5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Keep (App Tips & Tricks)

(upbeat chime) – [Scott] Google Keep is a fantastic tool for capturing all of
those notes and ideas. All those thoughts that
pop up throughout the day. And I know a lot of users really appreciate the layout of Google Keep. It is very simple. It’s not nearly as
full-featured as some other note taking applications out there, but it’s very visual, and many people like the sort of large sticky note feel of Google Keep. Well, today I wanna show
you five additional ways in which you can use Google Keep, or five things that you may
not know about Google Keep so you can enhance your experience. Now, of course, Google Keep at its core is
a note taking application, but Keep can also be a
fantastic to-do list. So you can always drag your notes along if you want to reprioritize
and order which way you’re going to tackle your to-dos. Each note could be a separate to-do. One of the ways that I
like to manage to-dos within Google Keep is by
using the pin note feature. So let’s say that these first
two, these ones in yellow, are the ones that I wanna
tackle before anything else. I can simply select the pin icon here, and they’re always gonna
be at the top of my list. So as I go about my day, I can be reminded of
what’s most important. And sure, I may have other
things that I need to get to, but this can be a great way
of prioritizing your list. But, of course, there’s
other ways in which you can keep a to-do list
within Google Keep as well. A very easy one is by
creating a checklist. So I’m just gonna call this To Do List, and immediately I can start adding items. I’ve gotta call Sam today. I wanna email tickets to the client. I want to review the marketing report. Very easy. Very quick to add your items
here within a checklist. And another bonus of the
checklist within Google Keep is that I don’t have to open
up the note to access it and check things off. Even in this standard view, I can start checking things
off of my to do list. So a very functional to do list, whether you’re working
with the desktop version or the mobile version. My second tip for you is to
use location-based reminders, and I’m gonna show you how that works. Now, you may be already
familiar with adding a reminder to a note in Google Keep. Usually when we think of reminders, we think of date-based reminders. So if I click the reminder icon, I can choose later today, tomorrow. I can pick a specific date and time, but at the very end, we have pick place. Now, the great thing about
a location-based reminder; in this case, my task is to buy some ink toner for my printer, I’m gonna say pick a place, because I know that I’m going to get that at my local Staples store, so here it is. I’m gonna select that Staples store. It is now added to that note. And you’re probably thinking, well, what’s so great about that? I mean, you’ve got the address there. You’ve got the name of the store. So what? Well, the great thing is
that now, when I am close to this address, when I
am close to this store, I’m gonna get a location-based reminder. I’m gonna get a notification
on my smartphone. So if I’m driving by, if I
am within a couple of blocks, maybe I happen to go into
the store two stores down, I am gonna get a reminder, hey, you need to buy ink
toner for your printer, and the store is right here. You’re very close to the store. So choosing a location-based reminder can be a great way to be reminded
not just by date or time, but when you are in
proximity of that location. Now, the third thing that
I love about Google Keep is the ability to share
my notes with others. And I’m gonna take a look
at this one as an example. Let me drag this one over to the left. Conference Items to Purchase. Let’s say that you and your team are about to set off on a conference next weekend, but you got a number of things that you need to purchase, right? You’re gonna be showcasing
some products or services. You wanna have things
prepared for your booth. So you’ve got a number of items here. Some things you might find
at, like, a office store. Other things, like pink socks, I don’t think you’re gonna
find those at Staples. Maybe you want the entire
team in pink socks. Extension cords. Where are you gonna find
all of this information? Well, in this case, I’ve
decided to share this note, and you can share by
adding a collaborator here. And the great thing, by sharing a note, is that not only do we
both have access to this, but as I start to pick up things, as I start to purchase these items, maybe I’ve done the first two. The poster board and the duct tape. They will see these
changes happen immediately. So they will know that they don’t need to worry about these items, and maybe this person happens
to be at a clothing store, and they’ve picked up the pink socks. So we can both be updated
at the exact same time. In my personal life, I
actually use this with my wife. We use a Google Note as our shopping list. Because who knows who’s gonna be the next one at the grocery store? So we both have access to add
items to the grocery list, and also check them off
as we purchase them. Now, the fourth thing I wanna show you today has to do with images, and when you have pictures
within your Google Note. A lot of people don’t realize that you can make annotations
to the images here. So in this case I’ve got a note that’s titled webinar cover image idea. And maybe I’m collaborating with others. Maybe we want to review
this particular image. Well if I click on the image once again, not only do I get a full-scale version, not only do I get a large version of it, but in the top right-hand corner, there’s a annotation button. There’s an annotation icon. So if I click this, now suddenly I can start to
make drawings on this item. At the top I’m gonna choose a red color, and maybe I wanna say,
you know, this is great. I’m gonna underline that word, and I can write over here,
you know, this is great. I really like that. Maybe I wanna cross off this period and say, you know, I don’t like that. I think we should remove that over there. I can highlight. Of course, I can always go back and remove these annotations as well. But if I like them,
I’m just gonna go back. I’m gonna click outside and hit done. And now my annotations have
remained with that image. Now I can remember the notes that I made. I can share that with others, and we can go ahead and design the best cover
image for this project. So any note that you have with an image, click on it one more time, and then in the top right-hand corner, you can click that annotation icon, and then you can start making drawings, making notes directly on that image. Now, lastly, I wanna show you something that, again, an underused feature I find within many note taking apps, and that is the ability to
take voice recorded notes. Now, you’re not capable of doing this within the desktop version, but you are able to do it on your smartphone or mobile device, and here’s an example right here. In the bottom left-hand
corner, I’ve got this note, and it says I just had this
great idea for a blog post. How to stop snoring even if
their partner enjoys hearing it? And you may say, well, you know, nothing is capitalized here;
you don’t have a period. That’s because this was translated directly from my voice note. You’ll see there’s actually
a little play button here. So if I open up this note, I can actually select the play button I can listen to that note if I want to, I can choose to download the
audio if I want to as well, but the great thing about voice narration is that it transcribes
it for you automatically. Immediately, so you
have that quick thought, what’s gonna be quicker? taking out your smartphone
and using your thumbs to type in a few sentences,
or hit the record button? And not only do you get
the audio recording, the original audio recording, but you also get it translated
directly for you as well. So those are my five additional ways in how you can get the
most out of Google Keep. Now, I’d love to hear from you. What are some of your best tips when it comes to using Google Keep? Are you using some of these five? Or are you using something additional? Maybe something that someone else would like to learn from as well. As always, thanks so much for watching, and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a like. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. And be sure to subscribe
right here to Simpletivity. Remember, being productive
does not need to be difficult. In fact, it’s very simple.

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  • More great tips, Scott. I like to mark all of my notes as archived so that only new notes created show up in the "Notes" section of Keep. Any note I want to be "Active" I apply a reminder, (but still archive it). On the web I work from the Reminders section. On Android, I use the widget with the Reminders showing – reminder notes sort by due date. Most of my notes are setup with repeating reminders so they cycle back thru the sort order and when I'm completely done with the entire note, i delete the reminder. I treat the Notes section similar to an Inbox. This is where new notes start, and I regularly process, label, applying reminders if necessary, then archiving (or delete). Some examples are note lists for work projects, home projects, events, travel, workouts, etc. I choose to color my notes and add pictures based on the note only, there is no ryhme or reason for how I color them. Keep up the tips and videos, I enjoy them.

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  • Here's another underused tip:
    Click the menu button on a note with an image and select Grab image text. It'll read the text from the image and put it in the note.

  • Great video, thank you! I never realised how good Google Keep really was, I use others which seem to have more steps to access, but this baby makes life really easy!

  • My favorite way to use Google Keep is for repeating reminders. I have one set up for every two weeks to remind me to toss my contacts and open a new pair, one set up monthly to remind me to backup my Evernote account and ones to remind me to be sure the trash and recycling get out certain days and many more. I've also used the location based reminder some as well. I'm heavily invested in Evernote, but it has always (and still) lacked the ability to do recurring reminders so Google Keep is absolutely CRUCIAL to me for that sort of task.

  • Thank you Scott, very good tips! I am a GTD-user and I base my list & projects in Google Sheets — is there any way for me to integrate my notes in Google Keep in one of my lists (for example, for my Notes to integrate directly into my Inbox sheet in Google sheets?) Would be great if you have some suggestions. Thank you!

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  • I use Google Keep on my android extensively but never on my Google Chrome on my desktop. I've always had issues with the syncing between my android device (OPPO f1) and my gmail account/google chrome desktop so have rarely use it.

    Today I tried to sync the Keep on my phone to my desktop browser and its wiped all the notes on my android device that were made prior to my last sync (over a year ago). They're not in the trash and they haven't been archived. They're nowhere to be found on either device.

    Can anyone tell me whats happened and whether its possible to retrieve my lost notes? Is this a glitch? Am I missing something?

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  • Dipping my toe in the Google Keep pool. Mind blown ?. Just downloaded the app on my android ?and will be coupling with the desktop ? version. When was this launched? ?It is amazing to maintain one's sanity??. Thank you for the tips. Can't wait to try the features that you shared. Cheers!

  • Nice nifty all-in-one tool that keeps being improved. There are a few things I dislike about Keep. One – the voice recorder / memo / transcriber stops the record too fast – it cuts me in the middle of my sentence if I am speaking too slow. I am wondering if there is a way to fix that.

  • Thanks Scott for these useful tips, especially about voice recording on the mobile version + location in a reminder

  • Use trello, Asana and Basecamp. Don’t need another tool.

  • Tips about labels:
    In google keep you don't have a full structure to organize your notes. So…

    1. Use numbers before the name of the labels to order them

    2. Create sub-labels in this way
    – Main Topic
    – Main Topic – subtopic1
    – Main Topic – subtopic2
    … etc.

    In this way you'll have all your sub-labels under the main label. If you want to access all the notes about the topic you go to 'Main Topic', if you want to access a specific set of information about it you go to 'Main Topic – subtopic1'.

    3. Use symbols and emoticons to make them stand out better 😀

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    OTOH, I love everything else about Keep and it's now my ONLY notes app. Deleted Evernote (never could be efficient with it). OneNote was my go-to 6before I found Keep. Liked it, but again…more complex than I need. OneNote is now also gone.

    Didn't know about the voice stuff. Gonna definitely be using that!

  • Google Keep quits synching between Android and Windows if I haven't opened the app in Windows for awhile. Apparently it won't synch items that haven't been synched within a certain period of time.

  • I love KEEP and you taught me new tricks. Thank you. I know how to add an image from Google Photos from mobile, but from desktop it directs me to my desktop files…Any thoughts on how do I get to Google Photos images? Thx again.

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  • Thanks for the great video. All five tips are brand new to me. The way I use Google Keep is for documenting student learning. I have made a folder for each student. The way it works is first I take a picture of the students work. Next I open Google Keep on my iPad. I click the note. Then I click the + at the bottom of the note and add the picture. I put a # with the students name and it automatically goes to the students folder. The best feature is that you can hash tag as many students as you want for a single photo. Then in the notes section I make my comments or feedback or marks. This has definitely lightened the load of papers that I bring home from school to mark.

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    The only thing I would like to suggest is adding is a topic preview feature that lets people know in advance the "chapter headings" of your video — your core topics. I think taking a cue from TV News would be helpful here. After whatever intro words you have to begin the video, I would like to see a quick list, in text form, at the bottom of the screen, layed out horizontally, giving people a preview idea of topics to come in this video, such as:

    … You just dissolve it in for maybe 7 seconds, and the items probably break into two or 3 lines of text …. then dissolve it out until you arrive at your next point… at which time I would dissolve it in again, and do one of two things: (A) Chop off the first item on the list that you already covered…


    or (B) the same list is presented and you BOLD or CAPITALIZE or colorize the Current Topic — which is Best Practices in User Experience Design, always keeping people grounded where they are in relation to the whole content set.

    Just a suggestion, because, in the case of this video for example, I was already familiar with most of the features and benefits of Keep — I'm a power-user — but I was hoping I would see someone tackle or mention the question of "Can I PRINT a single note or list?" — and as far as I know the answer is no. I'm 95% digital, but occasionally one wants or needs to show something to someone who is either Not Digital, or they don't have their phone or tablet or laptop with them at the time… I could screenshot the item and print the screenshot… Or I could copy to Google Docs and print from there I guess.

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  • I am very bad with papers, like if someone gives me a business card or wants to share with me a recipe, for example, I know it would be lost in a stack of papers or somewhere else out of sight (… and out of mind…), Also, I prefer to save paper in favor of trees, environment, ecology, etc. So… what I do is to take a picture of that paper, and immediately click share/open in/send or copy to G Keep. When it opens, my pic is therer attached. I only add a title and brief note and pin it to work in that note later (add to contacts, or save in OneNote, label it and add category color IF I will leave it there for quick access, Also, if I’m in a store, for example and I see a product to compare or look up later, I do the same of taking a picture to save there with title, pin and note + reminder. When you delete a picture from your gallery or folder, it stays in G Keep. I have also taken quick notes there to review later. In summary, I am realizing now that I am using G Keep as a drop box to manage later all what I add there either to keep there sorted for quick reference, or to work with them to take actions (research, move, share, colaborate in G Maps, etc).

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