if saying, Come right in!)
In a day, zero point six-six exobytes of data are sent over the Internet. Is that a little
or a lot? ha! That’s enough to fill 168 million DVDs.
Over 294 billion emails are sent each day. That would be enough to keep the U.S. postal
service busy for about two years. More than two million blog updates are posted
every day. That’s enough to fill Time magazine for the
next 770 years. Every day, social networks reach 270 million
people. That’s almost as many people as live in the whole U.S.
Worldwide, people spend a total of 4.7 billion minutes on Facebook every day,
where they post 532 million status updates, click “like” 2.7 billion times
and upload 250 million photos. If you printed all these photos and piled them up, they’d
reach as high as 80 Eiffel Towers. In just one day, YouTube users upload 86,400
hours of video and watch 4 billion clips. Each day, 18.5 million hours of music are
streamed on Pandora. If you started that stream on your computer
in the year 1 AD, it’d still be streaming now.
The Internet gets 1,300 new mobile apps every day.
And there are more iPhones sold in a day than babies born.
So there you have it, one day in the Internet. Think about it… Oh, and have a nice day.

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