65 YEARS IN 5 MINUTES: The History Of Peanuts (Snoopy & Charlie Brown)

– Hi, we’re the Fine Brothers. – Grab your Snoopy doll and take some notes because, good grief,
we’re about to jump through the entire history of Peanuts. – You’ll be all caught up and informed
about the comic strip and its characters in time
for The Peanuts Movie coming out November 6th
after watching this recap in one take and under five minutes.
– Starting now! – Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
on November 26th, 1922. – His connection to comics
began when his uncle gave him the nickname Sparky,
named after the horse Spark Plug in the comic strip Barney Google.
– New decade! – In 1937, Schulz drew
a picture of his dog Spike and sent it to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and it appeared on its syndicated panel.
– New decade! – In 1943, Schulz
was drafted into the US Army. – After his service, he focused
on developing his career in comics until he could do it full-time. – His big break came in the summer of 1947, placing a weekly feature called L’il Folks in his hometown paper,
the St. Paul Pioneer Press! – Many Peanuts origins come from this strip, including a dog named Rover
that looked a lot like Snoopy– – A boy very serious
about his musical studies, similar to Schroeder–
– And a character named Charlie Brown. – New decade! – After nearly three years of publication, Pioneer Press dropped
L’il Folks in January, 1950. – Schulz didn’t give up on the strip
and in late 1950 approached the United Feature Syndicate. – They decided the name
L’il Folks was too close to the names
of two other comics at the time and changed it to Peanuts.
– Wait, that means Schulz didn’t choose the name Peanuts?!
Mind blown! – The first Peanuts comic strip
debutes on October 2nd, 1950 and is the first time Charlie Brown
is called “good old Charlie Brown,” along with the appearances
of Shermy and Patty. – More iconic characters and events happen,
like the appearance of Snoopy– – Who resembles
Schulz’s childhood dog, Spike, even though it wasn’t a beagle. – And we finally see Charlie Brown
with his signature zigzag shirt. – And welcome aboard,
Violet and Schroeder! – In August, Charlie Brown
is first called a blockhead and three months later falls
for the football gag, with Violet pulling
the football away from him. – In 1952, the first licensed product
was a reprinted strip book called Peanuts. – Kodak then featured Peanuts characters in their camera instruction booklet
in one of the hottest models they had at the time, the Brownie. – And hey there, Lucy!
Welcome to Peanuts. – Six months later, Linus van Pelt
makes his first appearance – In November of 1952,
Lucy finally pulls a football and falls in love with Schroeder. – Soon after, we get Pigpen. – In 1959, Lucy opens her psychiatric booth. Best nickel I’ve ever spent! – Sally also gets introduced,
as well as the first mention of The Great Pumpkin by Linus!
– We believe you, Linus! He is real!
– New decade! – Welcome to the ’60s,
which brought us bell-bottoms, the moon landing,
and automobiles like the Ford Falcon, which feature the Peanuts characters
in its commercial. – Hallmark joins the fray
and introduces the Peanuts gang into their greeting cards
for the first time. – Fast forward to today:
Hallmark is a partner on the new Peanuts movie!
– Back to the past! – Big news is revealed
officially that Snoopy is a beagle as stated in a strip on December 5th, 1960 when Charlie Brown called him one. – In 1961, Charlie Brown’s
biggest crush and future heartbreak, The Little Red-Haired Girl,
is first mentioned. – The inspiration for her
was Donna Johnson Wald, a co-worker of Schulz
at the Art Instruction School. – And in 1964
The National Cartoonists Society named him Outstanding
Cartoonist of the Year! – They already gave him
the same award in 1955, making him the first recipient
to receive it twice. No big deal. – In 1965, Peanuts first came
to movies and television with the Emmy-winning
A Charlie Brown Christmas. – It was watched
in over 15 million households and is still shown every year
since to this day. – In fact, this year of 2015
is the 50th anniversary of the special! – This led to the first theatrical feature,
A Boy Named Charlie Brown, which focuses on Charlie Brown’s attempt to win the National Spelling Bee. – Welcome to Peanuts, Peppermint Patty! – Peanuts’ march into all media
continued in March, 1967 with a Broadway show called
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, which had over 1,500 performances. – And a month later,
we first meet Snoopy’s sidekick! – Woodstock isn’t called
by his name until 1970, however birds resembling him
had appeared for years throughout the strip. – Then in 1968, with the boom
of the Civil Rights Movement, the strip made a big move, introducing the first
African American character, Franklin. – Also big was a Snoopy balloon
that made its first appearance during the 1968 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.
– New decade! – Here come the ’70s,
the era of Disco, afros, and brings us Marcie,
along with the coolest character in the form of Snoopy’s
alter-ego, Joel Cool. – In 1973, the Emmy-winning
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving debuted. – New decade! – We’re both Fine Brothers. We’ll be born and grow up to love Peanuts through the TV series, (singing) ♪ The Charlie Brown
and Snoopy Shoooow! ♪ – By the ’80s, Peanuts was already published in many different languages
around the world. – It even broke into the Japanese market. – It became huge there
with the help of Hallmark and Determined Productions, who released popular Peanuts
branded puzzles, dolls, and more. Determined also began to contact
famous fashion designers around the world. – They worked on specially designed
outfits for the plush dolls of Snoopy and Belle, his Parisian sister. A qui qui. – Displaying these dolls
became a huge event, traveling all over the world
called Snoopy & Belle in Fashion. – And the dolls
are still touring to this day! – Back to the past! – By 1984, Peanuts
is seen in a record-breaking 2,000 newspapers around the world. – This is America Charlie Brown debutes. – It becomes TV’s
first animated mini-series. – New decade! – It’s the 1990’s! – It starts with the celebration
of Peanuts’ 40th anniversary during the Super Bowl XXIV halftime show. – 1990 also brought
our favorite Peanuts short, Why Charlie Brown, Why?,
which deals with the gang befriending a girl with cancer. – Meanwhile, overseas Peanuts
was being showered with love as well. – Schulz was honored
by the French Ministry of Culture with the Order of Arts and Letters
in Paris in 1990. – In 1992, the Italian Minister of Culture
awarded the Order of Merit to Schulz, who also met
Italian director Federico Fellini. – The original drawing
that Schulz ended up drawing for him is now in the Fellini museum. – Back in the US, Schulz got his own star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! – The ’90s also brought
many of the major characters last appearances in the comic strip,
including Patty, Violet, Pigpen, Schroeder, and Franklin. – Schulz officially retired
on December 14th, 1999 after writing 17,897 strips! – That’s a strip a day
for over 50 years! Good grief! – New decade! – A new decade brings sorrow
as on February 12th, 2000, just one day before
his final Peanuts comic strip and the last appearance of Charlie Brown
and Snoopy was released, Charles Schulz passed away. – Just over eight months
after Schulz’s passing, Peanuts celebrates its 50th anniversary. – The Charles M. Schulz
Museum and Research Center opens on August 17th, 2002
in Santa Rosa, California and contains many
of the original Peanut strips, along with tributes
to Schulz from other artists. – And here we are now in October, 2015! – We could not be more honored
to be part of the 65th anniversary of Peanuts and the release
of the new film, The Peanuts Movie, celebrating the work of one
of the greatest cartoonists of all time, without whom we might
not even be making videos due to all the influences
his work had on our career. – And now you’re all caught up
on the history of Peanuts! – Who’s your favorite character? – What’s your favorite quote
from the comic strips? – Would you let
Charlie Brown kick a football? – Will you be watching
The Peanuts Movie on November 6th, 2015? – (both) We know we’ll be! ♪ (vocalizing Peanuts theme song) ♪

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