50 Problems With The Mormon Church

There are errors in the Book of Mormon that
are unique to the 1769 edition of the Bible, the one owned by Joseph’s family.
DNA analysis has concluded that the Native Americans do not originate from the Middle
East or from Israelites, but from Asia. There are things in the Book of Mormon that
didn’t exist during Book of Mormon times in the Americas. For example: horses, chariots,
goats, elephants, wheat, and steel. There is no archeological evidence for the
millions of Nephites and Lamanites, even though we have evidence from smaller groups of people
who existed thousands of years before. Book of Mormon names and places are strikingly
similar or identical to many local names and places of the region where Joseph Smith lived.
The Book of Mormon is remarkably similar to View of the Hebrews, a book published in Joseph
Smith’s area in his time. It is also very similar to The First Book of Napoleon published
in 1809, and The Late War, a textbook written in King James style language for New York
State School children in Joseph’s time. The original 1830 text of The Book of Mormon
had a trinitarian view of the Godhead, and was changed over time as Joseph’s ideas
about the Godhead evolved. Over 100,000 changes have been made to the book.
There were at least 4 different First Vision accounts given by Joseph at different times,
at least one of which didn’t even include God or Christ.
Scholars have translated the papyrus Joseph claimed the Book of Abraham was translated
from and found that they have nothing to do with Abraham or anything contained in the
book. The church now tries to claim that “translate” meant “get inspiration from”. Joseph also
penciled in some parts of the papyrus. Joseph married at least 34 women, many without
Emma’s consent as forbidden in the Doctrine and Covenants and 11 of whom were already
married, some without their husbands knowing. 10 of Joseph’s wives were teenagers, some
as young as 14. This was shocking even by 19th century standards. Joseph also married
some of his foster daughters. Joseph used a variety of methods to coerce
women into marrying him, including promises of eternal life, threats of damnation, and
even claiming that he himself was under the threat of an angel with a flaming sword.
President Hinckley publicly said polygamy isn’t doctrinal despite teachings by numerous
early church leaders, including Brigham Young that it was essential for exaltation.
The only scriptural justification for polygamy is “to multiply and replenish the earth”.
So either Joseph was sleeping with his 14-year-old wives, or he wasn’t adhering to scriptural
laws. Joseph married Fanny Alger years before he
had the sealing power or received any revelation on polygamy.
Brigham Young taught Adam-God theory at general conference and as part of the temple endowment
ceremony. This doctrine is now disavowed by the church.
Brigham Young taught blood atonement, now also disavowed. This doctrine factored into
the events which led up to the Mountain Meadows Massacre, where church leaders murdered over
100 pioneers travelling through Utah. Black people weren’t allowed to hold the
priesthood until the 1970s. Joseph gave it to a few people, but from Brigham Young to
Spencer W. Kimball they were deemed unworthy to hold it.
In the 1980s, the church paid around $900,000 to suppress bizarre and embarrassing church
history documents. These documents were later proven to be fake. Mark Hofman, the forger,
turned out to be a murderer. Before the documents were known to be forgeries, church leaders
gave talks offering explanations for them. Joseph Smith translated plates called the
Kinderhook Plates. He claimed they were a record of a descendant of Ham from the Old
Testament. These plates were later found to be a hoax.
Every spin-off of the LDS church also has members say that they “know” their church
is the true church. Other religions, such as Islam, say they “know through the power
of God”. It’s these same spiritual feelings that led to the mass suicide of the Heaven’s
Gate Cult. Joseph sent Oliver and Hiram to sell the copyright
to the Book of Mormon in Canada, saying he received a revelation to do it. They failed
to secure the copyright, leading Joseph to conclude that not all revelations are from
God. The church teaches that you should bear your
testimony in order to gain one. This is a classic psychological tactic.
You can feel the spirit while doing a multitude of things that have nothing to do with the
gospel, even while watching some R-rated movies. Joseph and Oliver didn’t tell people about
the priesthood restoration until years after supposedly receiving it and changed earlier
revelations to match their new accounts. Joseph was hired to use the seer stone to
find “buried treasure,” for which he was taken to court on charges of fraud.
The Smith family was involved in folk magic and the Occult, practicing animal sacrifice,
conjuring spirits, and using magical parchments and talismans.
People at Joseph’s time had a “magical worldview”, which included seeing things
“with spiritual eyes” including the golden plates.
Martin Harris was known as a gullible man who changed religions at least 10 times. Even
after becoming Mormon, he was a witness to self-proclaimed prophet, James Strang. Strang
also had gold plates and used a Urim and Thummin to translate them. Martin Harris also said
that he had as much evidence for a Shaker book as he had for The Book of Mormon. He
also said he saw Christ in the form of a deer and talked with him.
David Whitmer said he saw an angel with his spiritual eyes, and said his impressions were
just like those of a Methodist having happy feelings.
People in Joseph’s time believed in a spiritual “second sight” and that it was no different
than seeing something with your physical eyes. The witnesses did not sign their own signatures
or write their own accounts except Oliver, who was the scribe.
All of the Book of Mormon witnesses, except for Martin Harris, were related by blood or
marriage to the Smiths or the Whitmers. Joseph had many people sign an affidavit saying
he wasn’t practicing polygamy when he was. Some of those who signed it were also practicing
polygamy. Joseph didn’t even use the Gold Plates to
translate the Book of Mormon. He also couldn’t re-translate the missing 116 pages, taken
by Martin Harris’ wife to test Joseph’s validity as a translator.
Joseph revealed the LDS temple endowment just seven weeks after his Masonic initiation. The
endowment is nearly identical to the Masonic ceremony in numerous ways.
The temple ceremony was supposed to be eternal, yet blood oaths and other disturbing elements
were removed in the 1980s, just a few years after those elements were removed from the
Masonic ceremony. Joseph Smith made a number of prophecies that
were never fulfilled. According to Deutoreonomy 18, this would disqualify him as a prophet.
If Adam and Eve were the first humans, how do we explain the 14 other Hominin species
who lived and died 35,000 – 250,000 years before Adam?
Science has proven that there was no worldwide flood 4,500 years ago.
Simple mathematics and logic of animal food consumption show that there was insufficient
room on the ark to house all of the animal species found on the planet, let alone the
food required to feed them. Science also discredits the idea of the Tower
of Babel, 600-year-old humans, Jonah and the Whale, people turning into salt, and carrying
honey bees across the ocean. In contrast to Jesus Christ, the Old Testament
God condoned genocide, slavery, rape, and racism.
The church has removed material that is not faith-promoting from its history and been
dishonest on numerous occasions. In Kirtland, Joseph created an illegal bank
and used fraudulent means to raise money. Once his fraud was discovered, he fled to
Canada, leaving the church members to pay his debts.
The church has not been transparent about its finances since 1959.
The church spent 1.5 billion dollars on City Creek Mall, more than it spent on humanitarian
aid in almost 20 years. The early church taught that tithing was 10%
of your surplus; the church now teaches that it is 10% of your income, even if you can’t
afford to pay your bills because of it. The church’s name has changed a few times,
at one point removing “Jesus Christ” and being called “The Church of the Latter-Day Saints.”
The church has taught that the prophet can’t lead the church astray, despite obvious mistakes
made by past prophets. Church leaders such as Boyd K. Packer have
counseled historians to avoid telling the truth if it isn’t faith-promoting. In 1993,
6 scholars were excommunicated or disfellowshipped for publishing their scholarly research on
Mormonism and its leaders. Dallin H. Oaks said you shouldn’t criticize church leaders,
even if the criticism is true.

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  • The belief in Adam and Eve as the first humans, or in the global Genesis flood, are not unique to Mormonism, but have been main line Judeo-Christian beliefs for centuries. The other 48 do expose Joseph Smith's scheme as a recent and fraudulent addition to the religious scene, and your summation and delivery of them is effective. But you undercut the message, and potential support for it, by taking these unnecessary jabs at historic and significant belief systems.

  • Although I don't regard polygamy as necessarily bad it is something of the past, in today's time women have been conquering their own place in society and in religion becoming more and more respected, like never before. What I cannot acept is someone denying the Torah saying that there was no Flood and no Tower of Babel and that there was no Adam and Eve. Denying these ancestral truths is bad reporting and bad journalism. Just do your job properly.

  • I have been LDS for my entire life. I want to thank you for this video, it sparked a desire in me to learn as much as I can about my church and it's history. Many of your points in this video are easy to discount as either the church leaders being stupid (Brigham Young especially, he did many things blatantly against the will of God) or certain esoteric histories or doctrines that are easy to misinterpret or make look bad. I believe God has sent us into this life in order to learn and to grow as individuals, and I intend to do just that by learning as much as I can from church and non-church sources alike.

  • I had no idea the masons removed it too, @7:00

  • Were there Death Penalties in the Mormon Temple .

  • You need to cite your sources. Many of these things are no longer practiced in the LDS church and have never been practiced. People are not perfect and some of the earlier leaders did make mistakes.

  • This is a biased video/channel.make a 10 good things about the church.

  • By the way please actully go to a mormon church to ask quetions

  • Mormons do not have multiple wives anymore that was a long time ago and we realized that wasn’t the solution to there being more girls than women

  • I watch a lot of these problems with Mormonism videos. I always find a nit to pick over some inaccuracies here and there. But you are careful in your wording to make sure you only say what is actually accurate, seeming to bend over backwards not to even insinuate things that are highly likely to be true, but not 100% verified yet. I have not a single nit to pick with you. Great job.

  • This is the stupidest crap I’ve ever seen. Load of crap this guy has no idea what’s he’s even talking about.

  • Only 50? Remember Mormons's are the only religion in the US which there was a government order to shoot any Mormon in sight, Missouri Executive Order 44. It was only rescinded in 1976.

  • I know satan exists too and one of his propose is to destroy the church of jesuschrist. He has son many ways to do it, sometimes through others people. Is sad see a channel like this 😢😢

  • Only 50?

  • Do a video called "50 problems with my channel"

  • I once met two young elders here in Switzerland, both were from Utah, they were distributing Book of Mormon on the street and we ended up talking. They were very polite, so I asked about their leadership and one of them explained that there is always a living, direct connection to God through a prophet, and that once a year, every year, the prophet (i.e. the current leader of the church) and some other men close themselves in and receive a direct, secret guidance and new rules from God, which they then present to the community later. I cannot remember the exact details as it was some 5 years ago, but I clearly recall my astonishment when I asked in what way that guidance is received, and they looked at each other, shrugged and said that the prophet talks to God directly and God talks back, and that he wasn't sure but that the prophet actually maybe even sees God in person… Interestingly enough, they were not very curious or intrigued by that, it was just a matter-of-fact detail that the prophet has a pre-scheduled annual conversation directly with God himself in a secret chamber, and that it was only mildly interesting to them to know the details… They kept trying to convert me for a couple of years, then finally gave up.

  • Where did you get your information?

  • Anti-God Video not Anti-Mormonism… The Constitution of the United States says right to Freedom of religion. Even atheist can accept that they have rights even thought that can’t explain why or how…

  • Mormon is false but you have so much wrong in this Video.

  • Did you read the book cause I don't think you did cause there are no elephants in the book

  • 1 we aren't called Mormons but members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 2 those reasons are bearing false witness/ lier in America there is a freedom of religion 3 the church has preform miracles 4 I would be dead if the miracles didn't save my life 5 President Russell M Neilson is the prophet who speaks to God himself 6 there is a God and because there is a God the Earth is created. I know and testify that God lives and loves all of us in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  • I grew up in southern idaho which is a hotbed of Mormonism . Having studied that religion , i have this to say: it is a religion created by men and it is about money, sex and power-not necessarily in that order. The more you learn about it, the more preposterous it gets. Finally , the thing i find the most reprehensible is the baptism for the dead. You cant even escape them when you die.

  • When critisism is made about the 'Mormon' church, I have never read a statement from that person about which organisation is the True Church of Jesus Christ. Please do so!

  • This is y I don’t get into religion

  • Hi! So I'm watching this and now tell me… which church is true? If The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints based on what you apparently found out totally is lie. What leads you to this? What's your purpose in this channel?

  • place names are the same or similar because they were taken from the Book of Mormon, what is the problem.

  • Can you tranlate this video to spanish?

  • I've never understood why anyone would go to such lengths to discredit someone else's beliefs. Why not promote your own beliefs? More disturbing, this video is full of half truths and whole lies. There is no justification for this obfuscation and prevarication. The real test, in my opinion, is whether someone's words make you feel good or make you feel icky. This has a very high ick factor. You are a very scary dude.

  • Science can prove their was no flood? Tell me , what is fossil fuel ?
    How can so many oil be berried at the same time , all over the world , with 30000 feet off soil on top of it. The presure of the soil turned all liveing flesh into oil. Must have happend very quickly , dont you think. Maybe the flood is true. What about the lates of DNA from scientist's that are of the highest in their field , proveing humanity shows a fresh start in the pattern about 4000 years ago with 8 persons.

    Fossil record my ass

  • A pity that all these supposed problems are not presented with evidence and documents. Many of these alleged problems have been already proved with scientific discoveries.

  • Oh ye generations of vipers. Why do you seek to undermine the works of God?

  • I’m not a Mormon but show me where in the Bible God condones rape?!! A biased and uniformed narrator.

  • This is why I choose the Mormon religion. They have knowledge that science and archaeology haven't even discovered yet. And Christian's wouldn't have the insight until after they're discovered. Yeah, I'll stick with the Mormons.

  • What a mess.

  • Sorry, then why did chariots were invented before isreal times? You are fake and bad. You got wreled by a mormon 10 year old nerd.

  • Lie! Well, on 10, polygomy was for only a few years, so you are right.

  • You lost me when you started crapping on the bible.

  • Saw a comment about your activity on this video’s comment section.

    You and others have opened minds across the world. Thank you for your service and constant communication with people watching this video.

    Keep up the good work.

    Also, I’d love to hear your opinion on the Bible and the problems therefore. Very interesting and informative!

    Edit: Recent Mormon who has found the “truth” Of church history

  • Mormon can not have 2 wife's
    That got stoped along time ago

  • Was God on earth or born unto a different planet ?

  • Sooooo….I guess you are also anti Christian, since you discount things like the flood and Noahs ark????? Makes EVERYTHING else you say suspect……sorry but you are not a viable "Informant" for anything I find credible.

  • Read "View of the Hebrews" by Ethan Smith, printed in 1823, it's about a tribe from Israel that sailed to the Americas. Same story as the book of mormon, but printed 5 years sooner.

  • Everytime i see an anti-mormon video, it makes my testimony grow that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church upon the face of the earth. You know why because a lot of people is trying to pull it down. Even watching just a few seconds of this video a lot of lies can be spotted right away. Sorry, but there's no one can take away my testimony. I love this Church. This is the one and only church established by Jesus Christ here on earth. If anyone of you wants to learn more about my church, talk to me. I will be happy to share everything with you. We can even discussed all 50 items that were mentioned here and find-out how this 50 truths twisted to appear evil. I will be waiting. God bless you.

  • Just anti-Mormon and your anti-white.

  • 7:55 "Old Testament G-d was ok with rape"
    Not true. This is one of the most misunderstood pieces of Biblical text ever read. The commandment for the rapist to marry the rape victim isnt to condone rape at all. Infact its quite the opposite. See, in Biblical law once the man is forced to marry her, her father does NOT relinquish her into his custody.(The victim nor the rapist are not joined in marrage literally but more or less on paper they are) And the Rapist is forced to live out his days in celibacy and loneliness. As he is forbidden from taking another wife. If he is caught having sex with any woman there after he is stoned to death for infidelity.

  • Okay I have to be honest and say that I was a “Mormon” and I kinda still am because I’m not leaving until I’m 18 because I’ll be an adult! But I wanna mention that the LDS church or Mormons are really judgmental about things and it’s not okay with me!

  • I don't agree that there is no evidence for a worldwide flood. I also don't agree with your statement that there is archeological evidence for man's existence before Adam.

  • HI, I understand and hurt for you. I have been fortunate to have the Holy Ghost personally come to me and my stake president Devey while reading
    1st Nephi chapter 13. This Holy Ghost let me know He and the God head supports the Book of Mormon. And it is in my best interest to believe even though
    all you say may be the truth. President Devey told me that very few members ever experience what we did. This has been the most important event in my life
    to have this Holy Ghost personally come to us. Sorry for you!

  • Your problem is it sounds like you were a Mormon and are now not. You are part of the religiously abused whom no longer view God as anything but what you have learned in Mormonism. Instead of looking for truth, you believe there is none. GK Chesterton said, “An open mind is like an open mouth, eventually you have to bite down on something.”


  • #42 is scripturally inaccurate but other than that this video is really sound.

  • 2:04 FBI OPEN UP

  • Why does this video have so many dislikes?? I'm so confused

  • All I got to say is… old joseph was 14 years old, and didnt know how to read… and for a god to reveal things to him to create a book that has millions of followers…. that's all I got to say…

  • It’s very sad that y’all are duped by this anti-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint propaganda. The first eighteen years of my life, I was raised in the Church. I was excommunicated 40 years ago …. for legitimate , good reason. It was a long journey but with great faith and personal revelation, I came to know the truth fullness of this gospel. I was reinstated recently and my life and spirit has been truly blessed. There have always been many who seek to destroy the Church and come up with their own lies that destroy the truth. If you would find out the FACTS yourself instead of listening to these falsifications of events and circumstances, and sincerely pray to Father in Heaven, the adversary would not have control over you. WHOEVER IS PUTTING OUT THIS RUBBISH IS SO FAR OFF BASE. I FEEL SORRY FOR ALL YOU FOLLOWERS…SATAN GOT YA, HOOK LINE AND SINKER!

  • So what you're saying is I've been lied too for 47 years by the "ONLY TRUE CHURCH ON EARTH"???? I served a mission, PAID TONS IN TITHING, was sealed in the temple, held positions as a high priest!!! " AND IT'S NOT TRUE!" Imagine that!!! I WANT A BEER!

  • There is a problem with 30,000 Christian sects

  • This is all wrong

  • Why listen to anti Mormons

  • Hello, I have a question. Are you an atheist? Because currently I'm Roman catholic (I don't belive in God) but my parents are against leaving the church, but they wouldn't hinder me at leaving it. But there is a fee in my country for doing that

  • Beautiful thanks for share YouTube

  • Bro your so called Facts about the church are so far from what really happened, Im watching this and laughing my ass off. My little brother keeps asking is that guy being serious about what he is talking about? For real dude do some research first before that way you dont sound like a total Jack Ass

  • You made several errors, Martin Harris was not one of the witnesses for James Strang.

  • Christians at 0:00: “Lol what a bunch of idiots!!”

    Christians at 7:16: “wait wut.”

  • i believe in god and all, but i recently got baptized into the lds church, and i kinda regret it. i was kinda peered pressured into doing it. and im sure im not the only one? i need help

  • I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I am not from Utah but recognize the culture in Utah is unique. The culture is not our doctrine and cannot be looked at as representative of the Church as whether it is true or not. While there are problems in every organization, I place my emphasis on the fruits of what the Church has done for me in my life. I feel light in my life. I have been blessed with tangible and intangible things in my life as a result of the principles taught. Have I had my doubts periodically? Yes. Have I read anti-mormon things here and there? Yes. But there has always been a pull to the Church that is constant. The Lord loves us and I feel His closeness as I simply try to be kind to others and strive to be like my Savior Jesus Christ.

  • If someone wants or hopes The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints to not be true, they will look for things to justify their decision or conclusion and dismiss the aspects that would indicate otherwise. And if someone wants or hopes The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints to be true, they will find the things to justify their decision or conclusion and dismiss the things that would indicate otherwise.

  • Just curious, what's your motivation in making this video? Have you at one point been interested in the Church and found appealing aspects that you know you could benefit from (general stability with families, general good health spiritually and physically, general happiness and joy, a general bright countenance and light in people's eyes (it's been said that Utah church culture is flawed significantly, so therefore the entire church is false. In my experience, this is only a Utah phenomenon. I've lived in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Mississippi, etc and have family scattered around the USA, and I've not seen Church culture outside Utah compared to what I see in Utah. Again, this is my opinion, but I think Utah church culture is unique. I don't see the issues seen in Utah outside of Utah). Have you seen something beneficial in the Church but for one reason or another ( Utah church culture, guidance in regards to moral princoples) and are not able to commit? And because you're unable to commit, while still wanting the good things that can come from living principles of the gospel, you feel some resentment and want to justify things?

  • ur sooo crap ur wrong i believe the mormon church is true I go to the mormon church its the key of life ur all going got hell

  • Do a little more research. All of these issues have been responded to over the years by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you continue to study you will find there is no religion on the planet that more closely aligns itself with existing scripture, so either you believe in God, prophets, and revelation, and whatever canonized portions of scripture your particular religion subscribed to, or you don't. Read the Old Testament from beginning to end and the New Testament and the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price, all of them 10 times and then you'll begin to understand a little bit of the gifts that Joseph Smith had. I'm amazed every day when I read the scriptures at the power they provide. I really don't know how I came across this video but, continue to do your research and in time you'll know the truth.

  • Why are we worried about whether something is scientifically supported or not when God is involved in it? Isn't God omnipotent?

  • The excuse for the dinosaurs and early-human remains while I was in the church was that it was Satan’s doing to distract people from the true origin of the Earth. Honestly disgusting looking back.

  • 4:35 is the exact moment I decided to leave the church and became an atheist. That was over 3 years ago, and was one of the most important and significant moments of my life and would forever change me as a person. It's weird to know that in less than 5 minutes, this video had one of the most profound impacts on my life out of anything, and because of that it will always hold a place of significance.

  • Sorry nobody would buy your invention….

  • So funny how archeological finds and many other findings show this content is trash. The day of Revelation is approaching.

  • He had plural wives because he would have been smote of the earth

  • A man could not do that with a 3rd grade education

  • If you actually knew about the Mormon religion you wouldn't have made this video. Making this is like watching Galaxy quest and then taking a quiz about star trek. I am a devout Mormon and I am proud of it. If you don't agree that's fine but I beg of all of you to find God. He Is Real. Anybody can find healing.

  • You're just doing this for money and you'll be answering to Heavenly Father one day in the next life

  • Do you really believe that there was no flood, the bible clearly teaches that there was, you are a serpent that is teaching lies, pushing falsehoods, truly the Mormons have a few things wrong with them, but you don't even believe in THE BIBLE THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES, I hope no one has been fooled by you,

  • Where did you get most of your information? It’s false

  • I'm a mormon and proud to be mormon. But this video is a mixed thoughts to misunderstandings of the teachings of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  • Odd that someone would use the Bible as tool to attack another religious text. The Bible itself is full of inconsistent information and scientific untruths.

  • THANK YOU for this content. For whatever reason I can’t easily find objective criticisms of this religion online.

  • this video is a bunch garbage, but it is sad that the author spreads half truth and out and out lies

  • To all the people watching this and thinking Mormons are stupid or duped or unaware blah blah blah I would say this. I am well aware of pretty much every single criticism out there of the church. I am not delusional, I am not uneducated on these matters. I am not brainwashed. I would encourage you to look at the argument from the other side. Look at Fair Mormon or other similar sites. Because I have seen all your arguments and all of our arguments. Quite frankly I feel like ours are more convincing. So ask yourself this question. Do you know all of our arguments or do you only know one side. If you did that you still may not be convinced but you would at least be able to watch a video like this and see how it is just factually incorrect. And that would be something.

  • Hi I am a faithful member of this church and would welcome any questions you may have based around this video or anything in general.

    Reply to this comment with questions and I will answer them the best I can.

    My testimony is based upon real experiences and not upon the words of other people and I consider every anti-mormon accusation thoughtfully and occasionally prayfully, unlike many others who do indeed follow in this church blindly, I seek the truth and would not serve god in this church if I thought it wasn't true, which I am always asking myself.

    Many of these "facts" are nonsense and NONE of them detail where this information was obtained and how reliable it is, I mean we talking about what happened in the 1800s information and facts about this time in general is difficult to find. However, some of these facts are somewhat based on truths and should be considered carefully but, in my experience, you can find all truth out through prayer and studying the word of god and NONE of these facts/attempted lies prove the church to be not true, although someone with limited knowledge could never tell because they don't know the church like I and many others do.

  • Half this stuff is taken out of context. Others are accounts by men who were once members disavowed. Some are taken as fact believing archeological records as if they are exact science. They change all the time. Joseph was a prophet yes. Joseph made mistakes yes. Most of these items are wholly dishonest and you will be accountable for these things in the future. Your cause is not just. The holy Ghost is not with you.

  • Too bad all the Mormon channels blocked comments

  • Why did u make this there isn't anything wrong with my church

  • Was für ei Riesenaufwand. Ist es nicht einfacher Gott zu fragen?

  • that is all? That is all you can throw at church? I can debunk all of it in less then 10 minutes…

  • Notist humans are always acting like they are better then everyone else no other species on earth does that cuz humans are sinners

  • There are no problems with the Church of Jesus Christ of Jesus Christ, he designed and set up the Church. Faith is the only thing necessary to understanding all inconsistencies, placed their to confound those that will not pray and ask for revelation on the validity of Christs involvement.

  • Woah woah woah, you were doing great until you got into evolution and the world flood thing. You don't know that, it's not scientifically verifiable.

  • This video mixes objective facts with their personal opinions and biases & then tries to pass on those opinions & biases as facts. If not for that, it would be a decent video.

  • Number one Problem for antimormons BOOK OF MORMON, CHURCH IS ALL TRUE…

  • I'm sad for you because of the punishments God has reserved for you, for publishing so many lies. Too bad you couldn't be bothered to do your homework first & choose to publish the truth.

  • I am part of the lds church and it really does hurt me when people tell me to leave cause it is a cult..it is not it is a religion..it is not nice to go and bash on others religion cause what have we done..the more than one wive was years ago..and that only happened cause people killed so many Mormons for being Mormon even..I still get yelled at and stared at for being Mormon and it hurts..I strongly believe in my church..and when people spout lies and everyone agrees I stand up even if I get all the worlds hate..so if you guys wanna try and hate on me and tell me that I am dumb..in a cult..or much much more do it I am in high school and deal with it everyday..but we are not a cult and if you want true info on us go to Mormon.org or talk to a member or missonary..and don't bash on others believes…because we do nothing wrong..only if just believing in this church is…and it is not..and shouldn't be

  • Hello my name is elder price

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