5 Ways to Find Cheap Flights

what I want to talk to you about today
is how you can book cheap flights because this is going to be key if you
want to go to a lot of places it’s gonna it can take a lot of money so you want
to save where you can and I have a few easy tricks that I wanted to share with
you so you can find cheap flights too hi guys it’s Anisa from Two Traveling
Texans and I know you guys love to travel just as much as I do you want to
go to some amazing destinations like where I am today
London England and maybe a few other places around the world let’s see I have
a long bucket list I want to go to Vietnam I want to go to Iceland don’t
even get me started I can go on and on so the most common way to find cheap
flights is using the Internet now there’s a lot of different websites
that you can go to and I’ll put a list of a bunch of them down below but my
favorite is Google flights there’s also Momondo, Kiwi.com, Kayak,
Skyscanner anyways the list goes on but the one thing you have to remember when
you are searching the internet for cheap flights is you have to be flexible you
want to be willing to go to a different airport for example you know
don’t just look at JFK look at Newark as well when you’re flying to New York City
also be flexible with the times I mean maybe if you take a 5 a.m. flight I know
it could be a pain I’m a morning person luckily but if you get up a little bit
earlier sometimes it can save you a lot of money be flexible about the dates
sometimes just leaving a day earlier or a day later can save you a lot on the
flights you want to make sure you’re searching using the incognito browser
and that means that Google won’t know who’s searching it so they don’t know
your search history because when these websites know your search history they
know what flights are interested in and they are
gonna start rising increasing those flights because they know you really
want to go to those places now the one problem with this method is that it does
take time but sometimes you can find a good deal and then it’s really rewarding
another way to find cheap flights is error fares now I’ve never been lucky
enough to book one of these but there are some cases where the airline makes a
mistake so you gotta be on the lookout because as soon as these air fares are
announced you got a book it it’s gonna be gone within minutes you also have to
be lucky because a lot of the times it’s not it’s not the big cities it could be
any random city and of course the dates are gonna be specific so it’s kind of
like you got to hit the jackpot but if you do you were gonna win big the one
thing you have to be careful about is sometimes these airlines they’ll realize
their mistake and then they will cancel the airfare and if you’ve booked other
you know non-refundable accommodations or something like that you could be out
the money so that’s the one thing you have to watch out for there’s a Twitter
account that I follow that alerts me to these error fares so I’ll go ahead and
mention that in the description below if you’ve ever found any error fares I
definitely want to hear about it in the comments so another way that you can
save money on airplane tickets is by using frequent flyer miles now this gets
a lot a little bit complicated and I could actually make a whole video of the
tricks of how you make the most of your frequent flyer points but the one thing
you have to remember is it’s not just points that you get from flying you can
get a lot of points from credit cards now be careful because I’m not saying
that you want to build up debt just to get frequent flyer miles this needs to
be within your budget and really it should be things that you would be
buying anyways put them on the card that gets the miles and then you get those
frequent flyer points which you can redeem for travel
it’s not just credit cards and flights that can give you frequent flyer miles
there’s a lot of other programs too you can sign up to get points for eating out
you can sign up for get points for buying flowers for going shopping but
the thing about frequent flyer miles and really all these other tips is they do
take time now I have another tip for you that is actually easier than all the
other tips I’ve talked about before I want you to consider joining the Dollar
Flight Club you can choose what your departure airport’s are so they send you
flights that are relevant to you and on average they save you $500 per flight
now there is a free version but I think it’s worth it to pay the money to join
and become an annual member it only costs $40 so if you buy one flight for
them you’ve made more than 10 times the cost of the annual membership and you’re
gonna be so inspired by some of the places that they find deals to that
you’re definitely gonna want to buy more than one flight and then you save more
money the more flights that you buy I want to hear about your best tips for
saving money on flights in the comments below hopefully you learned a few things
in my video about saving money too I’ll have more information about the Dollar
Flight Club on my website Two Traveling Texans dot com so check it out thanks for
watching and I’ll see you next time you

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  • I didn’t know about dollar flight club! Def going to check that out. Thanks

  • When your in Europe you can also travel really cheap by using Ryanair, you just have to be careful with all the add on fees! Thanks for the info.

  • It's so true about clearing your browsing data or going in incognito mode! Airlines are so sly trying to increase the price if they think you're interested in somewhere. I also had a strange instance once when I was getting cheaper flights on my mobile than my desktop. Weird. Sight comparison sites are like a god-send! I especially love Skyscanner but Google is good too.

  • Great tips!! I agree with the browsing data. One day will look at the prices and decide to see if it will go down, then in a couple of days it goes up. I did not know about the Dollar Flight Club, I will definitely look into that and try out the free trial!

  • Hey, I just put out a video on cheap flights too! 😉 We got back a few weeks ago from 2 weeks in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Germany–courtesy of a mistake fare! I didn't know about the Dollar Flight Club; I'll have to look into that

  • Really solid tips. I mostly book my flights on skyscanner but I should try google flights a lot more. I have a whatsapp notification service that sends me infos about error fares! Gathering Miles isn't worth it, in my opinion.

  • Finding cheap flights can save a lot of money, but it can also be time-consuming! Dollar Flight Club is the easiest way that I have found. You can read my detailed review here – https://twotravelingtexans.com/is-the-dollar-flight-club-worth-it/. What are some of your best strategies to find cheap flights?

  • We have a long bucket list too!! We're going to London next month and cannot wait! Everyone seems to use Google Flights and Skyscanner but I still don't really like it. Maybe because I'm not used to the format? I have no idea… I mostly use Kayak. I've never came across an error fare either. I'll have to follow that Twitter account and see what happens!

  • When I discovered incognito browsing it changed my life! Great advice Anisa about the error fares, have never done that before. Will get right on that. Thanks so much for taking the time to compile these tips. You have a new subscriber in me! *new

  • Welcome to my city (London!). I like these tips, I know most of these but it's good to be reminded. Keep those tips coming.

  • We never use Google flights…we never find many good prices. Usually we use Skyscanner. The icognito browser thing is real too.

  • thanks for sharing tips, we usually look at momondo and skyscanner. there's a cheap airline in Europe called Ryanair and easyjet but yes you need to be flexible about the time.

  • Great tips! New subscriber here 👍

  • A great factual video for finding good ways to get cheaper flights! I definitely recommend being a frequent flyer where possible.

  • Haven't found Google Flights to be that great, there are never any great prices for me. Most tips don't work for me, but I can see how savind with your creditcard can work really well for others.

  • Great video Pretty lady!! I usually use sky scanner, but I'll have to check these out too 💖💖

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