A Baby Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey | Hidden Kingdoms of China

NARRATOR: Thousands
of feet higher up, in an altogether
different type of forest, there lives another
very special creature that is also unique to China. The golden snub-nosed
monkey only lives here in the high mountain
forests of central China. [music playing] Up to 13,000 feet
above sea level, this is the world’s largest
high-altitude forest, where there are
more tree species than in any other
deciduous forest on earth. It’s spring, and these monkeys
are making the most of it. This troop has five families. Each family has one
male and several females with their young. Males that don’t belong
to these families hang out together in a
monkey bachelor gang. They’re an unruly bunch, but for
now, the focus is not on them. It’s on the latest
addition to the family, a brand-new baby girl. She happens to be the
first born this spring. So all the females in
the family want a cuddle. This auntie is first. Then auntie number
two wants a hold. And auntie number three. Enough. It’s Mom time,
meaning lunch time. In fact, all the
monkeys want lunch. At this time of year, they spend
a quarter of daylight hours eating the fresh, new leaves. A good source of protein
and their favorite food. As temperatures
rise, the monkeys follow the leaves as they
spring to life further and further up the mountain. But eventually the
trees stop growing.

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