5 Nuclear Detonations that went WRONG | Top 5 Countdown

Even if they are the most dangerous
weapons ever created, nuclear weapons still don’t scare some people. So here are five nuclear detonations
that went wrong. Number five: Starfish Prime. Starfish Prime was a
high-altitude nuclear tests conducted by the United States on the night of july 1962. A Thor rocket carrying the w 49
thermonuclear warhead was launched from the Johnson island in the Pacific Ocean.
Nine seconds after 11pm Honolulu time, the starfish prime test was successfully
detonated at an altitude of 400 kilometers. It caused an electromagnetic
pulse which was far larger than expected. So much larger that it drove much of the
instrumentation off scale. The pulse caused electrical damage in Hawaii about 1,445 kilometers away from the detonation, knocking out about 300 streets light,
setting off numerous burglar alarms and damaging the telephone company microwave link. The damage to the microwave link shutdown telephone calls from the Hawaii Islands. The flash created by the explosion could be seen from over 1,500
kilometers away. This is a photo of the explosion as seen
through the clouds from Honolulu, Hawaii. It is thought that the explosion
produced and yield equivalent to 1.4 megatons of TNT. Here you can see the
footage Number four: Standing under a nuke. On the 19 of july 1957, six men including the cameraman stood at Ground Zero of a nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site. The explosion occurred over
3,000 meters above the ground and was equivalent to 2 kilotons of TNT. The 5
volunteers and the cameraman who wasn’t a volunteer stood under the explosion
without any safety gear. Though the cameraman ask for protection, but didn’t
get any. The purpose of the test was to show US citizens that they had nothing
to fear about nukes. The bomb exploded creating a bright light and a powerful
sound wave that scared the six men. Everything was thought to be fine until
they all got cancer. Though most of them live their lives until their ’80s. It
is kind of disappointing that none of them got any superpowers and turned into Hulks. We felt a heat pulse, a very bright light, a fireball that is red. The sky looks black
above it. It is boiling above us. It is rapidly loosing color… There is the ground wave. It is over folks. The mounts of vibrating…Number 3:
Lake Chagan. In 1965 the Soviets had the brilliant idea to create a lake by using
a nuke. The nuclear test occurred at the Semipalatinsk test site in Kazakhstan
Chagan yield was equivalent to 140 kilotons of TNT and meant to produce a
large conical crater suitable for a lake. The resultant lake has a diameter of 408
meters and is 100 meters deep. Afterwards the Soviets dug a canal
between the river and the crater and let gravity do its thing. Unfortunately they
forgot an elementary thing: radiation. Actually even nowadays, Lake Chagan is
still radioactive. I’m presuming that that’s where they get their fish for
sci-fi movies. Number 2: Storax Sedan. Sedan was a shallow underground nuclear tests conducted at the Nevada test site on the 16 of july 1962 part of
Operation Plowshare. It was a program to investigate the use of nuclear weapons
for mining, cratering and other civilian purposes. The explosive device was
lowered into a shaft drilled into the desert alluvium 194 meters deep. The
fusion-fission blast had a yield equivalent to 104 kilotons of TNT and
lifted a dome of earth 90 meters above the desert floor before it vented at 3
seconds after detonation. The explosion displaced more than 11 million tons of
soil. The sedan shot resulted in an enormous radioactive cloud that
separated into two plums, rising to 3 kilometers and 4.9 kilometers. The
cloud flew as far as 1,000 kilometers away spreading radioactive dust over
Iowa Nebraska Illinois and South Dakota. This one explosion accounts for seven
percent of the entire nuclear fallout that has ever hit the United States. The
Sedan crater is the largest man-made crater in the United States and it is
listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Number 1:The nuke that almost exploded over North Carolina. In 1961, A B-52 Bomber went into a tailspin and
crashed over North Carolina while carrying two nukes with the power of 3 to
4 megatons each 260 times as powerful as the one that was dropped on Hiroshima.
The pilots threw them away before crashing into a farmland, though one of
the nukes was armed. When the bomb was dropped, three of the four arming
mechanisms activated causing it to execute many of the steps needed to arm
itself such as charging the firing capacitors and luckily deploying a 104
diameter parachute which allowed the bomb to hit the ground with little
damage. Here you can see one of the nuclear weapons at Goldsbrough, largely
intact with its parachute still attached. The bomb was large enough to have 100% killzone of 23 kilometers. Enjoying our videos? Make sure to click
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  • A kilometer is about half the distants of Knotical miles, which we use in every aviation controled area in the world, on every knotical chart, ever commercial aircraft, every air control agency, every air traffic control, ie ATC in the world & I see the Space Videos use metric shit, kilometers for heights & speed, what the fuck is wrong with you idiots, it really piss' me off.
    NASA uses knotical miles & sometimes regular miles, but never kilometers only in UK,Country & AUSTRALIA , but we here in the US use regular miles on our road speeds, even in Europe they use regular miles in distants. A Kilometer is about a half of a Knotical mile, so if your flying along at 200 kilometers, your only doing about 100 knotical miles an hour, hell, you'd fall out of the air at 200 kilometers in most airplanes I've flown, it's only 100 knotical miles an hour.
    Canada changed to metric system & almost killed 200 ppl, the pilot told the line man to put 9000 gallons in the airplane, so he put in 9000 liters that's about half as much as 9000 gallons, well, they ran out of fuel, in that airliner in two hours, only luck be with em, cuz they were over an old military airstrip and landed, blowing out the tires, by standing on the brakes to stop on that short runway. Yikes.!!! But the pilot saved all their ass' & the line man got fired along with the airport manager.

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  • Richard Nixon kicked around the idea of using Nukes in Vietnam. He was so obsessed with the thought he might be labeled the first President who lost a war, he actually considered using them. The fact he was paranoid, an alcoholic, a pill popper, and wife beater, may have helped a little in his thought process, or lack of ..

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  • The "Goldsbro incident," was kept from Public Knowledge , except for the Local pop. for 50 yrs, when the info was made Public in feb 2012, the then American Defence Sec. said "who the Fck! released this information!" an the rules on declassifying info. were changed.
    One Nuke is STILL Buried 100ft Down in the Carolina Tobacco fields. If it HAD Gone Bang! or does! Guess who they would have Blamed! yep! Vladimir or his Predecessors!
    Wiki did have the FULL Acticle an Details, tho it my been taken down, by now………..

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