9gag’s Meme Rock | #SmashTheStone

Today we talk about operation #SmashTheStone April 2017. It’s 9Gag’s ninth birthday. They want to do something big. Bold. Sedimentary. Their idea: a 24-ton 4.5 meter high limestone monument. On it, the nine most 9Gag-est memes they could think of, which would then be buried for future generations to find. Over six hundred thousand people chose their favorite meme from the 9gag app, and they were hand carved onto this slab high quality highly relevant not overplayed memes such as… socially awkward penguin LOL generic smiling emoji keyboard cat philosoraptor The 9gag audience was incensed with funny meme laughter To promote the monument 9gag made this video and published it to YouTube We asked the whole world to help us stop our legacy from being so boring, I mean… Where’s all the fun… We’re going to take this rock and carve out the best, the most hilarious… Things! Download the 9gag app now and vote for your favorite content. Help us change history. Soon to the rest of the internet it became apparent. What was being planned. 4Chan especially looked on with disgust that the future would think that this represented humanity in 2017 my disappointment is immeasurable and My day is ruined So the mission became clear. The hunt was on. Hashtag #Smashthestone 4chan started scouring the internet for information on its location; they poured over every frame of the promotional video. License plate! At 1:51 in the video the uploader had failed to blur this license plate the first clue It was Spanish! The uploader noticed the comments and quickly took the video down and re-uploaded it with a bit of blur But it was too late They also found out who this gentleman was… a Spaniard. Okay, so that narrows us down next they started Googling quarries in Spain with limestone. They found this one which looked pretty similar in Almería. Taking to Google Maps, They started scanning for the patterns of the mountains they followed the roads crossreferenced some boulders and Triangulated the bushes and like that they found the site 3 hours and 54 minutes all right That’s phase one over so what’s next well No actually nothing at all happened next What were they going to do use their NEET bucks to fly off to Spain drive out into the desert and then dig up a 24 tons stone slab So there it remains waiting underneath the sand The normiest possible representation of what the internet was like biding its time for future generations to find and then cringe at. Hey, it’s time for a quick chemistry lesson Limestone, it’s reactive Wow look what happens when you add vinegar and a little time Super interesting now. Don’t you go getting any ideas? Oh, well, that’s it for the show! time for a message from our sponsor The Español Board De Tourisimo Come to Spain, visit Almeria, follow in the footsteps of Don Quixote, remember that time he walked around with big jugs of vinegar? Great exercise for the whole family! Eat a chorizo, run with some furries, keep those lids on tight now. It’s a great Spanish tradition grow a mustache. Carry the vinegar. Smash the stone. Carry the vinegar today!

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