8 Biggest Payouts In Pawn Stars History

On the History Channel series Pawn Stars,
the experts at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas meet regular folks
with unusual objects to sell—sometimes worthless, but often surprisingly valuable. Here are some of the biggest payouts in Pawn
Stars history… Dutch East India Trading Company Bell The woman who brought this 17th century ship’s
bell into the shop was actually considering putting it out in a yard sale. Richard “Old Man” Harrison thought the bell
had to be a reproduction. But the expert they brought in confirmed that
it was indeed a shipwreck bell from 1602, and was worth a small fortune. “$15,000 give or take” 1715 Spanish Fleet Gold Coin In 1715, a Spanish fleet carrying millions
of pesos worth of gold sank to the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Florida. Lucky customer Jody inherited an exceptional
gold coin from this shipwreck. At first, Rick Harrison thought the coin was
in too good of a condition to be genuine, but the expert confirmed that it was authentic
and was worth a cool $18,000. “From everything I can see on this one, I’d
say it’s…absolutely genuine.” Joe Greene’s Olympic Medals Olympian Jumpin’ Joe Greene came across hard
times in the late ’90s, so he sold the Harrisons his Olympic bronze medals from the 1992 and
1996 games. Rick reportedly assured him that despite their
$30,000 value he would never sell the medals. But in this world, everything has a price. “I’m asking $20,000 for the Atlanta one, $10,000
for the Barcelona.” Order Of The White Eagle Medallion A very lucky yard sale fanatic picked up this
medal for only 75 cents and sold it to Rick for a cool $6,000. It turned out the medal dated back to the
era of Tsarist occupation of Poland, and Rick eventually resold the medal for thirty-grand. Book Of Mormon Adam got more than he bargained for when expert
Rebecca Romney appraised his 5th edition copy of the Book of Mormon from 1842. “I would appraise this book actually at about
$40,000.” Rick and Adam finally settled on a purchase
price of $24,000, and both walked away happy with the transaction. 1554 Spanish Shipwreck Gold Bar When one man was cleaning out the belongings
of his grandfather, he found a gold bar hidden away in a box. Its melt-down value alone was $24,000, but
when an expert confirmed it was from a 1554 Spanish shipwreck, the price doubled instantly. “So you’re telling me that’s worth $48,000?” “In that neighborhood.” “Yahaha!” 2001 Patriots Super Bowl Ring Patriots defensive back Brock Williams hit
a hard patch and he decided to pawn his 2001 Patriots Super Bowl ring for a modest $2,600. He never came back for it, and the ring became
the property of the shop. While similar rings have sold for around $30,000
on auction websites, Rick isn’t ready to let go of his favorite item any time soon, which
is why he’s set the sale price on this beauty to a whopping $100,000. John F. Kennedy’s Cigar Box The biggest payout ever on Pawn Stars is thanks
to a piece of presidential history. A seller walked into the shop with a box of
cigars that once sat on John F. Kennedy’s desk in the Oval Office. After some haggling, Rick managed to purchase
JFK’s cigar box for $60,000. For comparison, a similar JFK humidor was
purchased by the publisher of Cigar Aficionado in 1996 for $575,000. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know what
you think of these Pawn Stars deals…

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