7 Landing Page Hacks That’ll Double Your Sales | AWasia 2017

How are you guys doing today? Good, so I
thought I would do something that’s a bit more interesting today, Now quick
question, the clock, is it for the presentation or Q&A included?
Either way, I think it’s just presentation. So today I wanted
to do something a bit interesting, this is my Twitter handle, you can tweet
at me if you have questions but what I wanted to do is, how many of you
here are affiliates? Good amount of you. How many of you here are companies
with offers? Alright, and I’m assuming some of you affiliates, once you get
big enough, you create your own offers, correct? So I wanted to do
something fun in which we take a look at landing pages that you are familiar
with and I critique them, because if these are the landing pages that you are driving traffic to, whether you’re creating your own offers or
you’re driving traffic to other people’s offers, you can then end up giving them
these tips to boost the conversions, because if the landing pages convert
better what does that mean, you make more money and I know you affiliates love
that money, probably more than anyone else I know. Every time I go to Affiliate
conferences, everyone’s like how do I make 20,000$ a day, or 20,000
a month. Then they get there and are like I want to make 20,000 a
day, they get there, they’re like I need a 100,000$ a day, it’s never-ending. I was just at another affiliate event
and then they asked, once they got there they’re like, how do I save the money and
not pay taxes. Then everyone’s like move to Puerto Rico. You guys don’t
have to do that, just focus on landing page optimisation. So let’s first take a
look at this bad loan page. People have bad credit, they need loans and it’s
hard and this landing page has call-to-actions, has some text, has some –
little buttons or images that show the steps, even talks about the
requirements, then has some small print that’s, for you guys, because the screen is big is probably easy to read, but
normally it’s a bit hard to read. Then they even have a map of where they
operate, then from there, they have the footer, call-to-action button of
getting started and that’s pretty much it. Now I know what you are thinking,
you are looking at this landing page and you’re like, I know how to
improve the conversions. Well there’s some basic ways and these aren’t
my special tips, something basic could be, this header at the top, the
scrolling nav bar, it has too many options. You remove them and you just
have a button that talks about apply, you’re gonna end up generating more
clicks versus telling them hey click on my account.
Same with the text, some of the paragraphs are hard to read. You can also
reduce the footer navigation options as you saw in the previous slide, there is
way too many options. When there’s way too many options what happens?
What do you think happens if there’s too many options? That’s right,
they click on the wrong areas, the areas that don’t make you money.
You guys are affiliates, you want that money right. Don’t send them to your FAQ
page, you want them to send up to your signup or buy page, and one thing they
didn’t do, let’s go back to these landing pages, look at this, it’s a long
landing page but there’s not call to actions in every area. They more so have
it at the very top and they have it at the very bottom. So those are general
tips but I’m not here to just give you general tips. In every landing page I go
over I’ll give you some general tips but then I’ll give you some interesting
things that I see. Now does everyone know what kind of software companies I’ve
created? Analytics companies. Do you know how many visits we track on a monthly
basis? Over three billion, not million, billion with the B. I’m not the smartest
person, like some of you I didn’t do always the best in school,
but the one thing I was always good at was math. There’s a lot of Indians in
this room, you know what I’m talking about, you have to be good at math if
you’re Indian. If you’re not good at math, you get in trouble right. Hey look at
them they’re nodding their heads, they probably got beat when they got an
A-minus. They’re like it’s not perfect oh son, today you’re gonna get a beating.
You get in trouble right. I remember, true story, my dad one time
put my butt on the stove. You gotta get good grades as Indian, he didn’t mean to
burn me, but then when he burned me he said I’m sorry, but I definitely got my good grades. So these are basic
things, so what can other people do to really boost the conversion rates of
pages like these lead forms. So my first tip for you guys, and some of you
have seen this, some of you haven’t, is to engage your visitors first. You can quiz them, I used to have a nutrition site called Nutrition Secrets,
and we would quiz people when we would want to collect leads, because when we
told people to buy our products, or opt in for a lead form and we would have a
sales rep call to tell them they’d lose weight or whatever it may be and go for some
personal coaching, we found that hey people just don’t like opting in. But if
you make it customised to them, let’s say you quiz them. I’m a man, I’m a woman, it’s
more personalised and then you get in, you ask them questions like, what are
your goals and all this stuff and then you say alright, you want the results,
you’re more interested in our services and our products, put in your email, name and email.
Usually I don’t pitch, I just say want the results, put in your name and email.
When I shown them the results, I end up saying this is what you need if you want to
achieve these goals. This simple thing versus just asking people to put
in their information and collect the lead, increased my conversions by 108%.
That’s pretty good right. It’s simple and how many of you guys are technical and know how to do some engineering? Oh look, the Indians are raising their
hands. Good for you, we teach IT in India that’s right, but don’t waste your time it’s inefficient, just go use Lead Quizzes.
Lead Quizzes I don’t know what it costs, I don’t own it, it’s not my company, it’s
under a hundred bucks a month and you can just create one of these quizzes
and keep churning and burning and then you can figure out what converts the
best and generate the most leads. Alright now, with this bad credit site, they
do have an area on their site where they have a slider, where they’re asking you to engage. How much money do you want to borrow, do you see how this is way
better and having people engage versus putting on their main landing pages,
hey, here’s all about us, we do bad credit loans, here’s the areas we service, here’s
the areas we don’t. You guys are affiliate marketers, you think you’re
gonna be driving traffic to areas they don’t serve, of course not.
Facebook allows you to geo target, and because of that you’re not driving
them irrelevant traffic so why wouldn’t they have you engage first, and I
wouldn’t just engage with this a little slider, I would then ask them more
questions and then collect the lead information because if I waste five
minutes of your time, and I have you do multiple things, like fill out
questionnaires, not your name and email but just all these questions about your
loan. What are you looking for a loan for, how much and then at the end I
asked you for your information to see if you qualify, you’re gonna be like aw,
shucks I’ve wasted all this time, might as well just give him my name, email and
all my other information. That’s why engaging first really works. I also did
this was one of my other companies Hello Bar, software company where we help
people collect emails but I asked them put in your URL first and then I had
them create email collection modal’s and then at the end I said hey, do you want
this to go live, sign-up, I got a 52.11% increase in sign-ups because they’re like I already spent all this time engaging,
might as well just complete the rest. And if you’re wondering why
engaging works is because of this, what’s your name there?
What’s your name yeah, huh? Dennis! So Dennis, if I went to you and I said,
will you marry me? What are you gonna say assuming I was a woman or man of your
dreams, what would you say? Yes? You’re crazy! Why
would you say yes, I could be a terrorist, I could be a killer, I could be anything.
I can be a clingy person, I don’t know right, but you get the point.
You’re saying yes right now but in most cases what would you say? No, and why would you say no? Because you don’t know me. That’s the same with your visitors.
Almost all of you affiliates are trying to get people to buy, buy, buy and you’re
just like oh no, it’s cool, I’ll just scale up more accounts, get them
burned and I’ll just spend thousands of dollars a day. Yeah, you can do that but
why not get people to engage first. I’ve also found that when you get them to
engage first, less of your accounts get burned, that’ll save you quite a
bit of money if you are buying accounts. It’s like if you ask someone
hey, would you go on a date with me Dennis is more likely to say yes, then we
get to know each other eventually we end up getting married or moving in together
and then I asked him to marry me, he’s much more likely to say yes. That’s how
it works in the real world and that’s how it should work on your website.
Number two, don’t use an exit pop-up. You’ve seen people talk about exit
pop-ups before but I’m going to show you something a bit more unique, you’re lucky
if 3 out of 100 people buy sometimes you get more, sometimes
less, but in most cases, most people don’t buy. So why not collect leads right when
people are about to bounce. On a desktop, what I did was I created an exit pop-up
but I made my background of the exit pop-up a GIF. You’re familiar with
GIFs, those images that move, and I showed them in that GIF what they would be
putting in their name and email for, my conversions went through the roof. The
copy stayed the same but just by adding a silly little GIF, I increased
my email collection rate by 42% that’s crazy right and then
you do re-marketing and you get people to start buying, I don’t know what it is
about affiliate marketers, most of them just want people to buy, collect emails
for all the people who are gonna leave, it’s a great way to generate more sales
and here’s the crazy one for all of you who love mobile. This is the highest
converting lead opt-in that I’ve seen on mobile, this is for a site that
teaches you how to grow your wealth and it says how rich are you
ready to be. So the slider is dollar signs and I’m on my iPhone and I
know the screenshots ghetto, I’m too cheap to buy a nice iPhone, I still have
the 5 and you have to slide all the way with dollar signs and once it goes
to the end, you can click the button. That little simple trick accounts for 16% of the leads, just think about it, you’re selling wrinkle cream,
you can do this slider, how youthful do you want to look and make the slider an old lady who has wrinkly skin, as she slides it, she becomes more
youthful. You see how you can be using this, how badly do you want to get out of
debt. When you’re having a bad credit loan site, you can have a slider of an
image of someone who’s dirt broke and as they slide it, they get more and more
money. You see how you can be pretty creative with this. Now let’s go
over the next landing page. Have you all heard of Babbel? The company where you
do translations? You learn different languages? Their landing page, they like
using blog posts. Of you affiliates, how many of you drive traffic, I
don’t know what you guys call them, those blog posts, those fake content
sites that you create that say CNN and then you remove all the
navigation and stuff. You know what I’m talking about, look at Dennis
he’s laughing. How many times you do that a day? A lot. I met someone yesterday, he’s
like yeah I have a whole team of 4 people. I’m like what do they do? They do
all the media buying? He’s like no, no they just create fake stories,
“So-and-so was ready to quit Double Down Casino and what happened next will shock you”, alright, I made that up don’t go jacking that, if you do give me my
affiliate rate on that. I’m kidding you can keep it, but this page keeps going.
It’s just content, let’s go button, some ads on the sidebar, look at
this, “Articles you may like”, they’re showing you other articles and then
comments. So some basic tips, sticky navigation doesn’t have a benefit, it
just has “Try Babbel”, why should I try it, there’s no benefit in there. This is all
basic stuff, remove articles you may like section. Why would you send them to
another article when you wanted to get them to buy. Another basic tip,
highlight the comments that are the best ones. If some comments encourage
people to buy, I would put that shit at the top, assuming you don’t want to be shady alright and of course, have call to actions within the blog content. If
people are reading your blog content that’s where their eyes are going, your
call to action shouldn’t just be in your sidebars, put them in your blog content.
You’ll get like 3 to 4 times more clicks, it’s the simplest thing. I don’t
know why people don’t do it. This is all basic shit, so now let’s go
over what I would have done if I was them. Again I’ll always give you my
unique tips, so my third unique tip for you is use geo IP. You know all those dating sites, you feel warm and fuzzy because you’re like, you
see copy let’s say if there’s Match.bangkok I don’t know what dating site
they have here or match.com, there are 1,000,632 single people in Bangkok,
what are you waiting for. You see when they do that warm, fuzzy
geo IP targeting within their copy, it converts better and of course,
here’s another example from a guy who sells to people how to make money online.
“I’m determined to create a millionaire trader in Las Vegas, my only question is
will it be you?” people started going out there like oh, I’m in Henderson it’s right
outside of Vegas, can I still qualify please let me in.
He’s charging $7,000 of course, he’s like you know what for you, I’ll make an
exception, I’ll let you in. Of course you’re gonna let people in,
it’s not a 100% accurate but it works. Expedia uses this when
I’m on Expedia and I was in Los Angeles it automatically populated Los Angeles,
it showed me flights to New York and it even shows me details below of
the most common flights I’m probably likely to take because I’m in Los
Angeles, no one’s in Bangkok and will be like, oh I want to book a flight from
Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles. They’re usually gonna leave from the
city they’re in, not always but in most cases this all helps boost conversions.
So we tested this on 5 landing pages and it increased sales by anywhere from
12.49 to 27.57% now if I was Babbel
and this is an example, I’ll give for Babbel, why don’t they include
products based on IPS for example in Brazil,
wou know what the most common language that they want to
speak is? I did the screenshot of Babbel when I was in Brazil, they should have
showed me English as the main language. Only 2 or 3% of people in
Brazil speak English, it’s the most common language that they want to learn
because then they can make money on Upwork and all these sites and then have
the money in Brazil, but they should be showing me the products that I most
likely want to learn, based on where I’m coming from, my computer’s IP, and
that’s what Babbel should have done but they didn’t. They should have shown the
most popular languages based on IP, simple way to boost conversions. Next one,
add a check out bump. This is simple, it’s easier to get upsells than it is to get
new sales. Tell all of the people that you’re driving traffic to
add a checkout bump. So on the checkout page, this doesn’t decrease conversions
right when they’re buying, offer them a really sweetheart deal, where they’re
getting a steep discount and you’ll notice that you get roughly 15%
more in revenue, if these affiliates or these companies
can get more revenue from their pages what does that mean for you as affiliate,
you can get paid out more money or if you have your own products, add checkout
bumps, you can pay the affiliates out the same money and pocket more profit. So the
trick with check out bumps is speed and automation, if the check out bump helps
them get the product, the service, the results faster in a more automated way,
it converts better. Why is that? People are lazy. Your checkout bump should
be priced at 50% or lower of the main product. You’re selling a product for a
hundred bucks, you can sell a checkout bump but for no more than 50 bucks.
It has to be cheaper than $50, if you can’t explain the benefit in the
checkout bump in one sentence, it’s not gonna do well. Keep it simple and it has
to be largely discounted, ideally when I’m selling let’s say $100 a product, I
like my checkout bumps being like 30 bucks. It’s simple, it’s easy,
people buy that shit. How many of you guys are gonna start adding checkout bumps to your
product pages? Only a few of you? You got to start adding them, I’ll make a bet with
you, if any of you use these tips and you
can’t get it increase in conversions, I will give you free advice. I will get on
the phone and I’ll help you guys out for free and keep in mind I have companies
like Google AdWords, who pay me to market Google AdWords. I get paid by Facebook to
speak at their conferences, I will give you free advice on whatever you want, if
you actually take these tips and try implementing them, is that a fair deal?
That means I’m that confident that this shit works. So now let’s go over another
product landing page that you are familiar with, how many of you like
selling wrinkle cream? Only a few of you? Or have in the past?
You guys are like, no we’ve moved on to flashlights. Alright so wrinkle creams,
you see this landing page, it keeps going and going and going and going look at that buy button, it’s kind of
small for the page, that’ll be one of my tips and going and going, look at this
form fields, name and phone is hard to read right, they could have made it a little bit better, why the heck are they putting
United States there and having the damn product being sold in pounds. Basic
tips, buy button should be larger, pricing should be in their currency, that the
person’s coming from, foreign field text is hard to read and this landing page
was hard to read on a mobile phone, which is terrible because you probably
get a shitload of sales from your mobile phone. So my first tip make it
hard for people to buy, how many of you guys are familiar with Instant Checkmate?
None of you, alright good, so Instant Checkmate is a site that gives
background checks, you know you’re dating this guy or girl, most you are
affiliates, you’re dating this girl and you’re like oh my god, she’s so hot I met
her at an affiliate conference. She was at this booth, I’m like no she’s not into
you, she’s just trying to get you to drive traffic to whatever company hired
her, but let’s say you want to go for it and you’re like oh my god, this
girl is gorgeous and smart and she’s pitching me on driving traffic
and if I do, she’ll go on a date with me. Some of you guys are laughing, you
have probably tried this, and you go to Instant Checkmate, you’re
like let me find out what Sarah is all about, I want to make sure she’s not
gonna kill me, or what many of you guys are probably wondering, I want to make
sure she doesn’t have another boyfriend. I went on Facebook and Instagram and I
couldn’t find her, so you go through Instant Checkmate and they just
put up a ton of roadblocks, they just keep giving you more and more pages,
oh we’re finding more information we’re doing a deep dive,
what we’re showing you, may scare you, are you okay with this and
they make you wait like a few minutes when you wait a few minutes. And they say
what you may find may scare you, what are you gonna do,
you’re probably gonna put in your information and pay, especially because
you love this girl and you’re ready to propose to her, which I showed you, you
don’t do, and you’re gonna put in all this information and start
spending money. So it converts really well, why, because you made
people go through hoops. If you make people work for shit, they’re much more
likely to convert. Mike Chang also did the same with his Six Pack Shortcuts. Are
you familiar with Mike Chang? He used to have all these ads on YouTube saying buy
his fitness products and then he went to this hippie dippie conference about
life and spirituality, which there’s nothing wrong with, if you believe in it.
I’m not saying I do or I don’t and then he decided to like stop selling all this
shit. But we tested this on a few sites where we made it harder for people to
purchase, instead of just letting them buy, like skincare, we would just be like
okay what are your goals, how old are you, what kind of environment do you live in,
is it dry moist right, what are your skin care goals, do you
have issues with your eyes. Ask him all these questions and then saying oh you
qualify, I tested this out on Mike Chang’s site, I didn’t fill out shit and I clicked the buy button and he’s like congratulations, you qualified to buy our product. No matter what I filled out, I qualify. Tested this on
5 sites, 1 decreased in sales by 34.63% and the other 4 increased in sales all the way up to 58.86,
not too shabby. Test this out now. Number six, copy tweaks have the biggest
impact in conversions, if I’m doing a skincare side and you have big
landers, there’s one thing you need to know and I do a ton of copy-writing and
I’ve paid some of the best copywriters literally 60-70, 100 grand just for
a landing page, and out of all the data I’ve analysed, because I analysed a
shitload of data, I’ve learned that 8 out of 10 people will read your
headline, but only 2 out of 10 people will read the rest of your landing page.
It’s all in the headline, yes the rest of the copy is important but it starts with
the headline, you got a shit headline, you’re gonna have shit conversions, so
here’s some quick headline rules, numbers and negative words increase
click-through rate and reads. Not only does it increase click-through
rates, if you’re doing organic SEO, which some of you are, you want to keep
them under 65 characters per search. Moz will get some extra search traffic, make
your headlines match the content. If it’s deceiving you’re gonna get a big
fall off from the purchase. Odd numbers perform better than even, don’t ask me
why but from everything we’ve tested. We’ve seen that 6 word headlines
convert extremely well, and avoid words with multiple meanings and of course, use
power words and adjectives. So fun, effortless, incredible, and here
are some general copy tweaks, evoking curiosity is a strong way to generate
clicks and sales. What’s your name? Khulbat? I’m Indian, I should be able to say this okay, Khulbat right? Good enough? Alright,
“Khulbat quit Double Down Casino and what happened next will shock you,” that’s
curiosity, you’re much more likely to quit Double Down Casino and you know if
they’re playing Double Down Casino, they’re much more likely to buy your
casino offer, you also want to make sure you’re writing in a conversational tone,
with copy, if you’re not using the words you and I, it doesn’t feel as personal, it
doesn’t convert as well. Using the words you and I makes it personal and people,
like, oh my god this copy is written just for me. You don’t want to be too “salesy”,
because it hurts conversions, you want to make your copy clear, dark, I don’t know
why people like using these fancy landing pages with all this pink stuff, I
understand the product but if they made their copy easier to
read on mobile phones, they would convert better. You also want to make sure your
mobile landing pages are AMP friendly, are you familiar with AMP?
AMP makes the landing pages load way faster, which boost conversions and of
course, you want to answer objections. So you can use tools like Qualaroo to ask
them questions. If they’re on your page for five minutes because they’re
most likely not ready to convert. What did you come to the site for? Did we help
solve what you’re looking for? Asking them simple questions will
help you understand what objections they have and then making your copy, answering
each of their objections, because you drive so much traffic, just look
for the most common ones, that’s the best way to boost your sales. Answered
objections on one of my sites through copy, boosted conversions by 14% just one
little simple objection, why should we pay you guys instead of your competitors,
it was really simple. Now they can do that on the skincare products, beauty,
answer objections, now let’s look at the last landing page VPN Solutions, get your
free VPN. Boom. Here’s the rest of the landing page, it’s short, sweet doesn’t
have to be too long, now basic feedback is not everyone knows what a VPN is. So
they should make it more basic, they should let people know that it’s easy to use.
They should consider creating a short video explaining the VPN process,
instead of this image on the top left. I understand it’s privacy related but you
can have the thumbnail of the video. Do the same thing, and what’s the catch, why
is it free, people are gonna be wondering this, so you’re gonna lose a lot of
people there. Now, here’s what I would do if I had the
VPN page, evoke fear in some of your products. You can scare the shit
out of people and make them buy. So here’s what this VPN page has, snoopers
and hackers can trace you by your IP address and I actually did this for a
VPN company. It wasn’t these guys but I changed his copy, one of my buddies owns
a VPN offer, and right there I put shit like people are spying on you, we know
that this is your IP address, you live in Berlin, Germany, you use a MacBook Pro and you enjoy surfing the web at all times at night, especially at night time,
it’s this time, in your time zone, that scares the shit out of people and I
would end up being like, and this is just scratching the surface, of what we know
about you, wanna stop this, use this free VPN so we and other people can’t trace
you. You see how that scares people, don’t you think that’ll get people to download
your product, of course it will, when we did it on the VPN site,
conversions went up by 39.14% that’s crazy. All we did is just showcase the
person’s information based on their IP, and we weren’t really hardcore specific,
we even made judgements, being like, you love browsing the web using Safari,
you’re really loyal to Mac products or if they had chrome, you love using
Google, you’re loyal to Google products, such as Google search and
chrome. By making it creepy, conversions went up. And my last bonus tip, ask your
customers and visitors for a favour. So when you’re collecting emails
from your offers, and most of you affiliates don’t do this, I don’t understand why,
because most your traffic isn’t gonna convert. Start dripping them with free
information, such as being like, I’ll give you this bonus if you do X Y & Z for me,
and the subject line I use is, I need a favor can you help,
plus some good news and I just write an email that just basically
says something like hey, John or hey, Dennis I have a favour that
I’m asking from you, I want to help the world look more youthful, I have this
amazing skin care product and no, I’m not here to sell you on it but instead what
I want to do is, I want to have you help me and educate the world on this product
and in exchange, I’ll send you a free sample, all you have to do is pay
shipping but I all I ask in favour, is for you to let other people
know about this offer and share this link on your Facebook and Twitter, etc. And it’s really simple, you start getting
people to share, and they email you back saying, oh my god this is amazing and
then they write a blog post talking about how you’re awesome, and then boom, you get more traffic and more sales. Funny enough traffic hasn’t gone up much but when
someone recommends a product or service, I found that we got a extra 6.41% increase in sales and what I meant traffic didn’t go up
much. When you have a million-plus visitors that you’re driving or you’re
getting, you’re not going to notice a big traffic increase but the people who come
from this, they do extremely well when it comes to conversion
from visitor to a purchaser. So that’s it and now let’s get into some QA. Thanks very much,
I feel we should turn this one over to the audience, we got an
opportunity to have you on stage. Alright. Pretty rare opportunity so,
if you’ve got a question, come up, we have these two mics positioned right here.
Come on over, make sure you speak clearly, Right up in the mic. Yeah and you guys
can ask me the most ridiculous marketing questions, conversion questions, keep in
mind I’ve worked with Facebook, on Facebook as in the company, you do Facebook ads, I work with Google, I help promote AdWords, so you guys
can ask anything and I will answer. Ask me anything. There you go.
Him, I mean, not me. Jake coming over here, just whisper it in
my ear and I’ll say it out loud. There you go.
Hello, yeah I think I have to do this every time because this happened
with me yesterday too – okay, I’m a big fan of yours, I’m from India my name is
Solo and I have this question, what’s the role of artificial intelligence here on
landing pages, does it really help? So you’re saying what’s gonna be the
role of artificial intelligence online? Yeah on landing pages, on landing pages.
I don’t think you’re gonna see much artificial intelligence anytime soon, you’re gonna
see virtual reality. Okay. For example with skin care you can show a
virtual reality of the product and people can actually start watching
it and seeing it, that’s gonna happen much quicker than artificial
intelligence, at least, that’s what I believe because that’s what I’m seeing
companies put in a ton of money before they were putting it into artificial
intelligence, but going back to artificial intelligence, you’re gonna
start seeing things being very sophisticated, in which they’re gonna
know more about the person, like the IP’s the address, knowing that someone in
Brazil wants to learn English because that’s the most common things that they
do, this is where you’re gonna see the most increase in sales, now going back to
artificial intelligence, it’s all data that people are analysing, the problem with it
is privacy laws are changing, you’re gonna see a lot of new regulations come
out in the EU within the next three months or four months, we’re
already we re-doing a lot of our terms of service and privacy, it’s also gonna make
artificial intelligence harder but if you want a quick trick to make more
sales, you are all affiliates you drive people to products and offers,
go create a video, a re-marketing pixel for anyone who clicks the button, cause you
know if they click the button they went to the landing page right, because you
can’t always put your pixels on other people’s landing pages, they limit you,
put it on based on a click of a button, your pixeling someone, because you can always
send them a redirect right, your pixeling them with a conversion pixel that ends up
saying alright, if they have the, I’m gonna show them a video on YouTube
and Facebook through re-marketing for the next seven days that talks about this
product or service and the experience, they would get if they bought it, it is
the highest form of converting ads that I’ve seen by far and that’s what you
guys should all be doing and do the opposite pitch of the landing page,
because if the landing page didn’t make them buy that means you have to do the drastic opposite and it’s the best way to get
them to convert. That’s a good suggestion.
Just one more question, which is the tool that you were
to recommend for the landing page, your favourite of all. My favourite tool for
landing pages? I like using Leadpages a lot, Click Funnels is good but the
problem with landing pages, if you want to do custom crazy stuff, you can’t use
any of them, you just have to have some cheap labor from Upwork whip them out for you. Okay thank you. You’re welcome. While we get someone
else there, I wanted to know what you think about messenger marketing and
whether you’re integrating that into your funnels at any point. Messenger
marketing works, it converts well but with the automated chat sequences, we consist we’re
seeing the numbers go down in conversions, I wasn’t talking about
much about messenger stuff until six months to a year ago, and that was
because my numbers started going down so, I was like alright, let me share all
the messenger stuff but at one point, I was getting like 60 to 70% click throughs, yes, you know some people like I get 90% but I’m talking about in
volume, what’s easier than messenger is push notifications, you
drive a lot of people, so what I do is all do a push notification on the
squeeze pages that you control and get people to opt-in, it’s really high
converting just use HTTPS pages because then it’s in-browser and people don’t
know what they’re accepting and they just usually accept everything and then
you can do drips through the push notification, doing like quick lines of
education, driving them back to more landing pages and getting them to
convert for all your other offers that are related to you, because then once you
already have one skin care product and you know, they buy that, go offer them
everything else that’s related to that demographics, it’s a great way to make
more money from your paid traffic. I think that’s the number one thing that
affiliate marketers need to focus on, is making more money from customers over
the lifetime, rather than just churning and burning. That’s correct, it’s all churn and burn and I
don’t understand why, I worked with a few affiliate companies, yes, changing
because Facebook ads are getting more expensive, if it wasn’t, affiliates are lazy.
We’d still keep churning. Yeah of course, and
there’s nothing wrong with that, the money’s quick and some of you guys
are crushing it, more power to you guys right, but if you can make double
your money, why wouldn’t you. Yeah totally. Anyone else out there? So hey Neil.
Can you go closer to the mic? Hey Neil this is Deepak from India and I have a blog called
DigitalDeepak.com, so one of my questions is that, what do you think is
the future of SAS products because I see more and more SAS products being offered
on a premium tier, where a lot of features are being given away for free
so that they can attract the market, so I have watched your videos where you
have talked about it, where you had KISSmetrics and then Mixedpanel give a free tier. They crushed us with the free tier.
Yes, so I have an opt-in tool as well, we are developing an opt-in tool and we
gave a free tier of that, we have 2,000 sites deployed but then we have
difficulty in converting them into paid customers, even when you look at
CrazyEgg, you see how they are giving away free tier so what if in the
future more and more people give even more free tiers in trying to attack the
market, then how do we eventually monetise the people who are in our funnel.
So when you do free, it’s hard to convert visitors to customers, if you’re doing
free roughly 5% of most SAS, 4 to 5% convert into paying customers, if you’re
really good you can get like 8-9% and most of them when they’re
doing the free trials, they say free premium trial or free account and then
they try to get you to put in your credit card and then if you don’t, they
drop you down into a free account, after 30 days but they push you, oh your plan
is gonna expire and they’re really aggressive on the marketing, free works
extremely well because it makes your ad cost lower but when you’re doing this
you got to optimise your funnels, for all of you out there in the Affiliate World, I’m not a big affiliate,
I don’t really do much affiliate marketing, but I know so many of them.
You rank pretty high though. Yeah rank number one for affiliate marketing. At least in the US and what
I’ve learned is, I see everyone’s data because I don’t compete, so everyone
shares it with me, the people who do SAS are making the most in the long term,
they’re making the least in the short run, the conversions are crazy but
what they find is the LTV of the customers, because they pay for like a
year, two years and these companies, as an affiliate, how easy it is for you to sell
your company when you’re doing a million dollars a month in profit, let’s be
honest how many of you think you can sell it for 4x profit? Raise your
hand. How many of you think you can’t sell it and it would be hard to find a
buyer? Raise your hand if you don’t think it would be easy to find a buyer, alright. How many of you think you can sell it for like a few X profit if you’re lucky? Raise your hand, alright No one wants to raise their hand,
either way, I’ll tell you guys one little secret, do you know how much my
SAS company is valuated at? Take a guess. Which one? What multiple? 4x!
I can get 6 to 10x revenue. That’s crazy. My profit just has to be
break-even, I’m telling you I can sell a company of 6 to 10x yearly revenue for
being break-even, how crazy do you guys think that is. That’s ridiculous and that’s because it’s reoccurring. That’s correct. It’s just stable. Yes, much more predictable go for reoccurring solutions,
build wealth it’s really easy, the buyers for these companies, a private equity
company will buy these all day long, they’ll turn some profit, the ball money
from the bank at like 6% interest and they’ll use your profits cause they’ll
make it let’s say profit 20-30% to pay off the bank loan and they’ll own
the company outright by only putting 20-30% down and then they’ll sell
it again, that’s the model. So one more question, you are free to say no to this,
if you want, so how big is your email list and do you use Convertkit for your
email? My email list on neilpatel.com? Or the total size?
I’ll give you neilpatel.com, non-paid email list is around like
550,000 active subscribers with the 30 plus % open rate, but I don’t sell
to my email list, hence the high open right. Okay go we gotta, but we’ve got two
people waiting behind us here, we got five minutes left.
Thanks appreciate it, thank you. What’s up Neil.
Hey Chris over here, I love your stuff, so thank you so much. You’re welcome. I
remember way back you mentioned lucid dreaming was a very hot topic, what was a
hot topic. Lucid dreaming. Okay yeah, I remember you
said that in Berlin, I was gonna bring that up again. I was in Berlin so I was wondering what are some
ways you recommend on knowing what’s hot right now and finding new trends. So
Google Trends of course, lets you know what’s hot that’s easy, you can use tools
like KeywordTool.io and Ubersuggest, so if you put in keywords that tells
you what people are searching for, related to that industry and it gives
you all the longtail and that works out extremely well, other than that look for
what people are talking about on Facebook, on their streams, not where
you’re seeing ads but what people are talking about in their streams and that
usually becomes hot, check out Google News, what’s usually trending and hot
there is typically popular as well. Go for those authentic conversations. Correct, yeah not to paid ads, go for the authentic conversations.
Because that’s what they want you to talk about not necessarily what people actually want.
Correct. Cool. Awesome, thank you so much. Go for it. Hey, you are awesome by the way. Quick question. From what I see,
from all of your work, you study a lot of user behaviour do you think that nowadays, due to the
more aggressive offers that are on the market, do you think that users will not
be so easygoing like they currently are? It’s getting tougher and tougher but
because technology is advancing, it’s like creating a balance in which, because
of more privacy laws it’s harder but because technology is advancing so much,
you’re able to gather more data, so it’s roughly the same. Because from what I
understood from your speech, it’s like you have to give them a false
confidence, more steps, so you can actually make him feel more
closer to your offer. Yeah and I’m just letting you know, I personally
wouldn’t create false steps but when I talk to people who are at this
conference, they told me to just tell them whatever converts the best. Oh no, not false steps, I mean create steps in order for him to feel closer, the user to feel closer to you. Of course, more touch point, yes. It’s just think about marriage, if I ask you to marry me
right now, even though you’re like, you’re awesome, you’re gonna say I’m crazy right.
Yes. If I got to know you and I said hey you know what, what’s your name again. Araluca. I think we took a picture yesterday. Yeah exactly.
I have a good memory. So if I said let’s go get
some coffee, you’d be like okay, let’s go on a dinner date,
and we speed it up and a year from now ask you to marry me, you’re much more
likely to say yes, the same goes with the web, creating those steps, you’re much
more likely to get conversions because people feel more warm
and comfortable with you, the only time you don’t have to do that
is if you’re promoting a big brand, example Amazon, you don’t have to create steps
when you’re Amazon because everyone knows Amazon because the comforts already there. Because of the history. Because it’s built in. Correct, thank you. Time for one more. Hi Neil, thanks for your
great talk and also thanks for sharing like all the material with your blog and
podcast. So this is a question for like both you and Eric, so what do you
recommend for selling higher value product, let’s say a training
product for over $2,000 would you focus more on content
marketing or Facebook Ads? You can do Facebook Ads there’s a guy named
Jason Hornick, who does it for all the people who sell $2,000 plus offers, he
can usually get you a two-to-one, on your ad spend, I’ve never met him personally, I
have nothing affiliated with him when I was running with him, I was selling high
ticket offers through webinars, I remember, I did a speech on webinars in
AWA in the past was AWA or Berlin? One of the other. I think was Berlin, I’m not
sure. One or the other, but you can get the presentation for them or if not send it
to me or shoot an email or send you the deck that teaches you how to make
like a perfect webinar, that converts really well and I believe Jason got me
up to like a half a million or 600 grand per month, a lot of it was profit, works
better than content marketing and my buddy Sam you know Sam Evans. Yeah. Sells high
ticket offers in the multi, multi, multi millions, not a seven-figure guy, you’re
talking about eight-figures, like millions. It converts really well, test it
out and you’re gonna introduce me to Jason Hornick. I will introduce you. I’m
looking for to that, yeah, we sell tickets, webinars are the best way we found for sure, webinars combined with
with re-targeting essentially with a smaller tripwire in the beginning, where
you provide some value, sell them up to a webinar and then our re-marketing numbers, some people get re-marketed by our by us in this audience here. I do. Yeah you see them all the time, so it’s that re-marketing and it’s insane the ROI that
you get on re-marketing but well what we’ve gotta figure out is cold traffic. Yes well how
many of you want to sell through webinars and make like two-to-one on
your ad spend, if enough of you raise hands, I’ll do something for you guys. Alright now the hands start to come up. If you email someone at the event, I could send it to you, sure [email protected] Yeah I will shoot you over my email sequences for webinars,
feel free to copy them, just don’t use my name, I’ll send you my slide decks, I will send you my my hacks for webinar jam, like
exit pop-ups with in there, the fake chats we create, we even ping people or
when they leave the browser, we put a ping notice, so that way they know to
come back, so that way they’re not distracted, the text alert notifications,
I’ll send you guys that all, you should be able to get at least two or three to one
on your ad spend. Merry Christmas. Yeah, Merry
Christmas everybody, let’s give Neil a big round of applause. Thank you.

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