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On this channel we talk a lot about
watches. We geek out about the nerdy details. All the little intricacies that
make these things so marvelous, and so marvelous in fact that Crown & Caliber
was basically started to make these more accessible to people. We kind of wanted
to dispel the myth of the old creepy dude on a street corner selling you
fakes out of a trench coat. Wanna buy a sundial? At Crown & Caliber our goal is to
provide a uniquely better way to buy the right watch, at the right price, and the
right experience. We want to make the preowned experience simple, trustworthy,
and transparent so regardless of whether you purchase from us or someone else we
want to lift the veil on that pre-owned experience and just share some of the
tips that we’ve learned along the way. Tip number one. Set a budget. Now this can
seem boring and not fun at all, but it is really the best place to start because
if not you’re gonna be a kid in a candy store.
If you don’t know the direction you’re gonna go or the price you want to set
you end up looking at a dozen watches and thinking every one is for you, and
that’s just not great. It causes paralysis and you end up not making a
decision at all. We have sweet glazed, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, white chocolate,
fudge, M&Ms, caramel dipped, mint chip, chocolate chip, marshmallows, nuts,
toffee nuts and if you think you’re decisive when was the last time you sat
on Netflix and you scrolled for 45 minutes and weren’t able to pick anything.
Ultimately setting a budget means two things. You pick a number, you set that
number, and you don’t budge from it. Budget. Alright tip number two. Do your
research, and this is the most open-ended tip, and is the most fun. Basically this
is where you get to figure out what you want in a watch, what your style is, what
you like. So start to ask yourself questions. What do you like in the style
of the watch? Do you like the history of a brand or a
particular line of watches. What are you gonna be using the watch for? If you
already have an idea on what you like you’re already a step ahead and using a
YouTube channel like ours is a great place to start. So let’s say you’re
watching one of the new Bond films and you really love Daniel Craig’s watch and
you spend the next couple of days doing research about all the different
Bond watches and now you’ve fallen in love with one particular watch. That’s
awesome! Rolex. Omega. Tip number three. Make a
list of non-negotiables. Now when you are buying pre-owned you do give up a little
bit of control. You can’t just walk into a jewelry store point in a jewel case
and say I’ll have that one. We’ll take it! To mitigate some of the control we
recommend having some non-negotiables. So you’ve set your budget, you’ve done your
research, and you’re beginning to refine what that style looks like. So having
some things you’re not willing to budge on is just a further refinement on what
you’re looking for. So in your research you determine that, you know, I’m gonna
wear this watch most often when I’m sitting at a desk. Maybe I don’t want a
bracelet, so I’m only looking at straps. Or, I don’t like to check my phone as
much so the date is really important to me, so I’m gonna want the date on my
watch. You like the completeness so you want something that is box, papers,
manuals, you want a full set. We recommend having two or three non-negotiables and
like the budget this really helps refine that
list that you’re working towards. Alright tip number four. Narrow your models.
So you’ve set a budget, you’ve done your research, and you come up with your
non-negotiables. This is where you start to actually narrow down a few models. And
this could be, “hey I know that I want something with a screw down crown and I
know I want the date.” Well there’s still dozens if not hundreds of choices so
with your research and these non-negotiables you can start to say, “Hey
I know I want this particular watch or I like this particular watch.” And with this
we think having two to three models is a really good idea. And it’s kind of like
the needle in the haystack if you say, “Oh I only want this watch.”
You’re gonna probably get annoyed with yourself when you can’t find the exact
one you’re looking for . Having two to three models is a great way to still
give you some options but not lock you in to just one particular watch. All
right so now you’ve taken this innumerable sea of awesome timepieces
and you’ve narrowed it down to the ones that are perfect for you. So you’re ready
to buy a watch, but wait! Hold on. Not yet. Tip number five. Arguably the most
important. Is Buy the seller. Now that can sound a little hokey cokey, but really
what this means is you want to vet the person you’re buying the watch from. You
want to ask questions like: Are these actual photos of the watch? Can I get
additional photos of the watch? Do they have a reputation? Are they new at
selling? Is it a good reputation? Is it a bad reputation? Do they have a return policy?
Ultimately you want to find out: Is this person or is this company trustworthy.
And the old mantra, if it’s too good to be true absolutely applies here. If it
feels that way walk away. And it’s worth noting this is definitely the hardest
because you’ve done all the work and now you have to wait. And patience is key
here. Remember there’s always going to be another watch. So buying pre-owned is
great for many reasons and if you follow these above steps I’m sure you’re gonna
be able to find an excellent watch. We’d love to hear some of your success
stories, and let us know some of your tips as well. I know personally here at
Crown & Caliber there is an entire team of client service people that love
to help you pick out the perfect watch. We kind of have a joke around the
office that we’re just a bunch of watch nerds. One of our favorite things we like
to do is help people pick out the perfect watch. If you like content like
this then click Subscribe and then go ahead and click the bell again so you
get notified when we release more stuff and as always guys thanks for watching.

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