8 Eeriest Recordings You Will Ever Hear

We’ve only been able to record sound for
just over 150 years but in that time we have done some amazing things with sound, and captured
some amazing historical events. Here’s a rundown of some of the creepiest and most
chilling sounds ever recorded. 1. Sound recording was invented in 1857 by
Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville when he created the Phonautograph. It was used to
create the first ever sound recording, which is believed to be the inventor himself, singing
“Au clair de la lune” in 1860. By today’s audio standards it’s a very
creepy sounding recording, and being over 154 years old, is an imperative piece of history. 2. In the early 1960s the space race was on
between the United States and the Soviet Union. The competition between the two nations was
fierce and whoever successfully made it into space first would forever have bragging rights.
The American tragedies that ensued as a result of their attempts to reach space are well
known. But the Soviet Unions’ not so much. At the time many amateur radio enthusiasts
were building home-brew radio equipment at home that allowed them to listen into space
communication frequencies used by the two nations during their voyages. Two brothers in Turin, Italy named Achille
and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia were way ahead of most people in this field with their radio
and telecommunications equipment. They were able to tune in to all the Soviet Union’s
space frequencies and record their transmissions. In May of 1961 the two brothers picked up
a transmission from a Soviet Space frequency that chilled them to their core. It was the
voice of a female, clearly in distress. This is a short clip of the actual recording made
by the brothers. The woman is speaking in Russian but when
translated she is saying: “I feel hot. I can see a flame. Am I going
to crash? Yes, yes, I will reenter” And then the transmission cuts out. Three days after the recording was made the
official Soviet news agency, TASS announced a failed reentry of a satellite the size of
a bus. However the launch had not been previously announced and the satellite was never mentioned
to anyone. To this day the Soviet Union has never acknowledged
the alleged incident and the identity of the woman still remains completely unknown. 3. At number 3 is a 1922 recording made by
Thomas Edison of Harry E. Humphrey. Edison recorded it on his own invention the phonograph,
which was the very first audio player. The idea was to sell the recording to owners of
Edison’s phonograph so that they could play it to their Children and experience Christmas
Joy. But it had the opposite effect, in fact it’s
just about the most terrifying Christmas message you will ever hear. Here’s a short clip
from the original recording: The laugh alone is enough to put kids off
Father Christmas forever. 4. Saturn is a source of intense radio emissions.
In 2002 when the Cassini spacecraft did a flyby of Saturn it recorded these strange
radio emissions emanating from Saturn. If you listen closely you can hear what appears
to be an alien voice. It is very hard to make out any words yet some
people believe believed they have deciphered the message as this: “You people are urged
to drop the Earthly Impulse”. What do you think, is it aliens or just gargled space
static? 5. Operation Wandering Soul was an attempt
by the US military during the Vietnamese war to scare the opposition into submission by
playing terrifying sounds through the jungle in the dead of night. It is the Vietnamese belief that the dead
must be buried in their homeland, or their soul will wander aimlessly in pain and suffering.
Therefore when they heard the following sound echoing out from the depths of the dense jungle.
They would have certainly felt a great sense of turmoil and dread. The US militants would
often broadcast the sound from loudspeaker systems aboard helicopters. 6. During the Cold War for over 30 years the
shortwave radio spectrum was used by the world’s intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages
to their spies who were stationed in enemy countries. These transmissions were called numbers stations
and were completely anonymous, one-way radio transmissions across shortwave radio that
could be picked up and listened too by anyone, using only very basic radio equipment. Numbers stations were broadcast 24 hours a
day on very rigid schedules by various European countries. The broadcasts were nothing more
than female or male voices repeating a series of numbers and letters. The key feature of
these broadcasts is that the coded messages they contain are completely unbreakable and
can only be understood by the select few whom are supposed to receive the message. Despite
many attempts, nobody apart from the intended recipient has ever been able to decode a numbers
station message. This is a recording of a British numbers station
transmission. And this is a German station, known by radio
enthusiasts as the Swedish Rhapsody. It uniquely features a really creepy little girl. There’s a bizarre numbers station called
the “Backwards Music Station”, because some believe it sounds like music being played
backwards. The signal is believed to be transmitted from both the US and UK. The difference between
this numbers station and most others is that it never plays any voice messages, just endless,
hellish noises. One would think that numbers stations would
have died out at the end of the Cold War around 1991. But they are still widely used by intelligence
agencies today, to transmit messages to spies, because shortwave radio still remains a very
reliable means of communication. So if you tune into the right frequencies at the right
time you may hear a live broadcast of a real numbers station. 7. If your picture of space is a vast, silent
nothingness dotted with weird looking rocks you would be half-wrong. Space is silent to
the human ear, but with the right equipment you can pick up and record vibrations in space.
This is exactly what happened when NASA’s Voyager spacecraft recorded Jupiter’s atmosphere,
this is the sound it picked up. It’s incredibly eerie to think that such
a sound can be made by a planet. It sounds more like an alien tractor beam than a big
ball of gas. The sound is actually a result of the complex interactions of charged electromagnetic
particles in the planet’s solar winds and magnetosphere. And you thought playing an
instrument was complicated. 8. Speaking of space, not all space noises
come from planets. In 1977 The Big Ear radio telescope at The Ohio State University picked
up a narrowband radio signal from outer space that sounded like this. It was named the Wow signal because the man
who first spotted it on the logs circled it in red pen and wrote Wow beside it. But the
peculiar thing about the Wow signal is that it came from a location in outer space that
contains no planets or galaxies, a seemingly empty area of space. So how could a signal
be transmitted from an area of complete nothingness. Unless it wasn’t actually empty, many people
believe the signal came from an alien spacecraft travelling through the vast emptiness of outer
space. To this day science still can’t explain where the signal originated from.

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