There are a lot of strange things that happen
in this world, in which most are not captured on camera. But the mysterious disappearances
of these people were. Number 5 Lars Mittank was a 28 year old German tourist
who visited Bulgaria with his friends in June of 2014. On his holiday Lars got into a physical
bar fight which resulted in Lars badly injuring his ear drum. Doctors diagnosed him with a
ruptured eardrum which meant he was unable to fly home with his friends on their scheduled
flight as the air pressure would cause further damage. His friends departed home on July
7th leaving Lars behind. He booked into a hotel and contacted his mother
saying he feared for his life. On July 8th Security footage captured Lars in the airport
with all of his luggage walking into the medical office. Roughly 46 minutes later surveillance
captures him desperately running out of the airport without any of his belongings. This
would be the last footage of Lars. His family has hired a private detective and are still desperately
looking to find him. Number 4 64-year-old Alan Jeal’s naked body was discovered
washed-up on a beach in England on the 25th of February 2014. He was wearing only
socks and one shoe but bizarrely a set of headphones were found in his mouth, as well
as a rolled-up sock. The apple earphones were tangled around the back of the sock and were
falling out of his mouth. A jacket, a wallet, and a photo of a Alan as a 2 year old toddler
were also found nearby. Suicide was not ruled out as he had recently
purchased a weighted training vest and ankle weights, which suggested that he may have
been planning to drown himself. However, these weights were never found, and
the unexplained injuries to Alan’s chest and head suggests that foul play could be involved. The day before his body was found, Alan was
captured on CCTV footage wandering around. The video showed him speaking with individuals
at a bus station, but they have never been identified. To add to the mystery the footage also showed
Alan to be wearing a completely different jacket than the one found on the beach! The
jacket that he wore in the footage was never recovered. Number 3 On June 8, 1996, 23-year-old Jane Rimmer was
out partying at the Continental Hotel with friends in Perth, Australia. Jane’s friends decided to go to a friends
house party but Jane wanted to go home. Her friends left in a taxi and this was the last time
they saw her alive. Nearly 2 months later her body was found in
a remote area near Wellard which is over 40 kilometers away. CCTV footage shows Jane outside the Continental
Hotel when an mysterious man approaches her shortly after her friends went
home. The man appeared to be speaking with Jane before the footage suddenly switched
to a different view of the hotel. Within a few minutes, both Jane and the man were gone,
but the footage did not capture either of them leaving. It’s believed that Jane was the victim of
an unidentified serial killer, who was also responsible for the murders of two other young women in
Claremont during this time period. Number 2 In June 2009, a man with a European accent
checked into a Hotel in Sligo, Ireland. He gave his name as Peter Bergmann and gave an address
in Austria. A few days later his body was found washed
up in a beach nearby. However when the police tried to identify him, they found that the
name and address he provided were false. Upon examination of CCTV footage, they discovered
that the man wandered around Sligo for three days before his death. He is seen leaving
his hotel every morning with a purple plastic bag only to return empty handed. Most likely he
was disposing of his clothing and possessions which might be able to identify him. Where he came from or what he hoped to achieve
is a mystery , what we do know is that he went to tremendous lengths to erase all proof
of his existence, even cutting off the labels on his clothes. Investigators think Bergmann may have believed
that his body would be washed out to sea and never found. But why did he go to such great lengths to
hide his identity ? Before his death he was able to mail a few letters that police were unable
to track down. This proves someone out there knows who Peter Bergmann really was. Number 1 Kendrick Johnson’s was found dead rolled
up inside an upright gym mat with his head facing the floor in his high school. His shoe was
found in a small pool of blood beneath his head. A preliminary investigation and autopsy concluded
that his death was accidental citing the cause of death to be positional asphyxiation
after being trapped upside down retrieving a shoe. However Johnson’s family were unhappy
with this conclusion and so hired a private pathologist. He conducted another autopsy
which showed Johnson died from blunt force trauma to the head 290 hours of surveillance
footage from 35 cameras were released which showed Johnson’s final moments. A forensic analyst found that
tapes from two cameras are missing an hour and five minutes of footage while another set
is missing 2 hours and 10 minutes. His family have expressed fears that the camera footage was
edited as part of a “coverup” as there is several skips in the footage.

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  • if all of these pictures (like photo of back of ear, red & hotel room on first story) are from the case & not stock photo that has nothing to do with the case, I like this video presentation .

  • UNSOLVED Disappearances…well number 4 and 2 were found dead on a beach! Number one in a gym. so…solved?

  • no5 is sad

  • Im a little bit disturbed by the fact that number 1 was a man because as soon as i saw the photo I was convinced it was female :-/
    Time for a bath strong acid to cleanse myself

  • In the footage for the 3rd case, he doesn't explain which person is Jane. I see 7 or 8 people, but nobody being approached by a man like he states.

  • "European accent", Peter Bergman, Austria… wtf?

  • The Kendrick Johnson one is so infuriating. The killer is in the school and the school is helping them. The school authorities should be arrested and tortured till they spit it out.

  • Bro apple ear phones are expensive as shit, who wastes them stuffing them into a dead guy's mouth??

  • I find it funny how Americans pronounce irish towns and counties 😂

  • Great time management of time on this other channels like chills would have made this video like 15mim long so you got a like and a sub from me!!!

  • The footage with the guy at the airport was ridiculous. You cant even see anything…piss poor job. I saw other footage that was at least a minute long of him running out of the airport. This video sucks and not much thought was put into making this.

  • Why was the 1st one blurred?

  • new lars mittank dissapearance video : https://youtu.be/zaZzNoGOVxw

  • Sligo is pronounced as Sly-go

  • If you get scared, just scroll down to the comments section.

  • Justice for Kendrick Johnson

  • Is English your second language, or did you finish school at like, 4th grade.

  • Sligo is pronounced SLY-GO. Easy to check on Wikip.

  • Peter Bergmann wanted to commit suicide… Some people do that by choice and he wanted his identity erased….
    Kendrick Johnsons death was not accidental, who gets stuck in a gym mat with blood stained shoes?? Then there's footage of kids following him into the gym

  • Where's the one in the thumbnail? Clickbait bullshit!

  • Peter Bergman was a fake name. perhaps He was a criminal or on the run for the law and just covering his tracks

  • The presentation fucking sounds, talk about a deadpan voice.

  • Im pretty sure that was Pew Die Pie that one girl was talking to before she went missing and got murdered…

  • FBI better step in for my daughter. Sting Ray Kia Car is in Virginia Beach Ocean along with DNA and phone and proof of the cover up of my daughter.

  • Bulgaria,MMMM he kicked off 1st then found the mafia 2nd……why kick off 1st ? you are a foreigner in someone elses countrty.

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  • #1 if my friend was hurt in a different country id of stayed with him or her. Wtf??? I hope the friends feel guilty at least. This should of never happened….in a different country your gonna leave your friend???? Some friends.

  • European accent?? Lol

  • The way you say Sigo really irritates me bro

  • The school did coverup the murder of Kendrick… the last black guy. Sad. Karma, it will come out what happened.

  • What about Brian Shaffer

  • There is traces but they don't want to follow!

  • Ya his organs were taken as well ! Poor boy That was no accident Y isn't anyone being held accountable for this boys death

  • lol wheres the story on the thumbnail

  • Roly your make-up is beautiful,love your sweet smile too! The up-take of these videos is,for females at least,never go out alone at night and don't talk to strange men.

  • Alcohol shouldn't be served on airplanes, airports, and on vacation for some people.

  • the man in sligo ireland was terminally ill & wanted to end it !

  • The last one of young black guy was from Valdosta, Georgia..rumors were that he was murdered in the high school gym..not disappeared

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  • Video has now 1.221.333 views now…. (Today is 22.nd Oct. 2018)

  • Id certainly not leave my friend in a strange country. Surly he could of found some one in english at the airport i dont get the first one atall

  • Number 15. Burger King Foot Lett — whoops, wrong video!


  • Kendrick Johnson was killed by a cops son that's why no one has been arrested for it.

  • Why is the footage blurred?

  • You forgot to add Kenneka Jenkins.

  • Also Kendricks organs were all missing when the exhumed his body for a second autopsy. Hmm

  • Lars went mental, gone 4 years, he's dead. Alan found dead, suicide. Jane's body found, serial killer. Peter Bergman drowned, suicide. Kendrick suficated in a gym mat. No mysteries here.

  • The purple bag guy went off the grid, omg Johnson's case hurts my heart

  • At 1:55 ; are those gloves or are his hands a weird shade of pinkish red?

  • Kendrick has a suspect! "Insane Disappearances channel" found the suspect! He's high school aged and his father is in the FBI!

  • Omfg I went on a holiday to Perth and got back 5 days ago!! Thank god im alive (story 3)

  • The narrator's accent sounds weird to me.

  • #1 left out some of the information. Not only did he have blunt forced trauma that caused his death but his organs were also removed from his body and replaced with news paper. Most likely, his organs were sold on the black market.

  • I wasn't leaving my friend in a foreign place..we come together we leave together

  • I really wonder what happened to Lars

  • Where is Ty Knotts??!!!

  • Crime fotos, EU denmark are not see not OK with no over 18 warning
    And the association, link to welaware case, that only police, or media predictors on
    Mixed with doc, pictures

  • I wish you all would show more of the videos n stuff

  • Sad to think of and say. But he was probably kidnapped and tortured by some crazy Brazilians there might even be a video on that score of this poor guy

  • Your accent is probably the most annoying out of all these mystery vid narrators. Imho.

  • The young man at the end of the Video, could it had been possible that his shoe dropped into the rolled up mat and as he descended upside down "head first" to retrieve it his weight added momentum that he was unprepared for causing his head to hit the bottom of the exposed gym floor inside the gym mat at a quick high rate of speed, this in turn may have knocked him out which would explained why he didn't call for help and in turn explaining the trauma to his head? I hope his family will find answers to what happen to this young man and our prayers are with them all.

  • Use find out who killed the boy in school by to do g out who has had transplants recently locally his organs came up missing more to this story ..weierd

  • In recent year, kidnapping for sex trade is so high, but now they're kidnapping you to sell your organs. Read an article how this guy that disappeared and when he was found, his organs were gone and he was stuffed with newspaper. In my area within a 60 mile radius, there's been many reports of attempted kidnapping. One 20 + yr old guy gave testimony of an attempted abduction. They called him over to their car. Told him they had a gift for him. In the backseat were 2 guys wearing cartoon Halloween mask. They have a drug on the item they hand to you which knocks you out and then they kidnap you. This day and time don't speak to strangers applies not only to children, but now adults also.

  • I thought it was unresolved disappearance?

  • People clicked to see the surveillance footage, why would you blur it out?

  • I remember the case of the young man being found rolled up in the mats in the gym and I couldn’t believe it when they tried to say it was an accident. It was obvious that this couldn’t have been anything but a murder. Someone knows what happened and has erased the video footage to protect his killer(s).

  • Blessings to all of you

  • Bulgaria is full of gangsters.even the police.anything for money.

  • TF is a 'European' accent??

  • #2 there is another incident done the exact same way except a female. Labels on clothes were cut off, completely unsolved. Even her fingerprints weren't found in the interpol. They have no idea who she was. But she shot herself. The whole room was cleaned and everything. Weird.

  • The serial Killer has been arrested and charged with Jane's murder (Claremont Serial Killer)

  • 800,000 children missing each year

  • The thumbnail is actually only a 2 minute kidnapping when a 1 year old boy was picked up by a stranger and the stranger fled the park where he and his 2 other siblings were playing. The 2 siblings noticed he was gone and the the man running down the sidewalk with their little brother and started chasing him. He ended up putting down the little boy when he ran past a store when people started looking at him. The boy didn’t suffer any injuries.

  • People never disappear without a trace , fact. People are lured away where they are either kept hidden and locked away or they are killed and disposed of in ways that leave little remains behind. The tace is lost due to poor investigation. Some cold cases are being solved today due to dna science which was not around till the 80s and even in the 80s it was not as accurate or advanced as it is today. Those images captured on camearas are so blurry and of poor quality that they dont show the faces. If we had better caneras or ckearer film and more cameras less people would remain missing…more would be found even if dead. Also back then and it still happens, lots of crime scenes were contaminated, witnesses were not interviewed properly if at all. So some important leads were lost. Red flags were ignored also.
    Look at the smiley face killer cases…every one of those young men that were found were said to have drowned when they were murdered…huge fuck up. Laziness. These young men all had been drugged and met foul play. The saddest thing about these cases that noone mentions is that they were in a bad state whike with their friends and yet they managed to get separated from them and killed. That is freaking neglect from their friends. If your friend is falling over and you see they are not coping you never, ever leave them alone for a second…you wait with them till a famiky member or another friend can take them home or a hospital if they appear to be struggling. Every one of these guys was separated from their group of friends. How does that even happen? Massive red flag right there. The evidence is there, the trace is there but gets over looked, information lost, not enough care or concern. Too eager to make things simple and call it a drowning. No people do NOT just vanish without a trace.

  • Number 2 shows distinct signs of procedures a spy would go through. Destroying all forms of identification including clothing tags. BUT! the Police never said that they had took his fingerprints DNA sample or tried for dental records.

  • One of the strangest things in all the world is your boring, monotone, droning voice.

    A Physical bar fight? Is that as opposed to a virtual bar fight?

  • The cloud face under the plane at 0:38 is distracting me …

  • I'd be terrified if I was one of the ones having to know your loved one has disappeared or died with no trace of where they've gone or how they've died. And if I was related to those who went missing then I'd be just as desperate to find them. And to lose a family with now trace of finding out who killed them would be just as devastating. I would've been heart broke. It's sad what this world has come to.

  • Poor Lars was threatened, and SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME WITH HIS FRIENDS!!

  • Love d way he cudnt pronounce sligo

  • What??happened in the doctors room that made him run??

  • Horrible music.

  • The last dude was a str8 set up, how you forget to tell ppl that his organs was missing during the second autopsy… how you forget to tell ppl that the sheriff son was involved with his death. That’s south Ga for ya…

  • Fortunately, number 3. Jane Rimmer's killer has now been arrested & charged with Jane's murder & the murders of 2 other women, who went missing from the same area. He's in prison awaiting trial. He's referred to as the Claremont serial killer. In February of this year, he was stabbed whilst in the prison showers, but he survived.

  • Missing 411. People pray on people. To kill, eat, sell. ?
    More people disappear in National Parks in the US than anywhere in us.
    Jocks beat him up. ?

  • The thumbnail is clickbait and has absolutely nothing to do with the video. The thumbnail's about two siblings who save their little brother from a kidnapper; which obviously has nothing to do with his video. This is the link I'm referring to:

  • Number 2, def druggie. Stupid 'ole git

  • No mystery regarding Kendrick – just a tragic accident. So many falsehoods surrounding the case like the picture of his face post-autopsy that his scumbag parents try to pass off as what he looked like upon discovery

  • I would be very upset if my friends left me alone. This just amazes me how some people go missing and are never found again. We have a woman here in our town gone and that's been about 12 years. When I'm out doing doing things, especially hiking I still look for any sign.

  • I hate videos that have fake thumbnails so i reported it.

  • It's pronounced sly-go . Ireland

    Not slig-o


  • The last guy was murdered by whites

  • ….foul play….is there a such thing as unfoul play ?

  • I am curious what the medical centre said and why they think Lars ran out of the place FYIBradley Robert Edwards, 50, will stand trial before a judge sitting without a jury for an estimated nine months starting on July 22 over the murders of Ciara Glennon, 27, Jane Rimmer, 23, and 18-year-old Sarah Spiers.

  • The last one organs was stolen by the demons who lived in his area

  • Where’s Ty yo? It’s not the same w out my surfer 🏄 sounding brah.

  • So sad poor people 💔

  • The thumbnail for this is misleading. The picture of the man running off with a child didn't result in a disappearance, luckily the child's siblings chased after the man and he dropped the child and ran off.

  • Lars probably had a concussion and suffered an altered mental state! He was probably feeling paranoid after the attack and he wanted to go home so he went to the airport and tried to get clearance from the medical team! They probably refused and said he has to say which Probably made him even more paranoid! So he ran for his life! but I don't understand why there's no other CCTV images out there?

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