A Brief History of B&H

This is a brief history of B&H Everyone’s favorite photo and video store The year was 1973. The mets went to the world series The first cell phone call was made! And Blimie and Herman opened a specialty photography shop at 17 Warren Street New York City They had a simple philosophy “Be honest.” “Treat People Right.” “And they will come back.” Thanks Irving! Also FREE CANDY!! And it worked! Over the next 20 years we expanded and moved to west 17th Street then 34th Street and 9th Ave And added more products! Lighting Binoculars Telescopes Audio Video Tripods Computer/Printers Mobile Televison/Projectors/Drones And EVEN MORE free candy!!! Now it’s three stories And over 400,000 products And over a 1,000 employees We take MILLIONS of orders online And ship to 179 countries and counting… You can talk to us in person… on the phone… or online… Check out our check out baskets Also check out our check out numbers Also check out the flair on Mireya’s vest And everyone’s favorite part? Our conveyor belt “The benefit of the conveyor belt is… you don’t have to worry about the product… or schlep it around any more until check out.” NICE! These are the owners they still come to work EVERY day They’re around here somewhere… Anyway… This is Jeannette oh… sorry… she’s busy… This is our warehouse!!! This is Yaacov and Levi fighting over lighting kits B&H is NOT a chain B&H is open every day! Except Saturdays… of course… Now you know ALMOST the whole story We Are B&H

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  • I never got free candy with my orders. LOL Waiting on a package Tuesday.

  • Love seeing a thriving, Jewish company with honesty, integrity and great customer service!

  • I am so sick of seeing this ad. I will never shop from your company because I have no use for a camera.

  • I always wanted to know the true story! Love it! Love you folks!

  • This is actually a great commercial – kudos to B&H and the ad agency

  • I see you have all types of ethnic faces covered in the employee shots.

  • B&H, you should have had Rider from A Brief history do the video

  • I honestly had not heard of them until last month when i bought a Used Playstation VR, which they had on sale for a great price. It literally arrived three days later, had the original box and all manuals and functioned perfectly. Great company who i look forward to doing business with again soon.

  • I really like this ad

  • Don't go to 0:28

  • I love this video so much, it makes my day everytime it comes up, istg its the only ad i dont skip lol

  • May you be in business for a long time.

  • So… I am 30, just got into film photography, and I have "borrowed" my dad's old Canon AE 1 Program from his days in the Navy that's just been sitting on a shelf, collecting dust for the past 25+ years. Just found B&H and it's been a Godsend.

  • The production quality is really nice.

  • Thanks for giving us Mets fans some acknowledgement.

  • I Need this song in my life !!!

  • Awesome Company! There is no doubt about it and your customer service is top notch. My company borrows brilliance from B&H

  • This ad break just came up half way through a video I was watching. I live in Astoria, I work in Times Sq., and I've walked over to you guys on 34th St. multiple times over the years with obscure tech issues and you've ALWAYS had what I needed! I've been on YouTube since it started but this is the first and only ad I've ever "liked". Of course, we've lost more locally-owned businesses than we can count, at this point, so BEST WISHES TO B&H! May you live long and prosper!

  • Having shopped for computer parts online for many years…. I'd often seen B&H items for sale but never wanted to order from the company as I assumed with was a Chinese firm and wanted to buy from an american retailer instead. To see that the company is actually founded in NY by a couple of Jews, I'll def support them next round over both Amazon and NewEgg. I think your marketing dept deserves a high five and maybe some extra cheddar too.

  • Shoulda included JJ who has been working there longer than most employees and was my guy at 17th Street…

  • love the style of this ad

  • Say what you will, it is a very well done ad.

  • Finally – FINALLY! – I have reason to start buying from B&H! I bought a vintage Kodak camera as a prop for a film I'm making in northern Vermont. It's in excellent condition for being a century old. One thing lead to another and suddenly I'm back to using film. Enter: B&H!

    Great ad, too – it is SO New York!

  • I realize this is an ad, but man is it good. I love this video! Got my 5DmkIV from these guys on the day before thanksgiving. Was one of the lucky ones that got it for 2450 AR with the free printer, battery grip, extra battery, and mem card. Good place to get your gear!

    If I am ever in New York, I plan to visit the store.

  • I MUST KNOW, WHO IS DOING THE VOICEOVER!? Is it Edward Burns???? It sounds like Edward Burns…

  • who is that voice actor

  • How is it my favorite video store ive never even heard of it

  • I love B&H

  • What a nice ad 🙂 Shalom

  • Awesomeness!

  • Am i hearing Ed Burns? It's been a while.

  • Whats the name of the backround song?

  • I hate to say this but it said 34th street 9th avenue but showed 420 9th avenue… Which is it??

  • never experienced such a well informed and honest salesman!! every one of them specializes in one department, and will refer you to the next one if you want advice for different items. Not used to a salesman being honest about their knowledge and not trying to BS you into some random purchase 🙂

  • Don't ever close

  • I hate that I can't buy stuff online on Saturdays. I know you guys are Jewish but you can totally accept the order and do the transaction tomorrow… But I love the people there.

  • Best customer service, real person on the other side. The process is bit outdated (cancel an order within 1 min needs a human to review it next day?) but the experience is great (always prompt on any issues with orders). Plus, the best of best, no sales tax! 😀

  • Best photography store in the country! My family has been supporting B&H Photo for over 30 years.

  • Poxa… como eu amo esta loja…

  • LOL! Online ordering is closed at least twice a week!

  • is this voiced by Charlie Day

  • I’ve been interested in pursuing marketing as a major in college (I am a junior in high school right now) and this ad is one of the reasons that I’m so interested in marketing. Great ad! Fast paced, great voice-over, genuine relatable story, funny and entertaining, and it shows of the people at the company. Great job to the directors responsible

  • Ok but why is the background tune so catchy
    Edit: Lol this got a heart

  • Stop giving me ads of the place. I live no where near New York. I don’t need anything you sell.

  • Schlap it around

  • Many thanks
    my first ff i buy in this store
    i love B&H !!!
    i will come back soon jejeje

  • Omg what's this song? Please someone help me find it🙏

  • Are you here Ryder? I can sense you.

  • Song?

  • This one of the most delightful ads I've ever seen hahaaaa I had to hunt it down to comment. I had never heard of B&H and now I would absolutely buy from these delightful people. Thank you. :O)

  • cool ad but can i please stop getting it? i feel saturated

  • Scamming people at 29.99% APR, where’s the clever ad for that one B&H?

  • So good !!

  • I ordered my first telescope through B & H back around 1988. I've used them ever since. Great customer service and fast shipping. The vid was also entertaining. Seems like I remember tthey used to ship their stuff with free candy in the box too. That was a pretty cool touch. Hope you guys still do that because I'm about to place an order. 😉

  • BH stand for "Brief History" haha or Ben Howell (my name – and we were born in the same year too). My favourite store.

  • Free candy you say…

  • This is a copy of footofaferrets' a brief history

  • Why does the narrator sound like Peter B. Parker

  • 'Treat people right and they will come back'. Well you scammed me selling used gear as new so I'm never coming back

  • For a second I was like "What the hell is James Earl Jones doing working at B&H?"

  • If you have any equipment to sell, you better sell it privately. B&H will treat you like a crackhead, offering pennies on the dollar from what your equipment is really worth

  • i wonder how much free candy you have in the store

  • this guy sounds just like edward burns in the movie confidence

  • I love this. I just saw this on a random video and I thought this is great!

  • Best photography/video store EVER

  • can you deliver in nepal countery

  • Without custem tex

  • Great ad.

  • in love with this ad…everytime this appears I stay!

  • Great ad. LOVE IT

  • You guys are Jewish? How cool is that! I had no idea. Wonderful!!! Although I'm not Jewish (I'm a southern U.S. Christian), I fell in love with the way I was treated by the first Jewish merchant I encountered when I was a young adult. At the time I had been recently employed as a telephone installer. I climbed poles. Regular consumer boots were a waste of money, even the best ones. I needed climbing boots but where to find them? I was told to visit Berman's Store #3 in Birmingham, Alabama.

    I went there early one morning and was apparently the first person in the store that day. I've since been told that Jewish merchants had a custom that they should always make a sale to the first customer of the day. It was supposed to be a good omen for them or something. I had no idea at the time. The experience endeared me to Mr. Berman and to all Jewish merchants since then. I was treated like I was the most important person he had ever met. Although I was on a budget, he assured me he had just what I needed.

    Indeed he did. He had the largest selection of boots and shoes I've ever seen before or since. His place reminds of B&H. He not only found exactly what I needed but at a price that was just right. Previous boots I'd bought, even good ones, usually only lasted one to three months. The boots I bought from Mr. Berman lasted for years — YEARS! They were still in great shape when I quit climbing poles a few years later.

    Ok, ok, maybe all Jewish merchants aren't like Mr. Berman but from the way B&H displays their incredible, all-inclusive stock and they way they try to treat potential customers, I'm impressed. Thank you guys for setting the example for all other merchants to follow. I'll continue to look to B&H first.

  • I've always had an amazing experience with B&H ever since I started my film school ten years ago. Last time, I ordered a package with overnight shipping because I needed the gear for a shoot but unfortunately, it was either stoled from my front door or was not delivered at all. FedEx did nothing and the FedEx manager that I spoke with failed to figure out what happened. I informed B&H and ordered the same items again, and I was offered free overnight shipping by B&H. Then, I requested a refund and after an investigation done by the B&H team, I got a full refund for the missing package. The way B&H handled the situation was prompt, fair and professional. That tells me how much they value their customers. I'll always buy from them and I recommend them to everyone.

  • Great ad! What editing technique did you use for adding the flare to Mireya's vest? It feels like one clean shot and the buttons seem to move naturally with her. There's only some slight evidence of photoshop on the button overlapping the B&H tag, but I had to go back like 10 times to spot that. Very cool effect!

  • Who is narrating the ad

  • I love B&H. I actually watched the whole ad and was more entertained than the video I originally clicked on.

    came back for more 😂😂😂

  • I love this company because they put savings on lots of stuff.
    Like My favorite stuff being very cheap

  • Best electronic store! Congrats from Brazil! 😉

  • Blimie & Herman. That was a tough one to find. Even at 0:10 they hardly show the names for a millisecond. Why guys? Are you ashamed or something?

  • I saw this place referenced in a magazine in the late 1990's. I visited on a trip to NYC in early 2003. I didn't know exactly what I wanted. The guy at the counter's first question was "What pictures do you want to take ?" .. I told him, and approximately my budget. He presented 3 options and recommended the middle one. He advised on useful accessories, and with the budget I had, warned me off some others I wanted as "nice to have rather than need to have". What I bought exactly fitted my needs, and reading subsequent reviews of the other two options, what he told me mirrored those reviews : he hadn't tried to recommend me something based solely on the margin they'd earn. The payment process then was quite funny : I always tell people it was a factory for taking money (they make a profit, but in my view they earn it). The goods went up into the ceiling .. I walked to the payment area. I asked the man to change some big notes for me while I was there. He talked to himself like something from a 70's money "He wants change. He thinks I grow money in the garden. Couldn't he go to an ATM ? OK, so go easy on the guy. OK, ok, I got your money" ( I think it was Irving in the video above ). Then you're good are waiting for you and then suddenly you're on the street thinking "Woah, did that just happen ?" with some great new kit in your bag. I tell everyone who wants to know to go to BH Camera Video to buy their camera stuff.

  • glad to have bought our google home mini at B&H.

  • In this store they have treated me with enormous kindness. I love the service they give you.

  • AFootOfAFerret Is Just Slow Clapping At This Moment

  • AFootOfAFerret

  • Miss my late husband's radio commercials for B&H! MARTY WILSON!

  • An Ad, I actually like. Known about you guys forever and I have ALWAYS been impressed by what you offer. Great job, and keep up the good work!

  • Does B&H stand for Bosnia and Herzegovina? or Baruch HaShem?

  • This is the only youtube ad ever that I haven't skipped over, and then I even searched for it to find its own page here.

  • This is a fantastic ad.

  • what kike of electronics do you sell

  • I have been ordering from B&H for many years. Excellent service, price and an extremely deep inventory. I realize that you guys aren't a superstore, but online you really are. B&H provides great turnaround at a great price, so you compete with Amazon and the like. The only issue I have is that you shut down for weeks at a time, and it has often caused me to order elsewhere as not to disrupt my clients.

  • Always had great B&H experiences. Still use them to this day. Only little thing I could say that's a con vs all the pro's is that they are fully closed at times through the year. I think they have been closed for over a week or so now for a holiday and as we know productions never stop. All and all there really isn't a better option or choice. I don't know of another place with such a good selection. Also this ad reminds me of a TV show intro.

  • Can anyone love something other than a person, or a pet or, a football team? Yes, I love a store. This store!!! B&H I love you.

  • Can anyone tell me what the name of this song is? It's really catchy

  • Why does B&H constantly discriminate against women and minorities? You've paid out over $26.52 million and counting to settle multiple lawsuits. Will you answer this simple question?

    In October 2007, it was announced that B&H Photo agreed to pay US$4.3 million to settle allegations that it discriminated against Hispanic workers, while not admitting any wrongdoing.[15]

    In November 2009, a lawsuit against B&H Photo alleged that the store refused to hire women, in violation of New York City and New York State Human Rights Laws.[16] The lawsuit, brought by four women, sought class action status on behalf of all women discriminated against by B&H over the course of many years.[17] Given B&H's prior alleged discriminatory practices,[15] the lawsuit sought US$19 million in compensatory and punitive damages in order to deter future discriminatory practices.[18] In 2011, a lawsuit alleged discrimination against Hispanic workers.[19][20]

    In February 2016 the United States Department of Labor Office of Contract Compliance filed a lawsuit against B&H alleging that the company had only hired Hispanic men into entry-level jobs in a Brooklyn warehouse and then subjected them to harassment and unsanitary conditions.[21] On August 16, 2017, the company announced that it had settled this matter for a reported $3.22 million, while not admitting any wrongdoing.[22]

  • Thank You so much for addressing my concerns and helping rectify the problem. The mistake was made on our part and the team on B&H were extremely professional in handling this situation. I wish you guys 45 more years of success!!!! Thank You for everything

  • Great ad, great company!

  • BEWARE!!!! B&H may not have your back when using the B&H PayBoo Card!
    I loved the PayBoo card up to today. Synchrony Bank has owed me $1,5 K for over a month! YES, you heard right. The card worked fine until I returned some products. Then, things got BAAAD. A real nightmare. Synchrony Bank won't wire back money if you get a credit for a return. They will tell you they'll send you a check. I NEVER RECEIVED THE CHECK. After a month of back and forths with the B&H PayBoo Card, Synchrony now says the check was cashed, and that they can't do much to help. WHAAAT??? But I didn't even receive the check!!!! So I asked them to provide proof of delivery. I mean, if you mailed me a check, you should have a tracking number. THEY DON'T. They literally said: "There's not much we can do." So then I called B&H. They are nice people, they will get this resolved! It's the B&H PayBoo Card, right!? WELL, not really. They were VERY NICE, but they bounce the ball back to Synchrony bank. Why am I posting? Because I care about the community, I love B&H, and I can't believe I'm living this nightmare with the B&H PayBoo Card. More updates to come. I just know I regret signing up for the B&H PayBoo Card and I can't wait to cancel!

  • One of the world's greatest companies to do business with. The ad's brilliant!

  • Me: gets this ad a million times Wow, a company that doesn't make me wanna throw up and seems respectable. Buuuuut I don't have any reason to shop there.
    smash cut to now, I'm buying video games online. ….WAIT THIS SITE IS B&H, ISN'T THAT-

    So congrats, you won the long game with this customer.

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